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Bradley J
Fire of Insight
United States
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Poetry Contest

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I am working on recovering from drug addiction.  Feed me your poems on your struggle with and success in recovery from addiction to drugs or behaviours.

1 submission per poet
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Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
South Africa
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Welcome To Hell

RevolutionAL (Alistair Plint)
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Dangerous Mind
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Today I'm Clean

it's the end of a year
a hard one
I won some battles and lost some
but tonight sees me clean
I won't use today
it's hard to say that
it may seem like a small thing
but for me, it's not
I've celebrated every new year high or drunk
today I'm clean
means I have a chance at happiness
a future not dependent on a drug
worried because I know tomorrow is coming
and thinking about my next fix
today I know I will be alright because I didn't use today
using is scary
you never know when it might be your last
even dying isn't easy when you use
knowing your family will find out  
the last thing you did was get high
today I'm clean
if died tonight  
my family would know I went down a warrior
battling my disease and winning
today I'm clean
with that said
I say a prayer for all those suffering
the guilt, shame and pain
know this you're not alone
I've been homeless and hopeless
this is a disease you battle
brother and sister warrior
may we meet in sobriety...
Today I'm Clean
Written by smackdownraven
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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To a glass of scotch

I do not need to tell you    
the romance of desolationó
it shadows me, † †  
pretty as a bomb † † † † † † †
† † † † †
you fill our emptiness, † † † †  
trigger-fingers trembling † † † †  
as you remember lost desire, † † † † † †  
commitments of annihilation † † † † † †  
† † † † † † †
[an explosion arrives † † † † † †
in one second; † † † † †  
the future is just noise] † † † † † †  
† † † † † † †
I need not remind you † † † † † †  
that you were my first affair †  
† †
I keep you bottled †  
as all things vintage,† † †  
your stringent airborne failure † † † † † †  
reminding me that to fall † † † † † † †
is to risk a discovery of flight. † † † † † †  
† † † † † † †
Yet here we are. † † † † † † †
† † † † † † †
Speechless. † † † † † †  
† † † † † † †
Youíre not moving, and neither am I † † † † † †  
as we stand behind glass walls † † † † † †  
battling to understand the cylindrical† † † † †  
as you stare, hawk-eyed in hypnosis † † † † † †  
dripping dark lies of all things holy. † † † † † †  
† † † † † † †
I tilt my hand towards a drain  
† † † † † † †
watch you bleed away: † † † † † †  
† † † † † † †
You are † † † † † † †
the bastardisation † † † † † † †
of love.
Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Follow me  
Iíll bring you to my pusher †  
with a pssssst down an alley way †  
he doesnít call to me †  
I walk brazenly into his store †  
where I also happen to purchase †  
a fuel fix for my car †  
† †
My mouth waters †  
greeted with panoply of possibilities †  
to sate my vice †  
do I crave chips or cheese puffs †  
perhaps a candy bar or two or three †  
life wouldnít be in balance †  
without a package of cookies †  
oh and I canít forget my protein †  
beef jerky presented in all varieties †  
mmmmm Iím feeling better already †  
† †
Now what to wash it down with †  
in this I am so sensible †  
I always select soda pop †  
that is sugar-free or nearly so †  
these magic beverages †  
nullify any of the harmful effects †  
of my other snack choices †  
I can be so damn smart sometimes †  
† †
Location, location, location †  
where to consume my sweet Ďní salty hoard †  
Iíll start small in the car on the way home †  
that takes 2 minutes †  
sneak the rest past familiar security †  
to the safety and acceptance of my bedroom †  
fire up the laptop †  
watch my favorite shows online †  
or perhaps write some poetry †  
while slipping into a junk-food orgasm †  
my sumptuous habit won't kill me †  
at least not tonight
Written by Gahddess_Worship
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 22nd Dec 2015
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Road to Recovery

I was looking for love in all the wrong places,
Down dark alleys and in the deepest, darkest
Parts of my fragile soul while losing all traces
Of who I want to be. In my vulnerable, starkest
Moments I was completely alone and begging
For someone to love me but had no right to be
Loving me for who I am now. He was pegging
Me as someone beautiful but was also lost. We
Both used to be searching for the same things
In life like complete freedom and feeling like
We belong, but he has already found his wings.
Along his road he has located his lucky strike
Of lightning while I am still walking this road
To recovery and healing myself. I am kicking
My bad habits to make room for a lighter load.
It is when someone stops scratching or picking
At old scars and wounds to heal. I am just only
Human and so is he. I hope I am able to forgive
Him so we can move on. My heart, less lonely
Than it was before will be revived and live
On again. I am on my own journey, path and
Road to recovery nobody has to understand.
Written by eswaller
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Bradley J
Fire of Insight
United States
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Thank you everyone that has submitted an entry thus far!

Brandon Hursell
Lost Thinker
United States
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Epistolary to the Dead and More

Dear Thomas,

  I could live 10 . . . 20 . . . 10,000 more years and what would it accomplish? †I feel such a hollowness. †I am vanishing and kept out of the history books. †All my lines have left me. †The lines that once gripped so hard, tethering me to, well, everything else. †I fear I have even broken free from you. †Donít keep me waiting so long. †I am sorry. †I donít mean to bombard you as I am doing, but that is a lie. †I do. †I want to rain down on you with all of this mess that swirls around me. †I dream that you can take it away from me. †Do you remember the time we had at the cabin in autumn so many years ago? †It was before any of us in the world had seen you in a tie and coat. †Now look at you. †You have become something amazing and I say so with the most bitter contempt. †Why do you keep me away? †You canít possibly think it is for my own good or for yourís, can you?
 † †Iíll be dead by the time you call me on the telephone. †I know what youíre thinking, but I am not being dramatic. †Death has many meanings, so many, at least to a person that has seen as little of it as I have. †It means everything to me. †Every cycle of the body. †Every new disease of thought. †
 † †Wrap me up in a blanket, call me on the telephone and take me away on an airplane. †Take me away from all of this death and onto a new turn of it. †Iíll say thanks a thousand fucking times if thatís what it takes. †

 † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †Love,
 † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †George.

p.s. †Tell me when the man on the other line starts to frighten you.
Written by Brando (Brandon Hursell)
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Insanitys fuse
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Whispers,spoons and needles

Rituals unite and the needle does bite. Smashed to dust or dissolving with liquids might. Stirred undisturbed or a new method unseen. Straight point to nectar or from cotton that's lean. Thump, Thump let the bubbles rise. Patience unheard of in our eyes. Tie it off at its neck. Straight get it on with no flex. A taste in the back of the throat. Warming involved all through the host. Foggy vision and a vision blurred. A moment of bliss and nothing's heard. Rinse it out or toss it away. Depending on the night to make it through another day.Zoned in and now zoning out. A blast of that juice and winning the bout. No time to chill, relax or kick the fuck back. Whispers, the spoon to the needle and I whisper back. A conversation that's all to familiar. Call me crazy but I'm wanting to kill her. I just did the last of what I had. Back to the grind that's all we have. A sad state of lonely affairs. Addicted to what's controlling, obsessive, And unfair. So I hit the streets and do what I do best. Nothing simple, nothing plain just surviving the dope quest. How long will she go, no body knows. A motherfucker I tell you, and I don't lie. I think of all that's lost but today I can't cry. For emotions are strangled,mangled and can't be felt. The power of this crystal has been dealt.Another bag, another fix, and still cycling like a teenage bitch. May God have mercy on me and them. Or at least give us strength to resist the temp.
Written by Sweetry (Insanitys fuse)
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poet Anonymous

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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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A stony path

To be that place that you despise
To see contempt  
That sympathy that shows but oh to quickly goes
To slip so many times
To walk the path of Jim Morrison
The dead eyes that stare the last song unshared
To inhabit you from the social crowd
To a giant black and threatening cloud
I could not find the summoned strength
To know how addicts free themselves
To ween and fail and try again
To feel the wretchedness  
The memory of the rush remains  
How many times to grit your teeth
Walk the straight line upon a stony path
And come out the other side
And raise the torch  like liberty
And shout with a belief "now I'm clean"  
Written by slipalong
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Dangerous Mind
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War of Change

Dear Agony,
I bring to you this final anthem.
For all the times I once lived within your  imperfection.
For all the times I believed that my heart was blackened by your misguided falsehoods.
For all the times your deceit would make think that I once had a heart, but also believed that it was broken beyond repair.
For all the times I once lived in the silent theory of your false creed.
The one that was constantly assassinating my being down to the very fiber of my existence.
For all the times I was emotionally beaten by your tongue lashing until bleeding was the least of my concerns.
See, you tried to bring me death, but instead, you brought me focus.
You tried to alienate me, but instead, you brought me those who would speak to me, stand by me, encourage me.
I learned tough and painful lessons through your pain, but In fact, I did learn.  
Now, your words have no meaning.
Your temptations have no merit.
Your sting has been cured.
Your venomous bite no longer is poison to my soul.
Rise is now the constant state of mine.
Especially as the seasons of me change.
I have become unbreakable, unstoppable and unrelenting in my desire to reduce your emotional prison camp to dust in the battlefield of my life.
Even if I see my skyline divided at times, I know my history was written by wolves and warriors.
I know that I may suffer set backs and losses but, I know more importantly, I will inevitably be ok.
So be perfectly clear on this final point I will make.
If you try to manipulate your way back into my heart, I am no longer afraid of what terrors you may bring.
I am no longer afraid of being alone or, if I must, even to die.
You have no power over me that you can wield at your whim.
For in my war of change, in the end, no matter what the cost, I will be the one standing victoriously and free.

Written for all those in the midst of the struggle. Let this be your battle cry !!!!
Written by Ragnar
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Final countdown

Needle in hand,
Spoon to fire.
Tied the rubber band,
These tools I require.

Inserted the needle
Collapsed a vein.
They've gone feeble,
To the drug I'm chained.

Sobbing and shaking,
Alone with myself.
Hurting and aching,
The worst I've felt.

Cold,tired,and sick
Hurting all over.
I need a fucking fix,
Can't stand to be sober.

Written by PleasuresOfPain
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Fire of Insight
United States
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One Last Time

"Just one more hit†
One more swig†
One more click and I am done",†
The thought runs fast through my mind,†
But itís a lie I tell when I try to convince myself†
That it will all pass if it just do it "one last time".†

I gotta have it†but itís more than just a habit,†
Iím sick with an illness I canít fix myself,†
If I want to get better then I better ask for help,†
Itís the choice I need to make first.†

Deep down I know I will always struggle with it,†
But I gotta get my priorities straight,†
Do I want to lose everything I own, know and love?†
Because one last time will leave me in dire straits.†

I think of the consequences,†
It brings me back to my senses to gain control,†
I wonít act on impulse although itís never that simple,†
Itís a fight that will never get old.†

Maybe somewhere down the road in the distance,†
Iíll look back at these days trying to find strength,†
It was an affliction but I was able to beat my addiction,†
Understanding myself more in depth.†

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Can you tell me who I am?
† †I tend to forget
†† † †These feelings swarm my soul
So I never remember
†† † †Once I was beautiful
Iím now a wreck
†† † †Stoned and high wreck
Pressure is too much and I can't help it
So please help me
†† Iím not who Iím supposed to be
When the Monster wants
†† I do what he pleas
Every memory aches
†† † † † † † Awakes
†† † †Iím so baked
†† † † † † †Erase
My coke cakes
††Awaits for my arrival
He senses my needs
†† But Iím only a tease
I try
My mind
Caressed and covered
Beat to a pulp
Strung out  
†† † †On a thread
††Hung to dry
Heat seeps into my skin
†† I need to please him
†† On the rim
†† My light...
†† † †So dim...
I lost my control
†He rapes my soul
And a burden takes its toll
"Mommy please help me
†I canít find your soil"
My body canít plant the seed
†My soil provides no feed
†† †So I read
†† †And realize I canít bear
My flower canít grow
Because you reap what you sow
And this is my punishment
†† † † † You canít make a fire
†† † † † † † †Without a flint
†† †Iím bent
†This way and that
†† †That's why I spat
†† Monster Iím fat
On cash so I choke
Here I am...
†† Empty pockets filled with coke
I revoke
Back to who I am
Iím surrounded
Iím canned
I throw myself under the bus
††Just because
No one else can
There so afraid
†† † † †I take the blame
†† † †The Monsters game
Turns my lame into fame
I reconcile
††With no one
Monster Iím done
††You canít trick me
Iím not your rubbish
†† † †Don't punish  
What you create
†† † † † Hate
Me for who I am
Heroine needles in my hand
On the bed where I land
Covered in bands
†† † † †Stripped
†† † Of dignity
To bold to face
My reality I canít taste
You put me in a new place
†† † † † † † † † † †Erase
My memory from who I used to be
Iím still not me
†No one offers help
†† † † † † † I yelp
†† † † Iím not heard
Miles where you lured
Me into your trap
†† † † †Your crap
I canít ever get away
Your predator Iím prey
Cat and mouse game you have me play
†† † † †That I despise
But love  
†† † † †Every
†† † † † † † Little
†† † † † † † † † † Lie
Your right
†† † †Maybe I should
†† Drop under ground
Buried six feet down
†† † † † † † I frown
Look upon me
Iím a follower
I try
To keep on the track
But always find Iím going back
†† † † † † † † †I retract
Like a severed artery
†† † I bleed out
Become a victim
†of another crime
Another hollow skull
That takes role
But you always come first
†† † †A thirst
Never satisfied
Monster please take a rest
Iím tired of trying  
†† † † † † † To do my best
Iím flushed
Enough I've gushed.
Enough I've erased.
Written by Bethy (Bbbethy)
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