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blue is the day

blue is the day
it colors my heart in shades of melancholy
its heart beats within me
stirring my pain
the ocean understands blue
it is the depths of passion
that ebb and pull within us  
it has a mind of its own
the skies reflect this deity
residing in all living beings
blue is the face of us all
the great God over forlorn feelings
having nowhere to go
one day floated to the sky
a reminder you are never alone
you walk this path with fellow travelers
who know the depths of the blue like you do
as one we carry the varied hues of blue inside us
we are reminded to look to the oceans
as it carries our sadness out to sea
to look to the heavens
the skies are painted with our grief
then smile within ourselves
that we don't carry this heavy burden alone
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
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What Blue IsÖ

Blue is the color entranced in eyes,
Like skies and oceans vast and deep,
A reverie of streamed subconscious perfected,
The memory of a dream longed to keep.
Blue is the sensation that lingers softly,
Like a sweet lowly tune that haunts the mind,
Yearning for the warmth in the heart of hearts,
Perhaps perchance perpetrated and resigned.
Blue is the sensual contextual feeling,
Like languid ridges that never stop,
Hastily stalling and lazily crawling,
Rich in texture profound in abstract thought.
Blue is the name of a flame deeply burning,
Turning all fancies from lust to dust,
Lost like lullabies lulled lied and laid,
Made to encumber and encompass trust.
Blue is the cool collected stillness dwelling,
Reeling in the tryst of heightened fantasy,
An alluring natural riveting happenstance,
That shatters the boundaries of reality.
Blue is the aura of a free flowing spirit,
Supple and graceful and only one of a kind,
In shapes and forms different from the norm,
Relishing in the sight thatís so divine.
Blue is the fine and sultry rhythm,
The groove that moves deeply softly within,
The soothing sound coming in rushing waves,
And engraves all yearning in a whim.
Blue is the ideal state of feeling and emotion,
Tapping into the recess of the soul to compose,
It will bring up the deepest darkest secrets,
And to the world becomes completely exposed.
Blue is the hue of a fire tendered,
Like an undying tinder of a lasting kiss,
A dťjŗ-vu that lingers in the soul forever,
Like immortal embers of an eternal bliss.
Thatís what blue is...

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† †
On a road of never ending †  
† †
Blue... †  
† †
I canít see you, this fog of pain †  
That tears a hole right thru my brain †  
And letting in the cold and rain †  
To make me half or whole insane. †  
† †
I only know inside my heart †  
That itís blue... a strange hue of blue †  
† †
Iíve never seen it in the sky, †  
Iíve never known it in the sea. †  
I ask myself the reason why, †  
All I know itís deep within me. †  
† †
And itís blue... a strange hue of blue †  
I swear to God itís you in blue †  
† †
I canít cry, just lay down and die, †  
Iíve gotta go on and find you. †  
The pain letís me know Iím alive †  
To find a way until Iím through. †  
† †
I only know inside my heart †  
That itís blue... a strange hue of blue, †  
I swear to God itís you in blue. †  
† †
I swear to God Iím going back †  
On the endless road that takes me †  
Home to you... and the color blue. †  
† †
† †
† †
† †
† †
I loved the meaning expressed in the song linked through the competition, so Iíve written my own take in lyrics on the Norwegian band Madrugadaís song ďStrange color blue"; https://youtu.be/YkTSu7SrozE ...For the competition ďBLUEĒ, with AEMelia564
Written by Heaven_sent_Kathy
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A bright blue sky
The vast blue sea
Blue is the color
Of being free
Written by snugglebuck
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frozen rhythm

when jazz hands  
the blues
bydk 12/26/18
Written by bydk
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The Blue Rose

So special The Blue Rose,
That it does not exist,
So it must be a dream,
For all is possible there.

Be it your splendid figure,
Be it your inner values,
You are a vision so tantalizing,
That I am all consumed.

When I see The Blue Rose,
Its petals open and smile to me,
As to enchant, and draw me into the mystery that is you,
Unsure, unwise, your beauty has made me.

It was my life's passion,
And I didn't even know it,
Searching for The Blue Rose,
Searching for you...
Written by longsoftkiss (LSK)
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Oops sorry.Used this already...

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Sea On Snow

the waters seep on ice, rivulets,
of azure.

My cyanotic fingers,
Raynaudís riddled,
hold fast, the flag
of forebears, as
become relentless, some
leaving me colder inside
than waves lapping
shores of the Motherland.

Winterworld, Suomió
watch their waters seep on ice
tributaries, capillaries
connecting my soul
to frozen breath on air

and Christ died, blue
on a cross
while the world began to liveó

yet Heaven poured
a little of itself into the North
where seas meet snows
reflecting untainted places, blue
on fields of white.

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