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I Dreamed In Rhyme Eternal

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Poetry Contest

Write a rhyming poem based on a dream you have had

Wakey, wakey sleepyheads....

Write a rhyming poem based on a dream (or nightmare) that you have had. Turn it into a lucid, intense writing experience.

O God! can I not save
One from the pitiless wave?
Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?

- A Dream Within A Dream, Edgar Allan Poe


* One entry per person
* The poem should have a rhyme scheme throughout the poem of your own choice.
* Any length
* Any questions please ask.

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In my dreams, I am heroic,
In a dark forest full of magic.
I'm not sure how I saved the day.
Must've been a dragon I had to slay.
A rockstar plants her lips on me,
And my thoughts became filthy.
Written by A_Failed_Artist
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geoff cat
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Beltane – A Dream

(a quatern)
Disjointed sky, unquivered night,
Set quills of flame to clearing’s break,
As monster cranes just from her sight,
My angel bane, my heart’s foresake.
My twisted looks claim ill define,
Disjointed sky? unquivered night?
A beast whose reaps of skin confine,
Who no such-thing should hope invite.
A goddess gained in sheers’ delight,
A white witch curved with verdant spring,
“Disjointed sky, unquivered night…”
Such hymns, the maidens dancing sing.
But I, who she redemption holds,
Will not so much as taste her light.
For death calls from my shadow folds,
Disjointed sky, unquivered night.
Written by Hepcat61 (geoff cat)
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Lord Viddax
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Thereon to the wind

As usual it was underway
of the outset I cannot say
and so here I stood before it
a building worthy of any writ
with flanking columns so roman
its façade an austere omen
of this museumesque station
yet though it had sure foundation,
it was at an angle when viewed
itself straight yet sight slightly skewed;
as so without as so within
all was slanted like to a sly grin
yet I stand within currently
as outside watch concurrently,
perhaps the architect of this
was horizontally remiss
or of Escher and certain kind
playing tricks upon viewing mind;
as stairs adorn along each wall
its route circular in its crawl
with marbled stairs lead upwards before
with red carpet from there to door,
of the ceiling there is no sight
further above is beyond might.
No sooner is this sight beheld
than a new vista is now spelled;
of green standing grass and blue sky
a small typhoon yet does imply
as to the sudden journeys cause
it swirls smally without any pause
without any threatening it is
while it rotates in grey whizz.
Voices, laughter, sound nearby it seems
sun shining joyous happy beams
is there a tree on sight's fringe
or do the green borders impinge
further margin mirages perhaps
another atmospheric lapse
of these mistakes I am aware
though in the moment have no care,
from such omission I can gleam
as this is but all a strange Dream.
Written by Viddax (Lord Viddax)
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Dangerous Mind
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Wild Hunt Nightmare

I dreamt I was taken by a storm
Swept up high and away
To join the lost souls
In purgatory’s sky parade

Restless souls they ride the wind
Not worthy of either Heaven or Hell
Upon great possessed beasts
They ride the skies pell mell

Wodan on his red eyed black stallion
Valkaries upon their dragons
Durga on her tiger
King Aurthur on his white mare Pladin

Durga cried, “Come ride with me,
For you’re as unrepentant as any of we!”
At that I realized I was flying in the air
And the cursed beast I was riding
Was that of an angry black bear

But before I could join the posse
Of the of this nocturnal possessed
I suddenly awoke in a startle
Covered goosebumps and sweat

With the realization I needed
To mend my evil ways
Or with Wild Hunt
I’d ride someday
Written by snugglebuck
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Fire of Insight
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The Mallard

a story, in verse,
with my apologies to Edgar Allen Poe,
and to anyone with a fetish for popcorn,
    or spinsters,      
    or ducks
    Once upon a May’s day, cheery, as I pondered, gay but weary,      
Weary from the din of ducks amassing near my backyard door.      
    While I nodded, noontime-napping, dreaming that I heard some quacking,
    Mallard drake was gently quacking, quacking at my backyard door.      
“He’s just looking for a handout, quacking at my backyard door.      
                                                                        Only this and nothing more.”
    Dreamt I'm hungry for a snack, and fetched some popcorn from the back, and
Poured it in a dish for that and opened up the oven’s door.      
    Eagerly I set the timer, strong was my popcorn desire!      
    Oven’s Bell! I got excited, and I spilled some on the floor,      
In the kitchen, near the door, a little popcorn on the floor.      
                                                                        Only that and nothing more.
    Thrilled with my hot buttered treat, I took the bowl back to my seat, and,
Thinking to myself, “I spilled some. Maybe, I should pop some more?”      
    While I dreamt of popcorn popping, quacking that I heard, not stopping
    Duck outside now loudly quacking, quacking at my backyard door.      
It can smell that buttered popcorn, lying near the kitchen door.      
                                                                        A hungry duck, and nothing more.
    Through the backdoor window peering, hungry quacking I was hearing,      
Dreaming to myself that I should sweep the popcorn off the floor.      
    What about that duck I’m hearing? It could help with popcorn clearing      
    If I let the duck inside, now quacking at my kitchen door.      
It will eat the popcorn spilled there, popcorn lying on my floor.      
                                                                        Feed it popcorn, nothing more.
    Feeding popcorn to that drake soon proved to be a big mistake, that      
Mallard drake ate all the popcorn spilled upon my kitchen floor.      
    Now that duck’s fulfilled its mission, time to make it leave my kitchen!      
    Duck inside needs prompt eviction, quacking that it wants some more.      
It can smell my bowl of popcorn, quacking that it wants some more.      
                                                                        Quoth the Mallard “Popcorn! More!”
    Duck was fast and clearly able, flew upon my kitchen table,      
Eating all my buttered popcorn right from out my popcorn bowl!      
    Damn that duck for stealing popcorn, eating all my buttered popcorn!      
    Duck inside with wings a-flapping, quacking that it wants some more.      
I went to fetch more popcorn and discovered that there was no more.      
                                                                        Then the bird said “Popcorn! More!”
    Angry now, popcorn bereft, my outrage on that duck beset, I      
Shooed my fow’l popcorn pest from off my table to the floor.      
    Popcorn thief showed no contrition, as I chased it ‘round my kitchen
    Cursing it to fowls’ perdition, as it flapped across the floor!      
Stared at me with strong suspicion, then it waddled out my door.      
                                                                        Silence then and nothing more.
    Flustered by that duck, now vexed, I dreamt that I should calm myself, by
Walking to the cineplex, to watch a movie and unwind.      
    On the way, while walking there, I dreamt the day was bright and fair, and
    I enjoyed some clean, fresh air, no longer lacking peace of mind;      
Suddenly, I heard the blare of hungry quacking from behind!      
                                                                        Think I’m going to lose my mind.
    My anxiety came back when, whereupon that hungry quack from      
Mallard duck, my walk bushwhacked, as toward the cineplex I plied;      
    Soon, the ticket window reaching, with that hungry quacking screeching,
    Ticket window lady preaching, “You can’t bring that duck inside!”      
Spite against all my beseeching, by her rules I must abide.      
                                                                        Overreaching rules? He’ll hide!
    By that duck, denied my entrance, dreamt I feigned a measured temperance.
Mallard duck my new apprentice, whom I now must sneak inside.      
    In my trousers I must stuff that menace of a hungry duck if      
    I am to have any luck and win my entrance, get inside.      
I must hide that stupid duck within my trousers, to abide.      
                                                                        Silly rules now brushed aside.
    Bought some popcorn, found my seat, I sat down next to sisters, sweet old
Ladies sitting in their seats, just chatting calmly next to me.      
    Eating popcorn in my seat, and feeling kicking from webbed feet, my
    Zipper, opened, Mallard beak poked out from trousers, so to breathe.      
Spinster sitting next to me can not believe what she now sees!      
                                                                        Just a duck that needs to breathe.
    Hungry duck has found my popcorn, duck’s head buried deep in popcorn;
Spinster seethes with fear and scorn, believing I’m enacting porn.      
    Spinster sitting next to me elbows her sister, for to see, what      
    She mistakes as part of me, a private part she should not see!      
Worldly sister smiles with glee, “That’s nothing that we haven’t seen.”      
                                                                        “Seen One, and you’ve seen them all!”
    Spinster sitting next to me keeps gawking at the part of me that      
She believes that she can see, a shocking masturbation scene.      
    Sound of duckbill mastication, munching popcorn, no cessation,      
    In the dark, duck’s head’s gyration, crunching popcorn, is a blur.      
Believes that I am masturbating, in my popcorn, just for her.      
                                                                        Exposed, indecently, to her.
    Spinster sitting next to me elbows her sister frantically, but      
Worldly sister casually just waves it off with just a laugh.      
    Hungry duck then finds her popcorn, frantic spinster’s box of popcorn
    Duck’s head flips her box airborne and dumps it all upon her lap.
When it tries to eat the popcorn, I receive a righteous slap!
                                                                        Shocked awake from noontime's nap!
Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Haley Quaquaversal
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I fall asleep, wake in the woods,    
spy an axe lodged in a tree trunk-      
I see nobody else around, but I feel      
the vines creep on the ground.      
Lodged in my throat, I ask the tree trunk      
why nobody's around, spy a glint      
creep like tendrils on the ground      
proclaiming ambulate, ambulate.      
My body spins down nowhere; a glint      
like eyeballs roll as tendrils into mulch,      
my legs proclaim it’s too late to ambulate      
for a thrown star sticks out of my chest.      
My vines see you cross the mulch      
with no claim to nowhere, where-      
fast and faster like the star burst out my chest.      
What a trick it is when a body disappears      
unable to call whom seek to find where      
I dent the woods. I chase the sky      
to trick the stars but every each one disappears      
before they take mine with them.      
I bang the ground green, dent the sky,      
undisappear, make a ruckus in their neck      
of the woods, I shine like them-     
die with a bang as I awake out of the woods.
Written by yelluw_always (Haley Quaquaversal)
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Frank Statile
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Both arms wrapped around it
Struggling to fight
I quickly admit
I wont make it through the night

The water in the dark
Is concealing my struggle
The driftwood, with its loosening bark
I continue to snuggle

Minutes turn to hours
As hours turn to years
The situations greatest power
Is provoking my own fears

The water continually unbinding my grip
As I think I've found the shore
But my fingers start to slip
Now I'll drown for sure

My body growing tighter
Here we go again
Waves whispering if I were lighter
I would not be condemned

Slowly I start sinking
Into the depths of the bay
That's when I start thinking
This will be my final day

Arms and legs constrained and bound
The beat slowly retreating
There is no longer the sound
Of my own heart beating

Suffocated by the night
Drowned in the sea of sorrow
I guess I was right
I will not see tomorrow
Written by Jomamma97 (Frank Statile)
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The Excommunicated

The catatonic cadavers woke and insidiously moved,
In hedonic rituals that enticed those festering eyes,
And amid the pandemonium the dilapidated guests,
Convulsed out of their sarcophaguses to agonize .

Bile drew up their esophagus short of regurgitation,
In a chronic mastication to the electronic hexing tunes,
And they frolicked and gyrated their sensual bodies,
Like seductive maggots coming out of their cocoons.

The decomposed sounds of Bacchanalian symphonic chants,
With their tantalizing Sapphic and histrionic gestures,
Could make any man dead or alive succumb to desire,
Regardless of putrid scents weaving through the textures.

How can one say no to such a parasitic persuasion?
When they influence you in sardonic hypnotic tones,
Climaxing your brain with a tonic arcane,
For your quivering flesh to crawl along the bones.

It was a sultry scene of erotic nightmares and dreams,
Articulated amid bloody coughs from pneumonic lungs,
But their clamors sang praise for the excommunicated,
Sensually mnemonic when they all spoke in tongues.

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