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Fire of Insight
United States
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Fool Proof 125

Your name is One More
late night glass and avalanching priorities
like ache
like smother
like waiting for the better
between ‘please stop’
and ‘leave me the hell alone’.

Winter winds are not
breaths you are willing to claim
and that sticky wood beneath trembling fingers
might know your real name
your face
your dna
the things you’re trying to whisk away -
that makes you no less responsible for their actions.
and you’ve monsters on your skin
that you are unsure how to bridal;
you are a gas line
a missing denominator
a fraction unsolvable

Weather in your blood
fizzing underneath the surface
landmines bottled in your chest.

You are fool proof at 125
connecting juxtapositions
when daylight catches amber
sliding down your throat.
This world is silhouetted in black
monotone misadventures
while you ride high on elevated transparency

Shake a new hand
stand somewhat straight
‘Hello, my name is One More
Sorry I’m late’
Written by Lee
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Thought Provoker
Trinidad and Tobago
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Seductive Chocolate Mess

I have always wanted you
I asked and you surrendered to me
in you so deep
playing hooky

Me and you
my little virgin vanilla Milky Way
glistening tip
warm thick chocolaty

You want me inside you
where I belong
ever so sweet
till I finally ... melt

Submissive yet aggressive
Fighting till I strip you naked
gripping the sheets
you cum for me
tossing the pillows
you can barely breathe

Entwine in the most divine moment
our signature of passion
Vanilla dragonfly
hot chocolate lover
Written by Michael_Goodridge (M_Goodridge)
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Dangerous Mind
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the cursed obsessionist


timidly sinking unpublished irises
of her unventured stigmatic eyelands

hapless, in a finale struggle
to at least partially breathe & bloom out
of its frothily bogging in screamless torns
in steepening circumference
doomed in her own terms
of unspelt & unheard of
rigorous imprisonments

in her imperviously veiled
bundling black purdah, her self
cannibalistic painted kohl eyes

fragmented dreams and memories
striped black & white in disjointed bits
crackdown in a pressing recurrence
clumsily compressing furthermore
its shrivelling existence in flashed
rapidity of running contradictions

once a budding keen observant
an unstoppably overenthusiastic
stringent idealist of its practisced
ritualistic- a freedom danceform
in the lushly fertilty of wooden thickety
abundance of geosmine rainforests
- her veins of iridescence bled
passion, pinkly naked nictitating
throbs invited His thunderously
outpouring compelling presence

her unconditionally opened
up surface zone vulnerabilities
in blindly overdosed extremeties
a maddening anorexic thinning expanse
of a nacreously bubbled blown heaven
a glassy membrane floating endangered
with His tucked in colour soul
under lethally zoomed
watchdog visions

the colours
of his deviantly tamed weird musk
craves back to its syntheic laboratories
cultured anaerobic in voluptuously
whorish plastic opacities of urban
dumpyards, sabotages a secretive
alienation over her transparencies
in suicidal evasive bursts, a grandeur
nowhere of Him & Her


Written by summultima
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Obsession With What We Already Know

I just wanted one more sip and one more
Taste of you because I know I cannot get
Enough. When I get to reach out, touching  
You, it also gets me high. When those eyes
Look at me with so much of that innocence
And nakedness with your window and door
Wide open to let me in is when the regret
Is forgotten about. When you are clutching  
The bed sheets tightly is when the goodbyes  
On the tip of our tongues make no difference.
Instead it is my mouth and hands that say
Hello. It is like we keep coming back to each
Other and it is even harder to disentangle  
From this obsession. We tried walking away
From this mess, but we cannot un-teach
What we know, each and every angle.
Written by eswaller
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Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Thank you very much!

First time I’ve won anything for writing, so glad to be part of this awesome community of writers.

SOOO much talent on these pages ❤️

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