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Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem that about the all-consuming power of obsession with something.
Zeal and enthusiasm show passion and that's a wonderful thing...but sometimes a passion takes hold of you and consumes you to the point of crazed fixation. So for this competition, I want to read a piece that captures the all-consuming nature of obsession.

What your poem chooses to be obsessed with is completely up to you. But preferably you're obsessed with something specific whether it's tangible or not.

Any form or style you want
No limit as to length (but don't go too crazy!)
Feel free to write something new or submit something you've written before.
Collabs are fine.

(This is my first time back on DUP for a long time so feel free to ask questions if I haven't been very clear)

Looking forward to seeing your obsessions! Good Luck!


Thanks for all the amazing entries, it was really hard to pick a winner because everyone put a different spin on the theme but I am a sucker for that rhyming couplet type style and addiction issues so congrats to LadyLaura.

But thanks again to everyone who participated. I really enjoyed reading your entries!

poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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Bright Bleed for You

I’m Falling. . .

I’ve Fallen before this
and it’s been a slow death
towards obsessive red.

The taste of the smooth blade doesn’t miss
thoughts of bright;
Yet (You) pulled me into dark
How Bright do You need it to be
before You let me in?
I have watched You online
IRL – day and night!
You need to KNOW. . .
I will bleed out for You

if You will let me in.

One slit small on upper inside lip
our lips pressed and You will sip
and suck
my life force
from me
to You…

& at last

…I am finally in.
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Fire of Insight
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The Last of My Tissue

a story, in verse
I'm a horny old man, and I wish to
Enjoy the S.I. Swimsuit Issue.
In private I’ll leer
With my six-pack of beer
And despoil the last of my tissue!
I will hide from my nagging old hag
Just to ogle the girls in that mag—
This old cock will get choked
Until semen, provoked,
Turn the pages to sticky wet rags!
With frenzied obsession, I'll yank
With a force that will bruise, tip to shank!
Then I'll wrench and I'll paw
My own testicles raw
'Till I bankrupt my meager sperm bank!
Passed out drunk with my junk on display
Hangin' loose from abuse! All the same...
Don’t judge too severely
‘Cause it comes but once, yearly,
And that's more than this old cock can take!
Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Double Entendré

about the oven
destroys me  
the way the handle  
lies parallel to the door,
the way the corners align  
to the quartered top rings,
the outwards [inwards]
motion of the rectangle pan
and that’s how my mind,
perfect and awful
not in physical form  
but spliced into angles;
a strange algebra
Sometimes, when I look
at people, I do not see
skin and bone
only lines;
degrees of conformity  
dissected into feelings,
where thought finds word
and word becomes diagram
for every time you speak  
your breath becomes dials
on a rotational axis,
your teeth when you smile—
thirty horizontal bars
and some days
I see no difference
between man and machine;
even your mouth becomes window.  
Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Thought Provoker
Trinidad and Tobago
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Fucked into Submission

Deep strides as I gaze into your innocent eyes
I want you, you lay there, while thick firm passionate love takes over you
wet in every position of penetration, tears of weak tingly secretions as your legs tremble and my cock savors and devours your body's sensations.
I miss you.
 orgasm after orgasms moans of pleasure as we both cum together.
Fucked into submission  again and again grabbed by the throat pulled by the hair as it hurts
But you want me to, you cry and spread for more as you cum for me
so wet inside I slide in deep u scream.

To weak legs trembling wet out of breadth  then I hear your sweet voice as you can hardly breathe, fuck me again baby please.

I'm so horny my cock refuses to sleep, so hard it hurts till ur pussy so full that it squeeze
Inside you is every full inch of me so wide so deep
I love the way your so tiny, and take all of me.

Written by Michael_Goodridge (M_Goodridge)
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Dangerous Mind
Sri Lanka
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Mistress of Puppets


pinned me hate
Injected me

no more!

why do you
envy my pure heart?

seduction is
the catalyst
of your force

for an aeon
you had me in your palm
doing the death dance
representing you
on your behalf

voodooed my soul
 to your fingers
manipulating my mind
to do your wishes

mistress of the puppets
that is who  you are
the witch of the dark lands
death trembled at your presence
darkness bled to your glare
you love the blood
you love the red

why you look so beautiful to me
why I only see your kindness

you infected me a craving
with a fake satisfaction

I killed for you
I bled for you
I cried for you

I begged for you
to release me
again you will put your spell on me

that nervous look
on your sharp eyes
your pale face
looking down
that gaze
I’m lost

you slowly
lift your face
only revealing
your eyes

but I know you are smiling...

you are standing
leaned back to the altar
you bend your left knee
the red velvet slides
to the side
revealing the pale skin
of your thigh

I grab my hilt
widening my smile

"I will be back
my sweet princess
with heads of your

from the lands
before the dawn


Written by dejure (vick)
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Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Liking these

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Valium Obsession

Swallowing little blue pills by the milligram,
taking just enough so you don’t give a damn,
it stops the anger and it brings the calm,
life is what it is and I am what I am.
No standing in line for my prescription,
rudimentary methods to fulfil my addiction,
from India to Pakistan or straight from someone’s kitchen,
anything to rid me of this mental affliction.
When anxiety threats inside your head,
those little pills are your best friend,
they calmed the nerves when the voices said,
“don’t go out, stay in instead”.
Written by LadyLaura
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Kurt Geric Dili
Lost Thinker
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i put my tongue inside
you throw your pride
set your shirt and shyness aside

you let me inside
feeling the radiant heat from your
holding your hips like im riding for the whole day
telling me to get deeper
so i can explore more
of you
Written by KGERICD (Kurt Geric Dili)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Hurt Me If You Love Me

If you love me
Hurt me

Let me feel the wrath of your jealously
So I should know I’m your property
Pledged to you for eternity

Scratch & bite, slice & dice, kick & strike, show me no mercy
Rebuke my insolent perverse puerility
Magistrate your matriarchal authority

If you love
Punish me

I petition your feminist audacity
I need your disciplinarian authority
To purge my disingenuous iniquities

Upon my flesh declare your sovereignty
Chastise me to you’re satiated completely
Demand that I comply willingly

If you love me
Hurt me

Justice adjudicated swiftly
Affirms that you love me
So don’t hesitate, punish me quickly

And whilst you do
Know how much I love you
Written by snugglebuck
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Dangerous Mind
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My One Obsession

I do believe that my one obsession has
to be to allow myself to get naked
and let the babe in the bath rub my cock brass.

Then, I would let her sit down right on the head
of my dick and ride it while I cup her tits
and blow my breath on her neck without much dread.

And after that, I would let myself to sit
on the rim of the tub and have her suck on
my rod until the cum shoots right out of it.

And let me tell you that I get a hard-on
when I think of it and that's truly no con.
Written by berea440oh
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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I don’t trust what that means

•• This is • •
a shadow,
•your •
pretend sister
and maybe
•• a ghost, • a lover

I don’t trust
what • that • means

obsessed am I
with things
don’t matter,
I’m not here

a lot in me
about this,
but I
haven’t the

it comes out
in verse,
but doesn’t
stop the snakes
for long

I don’t trust
what • that • means

obsessed am I,
how serious
is it
when I
in my mind

how serious
is it taken
as I
kill you in
in thoughts

I don’t trust
what • that • means

•• • obsessed am I • •

Frank Statile
Lost Thinker
United States
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My New

You fell into my world
Like a leaf falls from a tree
I stood there always watching
Hoping you would fall for me
You floated on the breeze
Falling slowly down
I ran fast towards you
To keep you off the ground
When you touched my skin
You were so soft and brittle
I looked at you and wondered
It must have hurt a little
You had fell from heaven
And that is no mere drop
I was happy to have caught you
If not would you have fell non stop
Now that you are in my arms
I mean you no harm
Now that you are in my heart
I wish we may never be apart
Written by Jomamma97 (Frank Statile)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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In Fire and Flame

He can’t sleep,
He can’t eat,
He can’t think straight as the world seems turned upside down,
His every waking thought is about her,
He’s perpetually bound to that dream cloud
...and it burns…
Beyond the core deep in his soul with an aching fever that feels like it lasts forever,
Lost in the endeavor,
He thinks that if he
     or prays with all his strength that the universe will bring her to him,
All his will is bent toward her,
All his attention is focused on her,
All his intention is founded on the sole purpose of her existence
That her mere presence gives him an exhilaration that can only be described as…
Total ecstasy.
They became friends,
He knew it was the only way to get to her heart,
He’d drop hints once in a while to test the waters,
Because every time she was with someone new,
It burned.
He got ink with her name,
In fire and flames
For the hell she put him through,
For the torture of loving and not being loved in return,
He was consumed by a yearning that nothing seemed to soothe the ache.
The years passed,
And she married someone else,
Had children, bought a home and moved far away,
Still he felt compelled to follow,
Just in case if tomorrow it all fell apart,
He’d be there,
Burning in fire and flame,

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