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chasing the rabbit

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this is poems about drugs soely

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
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The Methadone Kid

I enter the chemist † †  
clutching the script † † †  
I collect every month † † †  
and hand it to her † † †  
† † † †
I think of the irony † † †  
of collecting anti-depressants † † †  
from a woman so miserable † † †  
† † † †
then I look at the buffet of drugs † † † †
in drawers behind the counter, † † †  
labelled and filed, all belonging † † † †
to your Mothers, Uncles, Nieces † † †  
telling their stories of pain. † † †  
† † † †
My thoughts are shattered † † †  
by the tinkling of the doorbell; † † †  
there stands a sorry state of a man † † †  
† † † †
he smells bad- † † †  
I consciously find myself † † †  
not breathing through my nose † † †  
† † † †
his clothes are three sizes too big † † † †
and he doesn't walk, he exists † † † †
a frame for dirty clothes † † †  
grey in the morning sun. † † †  
† † † †
I know he's there for Methadone, † † †  
as I watch the stone pharmacist † † †  
give him his cup of sickly green † † †  
in the middle of the room † † † †
his body unclenching † † †  
as he tips his head back † † †  
and the world is stilled. † † † †
† † † †
When he leaves, † † † †
the smell remains † † †  
† † † †
I hold my own order †  
my whole body tense † † †  
knowing I've been taking pills † † †  
since I was eighteen, † † †  
thinking of the last time † † † †
I tried to stop them, † † †  
casually walking into traffic † † †  
in some bizarre peace pact † † †  
with my own suicide † † †  
† † † †
and it bothers me † † †  
like no other day † † †  
as I leave heavy † † †  
† † † †
with the stench of addiction † † †  
stinging my nostrils; † † †  
the spirit of a death-wish † † †  
with no earthly place to go. †
Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Fire of Insight
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chasing the dragon

inhaling the smoke breath after breath
breathing deeper, harder, longer
each breath a silent prayer
every exhale a bargain

green for green how it always goes
some places its legal, not for me
each buy a risk i willingly take
every hit a chance at normality

most call it an addiction unknowningly
they dont see the mental illness
the bipolar it keeps "normal"
every hit a dose in grey

most hate what they cant have
but i dont give a fuck
could be the weed
most likely me

in, out, in, out, in, out
remember that its life
load another bowl
and say fuck it all
Written by emo1
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Dangerous Mind
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Bob Chasing Dragons in the Park

In every city in the world
Youíll find them there
Chasing dragons in the parks
Faces gauntí jaws open Ďnever shut'
Dim emotionless eyes take turns to blink
Among these Zombies of the poppies
You might find a friend of mine
Or a faded copy of the original
Blowing across the grimy concrete
Like a dry leaf before the first snow
Living out his life in the twilight
As minds slowly detach from bodies
Desires for love and sex dry up
Till they no longer can fuck
Lethargic bowels become arthritic
Till they no longer can shit

ĎThe Living Deadí
Yes, there is such a thing!

My old friend walks among them
Someplace, somewhere
You may catch a glimpse
Of his ragged form
Camouflaged against the city grey
A shadow of a human
Disappearing slowly into oblivion
In chemical emaciation he slowly dissolves
Till he disappears
As though he was never there
At all
Written by snugglebuck
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Twisted Dreamer
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You, I or She?


This tale is a warning, about a vice and its woe,
Of the lesson I learnt, and the ones yet to know.

See, the end is unwritten, might be my final farewell,
To the good and the bad, to the heaven and hell.

But the tale should be told, and so Iíll commence,
Iíll be open and honest and try not cause offence.

The whole story started less than eighteen months ago,
With me overweight, out-of-shape and my self-esteem low.

I was awkward and sad but was so sick of my lot,
Iíd work out to get thin; it was no novel plot.

But this time I did it. Lost the kilos: twenty-three,
An aesthetic success! But a shock lay waiting for me.

What I discovered to my horror, when the fat had all gone,
It wasnít why Iíd been unhappy, Iíd been mistaken all along.

When you canít blame the depression on the layers of fat.
Scapegoatís gone, veilís been lifted Ė now its time to face facts.

I had hated myself. For which, thereís no easy cure.
But I'd never have guessed what I was about to endure.


My grim realisation was not as clear as it is now
Itís taken time and reflection to solve the why and how

So superficial I was that the weight-loss pleased me,
My new body confidence brought me much glee.

It took a short step in learning that when building your self-worth up,
Needn't do it yourself, if others will do it - you're in luck.

The more notches you make, the more of them like you,
Each stamp of approval means youíre worth something too.

But this trick doesnít work, itís short shrift at best,
Such validationís unstable and needs constant redress

All that matters in this system is that they want you,
No connection required, don't need your desire too.

Soon I became an object, a thing merely of which you approve,
Such validation is addictive, not before long it consumes you.

This game is never over, the self-worth is never won,
For approval this fleeting, this shallow has soon gone.

Your entire self-worth crashes right down to the ground,
By one mild-mannered rejection, a snide comment or frown.

It soon left me quite hollow, couldnít have liked myself less,
How could finding some comfort possibly worsen this mess?

But hand in hand with this issue - there's a darker reveal,
A vice with such danger, it barely seems real.


I sought solace in drugs, to liven my day,
It didnít take long Ďtil my life went astray.

In order to find out how this all came to be,
Iíll need you to understand 'her' grip over me.

So allow me to introduce a few "friends" of mine
If you greet them but once, then youíll find them divine.

Thereís Mandy and Katie, and the one just called "G",
And last but not least, is Tina you see.

The last one of these has a much darker side,
Deep down sheís evil, she'll eat you alive.

Or better yet still, she'll have you do it yourself,
You'll follow her whispers, and youíll ruin your health.

At first you'll be fine and you'll tell yourself so,
But Tina works quickly, there's not long to go.

Youíll chomp and youíll chew, youíll pick and youíll scratch
Youíll end up a shell, thatís Tinaís one catch.

Other than that sheís perfectly fine,
Youíll fall apart slowly, one piece at a time.

And then thereís the psychosis - well thatís just a treat,
When the shadows start watching you walk down the street.

I swear that that singer is writing songs about me,
Wait, whatís that youíre hiding? Donít lie, I can see!

Still, thereís nothing quite like puffing clouds all the time,
Till five days, no sleep and Iím still writing in rhyme.

Havenít eaten for days, the fatís no problem now,
My ribs start protruding, face looks gaunt but wait, how?

I had the whole thing in hand, it was just once a week,
Thereís just one final shard left, I can't help but freak

The story gets worse, believe you and me,
When Tinaís got hold thereís no getting free

The minute you try to stop smoking shard,
Full depression sets in and you crash way too hard.

If she canít get you using then coming off it, she will,
"All the pain will soon stop" T whispers, "if you'd just pop that pill"

But the downers donít work, Tina makes sure thatís a fact,
Sheís not done with you yet, she'll first get you the sack.

Youíve got no money now, so you start helping her out,
You start selling her round Ďcause your fix was in doubt.

But look what you've done! Youíve passed her along,
You know what will happen and know full well itís wrong.

And this was my fate, and so you will see,
There isnít much left of a discernible me.

Itís too late for me now, too much of me's gone.
Nobodyís left here to save, if there ever was one.

But Wait! Hold up! Hang on just a secÖ
It isnít quite over, that bitch hasn't won yet.

I had forgotten that feeling, that desire to fight back,
The anger inside that builds you up to attack.

Iím starting to remember someone I used to be,
I was weak but tenacious; few others best me.

My resources are depleted and psychosis set in,
Itís hard to stay sane when your mind's wearing thin.

Itís important that I know I'm not beaten yet,
Got some tricks up my sleeve, that bitch won't ever forget.


Well, what happens next? Iím sure youíre dying to know
The middle is all done with, just the ending to go.

Now Ė donít get frustrated but I just canít tell you the rest,
I donít know how it ends, I'm still living it - I confess.

Can't predict what will happen, perhaps there's one guess I can,
It wonít end with a fizzle. It will end with a bang.

Right now Iím alone, lost - no clear path in sight,
The state that Iím in, would give anyone a fright.

If all other attempts fail, then only one end is left,
Say it's the easy way out, you call me selfish to choose death.

Your ignorance is very telling, no need to say more,
I understand it all now, as clear as crystal I'm sure.

Youíll never quite get it, not sure youíll ever quite see,
The pain that Iím feeling and the emptiness that fills me.

After all Tina's done, she hasn't take me whole,
Sheís helped things along, granted - she took her toll.

But cast your minds back...there were problems before,
All Tina has done, is to seize the prey at her door.


I was lost before I met her and even before that,
Had not a shred of self-worth, not even a scrap.

It was taken from me, before I even knew,
I was made to believe that somehow I needed you.

Tried so hard to fit in, to obey all of the rules,
To alter myself so I'd be liked by you fools.

I eroded away at the person I could've been.
By tempering myself down, so what's real was unseen.

All of my focus, time, energy were spent,
Playing the role you wanted and the 'real' part just went.

When I finally stopped caring about your version of me,
There was nothing else left there, no person to be.

So I died long ago, certainly anything worth saving.
That person isn't real, don't you? The one that youíre craving.

It was all a smart act, a ruse, a charade.
I played the part well, t'was unwittingly hard.

The impersonation laid on, worked more than it should,
Since it made all you like me more than I ever could.

How dare you remark callously on my final act?!
You have said quite enough haven't you, as a matter of fact.

The blame must be pointed at one of us, three.
One must be the culprit but is it You, I or She?

I know who I'd bet on, let's not dwell on that,
Firing guilt at each other, won't take it all back.

Tina's portion of blame is a catalyst's share,
Can't find her guilty if I kick away the chair.

It's funny that now's the time that I find,
The root of the problem was not me or my mind.

No solution to be gleaned, can't go back to the past.
Only the future left ahead and Iím not sure Iíll last.

Not giving up yet, I wonít just accept such a fate,
With some luck and some willing, it won't be too late...
Written by afriendoftina (Hendy)
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Dangerous Mind
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My Elixir

I am weak and misplaced in this world
A bubble in a world of thorns
I must harden my skin
Turn it to steel and
I must deaden the emotions
That betrays my inner gel
I need my elixir
My potion of power
To make me strong and unfeeling
With it I can weather anything
I am invincible
I am a monster
Without it I am just another
Weak human being
Subject to feel the worldís pain

(C) 2014 XMAR82 all Rights Reserved
Written by xmar82
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Dangerous Mind
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Medical Marijuana Cannabis

Marijuana Cannabis  
Is it pure mental bliss  
After taking an inhaling hit  
A relaxing euphoric trip  
I know Iím spreading it on just a tad too thick  
For many Americans they feel they are getting the short end of the stick  
My number one topic on my wish list, yes it was handpicked  

I once danced so gracefully as a Prima Donna Ballerina  
Dancing on stage at Madison Square Garden arena  
Daily braces to walk has brought my existence down a peg  
My wonderment was always found in my arms, my body, my legs  
Struck with MS at a very early age  
For me, no more Pique Turns, no more Fourette Turns on stage  
That plant I require in grounded form, resembles seasoning Sage  
However, Iím not at lawful age  
Feeling the discouragement of my parentís relentless and winless political rage  
Congress refusing to pass laws in my state to have medical marijuana usage placed on page  
In some states, this war of words has taken a devastating toil  
To pass laws to have marijuana used as a medication converted to Cannabis Oil  
Should we suffer our symptoms in silence  
When so many Americansí voices are now in compliance  
A plant to be used for debilitating conditions, surely, is a gift of science  
To assist when limbs that refuse to move or just quit  
Why must some of us continue to deal with this  
I have hopes and dreams to conquer, now Iím left with stage longing reminisce  
Canít move to California, or Colorado  
Dealing with the ramifications of a concept to grasp, if you must know  
Father was just promoted and paying for my medication using the back-door method mode  
Sadly, for the accumulating medical bills, our first home was sold  
Should loving parents be the blame for such an unfounded risk of a silent claim  
Seeing a loved one suffer due to Congressí waiting game  
LegalizeÖhum whatís my opinion  
Iím the writer, my beliefs are not deemed, this is Godís dominion  
As a Nurse  
Yes, I do see your hurt  
As a woman of society, I hear your loud cries  
In some states itís legal, but not mine, the echoing parental whys  
Drug screens  
Failure designed by several hidden means  
My biggest concern  
The ratio is meant to only burn  
Trust me, I am not speaking out of turn  
Listen and Learn  
THC lowest threshold  
The salvation to some as medical gold  
Amphetamine, Methamphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates, Phencyclidine, Methadone, Propoxyphene  
Ten Panel Drug Screen  
Not fair as it may seem  
Iíve witnessed in testing patients, and have seen, not meaning to sound bias or mean  
THCís discerning threshold  
The American choice to reap what they sow, strictly uncontrolled, medically consoled, yet DEA patrolled  
Lowest element to behold  
First ratio tester from a panel glimpsed, your concept to employment has been sold  
Leaving you out in the cold  
Positive tested  
No employment for you will be invested  
Other drugs placed on a higher rating scale  
Urine tested falling under Head or Tails  
Used a week ago  
However, on the job, drug addict on the down low  
Fair is, as one would think fair does  
For the medical benefits, I give my blessings with love  
Some say science has not caught up with this controversial wonder drug to use as such  
However, look at all the elements it is known to assist, various medical conditions pretty much  
As usual, the Houses of Congress moves in no rush  
Pharmaceutical Companies stocks come to pass  
Telling American people and your medical elements to go away with your wicked forecast  
Utilized to reduce nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy, improve appetite in people with HIV/AIDS, muscle spasms and reduce chronic pain  
From my standpoint an excellent argument to go against the grain  
For the sake of argument itís a plant from the start  
Chemical compounded into a medical work of art  
Upstanding, pay taxes, some would admit itís their daily choice to smoke  
Most seem to say it does not makes you steal for it, sell your body, or even go broke  
Wake up America there is a chart that defines your deterred employment dreams  
All found in the urine of your Drug Screen  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Lost Thinker
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Down the Hole

Fissures open ligatures lashing old wounds.
Techno honey enervates wastrelsí hot ids,
their ensconced reality altered, bent back
into temptation.
Written by Wandering_Virgil
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Thought Provoker
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Forty Senryus (10. Enjoy Coke)

Snort the cocaine line    
Holy shit, I think Iím God † † †  
Letís start a business † † †  
†† † †  
† † † †
† † † †
† † † †
Itís a genius plan † † † †
We are going to be rich † † †  
And get all the chicks † † †  
† † † †
† † † †
† † † †
† † † †
Getting hot pussy † † †  
Only Ďcos I shout them coke † † †  
This is how I roll † † †  
† † † †
† † † †
† † † †
† † † †
Sun rise. †Coming down † † † †
Iím the worst person ever † † †  
I am so alone † † †  
† † † †
† † † †
† † † †
† † † †
Why am I so shit † † †  
I don't have any real friends † † †  
What's the point of this † † †  
† † † †
† † † †
† † † †
† † † †
Cry cry cry cry cry † † † †
Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo † † †  
Now I am hungry † † †  
†† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †
† † † †
† † † †
† † † †
Order a pizza † † †  
And get a six-pack of beer † † †  
Life is not so bad † † †  
† † † †
† † † †
† † † †
† † † †
The telephone rings † † †  
It is my drug dealer Mike † † †  
Iíll take one gram thanks † † †  
† † † †
† † † †
† † † †
† † † †
†Snort the cocaine lineÖÖ.
Written by RexDurkin
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Bradley J
Fire of Insight
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Letter (Instrumental by Mors)

gazellemon (Bradley J)
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Dangerous Mind
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Death came a calling
climbed up the water spout
gonna get that Alice
knock that bitch right out
out came a gun
he fell oh what to do
..so Alice ground him up
and drew the needle from the spoon
...and flew off to the moon
Alice....looked down
at her arm
"tracks like footprints on my soul." she thought
...as the needle slid into her arm
like so many of her customers
it repulsed her till...
she could feel the rush
of the white rabbit racing
through her veins
her mind chasing after it emphatically
till it got to the sweet spot..
.....ah the land of nod.
Alice slumped against the wall
by the gutter in the alley
and appeared to fall asleep.
Written by SatansSperm
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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I toss and play †
with the softness of †
bluish that unravels †
while I chase †
losing itself among †
the bed clothes †
where I burrow and †
follow †
like Alice tumbling †
into darkness †
through †  
an endless tunnel †
leaving bottles †
in a row †
with their red queen †
to behead me †
keeping guard †
in a nightstand †
reflection †
in the water glass †
handfuls of †
nightmare in an †
oil-slick rainbow †
whose mythic pot †
recedes †
until at last †
I reach where I †
can drink the †
shrinking potion


Fire of Insight
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Vellum Soul


My vellum soul on acid trip
Chromatic sight and psyche stretched
Iím playing life by brinkmanship
Impoverished, a shriveled letch

Reality cognition spills
My vellum soul on acid trip
My ink upon her parchment quilled
I signed with venal penmanship

My will is spent in yearning's grip
As debt surmounts because I crave
My vellum soul on acid trip
Accession to my early grave

My psychedelic way of life
Perception neutered, spirit stripped
Condemns me to lament, despite
My vellum soul on acid trip!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Dangerous Mind
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Good old KC is running late tonight,
Heís behind schedule indeed,
He needs to do something special,
Good old KC has to watch his speed.
And driving the train at that pace,
Out of control is sure to show,
Good old KC is not his usual self,
Riding fast as his whistle blows.
Driving the train like a madman,
In order to get there on time,
KC is bound to lose control,
And not be able to stop on a dime.
Good old KC will get there,
At the station trying to get back,
And deliver just like he promised,
Even if he risks jumping off the tracks.

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