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Elemental Euphoria

poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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Thank you much, dear Bryan, , for your wonderful entry, much appriciated, Melia

Dangerous Mind
United States
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If but one kiss

She sways very far in another world
And often into another time
The picture she creates into view
As mind reflected sunshine,
So her heart does pump
In my rhythm with groove rhyme
Now days are scorched
For the longing of her lips to mine,
Thru my window to see
Our everlasting caress,
She is the only one
My soul matching sun,
A light of luna chase
Two spirits embrace,

Her lips, kiss to taste...
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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Garrett Asa Hughes
Lost Thinker
United States
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Lost on Earth

The Sky it opens up and beckons deeper-
The Earth, she opens up her thoughts to me-
The glory of the clouds to this truth seeker-
Once was, is, and will never be-
Another day of sunlight leads the way-
To guide me off a path already strayed-
The water forms the puddles as it rains-
The image of myself, molded from clay-
The roots take hold to roots take hold of roots-
Dance upon the hive, one with the bees-
Planted are my thoughts, my feet, like seeds-
A gentle breeze will bring me to my knees-
The Sky, it swallows shut as I awaken-
Leaving me behind, feeling forsaken-
My body and my mind are both untaken-  
The trembling of the ground leaves me quite shaken-
A billow of smoke rises to meet the clouds-
Who take their time to dissipate-
I sit under the canopy of trees-
Silent with the birds, we watch and wait-
Flowers on the bloom, and fruit upon the vine-
Poison to the heart, such glory of the times-
Casting stones at ponds, who ripple their effects-
Slithering, the snake, will wrap around your necks-
Another omen met, another secret forgotten-
Another poem left, another beacon rotten-
The Sky it beckons up, and opens deeper-
The sea washes away all hope beneath her-
Fossilized footprints now cracked in two-
An open valley screams to ears, soundproof-
Conjuncture of the dust and germs that meet-
A sign you waited for, tossed at your feet-
Lost symbolism, holds no meaning-
Drooping willows dying in the spring-
Butterflies, now burnt by the Sun-
A caterpillar dying in the womb-
Days of ours numbered, done is done-
Losing life before completion of your tomb-
A broken light inside your living room-
Broken by the trees I must assume-
Ironic how the algae form the catalyst-
Something lost to all cannot be missed-
On this sacred place in which we kiss-
Beneath what was to be, this poison mist-
Blessed are the days lost to silence-
Blessed are the days removed from violence-
Ran away from Earth, your mighty highness-
Castration, equal to your shyness-
The pity of the grass so tread upon-
While the pity of the mass, they will show none-
The city of the sands in all its glory-
Is dead and gone only to leave its story-
The Sky it opens up and beckons deeper-
Lost meaning of the keys, to their keepers-
A tidal wave of truth will be ignored-
Facing backwards and walking forward-
Fossilized emotion-
Love potion-
Discarded notion-
Blatant fools-
Touching moment-
Sexual atonement-
Flopping blowfish-
Trapped in shallow pools-
My Moon has gone, has left me feeling-
Has left me feeling completely empty-
The stars they fade from this massive ceiling-
I ask for their forgiveness, non-repenting-
I wave to the ocean, who remains motionless-
No movement, I feel emotionless-
Hardened to the point, feeling alone-
This must be how we created the stones-
The Sky it beckons up and opens deeper-
Staring to a long and distant fear-
Miles of isolation conjures smiles-
Facing, pacing, awaiting, Egyptian death trials-
A heart, weightless-
A judge, faceless-
The way you guide your tongue is tasteless-
Hollow amazement-
To find you are fateless-
An anger that is hateless-
A planet that is farthest-
Occupied by whom are heartless-
Enrichment of the soil-
Plant your shiny coins into our dirt-
A snake sat perched and coiled-
Awaiting the day it is rebirthed-
Covered by the veil of all these branches-
The blinding light reflects the evening dew-
The bird emerges in song just as it hatches-
Passing of the seasons right on queue-
Another gust of wind flows through her hair-
The Sky it opens up and breathes in deeper-
Behind her creeps the day, though unaware-
That the ground she walks upon smiles beneath her-
The universe comes together just to stare-
To life itself, she is its sustenance-
Callisto turns her head, she does not care-
Burdened by the jealousy of her, hence-
Hence the reason know one knows her name-
No one utters out her final words, since-
Since IO has prevailed in vein-
Water surfaces to her face, where it all together fades before her lips-
The ground she walks upon faints beneath her feet-
Both blessing each other in this moment-
The echo of the silence, leave them be-
They are of sacred gifts, grand bestowments-

Soul and spirit mate without hesitation-
Their love unknown to us, unless they've shown it-
Soul and spirit change, twisting evaporation-
She is your goddess, even if you do not know it-
Written by DCLXVI_1989 (Garrett Asa Hughes)
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Tyrant of Words
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Thank you so much Runnaway and DC for beautiful entries, much appreciated, Melia

Fire of Insight
United States
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One Wing

I could see the sadness in his eyes,
Longing to relive his glorious days,
He was a majestic bird of the skies,
A symbol now fallen in disgrace.

I remember it was the summer of ’89,
It was my very first job as a teen,
Cleaning cages of disabled wildlife,
And his was the only one I couldn’t clean.

He sat there on the perch in his cage,
His eyes piercing anyone who came near,
His beak reminiscent a dangerous rage,
Now in pain but still inspiring fear.

Sometimes I stood and gazed in wonder,
What they’d done to him was illegal,
Why someone shot him I pondered,
The one winged American bald eagle.

And when his handler brought his food,
He’d jump the branches spreading his wing,
He’d stare back so we wouldn’t intrude,
He moved with pride as if he were a king.

One day he watching some flying birds,
I overheard his handler as he stared,
And to this day I still remember her words,
When she said “I know you miss being up there”.

Tyrant of Words
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Thank you so much Wally,fo ar beautiful entry, much appreciated, Melia

Twisted Dreamer
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The Lovers


In the morning when She wakes,
She spreads her love o'er lands and lakes

And as She rises from her bed
She shines her grace on every head

She strolls serene across the lands
Forests, fields, and desert sands

And when She tires and turns to bed
Her Lover rises in Her stead

Up stares through darkness, as She sleeps
Her Sentinel in silver creeps

He holds his vigil through the night
In reverent reflection of her light

And dreams of moments on her lips
That even love cannot eclipse.
Written by Tardegrade
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Tyrant of Words
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Thank you so much Tardegrade, for ar beautiful entry, much appreciated, Melia

P M Banks
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Flame and Ash

She spat on me, blackened this flickering freedom  
and starved my spark yet  
I'd grown accustomed to her fragility, her music, her embers,  
never learning she is just dust through sullied fingertips.  

There's a history written on paper, soon crumpled, erased, mere energy between she and I.  
There's a heat remembered, lingering in the end of time,  
an unspoken power that speckles her matter, where I am everything  
and nothing else.  

She's cleared away, after staying too long,  
and what pure bliss upon my return than the hearty freedom of her emptiness!  
Yet, of course, she returns in the dirty flat beneath my chamber  
and calls up, in crackles and moans, lusting for my demise.  
Here, in the Winter, we are captives never to cross
but by Summer somehow all is forgiven, singing a duet to the endless days  
whereby we mingle in a shaded space and I die within her arms,  
over and over and over and...
Written by ImperfectedStone (P M Banks)
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Tyrant of Words
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Thank you so much ImperfectedStone, for ar beautiful entry, much appreciated, Melia

Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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Earth wind and fire

Earth wind and fire
How they shape our lives
Sing with me make that quartet
The crossroad come the signs unread

From our first conception
Be that untapped element
Take a taste and swirl it round
The mountain path there wine is tread

Cold morning breeze at sunrise
The pink upon life lips
the storm of love
The tornado and the hurricane hand in glove

Fire given by the Gods
Warm as Hell the fingers burn
Slave and master turn about
Watered down will dry of drought

Wives and husbands, sons and daughters
Cease the tempest, calm the waters
The seventh wave harness its power
Bring it home Earth, wind and Fire
Written by slipalong
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Thought Provoker
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Opposites, Opposites
They say that they attract
Is that the truth or
is it free of fact?

Opposites, Opposites
let's put 'em under magnifying glasses
and observe them on the dancefloor of life
shaking their polarized arses

They seem to be drawn together
like a positive and negative ion
this poem is just as good
as anything by Lord Byron

Lord Byron was O.K.
but he was no Rex Durkin
And apparently he was rubbish in bed
as useless as a three pubed merkin

Opposites, Opposites
think whatever you like
Opposites, Opposites
Now I drop the mic

Ah fuck , the mic landed on my foot.....Ahh

no, it really hurts.............Ahhhhhhhh

..........that was actually my sore foot

Written by RexDurkin
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Tyrant of Words
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Thank you to all fellow poets for splendid entries, many great works
Congrats tonJosh for a mystical poem, your poem seem to cross the line from one world to another.
To me it seemed about mystical realms and soul searching or perhaps life and death
Congrats to The EgoEffect for the beautiful journey, greets

poet Anonymous

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