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Cupid's Arrow

Thought Provoker
United States
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Poetry Contest

Valentines month of love.... Please read the rules down below...
Hello again my underground friends and family, and welcome to another poetry contest.... My second competition... This competition is in memory of our favorite little angel.... Cupid....   Please tell me your experiences you have had with him thus far.....  Was it a good experience or a bad experience.... This competition is set for one month.... Please enter new pieces for this contest.... Nothing old or previously submitted....   I don't care how long it is but please make sure that Cupid's name is in the poem... Have fun and most of all give me your best shot.... One entry per poet

Rain Woman
Thought Provoker
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A Letter To Cupid

Dear Cupid,
I will admit I never liked you at all
Something about love made my skin crawl
I did my best to avoid you at all cost
But you managed to hit me while I was lost
At first I was scared I'd end with a knife in my back
But now I am grateful for what I use to lack
Despite this letter becoming really sappy
My lover and I are extremely happy
I realize now you are very smart
So I thank you Cupid with all my heart
Written by marina2020 (Rain Woman)
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Dangerous Mind
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As the story goes, Lucifer, who was a Cherub, was cast out of Heaven for not fulfilling his angelic duties. I've often wondered if he wasn't the only Cherub to meet this fate. Because from my experience, Cupid can be one evil little weevil. "So Cupid here is my message to you. If your going to shoot me on Valentine's Day, would you please shoot the woman I'm in love with too?"
Written by snugglebuck
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Dangerous Mind
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Retrograde Soft Tirade

Cupid's Arrow , Unlike Time's , Can Be Retrograde

Or A Roundabout Mobius Strip Of Memory Fade

Of Love's Algorithm's Run And Decisions Made

And In Garden Erotic One's Stumbling Stones Laid

When In This Return This Burning Phoenix Fire

Stoked By Emotion's Strokes Of Past Dead Desire

Fed By Blood Bled Red By Rose Thorn Covered Bier

Is A Rising Unbidden Resurgence Of A Fallen Empire
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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Tyrant of Words
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Related submission no longer exists.

Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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Oh if only

There was a girl called Naomi,
who'd swallow any baloney.
We would all be shot by Cupid
if only she wasn't stupid.
Good looks and brains, oh if only.
Written by AnonymousBystander
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Tyrant of Words
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When love hurts
it doesn’t bruise;
it cuts.

I asked for a refill
I asked for
for my cavities,
of course!
(Damn chocolate!)

I received nothing
to dull the pain. . .

All Cupid gave me
was a dozen
up my butt.
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Brandon Hursell
Lost Thinker
United States
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We Only Hurt the Ones We Kill

Cupid slid her greasy limb inside me. The pressure filled me. The pinch and ache pressed against my walls all the way up into my torso and a sorrow crept into my skull, behind the plates of my cheekbones. Living blood like fleas skittering across my waxy meat.
I speak to my partner, glazed in an extraterrestrial sweat, pressed together in points. A long, deep echo invades me. Her soft palate ripples like a throaty bird. Her mucous is the sun, and her breath is the mucous. She is in chambers of photographs. She is in stalking of sepia. Her fluids flow and I erupt in pain. The skin of her hand makes rubber sheets to cover my mouth and nose. We are washed with bad habits and broken glass. We are washed with black, dry blood and dirty old clothes. I smell her in my sleep as I piss myself in desperate contortions. Her radio waves mount on my temples. Her fists blacken my thighs. She is chasing her way home in forgotten pavement, in the trunk of a dozen cars. She will find me wrecked, speechless and slobbering, half-buried in a ferocious tomb. She will look at my black eyes in the mirror and know that she survives inside me, and what could be better than that? Natural makeup symbols on your tombstones, commemorations, drinks at dawn, holding down a job, loving you forever.
Written by Brando (Brandon Hursell)
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Old Friend

Cupid and I were friends in school.
We used to be each other's worlds.
Shooting all the boys in my direction, one for each grade.
Then he introduced me to her.
Since then, I never really forgave him.
It's been five years.
Written by A_Failed_Artist
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Cupid's curse

Cupid’s arrow
Pierced my heart
Blade so narrow
Ripped me apart

Confusion rules
When love struck
Oh so cruel
Complete mind fuck

You see her
In every deed
You would defer
To her every need

You are full
Of desperate want
So beautiful
Every thought she'd haunt

Cupid’s gift
Is but a curse
Cut adrift
Left for the worse

What can I do
When on my own
But dream of you
When left alone.
Written by Rjm
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Mandla Msibi
Twisted Dreamer
South Africa
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A shy Sight

I have seen you a million times
but I've never looked at you
the way I did today

It was a shy sight
because I saw you
but you looked different.
You spoke differently
and you froze time

I've heard you speak a million times
but I've never listened to you
the way I did today

I was shy to respond
because I started noticing
which words I use around you.
Being around you felt different

I have been around you a million times
but never have I ever
felt your presence
the way I did today

You moved so beautifully
and I was shy to walk with you.
It was such a shy sight
to think that I Mr. Confidence
would be lost for words.

Is this what it feels like
to be shot by cupids arrow.
Instead of leaving you dead
It leaves you shy.
Written by Simon_III_Msibi (Mandla Msibi)
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Lost Thinker
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Two souls

In that moment you lit my eyes ablaze,
Sweet face,
The yin to my yang.

I felt that moment,
You belonged,
In my arms, my heart, my home.

In warm chocolate pools
I drowned,
Bathed in delight.

I felt the jolt,
Two souls stolen by cupid,
Irrevocably entwined and released.

In the wild roar we play,
The fire we bask,
Our hearts, we dance.

Our two souls,
Stolen by cupid,
Entranced and released, together.
Written by Cobalt
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poet Anonymous

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Fire of Insight
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Stupid Cupid

Cupid are you blind?  
Why are you wasting your time?
Playing Russian roulette with all our lives
Peaking at me with heart eye emojis  
Mayhem’s is all you’ve shown me
We’re not even friends, you don’t even know me
Maybe I like being alone  
No one can visit if no one’s home
Flying around on your little mission
But when did you ever ask my permission  
You stupid little cherub, how dare you try and ensnare us
If you want me to fall in love fight me man to man  
Wing to fist, give me the chance to prevent this
If you want to fix something how about your fashion  
Concerned with my passion, you’re in line for a bashin  
Put on a shirt and some pants  
And just leave love to chance  
Cupid… you really are stupid  
You annoying little rat  
Controlling the mouse and the cat
Making us puppets on strings  
Making fools give fools rings  
Your help isn’t wanted or needed
If love were a book I wouldn’t ever read it
So here is your chance to do something great  
Put down your bow before it’s too late  
I’ve said my peace, no need for debate  
Just stay far from me and they’ll be no more mistakes…
Written by FreeLove87
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Thought Provoker
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What the fuck Cupid

What the fuck Cupid
Are you bloody stupid?    
Why’d you have to shoot her in the arse?    
Thanks to your arrows    
I’m now at the gallows    
And this day may be my last    
For you did awaken    
The heart of a maiden;    
The King's fare daughter Fleur    
But he hates my guts,    
Thinks that I’m nuts    
And would kill me if I touched her    
But last night as I slept    
Through my window she leapt    
And crept into my chamber bed    
As I woke from my slumber    
She was doing a number    
On me using only her head    
She said she wouldn't tell    
But after your spell    
Broke, she regretted what she’d done    
She must’ve told her dad    
‘Cos this morning I had    
Two guards say “Y’comin’ with us son”    
I said that I’d elope    
But the King thought a rope    
Around my neck would be a much better suit    
So what the fuck Cupid    
Are you bloody stupid?    
You should’ve just shot a prostitute!

Written by RexDurkin
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