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Who inspires you?

Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

Pick a person who inspires you and write a poem about it.
Topic: Who is someone that inspires you? To be a better person. To write, to create, to be passionate, to carry on; your hero, so to speak. Write a poem about, or dedicated to a person who you really admire.

Details: No specific form, length, or requirements, other than that you write about a specific person who inspires you.

Duration: 2 weeks

My poem about Jason Becker, an incredible man, who didn't let becoming paralyzed stop him from pursuing his passion and dreams. You'll have to read my poem to learn exactly why he is so inspiring to me, but he is pretty awesome! If you have the time, I also encourage you to read my author's note, and watch the videos that I've included with my poem, which I'll attach below.

I look forward to reading your entries, and hope for a decent turnout! I don't know how to create a 'vote', so I guess at the end I'll pick a winner if I can figure out how (this is the first competition I've created). Anyway, happy writing!

EDIT: I requested a vote instead because I may have developed a bias for some members of the community. I figured it might be more fair that way.

Tyrant of Words
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Jason Becker

Jason Becker was a star,  
shining brighter than the rest.
He played the hell out of the guitar;
Some might say he was the best.
He scored a gig of high acclaim,  
His wildest dreams were coming true!
Then his fate took a tragic turn;
It struck out of the blue.
He was diagnosed with ALS
Doctors said he’d live a few more years,
Because it was still germinal,
But they had little hope for him:
"The disease is always terminal."
Jason’s dreams came crashing down,
He had just begun to live,
At just 19 years old,  
he had so much more to give!
But Jason persevered
30 years went by, and he didn’t die,
But can longer speak or move.
And after all these years,
He still hasn’t lost his groove!
With his eyes he can communicate,
He makes music with them too;
Note by note, he writes his opus,
From which heaven’s angels flew.
With the power of technology,  
his family, and his friends,
His ingenious musicology  
Never really ends.
So perfectly divine,
The soaring melodies he creates.
His intelligent design,
So beautifully, he orchestrates.
His music speaks so loud and clear,
His message to the world is this:
“Love is the reason I’m alive,”
“And love is the key to happiness.”
Written by NewBeginnings
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Dangerous Mind
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The Thing
that inspires me
will not
leave me alone
Every thing I see
Every thing I read
Every thing I hear
Every thing that is
Clearly Wrong
it is
logical reasoning
that inspires me
and she has
a heart of stone

Tyrant of Words
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quiet contemplation

I miss bonfires
and marshmallows
and blankets snuggled tight
nestled in your arms
curled against your side
as you teased mom
making her giggle
and duck her auburn head
shyly trying to hide
as her face turned bright red
I miss casting  
and splashing
disturbing all the fish
as you sat behind me
and quietly laughed
saying with a grin
not catching any fishies today
but that's okay
mom hates cleaning them anyway

I miss music
and singing
dancing with abandon
alone in my room
opening the door  
and shrieking
surprised to see you
just smiling  
sitting in your chair
listening silently
I didn't know you were there  
I miss us
against the world
cracking jokes
daddy's little girl  
but I'm grateful
filled to overflowing
with your abundant love
I was never left to question
my place in your heart
thank you
for the memories
for the strength
for the laughter
for the tears  
and thank you
for always being  
my guiding star
Written by FromTheAsh
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Tyrant of Words
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Thank you FromTheAsh and Drone for your entries :)

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
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and life shall not contain him.

The kisses on my forehead
always demanded a closure      
I could not always provide—  
I knew that you were dying  
I knew that soon you would be gone    
and all I'd have left were the times    
you said you were proud,    
ornaments I'd dust once in a while    
to remind me of your smile    
or the way your creativity bled    
into the softer parts of me.      
You talked of sleeping in ways    
only God could understand    
as though living were a blink    
in the tears I held back    
when you talked of your ashes    
floating free from cliff tops
the way my Mother
kept her rituals spotless,
echoing my pained ears  
that heard you sing me to sleep.
Still Lazarus, you rose    
in your accidental death,    
as if life were never big enough    
to contain you in the first place.  
Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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poet Anonymous

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Thought Provoker
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Mind Reader

When I was down, you lifted me.
When I was hiding, you found me.
Your words, they snuck into my head, made a nest, giving me the will to try again.
Lying on the floor with a note in my hand, you took away the invisible gun.
Written by A_Failed_Artist
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Tyrant of Words
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Thank you Miss_Sub, Barona, and A_Failed_Artist for your wonderful entries... :)

poet Anonymous

Related submission no longer exists.

Chris Pleasures
Twisted Dreamer
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My Muse

With kind intentions providing great inspiration for my many creations. She is my muse, the woman whom fuels my artistic tools. Supporting my every move, but hidden in the shadows is what she choose. Not in sight but nothing I can do. So I write from the early morning days to the dark late nights in hopes she steps out into the light and reads more than just the words I write, analyzing the deeper meaning of what I'm meaning. To actually see beyond the greys and blues within me.
Written by Chris_Pleasures (Chris Pleasures)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Annie Moore

Written for the “Who Inspires You?” Contest by NewBeginnings

One hundred and seventy years ago,
Over the course of several nights,
A boat of many passengers arrived,
With their passports by their side.

All of them spoke different languages,
Though they all shared something in common.
All those children sailed the sea,
To come to this “gateway” island.

Of the many, Irish and Scottish,
Immigrants - all the same.
Annie Moore was one of the passengers,
And was the first to cross the gates.

A mere fifteen years old, she arrived,
Tagging along, her brothers.
Her mother daringly sent her alone,
Crying, “I love you, daughter!”
Written by solanaceae
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Tyrant of Words
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Thank you soulz, Chris, and solanaceae for your wonderful entries! Awesome!

Dangerous Mind
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From The Sidelines

He was always a part of my deepest and darkest pleasure,
Giving me a fire that would frequently be burning brighter
Than any single constellation or star in the dark sky. He is
Not anyone’s gold mine, but he is my most prized treasure
Hidden deep within the shadows and he was a solid lighter
Who frequently lit me up. He was the one to hold me in his
Strong embrace. He was always pushing for me to be at my
Fullest and my highest potential when I was really feeling
I was at my lowest point. He is my angel and my protector,
Guarding or keeping me safe against the tears I would cry
That came at nighttime. He repaired every cracked ceiling
And held it together for me. He was a bridge and connector
From my past to my present. He is my breath and tomorrow.
He is right in the middle of my chaotic messy storm. I was
Finding myself hanging onto him like an anchor while he
Poured himself into me when I was empty and my sorrow
Threatening to ruin things I knew. My escape from the buzz
Lived in his arms and heart. He asks me what inspires me…
I do not tell him that it is him and it will always be him in
The end because he always stays embedded under my skin.
Written by eswaller
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Fire of Insight
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She’s a poetess
A sensual word lyricist
She writes what I want to say
Like a poetic ventriloquist
She’s a genius
Erotic goddess
She hides behind an avatar
To be modest
Her subtle sense stress
Leaves me senseless
Makes me wanna undress
And love myself...

While I pretend to make love to her
Confess my sins to her
Yearn to enter her
Give in to her
Pen her
Bend her
Win her...


She’s a mystery
But it’s clear to me
That it was destiny
For this discovery
To open my eyes to see
That Love can be...

Spelled out on a page

For her
Written by Lyrically_Inclined
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