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Dedicated to a Stripper

Fire of Insight
United States
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Poetry Contest

Strippers work in the night and are forgotten in the night. This is a competition to write poems that give them a spotlight that normally only goes to day workers.
For Male or Female

Up to 3 poems per poet.

Can have erotic content.
1 Rule: This is about an appreciation, so write something that you wouldn't mind giving to the stripper in the poem.

Tips- You could channel back to an experience you had with a stripper (but you don't have to have had an experience with a stripper to write).

MY POEM below:
This was a poem I wrote dedicated to a stripper who went by Snow. I've only been to a strip club twice, but I make sure to write a poem to remember the girl I spent the most time with.

----The Honeysuckle Snow of that Unsung New Year----

Distilled young sun off gray floaters.
Dry shower through unstrewn touch,
the icelessness fell.
In season,    
boldiers of calzon dough beaten through a basedrum    
that folds into oversaturated heartwood at the tree hip.    
A scratching fur bumps out the glass in a drop of a leather nosegaurd    
as ethanol washed out in its melted rocks    
the tingling of a bruise.    
Repassing the bee's tongue of blows from levee,    
30 packed cotton balls brined in a bagged salt sea,    
left for residue by the escape of the harmonica reed.    
A toweled water hit the hand for fortune like concrete    
in child resting asana    
and meditated the cups by a polarity,
cups spit out from the pulsed hydrogen net.    
Now my hand smells of lichen to the light head from the spheric skim of melody.    
An asterisk craddled out of a skeletal ladder and upstood pincers    
whipping over a resigned period    
— emphatic, transient hurl.    
Behind there was scattered snowflake crystal    
centered by a snowball.    
Withdrawn from there was a suction arch in confetti string poured down the green tips    
The Bose-Einsteen condensate possessed and unpossessed    
on an open canvas of twirling blackout.    
That incandescent starbow smiled with the bite of a Native American wolfdog    
in a sailing, then rippling pur    
and pearled the skyline as its brush sponge.    
The land's battle-drawn confusion
returns to a new fog tucked from the high moon in which it was conceived on millenia of pushpin paper.

Fire of Insight
United States
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[ Lesbian ] [ Erotica ] Pretty Penny

slips off all of her
prances about on    
glossy painted toes  
dances poetry out of her system  
a pretty pony bucking the prose  
Ass fucking a metal pole  
Penny doesn't give you any  
cause to be depressed -  
Boys, she may even pause  
to rub your goofy faces    
'cross her chest  
I'm not  
It's not like she fucks them

---becomes all dolled up  
almost every evening  
only to get undressed  
And she does it damn well  
I know she'll always  
come home with  
stories to tell  
not to mention  
major labia majora swell    
to flick n slide  
my tongue in and out  
and with plenty of battery  
powered toys in the nightstand  
there's more reason for us to  
squeal and shout  
My Pretty Penny  
dances it ALL out  
for me  
and me  
winnies and prances  
about the bed;  
hear her moan  
in equine exstacy  
Being a stripper's wife  
may not be the most  
glamorous life  
but what the hell---  
who gives a fuck  
as long as    
Written by MaryWalker
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Tyrant of Words
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Friendly Places

In the midst of the loud music and dim lights,
In the midst of the excitement I paid attention,
When you hit the stage everyone took notice,
You were the cutest dancer in the convention.
Your moves were so smooth and enticing,
Every creep and perv sat closer to the stage,
And I, like one of them took on the invitation,
When you started dancing everyone engaged.
The damned lights that twinkled and flickered,
Didn’t do justice to the petite body you exposed,
In those glass see through five inch high heels,
With erotic movements and hints you proposed.
And as the cheap bastards threw dollars at you,
With a creepy sensation of perversion in their eyes,
You would flash them a quick how do you do,
Of the trimmed hoo-hoo hidden between your thighs.
Then you cat walked toward me like a pretty little kitty,
You looked at me like I was your prey,
I quickly reached into my pockets,
To give you a tip for our quick soiree.
You were a pretty little thing if you don’t mind me saying,
When you flashed more than I expected and assuaged,
In fact, even the drunk bastards took notice of us,
When you got really close and leaped out of the stage.
Oh the smell of your skin was like something so fine,
When you writhed over me on top of my chest,
Looking into my eyes like we were making a connection,
That you took my hands and rubbed them over your breasts.
And I thought, “Damn this place is mighty friendly
That a mere two bucks I can get you this much”,
But it was bullshit, as you crawled away I noticed,
They were two twenties you held in your clutch.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Get naked
Be proud
Take everything off
Before the cheering crowd
No shame
No regrets
Show them all of you
Everything you've got
You’re hot
You’re beautiful
Why do you think
Everyone’s cheering for you?
Take it off
Take it all off
We want to see you in all your glory
Not just just a flash that's silly
Your breasts
Your ass
And let us see
Your beautiful pussy
Be proud
Naked Goddess
We your adoring faithful
Are smitten by your presence
Above poem was inspired by a true event. Years ago, I took a girlfriend to a local strip joint in Western Wisconsin.  My girlfriend, a college senior, was a shy reserved flower, but the scene made her a bit giddy.  Towards the end of the show she expressed that she’d like to try stripping.  So, during the amateur call, I encouraged her to dance.  Much to my surprised she stripped totally nude.  Afterwards she’d tell me that it was the most empowering thing she’d ever done.  
Indeed it was, because shortly after she moved on to better boyfriend. (sob)!
Written by snugglebuck
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Tyrant of Words
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So You Want To See Me Dance

So you want to watch me dance
Giving you a hard on as a mental romance    
Gripping my pole, making love to it    
My passion in exchange for the hidden desires of your dick    
Pleasing myself as I touch my clit    
Naughty games with my fingers sliding into my wet slit    
My pussy gyrating making you want me    
No touching love, just feel the lustful need    
Sliding up and down my dance pole    
Imaging your dick thrusting deep inside my wet pussy hole    
The pole dividing my butt cheeks    
Parting me, sniffing me    
My hands softy caressing up my leg with a soft tease    
Back sliding up and down the pole a seductive ride    
Perky breasts bouncing side-to-side    
Palm gripped, swinging around my pole, eyes capturing yours    
More dollars onto the stage they pour    
Upside down flip, pussy shot    
G-string sparking in the dark until it fell off    
I see you gripping that shot glass in your hand    
Erection pointing north from all you can stand    
Making it rain with those dollars    
For a taste of this and to make me holler    
Up that money game    
Wind my pussy up and then sop it as it rain    
Oh you want another woman to join in to please you    
Are you leaking now from your family jewels    
One soft hand cupping my breast    
The other hand gliding down to my pussy, where it rest    
Her fingers rubbing over me, making love to my clit    
Visions of you darting your tongue inside my wet slit    
Mm you have some hypnotic eyes    
To please you beyond these dim lights would be my sweetest surprise    
The seduction of the preacher by the teacher    
Dropping it like its hot, legs opening, pussy flash    
Rolling on a bed of bills, twerking my ass    
Slap it baby, as you slid a bill under my bra’s spaghetti string    
On my knees, ass in your face, go head and part my buttocks, and taste the butter rum cream    
Umm... you such a nasty boy    
My kind of midnight toy    
Crawling to you as sleek as a tigress in pursuit    
Down your zipper goes, uum my mouth giving your erection its just due    
Throwing your head back from my oral sensual attack    
Thrusting your dick harder into mouth, better than a hand job whack    
Craving me from the hunger of my pleasure giving knack    
Sitting back    
Titty fuck sandwiching that hard snack    
Tongue tasting your tip    
Pre-cum oozing out the small slit in your dick    
I’m licking off every single bit    
The lights are on us    
Palming my head, my mouth taking in your hard upward thrusts    
Money pouring over my head...umm, no need to rush    
Drowning the flavor of your soul past the back of my throat    
Buying me for the night so no one else floats my boat    
The last time this occurred    
I was on my back until the calling of the morning birds    
Are you ready for this, for me    
My illicit needs    
In your bed, on my knees, in the shower, you fucking me as you please    
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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People think that I changed my name. I could've been an actress, a superhero, or a stripper.

January Jones

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Holly Would

she checked into the last hotel
on the boulevard
oversized handbag stuffed with essentials:

feminine wipes
change of clothes

she watched reports
of the Paris terrorist attacks
on the old TV
and poured vodka in a plastic cup
over ice she got from the machine
down the hall
she lit a cigarette
and started rolling a joint
mid grade shit
the body count kept going up,
she switched the channel
to a reality show
about ridiculous young people
working in a West Hollywood restaurant
she wished she was one of them

she set aside the finished joint
and started chopping lines of coke
with an old debit card
she did two then stripped down
and took a shower
the hotel toiletries were too heavily perfumed
for her liking
but she had forgotten to bring her own
she got out and dried off her body
and hair as best she could
then did two more lines
and had another sip of vodka
she pulled her damp hair back into a ponytail
and applied makeup
in her bra and panties
when she was finished,
she did another two lines
and lit the joint
when it was halfway down,
she put it in the ashtray and let it smoke
she sipped more vodka and lit a cigarette
the reality show about the ridiculous young people
in the restaurant ended
and now a show about ridiculous young people
working on a ski resort was playing
as a guy on the show was saying his goal
was to become a billionaire
there was a knock at the door
she took another drag of her cigarette,
slipped on her 6 inch heels,

and walked toward it
Written by Taurek
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poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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The stripper undresses to tease,
Massaging the men's fantasies;
Some have of whisking her to bed
When she has gotten stark naked -
But she stays unavailable,
Like food on selfish king's table.

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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To the throb of music, the
announcer, stage left, 
stomps a foot to the beat,
flings a hand out, pointing  
indicates center stage as a
spotlight suddenly burns  
bright where I stand,
feet apart in red stiletto heels  
showing off a pair of nicely
turned ankles wrapped  
in fishnet stockings, held up
with garters of roses.  
My figure sparkles from
glitter dusted on my skin.

The beat courses through me,
my eardrums twitter,  
tickling the canal
as I start to shake my head  
with dark hair piled high
off my neck
to best advantage,  
held firmly in place with
lacquer and rhinestone pins.  
Clad in satin evening gloves,
I lift my arms high
over my head, hands giving
their signature wave  
with patrons cheering
anticipating the act
they’ve come to come by.  
Now this is where you're
supposed to chuckle.  
Gentlemen customers
move in close while others  
stay in their seats with their
drinks, and maybe a girl.    
Money’s already scattering
onto the stage.  
The music shifts and my hips
swivel, twisting the g-string
that slides up and clings
between two beauties.  
I turn, bend, reach for my
calves, and make ‘em smile.

The men all howl like the
wolves they are, or more like  
coyotes, who do this
every night I do my show.  
I’ve got the
choreography down pat.  
I begin to swing round and
round on a pole, stage right,  
and through the cheers –
Come on baby, take it all off!
I hear a new voice call out,
Will you marry me?   
As I swing round once more,
I catch sight of him  
slow-clapping out of time
to the rapid riot
of grinding and thumping
that snaps and pops.

Silver disco ball overhead
moves a storm of sparkle
round the walls, the stage,
the floor and him.  
He’s straight-faced, and I’m
grinning large, showing off  
my pearlies and dimples,
and I’m so nervous!  
I start to high-step each time
he claps, heading for the    
edge of the stage where small
lights of blue and red shine.  
His stare and mine don’t
flicker off one another.  
Two of the boys by the stage
reach up, take me by the waist,
easing me down to the floor.  
I playfully
push them away, still grinning.
Taking long, slow, deliberate
steps towards him,  
he’s still clapping with
no expression, while the  
pulse of music and other men
with their wolf calls    
and whistles, make me want
to pitch over in a swoon.  
But then, everything goes low
and slows down,
catching my second wind –
I’m about to let go.  
Flexing and bending my knees,
lowering and straddling,   
lap dancing him and
I don’t even know his name!  
My snatch playing his crotch
covered in corduroy,  
blowing him like a wooden flute
with the wood he’s    
giving back to me, drowning
in the hard whine of sax . . .

And as I’m backstage,
cinching my tips pouch tight,  
reaching for my coat
to wrap up from the cold air
out back, the cell in my tote
plays a rapper’s tune.  
I whirl around in my ballet
flats as I caress
an ear to my husband’s voice
on the other side,    
I close my eyes as I pull off
the false eyelashes  
and smile, to hear him say
he’s out back in the car . . .

I finish my shower upstairs,
the smell of coffee from the
kitchen, grateful I woke
in time to see the kids off as
their dad prepared to
take them to school, then
head off for work.

Wrapped in a white plush
terrycloth robe,
I pad barefoot downstairs to
serve myself
a cuppa (with milk, no sugar)
and munch an egg bagel
while rustling pages,
reading through
the morning paper.  

Original mousework art done
on MSPaint, by Jade Pandora.

Thought Provoker
United States
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The Sexy Stripper

Honey is a woman who strips
She loves to dance and gyrate her hips

She gives lap dances on the side
Sit on your lap and give you a ride

For a little more you can get together
She doesn't care whatever gender

She's tan and has amazing skin
Her body is fit and built for sin

The customers call her Honey
She makes a lot of money

She plays with her gigantic breasts
She squeezes together her beautiful chest

She'll let you put your head in her bosom
She's such an amazing woman

She will show you her swollen clit
Everybody wants to fuck her slit

She loves to strip and do her thing
For the right price, she may have a fling

This babe dances every night
She's a star at the club; her name is in lights
Written by Mysteria27
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Fire of Insight
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Related submission no longer exists.

Kurt Geric Dili
Twisted Dreamer
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Shape of the night

Night goes strong as time passes by
Waiting for you on the Road to Pass by

ill take you on many journeys
were you can scream all out
with no worries

Stars Glittered like diamonds

like chandeliers in the Sky

and Moonlight shines upon with fury

as our hands both touch
and lips collide
our pride shall step aside
as we look both in the eyes

as we enjoy ourselves
sharing the same bed
putting your head into my chest
telling me that you will never forget

the shape of the night
we had .

Written by KGERICD (Kurt Geric Dili)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Thank you to the academy and everybody else.  I love you all.


Fire of Insight
United States
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Congratulations, Taurek! 🏆

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