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Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Garrett Asa Hughes
Twisted Dreamer
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Poetry Contest

Open to interpretation. Literal, metaphorical, mixture into mud. Dirty, grungy and raw. Or simply nature.

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Fire of Insight
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Children of the Dirt

Do not forget the children of the dirt
Their suffering pervades all history
We claim they don’t exist, our eyes avert
And mask our shame with high-brow sophistry
They labor out of sight and out of mind
Their childhood wasted, making master’s wealth
Rejected by the rest of humankind
Who cares about their nourishment, or health?
Their school—a sweatshop, mine, or factory floor,
Or muddy field or desert, dry and hot!
And little boys are forced to fight in wars—
Instead of playing games, they’re getting shot!
When children, by the millions, are abused,
By God Almighty, we shall stand accused!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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- Missy -
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IX: The Hermit (Tarot Series)

Today, I went barefoot  
first time this year      
I've been able to let my skin    
breathe under an English sun.    
Walked out to the shed,    
gathered my gloves, a fork    
a bucket to collect the green      
found myself digging over    
my small garden, clearing    
winter leaves and weeds    
from my borders    
ready for colour.    
This house was built in the sixties,    
and the rose tree edging my lawn      
is the same age, every spring    
pale pink blossoms erupt    
from the red-nibbed stems    
I think of the blessing    
in anticipation.      
I dig, and dig, and dig    
ripping misplaced wisps    
from their roots, clearing the dead    
from my space ready for arrivals    
and then I saw him,    
cut in two  
a little worm, in the wrong place      
at the wrong time, severed      
by the blade of my trowel    
the two parts independent,    
separated from each other      
burrowing back into mud.    
I had entered his space,    
I had appeared and ripped    
his world apart.    
He climbed back      
into the earth, a hermit    
and a God in strange      
ribbons of sacrifice.    
I had to admire the grace      
of the tiny fella    
had to blink under the sun,    
wipe the hair from my eyes      
and carry on digging    
like my world was never    
torn in half  
like the old limb    
never existed.
Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Guardian of Shadows
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and marvelous
they are —
each upshoot and spray
of Earth .

I watch —
slow motion
dazzling....how the physics
are identical for
any explosion,
New Years confetti, or

A million little celebrations
erupting from soil
split second, then

Time rights itself
and I am again focused
on the task,

I take dirt
from around me, smear
it on my face
what has worn off in winds
of the enemy.

Plane engines drone
and take with them,
machine gun pocked lands
as I sight my next
through the scope
of my sniper-hide.

poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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I am an artist of the earth
My medium is soil and dirt
Machined steel in motion
A kinetic tool in locomotion
With a giant careful hand
I till and mold the terrain
Sculpting the clay and sand
Into statuesque domain
I am not the machine
But I’m the man
The Amarillo tractor is but
An extension of who I am
“I’m a Caterpillar driving man”
Written by snugglebuck
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Go Play In The Dirt

I constant recall back when I was new,  
And just a few years older more than that.  
The mem’o’ries of then are quite a few,
A slide show from the backseat where I sat.  
With all the travel Mom & Dad would do,  
And learning of the sights we went to see.  
No matter where I was from home, in lieu,  
There always was the sun right where I’d be.  
Wherever I would go, nature would smile,  
With welcome leafy arms that never hurt.  
The tomboy that I am would laugh awhile,  
I always loved to play in mud and dirt  
I got to thinking lately, what has changed,  
Since years ago, of all the countryside.  
It’s more than just a few things rearranged,  
The grass & trees & earth have all but died.  
Where all the open spaces used to yawn,  
For miles & miles, the curvature of Earth,  
Now concrete; everything that was is gone!  
I never thought I’d see the day from birth.  
The way I have to live, what have I got,  
A garden hose that trickles with a squirt?  
Such sightings rare of flowers in a pot,  
I think I’ll trade my futures in for dirt.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Dangerous Mind
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Oh, Bats!

I'm so deep in this now...
Like a girl in a bat cave
Will she grow or escape?  
Either way she finds
her hands on a big torch
ready to light up some asses
chirping and shitting down at her
Reaching for a spark
from deep within her muse
Rage against the dark
finds her lighting up the fuse
What she doesn't know...

The shit she's buried in
is explosive overflow  
of methane sin
to fertilize apocalypse  
firing her cannons from her ships

which leaves her sinking
in the fodder of evidence
this dark trap stinking
Written by EdibleWords
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poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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Red Mud (2019)

The red wet dirt
found me slipping
from the jagged
cliff edge.
Earth created by my
desire to cling to
my past.
Metacarpals aching
as fingers bleed
trying to dig into the
sharp rock face.

I should let go.

This new year
will find me
letting go


I will find myself.
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Guardian of Shadows
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With Nature's Children

they danced upon the foams
of the crashing water fall
their yellow lights bobbing
among the white bubbly lather

the sprites at midnight
they came to play
splashing, running on water
on their twinkly shoes

the howl of a calling primate
alone in the jungle forlorn
no herd for comfort feel
nor yet companionable chatters

none heeded the lonely call
they played on the sand
taunting little creatures
heads peeping out of streams

the lighted caps of flyers
on twinkling gossamer wings
the laughter of earthbound
creatures, as they gamboled

on the camp site I watched
as companions asleep, snored
in perfect harmony
missing the wonderful sight

of Nature's Children.
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Willie Widow

I watch from my window a Willie widow since you left
Oh the girl next door fulfils my masturbatory needs
Her fingers deft fill my cleft I savour returning her favour
Stroke her beautiful breast as I nibble her sweet salty clit
But her tongue’s no substitute for the shock of your cock

They let you out two days ago was prison so bad?
I’m waiting. Don’t you feel glad?
Why are you not home making me moan?
Handcuffs already clipped to the bed
Eager me to be misled

I want you to tie me, bind me,
Gag me, shag me make me your whore
Force feed me your rock of a cock
Let loose your juice in my every hole
And inject your semen deep into my soul
Where are you? Shooting pool like some damn fool?
To scared to renew what we shared?
I need you to abuse me, bruise me
Forcefully screw me
Make my anus scream for your man cream

Ravage my butt I’m your subservient slut
Make me crawl and beg for more
Spill your seed hurt me I plead
If I scream in pain please ignore
Take that as a request for more

But I stand melancholy at the window and wait
Come home I implore
Make my trembling ass sting sore
The ropes and paddles are waiting master
Hourly my heart beats faster

Why don’t you come to me?
Set my lust filled spirit free
Hold me enfold me
Slap me and scold me
I watch at the window, I await my fate
Written by blocat
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Dangerous Mind
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I Ain't Dirt Cheap

Not To Be Nitrogen Fixated

Or Even Bacteria Cultivated

But Being Called Dirt Hurts

Though It Could Be Worse

Rhizobia Fizz For Root Energy

Maybe Some Strong Fungi Tea

Or Algae In All It's Complexity

Protozoa In Excreting Creativity

And You Just Dare Call Me Dirt ?

I Got A Place On The Outskirts

For Perverts Who Need To Revert

To Insults In Order To Just Converse

And I Am Averse To Being Coerced

I Got A Shit Slurry Smoothie For Your Dessert !
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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Dangerous Mind
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Dirty Girl

He Treated Her Like Dirt

He Was A Soil Connoisseur

He Knew Just What She Was

Bottom Feeder Naked Terra

Regenerating All She Touched

Slime Bucket Slurry In A Hurry

To Ferment And To Foment

In The Light Of The Daze Sun

Before Any Could See The Dark

She Loved To Just Loam Around

With The Rich Of The Rich Earth

Laid Back In A Bed Of Red Roses

Indulgent And Be Lovingly Fertilized

By Grand Gardeners Paid To Do So

What Else To Do For A Dirty Girl

She Knew Her Place She Was Soiled
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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