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yelluw_always (Haley Quaquaversal)
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RUNNERS-UP: Ahavati and NewBeginnings

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Haley Quaquaversal
Fire of Insight
United States
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A discovery of bodies

I donít know
why they havenít named
you yet. I mean,
I just pulled
out the telescope
and looked
right through you.
Youíre tall stretches,
dark matter,
and every good looking
of you have yet been
although you have
gravity. Here,
let me photograph
and record
all the freckles
the suns winked
into existence.
I bet
theyíve died already
and Iím only now seeing
the light that left. Still,
Iíd like to connect
the dots
before we all drift
spiraling apart.
Molten cores,
absolute zero laws-
Iím suited
for extremes
as long as we agree
on space.
Scientists say
the observable
has a boundary. But
the infinite
being boundless
and unseen,
I name Love.
Written by yelluw_always (Haley Quaquaversal)
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Tyrant of Words
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Hemispheric Love

Hyms of Owls
Sing songs

I have sought
My sibling

Here the alphabet  begins
to speak

I hoisted light
To enter

Combing rippled tides
Etching moon  mantras

Waxing earth

Shaman among machines
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Secret of the universe

Break us through eternity into mystifying  
reflections of connections in the universe above.
All we have to do is see that we
won't be here that long,
the streaming of the universe is what carries us along.
The central self awakening to see through all of our eyes.
We let ego take control and create all the lies.
Endlessly searching for something to satisfy.
The secret of the universe,
 we don't just live to die.
Take a look within to see what's waiting there for you.
Embrace the truth that gets revealed, you'll see you always knew.
With this trip you'll blast away and see through all the lies,
This message from the universe breaks you free from your disguise.
Written by Hunterapsych (Shaman among machines)
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Can You Cry in Space

Once you venture into the jar   †
there's no place left to go † † †
as planets recede into dark matter.

Light years close in on me.
Every vein restricts, the heart
beats backwards, hair snaking

choking, floating beads of tears
quivering in the vacuum
reflected in visor and iris,

as eyes bulge and bleed,
turning to ruby gems,

threading with my tears,
coiling around my neck and hands,
trying to fend them off.

Am I in a clinical waiting room
in a hell adrift, which has already
seen and been the death of me.

Through a portal, solar flares
rotating as the capsule
slowly tumbles, baseless.

As horizons slip away,
the only sound left:
the broken static from Houston.  
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Thought Provoker
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Heaven's Weeping Stars

From a view that lacks the day
All is lighted from afar
Where heavenís constant gaze
Blurs to those who sail that way

Sweeping trails of light
Stars descending into view
Streaking tears of delight
To see with something new

Or do they weep for the lost child
Hurled in darkness screaming
Into the farthest unknown wild
They greet with starlight streaming

Shipmates of future time streams
Fueled by light weíve been keeping
Sailing past these starlight beams
Will they see stars that are weeping?
Written by EdibleWords
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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The Closer I Get To The Sun

( a Quatern )
The closer I get to the sun,
Perfection isnít meant for me.
I know this as I breathless run
The marathon of Life to be.
So much I havenít seen or found,
The closer I get to the sun.
As hands of Time are slowing down,
The hands of God are never done.
In seconds left before thereís none,
Iíll be like specks of Saturn rings.
The closer I get to the sun,
Will be a cosmos beckoning.

The solar winds will ever blow.
Together, melt, become as one
When death is drifting in like snow,  
The closer I get to the sun.
Image: NASA public domain stock.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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poet Anonymous

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Fire of Insight
United States
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We are Stardust

Every part of me, every single particle in me,
From my heart and soul I know
Iím connected to the stars,
With each twinkling light in the night sky,
I am joined to their past.

Through every single galaxy,
Through each cluster and constellation,
My spirit flies amid them with joy,
And it goes on forever,
The universe has no end.

You and I are their children,
Only for a brief moment here on earth,
And when we dwell amid majestic giants,
Then we will understand that like them,
We are stardust.

Journey with me through the cosmos,
No spaceship needed here my friend,
Weíll explore worlds beyond our imagination,
Weíll go to infinity and transcend.

poet Anonymous

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Fire of Insight
United States
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A Cosmic Canvas (for our love)

A magnetic attraction brings heavenly bodies ever closer,    
As our hearts burn brightly under starry skies.  
Starry eyes, like windows to the soul, reveal the depths of your universe in a stellar way; †  
Our blazing hearts, burn ever brighter... †  
† †
As supernovas burst and constellations collide, a million of miles above, †  
Explosions of emotions paint the sky, a canvas for our cosmic love.
Written by NewBeginnings
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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My mom always told me to look
To the stars for answers because
They find someway to reel or hook
Us in, but what is making us pause?
Cosmosí that are even more complex
Than the stars themselves, forming
Patterns and wondering what is next.
They take us where nonconforming
Places exist. No rules or mess. No
Reasons or thoughts that have to be
Understood. A place where we grow
As a human species and where we
Were born from. Something as small
As stardust, but can indefinitely fall.
Written by eswaller
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