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Poetry competition CLOSED 24th January 2019 11:06pm
SatInUGal (Kumar)
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RUNNERS-UP: wallyroo92 and LobodeSanPedro


Fat Bottomed Girls

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem celebrating the more voluptuous woman.

Dear Mods — please extreme content this one if you see fit. Thank ya kindly.


Hey, hey, hey!

This is a competition in celebration of the female form... and not just any old female form. I’m talking about the curvy, voluptuous woman. Real women. The ones that aren’t afraid to own what they’ve got.

I would like you to write a poem in celebration of larger women’s bodies. You don’t see an awful lot of it in poetry and I thought it would be a fun exercise to write about.

Approach it anyway you like, be it humourous, joyful or a little risqué... but the poem should celebrate the fuller woman’s body.


- One titled entry only per human being.
- No word count, but don’t go mad.
- Negativity against women or their body shapes will be disqualified in this comp.
- No collabs
- All genders encouraged to enter
- Audio / video accepted
- Risqué is fine, but try to avoid traditional erotica words. Cheap porn is not what we’re looking for in this comp. Save it for Porn Hub, dear.

Now go flaunt what ya Momma gave you!

And just to get you in the mood....

Dangerous Mind
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You're Beautiful

A maternal body full
You're a fluffy pillow
Inflated by a warm soul
That beckons, 'come cuddle'
When we make love
I feel like I'm riding
Upon a comfy cloud ☁
So sweet serine and mellow
You are the embodiment
Of an erotic angel 👼
Always know
That you're beautiful
And I love you so 💘
Written by snugglebuck
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Dangerous Mind
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Hand me the musical undulation at the edges of her body,  

Her bellows sublimating the humbling depth of her song.  

Nest with me her gravity yet allow the delicate softness in her faceful of sweet dimpled expression.  
Oh I've known some furious whisps,  
but back that up with the belly of hellfire contained in a lady with (s)ass for days and a wry, if twinkling, smile...  
I will rise to fight the dragons of her choosing without fear for I am already slain.
Written by SatInUGal (Kumar)
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Dangerous Mind
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the pulchritudinous jane

the pulchritudnious jane
and her long stygian mane  
i just love her art her form  
she is way above the norm  
not one can altercate it  
that her ways do mesmerize  
pointless is duplicating  
she makes what's nature her style  
she is beaut beyond the world's  
ideas of shape and size  
and is cute beyond the words  
never ceases to surprise  
what's true will remain the true  
for the numbskulls will but rue  
their defintion of beauty  
IS stolid they failed to see  
human is the female form  
not made on the human's norms  
she is nature's replica  
don't you fail when you see her  
inclination to judge ass  
is peurile beyond the sass  
seldom are the dames with rass  
anything except pure class  
Written by cold_fusion
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Thought Provoker
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The classic pear shape  
Just slightly larger than the norm
Off roundness to extreme degree
To perform on frequently
Dat badonkadonk
A feast to bite  
A Botticelli masterpiece
Kim Kardashian Times two or three
The moon that shines on us all
Cant match a full buttocks show
Skimpy thong or the kings new clothes
Boom bang a bang my mind explodes
Twerking start an avalanch
The ground will shake around that stance  
Cause skinny boys much prefer
The gross indecency of HER
Written by slipalong
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Guardian of Shadows
Sierra Leone
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Size none is not for me

It's the same old song in every Disney flick
The boy [in the closet] wants the size none chick

Call me crazy but gimme curves and sass
Like Beyonce's hydraulic hips and J-Lo's ass

Yeah those Disney princesses all sing real pretty
But can they dance bachata or whine in the dark city

Disney dolls with never a hair out of place? ...

Nah ...
Gimme that real life babe that can snap that “Come hit it from the back Daddy ...” - face

Whether see eats cornbread and grits
or bangers with mash
I’m cool with whatever it takes to fill out her jeans with that Apple ass

Forget the flowing hair with the perfect locks
Gimme buzzed cut Amber Rose with a body that rocks

Those Disney puppets make love in bed
My ride to die takes it bent over her bike instead  

Some Disney boys may Wish Upon a Star

But I keep my magic wand in her rabbit hole doing 70 in my car

Tyrant of Words
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I like "a bit more meat on mine";
Junoesque curves look so divine,
Bounty of nature symbolised
In the flesh of the ten-plus sized.

If I may say in words so bold,
It's plenty for me to get hold
Of. Who would embrace a "bag of bones"
Unless they had for hearts cold stones?

It's much more warming to the heart;
Once you embrace, it's hard to part.
A body that invites more squeeze,
Whose eyes have look of "Hug me please".
Written by Solomon_Song
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Fire of Insight
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My robust and voluptuous lady
Is the Dominatrix who makes me
Get down on my knees
And beg, “Mistress, please,
Degrade and humiliate me!”

It wasn’t always this way;
Then, she trained me how to obey!
She piled on her charms
Nearly breaking my arms
‘Till I learned how much passion should weigh!

That Phat Woman has conquered my soul
And she keeps my cock under control
If I give her no sass,
My reward: Tits and Ass
Takes a strenuous romp on my pole!

Before long, I must beg her to stop
The fierce bruising her bouncing on top
Imparts to my schlong!
And, if fucked for too long,
She might cause my balls to go POP!
Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Thought Provoker
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Plumpety cumpety dumpety doo

Plumpety cumpety dumpety doo
There’s an aching in my head
I had a big night out with my crew
Now there’s a fat girl in my bed

I don't remember meeting her
or how we got back here
Last night is just one big blur
drenched in cheap local beer

Plumpety cumpety dumpety dum
Oh man, I’m so hung over
Last night she was an 8 but now she’s a 1
Please Lord, don't let her roll over

I see a used condom on the ground
Oh no, that means we rooted
My self image of being the big pimp in town
has now been executed

Plumpety cumpety dumpety dee
When she wakes up I’ll play it cool
I’ll offer her a cup of coffee or tea
and a bath in my swimming pool
I’ll sensually soap up the female
and chuck on some Def Leppard
Hopefully the neighbours don't think she’s a whale
and call up the Sea Sheppard

Plumpety cumpety dumpety der
I’ll throw in the petals of a rose
and jump into the bubbles with her
as the water overflows

I’ll dive under and go down on her
(I know a thing or two about scuba)
Then after she’s cum, I’ll dry her off
and send her away in an Uber
Written by RexDurkin
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Thought Provoker
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The Female Form

I see those tiger
stripes on your inner thighs
no other man can see them
for no other man is let inside

dimpled hips
some call cellulite
I call them freckles
that look just right
some call your arms batwings
I call them angel wings
fleshy arms still strong
wrapped around me all night long
passion swells in your belly
I can handle those handles baby
love inside of you
swells in your breasts
no other man has ever seen
such a perfect chest

your back has a wrinkle
not a roll
when I see you on the bed
I find I lose control
don’t ever feel the need
to be a size two
instead I’ll suggest
keep being
curvy you
be nice if a man
could say this to me –
this is all
Written by TheMuses22 (Muse22)
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Lost Thinker
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Appreciating Her Loveliness

These women are beautiful
Never to be disdained
They're just more wonderful
With more that will be gained
Because they have bigger hearts
And fluffier thighs
You'll come to love every single part
To your satisfyingly shocking surprise
They feel just like anybody can feel
They just have more to love
Each with their own enticing appeal
And one for you, will fit like a glove
Don't ever be afraid
To admit your happy defeat
About the choice you have made
When one of them you meet

Explore her personality
To see what you both have in common
Because in all reality
It might just lead to something awesome

Go ahead, fall into her fluffy arms
And her beautiful fluffiness
Hypnotized by her ample charms
Appreciating her loveliness!
Written by Burglar
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Dangerous Mind
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Tribute to Curvy Girls and Women Everywhere

All curvy girls and women are beautiful creatures.
They have the most curves, stripes, mileage and
Dips like driving down a country road. Features
Like an hourglass shape and she will be standing
With confidence, but she has days when sometimes
She has insecurity, having them just like every other
Woman. She always wants to commit deadly crimes,
Like wanting to kill her mirror image. Her mother
Is frequently telling her to lose that extra pound
And she envies the perfect women in the magazine
Because the world tells them it is okay to be that
Way, but what are we telling the rest? With a round
Waist or that extra roll like a badge of honor a queen
Wears she is a woman. She does not have to be flat.
Written by eswaller
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Fire of Insight
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Curves Ahead

Let me slow it down now,
There are some dangerous curves ahead,
I’ll take my time and vow
To enjoy the twists and turns instead.

Hmm, I forgot to check my brakes,
Still I’ll slide and glide all over her skin,
But I love the way she moves and shakes,
The very essence of lust from within.

So I let my lips trace her hips,
My kisses run wildly everywhere,
With deep seeded succulent licks,
Worshipping her voluptuous derriere.

God blessed her with a gift,
 To be tasted
   To be waited on hand and foot
     She knows my little fetish,
She’s beautiful from head to toe,
 To be adored
   To be explored with lust and love,
     In her presence I simply relish.

I enjoy her feminine shapely form,
Her sexy sultry naughty body does the trick,
But to put it in simple terms,
I like my chick curvy and thick.

                      -   -   -

Mamacita, tu con esas curvas y yo sin frenos
Me das unas ansias que hasta casi trueno,
Eres tan hermosa que te quiero adorar,
Eres tan deliciosa que me haces suspirar.

Dangerous Mind
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Oh wow, I feel very honored on this one because the topic is very dear to me and there were wonderful entries. Congratulations Wallyroo and Lobo!

Fire of Insight
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Congrats to Lobo on runner up and to SatInUGal on the win. Thank you to our host for this awesome competition and for the honorable mention.

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