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summultima (uma)
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last verse

Fire of Insight
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Poetry Contest

tell us what you are going to write in your last verse.
New and fresh entries only.
Write as if there is no tomorrow and this is the only moment you have got your hands on the paper and your last chance to write anything you wish upon.

Any length.
One submission per person.

poet Anonymous

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Twisted Dreamer
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Complex planes and how Timmy isn’t a real boy

Twisted Dreamer
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number timmy

number timmy  
imagine this
Cartesian claims    
both imaginary and reality  
will interact on a complex plane  
when I told Timmy,, we laughed so hard    
I suppose numbers are complex too.  I
know one, but haven’t met one.
I guess it’s the same with
Timmy.  he says
hi;  for real
bydk 12/02/18
Written by bydk
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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TRAPPED! (visual poetry)

TRAPPED! (visual poetry)
Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Fire of Insight
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I Forgive You

Our bath is drawn
Our razors ready
We died at dawn
Our hearts were heavy
Our bed we made
 He left his scent
Our vows betrayed
Our love never meant
Double lives we lead
Specific rules now broken
Eternal rings lay dead
Our doves have spoken
Our water is hot
The bubbles your taste
Let’s have a shot
Our ritual mustn’t haste
Let’s disrobe our discretions
Cast upon the floor
Partake in our confessions
And barricade the door
Now wade our water
The temperature you desire?
You chose the order
Our lives expire
Come kiss my lips
Reconcile one last time
Feed me your hips
May we blissfully sublime
Our climax must meet
Before our fateful ends
Our souls must compete
To reincarnate as friends
Now grab your razor
Bub its sharpened teeth
Let us indulge favor
And our spirits bequeath
Feel our wine ripen
I speak this true
As our lights brighten
I forgive you

Written by Sex_on_the_Joe (Joe-D)
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StephenPaul Summerscales
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Do you ever see
planets colliding
in explosive energy
leaving images
so slightly
behind lit up, skeletal
I do
it's a reminder
of what we could've been
life is like a sidewinder
it strikes when you don't see.

Many years have passed
but in my dreams
it's ever to last
every night it seems
echoes of the blast
run in cacophonies
your image burns the cast
in all depictions of me.

What am I
what have I become
two blind eyes
that march
to an empty drum
void in the skies
where saturn's rings
run into one
orbital in flight
of a life
once lived
now gone .

Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
South Africa
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When Bag Pipes Play


Eating at my intestines
like a five kilogram
caustic soda
The pipes of indigestion
layered thick
in lard  
-smelling putrid
following the swallowing
of an unfinished
featured in
a futuristic
sci-fi flick.
Fields of barley  
fermenting in the winds  
of gossipy  
unread stories  
rolling credits
before the protagonists meet
-never mind
the unbaked, unground beans
for a morning
with dark chocolate  
on the side
and a single rose
(in red)
dying on the tray
I see malicious nature
in the killing.
A murder so foul
that  bodies
would never tangle
in the final gasp
tomb stones  
joined in the darkness
of the graveyard
burning in the
There is nothing
in the make up
of giving
or of the living
worth holding onto  
-in hymns
and bible verses
of a eulogy
Yet never lived.
excuse me
while I take ashes and dust out.

Written by RevolutionAL (Alistair Plint)
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Dangerous Mind
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When you say "new", do you only accept entries from December or do you accept from any month of 2018?

Dangerous Mind
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My Last Note to You

If you are reading this note you are holding now, then that means the difficult goodbye
And my final hour has come. I know this is going to be it. Everything in my mind, soul,
Heart and body has given up the fight to keep living here, but when you look to the sky
I will never be too far away for you to feel my lingering presence. The gaping bullet hole

Within my chest cannot be repaired or fixed again. Just know that I have already forgiven
The people who hurt me and I have already made my amends with those I hurt. The pain
Will eventually subside and disappear. That is all I want for you. It is like you have driven
Yourself to the very edge, but you cannot jump. When you close your eyes I am in the rain

Drops against your cheek. When you watch every sunrise and sunset with careful eyes I am
There too. Sometimes you may wish for the world to burn because you may miss my laugh
Or smile, but someday you will find someone wanting to give you love again and will slam
Against you like a storm on the horizon. You stay stuck on old memories like a photograph

You keep in the attic, but you will also make new memories to last a lifetime. It is like you
Will be missing me, but this is my way of telling you to move on because I will not be there,
But there is someone or something else to live for. Always travel the world. Keep making too
Many mistakes to remember. Meet new people and discover new passions. Darling, I swear

To you that although this is it for me, your life is far from over just because I am gone. We
Are all covered in imperfections and scars. Your heart line is far from being flat or lifeless.
Whether I am right there beside you or underneath the dirt below your feet I can still see
That your rooted tree will keep growing and blossoming. It may be bare naked or leafless

Like the first days of winter. Someday you will laugh, smile and be happy again. I hope
That you will recall that although we made countless errors and missteps, I never regret
The days in which I loved you the most. I never regret the moment I handed you the rope
And key to my heart. This is my way of having my voice play like your favorite cassette.

No matter where we are in this universe, I know we will find each other someday in our
Next lifetime because that is the place where we will get that fresh beginning and start.
Your watery (and also my favorite shade of green) eyes will always search or devour
For a hidden meaning within these departing words. You will hold it next to your heart

So I can hear your heartbeat one last time. Your beautiful curls and face are imprinted
Into my memory. I could never forget you either, even if I tried. You are my fingerprint.
Written by eswaller
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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The Night is Coming

The night is coming,
And I have to let go,
This is our last goodbye,
Because there is no tomorrow.
Before dawn I’ll be gone,
Let’s treasure the hours,
Every minute is priceless,
So let’s make time ours.
The night is coming,
Soon we’ll have to depart,
The sunrise will not exist,
But only within our hearts.
All we have is right now,
Let’s not waste it away,
Look in my eyes one last time,
And forever embrace today.
The night is here.

Dangerous Mind
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the metaphysics & politics of love doesn’t allow for any last verse in its cursed eternity


a precision plummeting
of an incisive something

your caramelized december suns
awaken my apocalyptical abyss
-cacti irises
b(l)oom black steadfast
forgetting it’s stained
self-infliction a while

that streaming in chaos
imbibed as a fallen Oracle
bludgeoned to aortic strings
pulls out at ease
an uproarious Niagara
over the blurry cyanic moons
in your cratering absence
& an eruptive silence

births & dies & births & dies &...
the magmatic ripple,
“you never drew me in your magnetic fields
  you never curled me in your cocooning holds
  you never breathed me in your igniting inhale
  you never fused me ever in your plasmic soul
  you never shed pearls of our lurching seashell
  you never…you never...”

you just have gotten petrified in fascistic dens
of your built phantasmagorical illusion
in lightyears away of ignorance

ignominiously churning out
parched skulls & sands & soul
from this rustic earth in flotation

to an eternity  
of birth, full of deaths

Written by summultima (uma)
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Dangerous Mind
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No Terse Blank Verse Amerce

Inverse Obverse Reverse Universe

Converse With Gods Of Quantum Reimburse

Curse Disperse Immersed In Transverse

Death Just A Door Could Be Worse

Least I Been Schooled In Nonsense Verse
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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For Everything

My dear devoted darling; We're out of time!
My waking thought and goodnight kiss divine
I've cried floods and torrents of rain
For I fear we'll never meet again
I need to say this; I need you to know
Your heavenly presence helped me grow
Into the lover whose soul you share
Sewn together with your love and care
My spirit in turmoil as we're ripped apart
Your memory, forever carved into my heart
Written by DawnRaider (Dr)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Turning her page

Manifesting smart-ass thought with opinion in mind
Her magical doorway extending past deep angel eyes,

With warm biorhythms vibrating in sync to compose
Burns a man of the same type note, standing too close,

Woman to write her flowering verse into a new song
To hear wit across the loud chamber of right or wrong,

So made of divine geometry hypnotizing to enthrall
As she just stands calmly in the view transcending all...
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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