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life in high school

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Poetry Contest

what was your high school life like? well here is the place to tell all how it was for you. dont forget though this has to be a new poem from you so that we get more raw emotion

Twisted Dreamer
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My Journey Through High School

So long middle school.    
You've been nothing but shit.  
Zero friends I could count on,  
Three boyfriends full of deceit. †  
I've found my partner in crime and we're not afraid to take you down. † †
We are the ones who understand. †  
Y'all are nothing but clowns. †  
I'll never have to worry about finding friends. †  
The same could not be said for finding a girlfriend. † †
I was a late bloomer. † †
All the queer kids formed a posse †  
And here I am just discovering that I liked pussy. †  
The girl who I've heard was bi †  
At first had no interest in me. †  
Then once she was single again, †  
She asked me out, my heart full of glee. †  
As happy as I was, †  
We kept it a secret. †  
She was my first girlfriend †  
And I kept her in the closet. †  
I saw her flirt with a guy †  
So I let her go. † †
Then courtwarming came †  
And so did the hoe. † †
I said yes to her invitation †  
Feeling like lesbo Superman. †  
When I professed my love to her, †  
She lied and said she had other plans. †  
"Yay, I'm a sophomore!" †  
My eye on the horizon. †  
Then she sent me an email †  
And all was forgiven. †  
Oh, how the time flew. †  
Play rehearsals and bottles of coke. †  
I was so deeply in love that it made me choke. †  
I was a fool to forgive her. †  
She left me while I was fighting the flu. †  
The never-ending tears flooded as I read,  
"Sorry, I'm breaking up with you." † †
It's junior year. †  
My heart hasn't wandered. †  
I gave up on girls for they were a hazard.  
I'm no longer scared to admit that I'm gay. †  
My friends are alright, my family's okay. †  
Though I don't have a bullhorn †  
So most people don't know. †  
My male friends think they can be my hero. † †
My last year of school, what a glorious time. †  
Senior year should be easy, right? †  
Wrong. † †
Senior year was hell. †  
I learned that I had to move next year. †  
My grades, farewell. †  
It didn't help that I was depressed. †  
Of course, I told myself I wasn't. †  
If I've got a roof over my head †  
Then why do I feel so weakened? †  
My mind was a blank canvas. †  
I didn't care about anything. †  
Not the play, not the books I love. †  
Hearing people talk felt so sickening. †  
How did I end up this way? † †
I use to be so care free. †  
Mickey Mouse playing on New Year's Eve, I remember now who I used to be. †  
It comes and goes, † †
These mind-numbing thoughts. †  
With this year behind me, †  
I can be the one to call the shots. †  
"I did it, mom! I did it!" †  
I shout across the gym. †  
"I graduated high school!" †  
It all feels like a dream. †  
I couldn't have done it without my partner in crime. †  
Thank you, friend. †  
Thank you for getting me through the rough times.
Written by A_Failed_Artist
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Strange Creature
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You donít understand
And you never will
What itís like to be cheated off
That work is not just work
It is not just scribbles
I conjured using magic
That work
Spells out hours of frustration
Days of crying in anger at my own confusion
Arguments and debates
Self hatred slicing deeper than a blade
Terrifying times, when I am so sure I will never understand
Never grasp this concept
To some, it is life and death
For those scribbles on a page
I almost killed myself
Multiple times
I was so desperate
To either succeed and master
Or end my life because if I didnít
Then my one purpose in life
Was ruined
And wasted
And I deserved death
And yet you come
Waltzing to me
Making me uncomfortable
As you feign innocence
Even as you hold my life
Over my head in a noose
Asking O so innocently
What I got for the answer
As if you knew
As if you had tried
As if you had died for these scribbles
Like I have
Written by RobynRenee
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Dangerous Mind
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Hide School

Devastated by the slightest slight  
Every rain seemed like a raging storm  
Even a pimple was a catastrophic  

Clearasil & Credence-Clear-Water-Revival
 Were my allies in navigating  
The locker lined hallways of my Hell
Written by snugglebuck
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Twisted Dreamer
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Pain to pay

Walking my ass home from secondary every day
In every way, Iím not merry,
Iím not very unaware, so I am wary what they say
Their commentary, what Iím wearing
How my hair is, What I say
Every mother fucker choose to give me bruises on face
Iíve been used for target practice so Iím acting up again
Mumma say
whatíd you say to make them use you in that way
Mumma you donít know a thing about the things I had to take
Iíve been kicked around and baited into places for their games
Had my body beaten, broken, bloody, swollen, cut and grazed
I know to many this is normal but to me I was amazed
How human beings could conceive of treating anyone this way
Like theyíre entertained by letting all the air out of my wheels
So Iím pushing it up hill
My only speedy getaway would get deflated everyday
My sense of safety has been killed
I donít give a flying fuck if this was their idea of thrills
This shit had me punching pillows, growing up to popping pills
So imma kill, every beat, for every time they beat my body
Turn this chill, little hobby to a money making project
I got honest story telling, many flows, and donít forget
My lyrical ability would make Rakim short of breath
Written by Benzy_420 (BenzyTheWriter)
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Haley Quaquaversal
Fire of Insight
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Non-entry since not new-
I found this in one of my actual journals, thought it'd help y'all get in the mood.

November 5, 2002, Senior Year-

Applications. College and
Applications. Chores and
Applications. Work and
Applications. School and
Applications. Friends and
Applications. Boys and
Applications. Mind.
Apply yourself.

Strange Creature
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Scattered emotions

Started in the ninth grade
That's when a person is made  
After it all started I was willing to trade anything just to get rid of the Pain.  
Not a fucking game , no one to blame .  
Feeling all that shame.  
It's like a train of emotion.
I'm living life flowing with the motion  
With all this commotion around me
I'm just trying to see through all that debris.  
Can anyone help me towards who I really want to be and just let free?
Life is just a game of trying to live and not be plain or a different shade.
I'm just trying to stay sane.
Someone once told me not to change..
So I'm trying to rearrange.  
Don't mess me up when I'm in a zone  
I have a certain tone that keeps me flowing in my room alone.  
Writing these rhymes because I'm in such hard times.
Now I can see clearly through these closed blinds.
Everyone has different views, different minds.
Some minds are crazy and commit crimes.  
I just hear the constant sound of chimes.
My mind is so flooded.
Judgements got me feeling more and more cold blooded.  
Living in the present  
Even if your thoughts or life are feeling kind of bent,  
I'm sure I can feel at home with many of them to some extent.
I surround myself with people I love and trust  
and that is a must.
There's a difference between love and lust.
People look at me with disgust.
I don't know why I have to stay high so I don't start to cry.
A constant reminder of beauty is the blue sky and under the blue sky is a world so dry of good people & full of people that lie just to get by.  
I write these flows and I do try.  
I scream out my battlecry.
Willing to die and knowing one day I will have to say goodbye.  
You must face your fear.  
Don't drown it out with beer, it won't help you with the war you're trying to conquer for all of us queers.  
One day it will all come through loud and clear.  
You can she'd a tear on the way  
But hey ,
Dontet that get in your way  
Please don't fade away because if you aren't trying , might as well be dying.  
But we're trying to keep our kind alive to keep our faces out of the news. Keep your heads up cause someone loves you.  
I'm applying myself and thoughts to these songs while doing so I'm ripping bongs.
I'm trying to right all my wrongs.
Gotta stay strong.
I've been in this struggle for way too long  
Not being able to be myself.
I was born in the wrong body.  
Most people are just worried about going to the next party.  
But sheesh , I can't wait to be free
My girl is so loyal I'll never cheat  
She sees me for the real me.
So get me on that T.
Testosterone is gonna be flowing through my veins ,
Relieving my pain.
Going to the gym,
Seeing all them gains.
Loving all the strength I'll be recieving.  
I'm sad on the inside
So don't let my smile fool you cause looks sure are decieving.
I'm finally going to be able to breathe.
Most people don't get it  
"How could you wanna be a man?"
"Aren't you aware shit is gonna hit the fan?"  
"People are gonna wanna throw you in the trash can"  
But my heart's in one place and my mind in another  
I feel bad for my sister , they're going to judge her.. all just because I want to be her brother.
I don't know whether or not I'm going to make it  
Shedding some tears and everyone thought I was faking it.
I'm losing my mind & I can feel my heart breaking  
Choosing to hide cause I can't feel anyone relating.
I got a smile but my emotions stay hiding  
I'm trying to break free  
Didn't think I'd still be talking about this at 23.
It's be a lie if I said I wasn't trying.  
It's daytime but it's like the sun's not shining.
You don't want what it takes to be a g.
You're so wrong if you think you know me.
It's the pain you don't see my eyes are wide open cause I don't like to sleep.  
But please believe me when I say I'm fine  
Just leave me lonely like you did last time
And only God knows when it's time for me to die.
I refuse to be shy.
Nicholas Alexander is the name that I strive.
Hes been my day one , never leaves my side .
He's the only one that just sits back and vibes.
Positive vibrations.
I'm living in a fucked up situation.
I know who I am and this is where I stand.  
Written by nicosworld
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Lost Thinker
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spireling out of control

"no that's not good for us"
"oh, come on its just a blunt"
that was the first time
now i hit it daily
i never thought that that was when
i first started failing
"but we're too young"
" come on, its just a kiss"
now the theater department has seen too much
and my grades are slip'in
there is no control where there are no cameras
now shut up and slip that tongue in
"but what if my mom finds out?"
"its just a sip"
now don't you shake my water bottle
cause you wont see no bubbles
no i don't see the problem,
but people make a hubub
but now its spinning out of control
I'm in a downward spiral
I've fallen into a hole
of my own design
Written by yourdarkboi
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Thought Provoker
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The Joys of High School

Blue blazer, cap and striped tie  
I look like a total snoot  
Gazing up to the gloomy sky  

Punched in the arm on my commute  
ĎDurko you fuckiní tool!í  
That was a quote from the school bus brute

Thereís a constant dark cloud that floats over our school  
It blocks the warm sun from shining on us †
Maybe thatís why Iím as pale as a forest ghoul †

Trying to hide my hard-on stepping off the school bus  
Itís like riding a vibrator on wheels  
A big pimple on my face oozing gross white puss  

I hear the sound of catholic school girl squeals  
Letís go down on the oval to have a smoke †   † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †
Those footy players think theyíre such big deals  

Scamming the vending machine for a free can of coke  
Itís only wrong if you get caught  
This fuckiní school man, is a fuckiní joke  

Sittiní through Religious education class where I was taught  
ĎThe best form of contraception is to leave your pants oní  
'I s'pose I'll just stick my cock through the zip hole' I thought  

Getting busted with a cartoon I have drawn  
Of the science teacher in the nude  
Itís just a joke but Iím accused of possessing porn  

Just Ďcos I hate this place don't mean I have a bad attitude  
The losers are the ones who like it here  
This whole system is totally screwed  

Sneaking off at lunch to the pub for a beer  
The oldest looking boy buys the round  
The sweet alcohol swells our hearts with cheer  

The jukebox fills the air with a familiar sound  
Time for a game of pool †
Putting our ciggies out on the ground  

Clowning around, playing the fool †
Lines of white and cones of green  
Getting high in the park is so cool †

That new girl Erin has got the biggest tits Iíve seen  
I'm gonna take her behind the bike shed  
Word is she lost her virginity at age thirteen  

ĎRex Durkin, Is there something wrong with your head?  
Why are you staring out the window?  
Can you repeat what I just said?í  

ĎI was looking out there Ďcos I saw a dingoí  
ĎSettle down class, he isnít funny  
Heís a sick loser and a weirdoí  

Putting explosives in the dunny  
Running away as it explodes, Ha ha ha  
That oughta cost those bastards some money † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †  
†† † † † † † † † † †
Learning how to play acoustic guitar †
was my ticket to teenage sex  
They say high school is when we learn who we are  
Am I a grown up version of that young Rex  

I think in that there is at least some truth  
Alright, that's enough of me reliving my youth
Written by RexDurkin
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Fire of Insight
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Glory Daze

Iím going back to those glory days,
That teenage phase,
Those olden times of mine I find with ease,
They were delightfully fun,
And since then theyíve never been outdone,
They are full of wonderful exciting memories.

I was a meek little band geek,
Who sometimes got lost in the volition,
But as discovered my skills and talents,
I found my voice as a musician.

I accomplished great things
With fellow members in the band,
And we made long lasting friendships
That even to this day still stand.

High school was more than just a journey,
It was a launching into tomorrow,
And now I look back with gratitude,
Thankful for both, they joy and the sorrow-
Because even though I had bouts of heartbreak,
Itís made me who I am today,
I learned to take the punches with stride,
Itís made me strong in many ways.

So to those high school days,
That teenage phase,
The glory daze that still reels in my mind,
I say to you,
Class of Ď92,
I still hold it all so dear after all this time.

Dangerous Mind
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Thanks yourdarkbio for sponsoring such an insightful competition.

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