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Political Narrative

Laura Jean
Fire of Insight
United States
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Poetry Contest

Short Story
Whether it is protesting, resisting or empowering, pick a theme and stick to it...what you've been a participant in and or a witness to; the challenge is to think about ourselves. Some ideas that come to mind include women's reproductive rights, electorate reform, wage labor issues etc. 400 word max. 1 entry.

Fire of Insight
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The Show Must Go On

The elites of this world play a devious game
Stealing history’s truth for their self-serving aims
As the curtain goes up and their actors appear
Their deception’s effect leaves our minds steeped in fear
We’ve been taught to believe in our system of rule
With no comprehension it’s merely their tool
To distract us away from the battles they wage
The truth of our world is a theater stage!

Now the curtains grow threadbare, with light showing through
Exposing a few of the lies that they spew
But the actors can draw our attention away
By quoting the lines that we want them to say
We love the illusion democracy brings
While the world is controlled by invisible kings
Who vie with each other for total control
Whilst we follow actors just playing their roles.

The show must go on, but you don’t have to stay
Grope through the darkness to find the doorway!
Escape from this theater, find the daylight
And discover the scope and the breadth of our plight!
You now know the truth, but don’t protest the show
Most patrons can’t process the things we now know
Focus on living your life, safe in stealth,
Just knowing the truth will promote mental health!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Laura Jean
Fire of Insight
United States
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The Dyke March and the Benevolent Queen

(Listening to Phantogram - Fall In Love)                        
You were bending my mind with the narcissism of your smile, which had been recently released from some theoretical cage of its ivory tower no longer captivating my juice; yet the dynamic forces of academia still found “optional” only to bind and gag us; only this time out in the wild.                                               
There we were, at the Dyke March and not even rain could subvert these forges of estrogen. The Lesbian Avengers (those were our tops-giving the orders: if you can’t take an order, then you can’t lead-simple): these sisters were very strategic (in the trenches right with us-the benevolent queen) not just administering from fucking some citadel-that’s love                                        
Ironically, they were still doing the grind work; the psychological fittest on the front lines shielding the rest of us: their loyal subjects- ignoring the possible legalities of showing too much or that there might have been decency laws, in place, to disrupt anyone from hacking the personal and political.                                              
Irreverence was a mating call for birds parading plumage; excusing particles; movement deflected. Primordial seduction; hijacking the city streets with black duct taped nipples. X marked the spot, for a grassroots organization supporting historical roots; challenging hegemony- fostering queer resilience through alliance.            
Street activism was a political tool in Chicago, L.A. and NY that made organizing possible; particularly in the 1980's. There was this determination to exhibit a message to the general public at large that the battle between institutions and activists would boil down to control over the streets.                          
Empowerment was worth less to an oozing amateur like myself ignorant to the "come up"; exposure had its perks. Comradery was a spillover of fury from the previous decade and exhibition was not only the antithesis to body shaming but also took the novelty out of sexual objectification. Brazen was most powerful in the hands of the collective.            
Some rubenesque goddess with lilac toes splashing the water, mindlessly turning the heads on non-denominational chicks but for the first time in my life; I saw conflict. Women’s resistance was walking in opposition to bible thumpers waving their signs, slurs and slogans like the Klan-made to see hate up close.                            
(Never seen nothing like it in my life; us or them- I don’t know which one.)
Written by Nari (Laura Jean)
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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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Truck Stop (or the Repeal of the Truck Acts 1831 and 1960)

A sorry modern fable from Aesop -  
A massive nationwide wealth extraction -
That's how we were shafted by the Truck stop.
For over one-fifty years no ad-hock
pay but cash after negotiation.
A sorry modern fable from Aesop
telling how the law chang'd giving us a sop
for our hard work in this new transaction.
That's how we were shafted by the Truck stop.
The Wages Act '86 did the swap
of value - without any distraction.
A sorry modern fable from Aesop
showing our ignorance for the rights drop,
and using our lack of education.
That's how we were shafted by the Truck stop,
where work does not yield cash our rightful crop:
we are forc'd to take a chose in action.
A sorry modern fable from Aesop -
that's how we were shafted by the Truck stop.
Written by AnonymousBystander
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Visualize Whirled Peas

Your food has a message for you,
unless you're where a famine exists
and you're thin, with sad breasts

of dried milk, and your despondent
child displays an extended belly,
and can no longer cry.

And even so, your dying cattle
speak to you in a sign language

of their protruding bones, or the
savanna waterholes that no longer

let go their dormant cocoons, and
no other generations will emerge

from the dung of buffalo & elephants
that have all migrated away, or lie
dead and gutted by well-fed poachers.

So, if you're blessed with bounty that
comes to you from others' efforts, from
fields, rice paddies, fruited groves or

markets, super or family-run from boats
in Beijing, Damnoen Saduak & Chiang Mai,

take pause when you sit in your home at
table, staring down at your dinner plate

if you're lucky to have a roof, and food,
and read the message it says to you;

It goes beyond what's in your belly,  
bloated by less importance than starvation.

The photo of a billboard in Hollywood on Barham Rd. near the 101 Fwy, was taken by me, Jade Pandora, when I was age 14.    

Damnoen Saduak & Chiang Mai (floating markets in Bangkok)
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Fire of Insight
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A Bullet Waits for No One

•   A bullet waits for no one,
•   Regardless of your color, race or name,
•   It has but one purpose,
•   Regardless of its origin or its aim.

•   A bullet doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor,
•   It has no logic or emotion or stand,
•   Because whether it’s in war time or peace time,
•   A bullet doesn’t care where it lands.

•   No matter how you put it into perspective,
•   A bullet has no conscience or any patience,
•   It can save a life by taking another one away,
•   Or it can take multiple ones without any sense.

•   Border patrol: Sir, you have to wait until your visa clears so you can enter legally…
•   Man: But they’re shooting at us over here, they’re killing…
•   Border Patrol: Sir, you have to follow the right steps…
•   Man: I don’t care, I’m trying to save…
•   Border patrol: Sir, you have to understand…
•   Man: They’ve killed my family and my brothers…
•   Border Patrol: Sir, if you…

•   A bullet is universal, it’s multi-cultural,
•   It speaks a universal language without breath,
•   Because those who cross borders desperately,
•   Are trying to get away from sure death.

•   It doesn’t matter if you’re a cop, a thief, a priest,
•   A man, a woman, an object or a beast,
•   Because a bullet doesn’t have any luck
•   When the gun fire unleashes hell,
•   And a school child is caught in the hail,
•   A bullet never gives a fuck.

Dangerous Mind
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One cannot
bring upon the shame
to those
with no empathy
to those
who arrogantly with violence
to take the blame
for the pain they give
to others
Who believe
that simple logical reasoning
is all they need
to show them the way
though the valleys
of broken political promises
trying to build
the bridge of truth
over the rivers
of corrupted media
to the mountains
where they can begin
to teach the youth

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