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tear down the wall!

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Poetry Contest

write a poem about the wall that Trump wants to build. it can be pro or con. title your poem. No more than 40 lines please, I have poor eyesight already. does not have to rhyme. I'm a former federal emplyee so feel free to include something about the GSD.

Alguien Hay

"Someone There Is"

Una pared hace que sea más difícil de matarse unos a otros frente a frente
más fácil que ver a los ojos de aquel que muere
no importa cuántos mueren o son asesinos de los muertos
El muro que divide es un bloque de construcción que vive del odio
una base de cemento que protege la semilla debajo
beber la sangre que se filtra en la arena bajo
no hay semillas de la hierba, pero siempre hay miedo en el Otro Lado
cuanto mayor pilotes de más orgullo, mayor es esta división
mientras que el odio se propaga como el fuego salvaje detrás de las paredes de fuego de carne
que rabia más allá de la pantalla de terror batiendo su poderoso pecho
habrá nunca una voz que puede traer el odio a su fin
un sonido que canta no hay más naciones para defender?
oh pero había y las balas llegó a silenciar su latido del corazón
el sueño sobrevive detrás de voces que no pueden imaginar la derrota
de alguna manera nos perdimos la oportunidad antes de la paz se marchitó y murió

ALGUIEN hay que ama no esta pared
que empieza arreglando el interior
Written by Poetryman
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Use your talent to express how you feel about the wall.
You may say whatever you want but no HATE speak. Hate is what started the wall years ago.
Talk about the wall, Trump, Hate, immigration, Russia...
Just express your feelings!!!
I wrote one nearly 8 years ago when I first heard about it.

"Someone There Is"

a WALL makes it harder to kill one another face to face
easier than to see the eyes of the one who dies
no matter how many die or are killers of the dead
the WALL that divides is a living building block of hatred
a foundation of cement that protects the seed underneath
drinking the blood that seeps into the sand beneath
no grass seeds but there's always fear on the Other Side
the higher piling of more pride, the greater this divide
while hatred spreads like wild fire behind fire walls of flesh
raging beyond the display of terror beating its mighty chest
will there ever be a voice that can bring hatred to an end
a sound that sings there are no more nations to defend?
oh but there was and bullets came to silence his heart beat
the dream survives behind voices that can't imagine defeat
somehow we lost the chance before peace wilted and died

SOMEONE there is that loves not this wall
who begins mending inside


I also posted a translation of this poem in my library called "Algien Hay"

How do you feel?


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That Is All

“And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every several gate was of one pearl:  and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass.”  Revelation 21:21

“Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of Heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father, which is in Heaven.”  Matthew 7:21

If God, Himself,
has surrounded
Heaven with a barrier, impenetrable
to those who choose
not to be on the same page
as Him,


don’t we, as part of God’s creations
have the right
to do the same, for those
who are not interested
in being in line
with America’s home and agenda?

That is all.

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Call a spade a spoon

[i]where is the freedom
when you're
fenced  in  

but build it

walls and fences
are sure signs  
of democracy

ask the Chinese

Austrians, Hungarians
Germans,, Israelis

walls, guards and guns
keep prisons
drug free


Its not racist
to blame Mexicans
when the majority of aliens
simply fly in

and forget to leave

majority of drugs
flow from the agencies

wasn't Mexicans
who downed the towers

so build a wall
Saudi's can't climb..


from the Wall

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Wall from Grace

Bent brown hands
Twisted with age
Soothed my brows
Erased my pain

Smiling wrinkled potato faces
Scrunched with laughter
Provided me with escapes
From the daily slaughter

A child's worth and well being
In a house that was not safe
And pressed me to their bosoms
A beckoning familiar place

Many was the time they were my only solace
From the white brutal forces
Thank you God for these brown women
Who delivered me with their graces
Written by Amanacer
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Thank you MadameLavender, lepperochan, and Amanacer for getting the comp off to a great start!


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Ignorance (the wall that lies between us)

They were far too different from us,  
that’s why we had to build the wall.
"A bunch of lousy criminals,  
Who rape and kill and break the law."
“It just isn’t American!
Their skin is much too tan!
They speak a foreign language
That we can’t understand.”
And so we built a wall between us,
To separate ourselves from them.
But little did we know,
That our minds were closing in.
For what we thought to be so different
Was very much the same,
But with a different color,
Called by a different name.
Written by NewBeginnings
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Border Patrol

This world is at war;        
it dreams of security within walls          
snaking invisible lines        
between a bloody Babylon       
of foreign dialect          
I reminisce about poetry          
old cities and moonlight—           
sacrosanct altars in worship          
between a collarbone and lips;          
a final culture of pleasure          
under a microscopic watch;          
stay close, keep the faith—          
lest a border be built between Us;    
were not our ancestors strangers    
seeking peace in foreign lands
without walls to prevent them
from entering    
Written by Ahavati
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Fire of Insight
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We all have walls

Written for the "Walls" competition

If there were a wall, around my whole house,
I could regulate who comes in and goes out
Yet I use gates and fences and my borders be known,
my humble abode is mine, which i own
Criminals, trespassers, always exist,
So these barriers are only there to assist
Deterring, who that might enter unlawful,
Does not make me or my motives so awful
My family, i give this type of protection,
For love of them all, not for your rejection
Leave your door open for any to come?
Then get ripped off and feel quite dumb
Lock all the windows and all the doors,
Safe inside your Walls, protecting whats yours
Not to do this for hate of your neighbors,
Protecting ourselves, and the fruits of our labors
We all have our boundaries, and laws to obey
Including our neighbors who live far away.
History shows us, that they have always existed
access to many places, can be quite restricted

let us build up the wall of Jerusalem, that we be no more a reproach." (Nehemiah 2:17)
"He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls." (Proverbs 25:28 )
Written by TIG
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Thank you
New Beginnings,
and Tig for your entries to the comp!


poet Anonymous

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jade tiger
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What Happens?

What happens when a child is told “Don’t do that...”?
“Don’t run (in the house, down
the hall, in the mud, with open
scissors, from a uniformed
officer when he tells you STOP)
“Don’t play with (fire, your
food, your brother’s cap pistol,
the clean laundry, the black kids
up the street, anyone ‘different’,
for that matter)
“Don’t speak (unless you’re
spoken to, to strangers, if no
one speaks English, to those not
of your kind)
“Don’t touch (what doesn’t
belong to you, strong liquor,
cigarettes, drugs, your baby
sister’s wee wee, your father’s
hunting rifle)
“Don’t go (where you don’t
belong, where you’re not
needed, or wanted, welcomed,
 equal, better... the same)
“Don’t let down (your guard,
your hair, your defenses, the
Walls that keep minds
imprisoned and families
So tell me, what happens, when you say
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Thank you Jade and John for your entries!

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Jericho 2.0

Many barriers in history have come down,
Now everyone’s a buzz over Donnie’s wall,
Don’t you remember the Israelites?
Don’t you remember Ronnie’s call?
The orange bitch likes to throw a tantrum,
A diarrhea of bad ideas that won’t stop,
Trying to gather the masses under an anthem,
But like many of his businesses this too will flop.
The human spirit has always fought for what’s right,
It will triumph over the veils of evil of the elite,
Come to think of it just like the Israelites,
We will scream to the heavens and not retreat.
The walls of Jericho crumbled with a higher power,
We the people possess strength as the time is near,
You can feel it getting closer by the hour,
It’s ours and that’s what the elite have feared.
So the orange bitch will bitch and complain,
But nothing will stop those who seek freedom,
And whatever is built, it will be made in vain,
The human spirit is strong and we’ll beat ‘em.

Dangerous Mind
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The Wall That Trump Built

This is the Wall that Trump built
This is the bait
That caused the Wall that Trump built
This is the hate
That was the bait
That caused the Wall that Trump built
This is the lie
That inspired the hate
That was the bait
That caused the Wall that Trump built
This is the FOX
That spread the lie
That inspired the hate
That was the bait
That caused the Wall that Trump built
Written by snugglebuck
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Thanks for entering your poems Snugglebuck and Wallyroo!

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