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Strange Creature
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Poetry Contest

the spoken word poetry should rhyme

It should have a sought of religious backbone

Dangerous Mind
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Things I'll Never Say

Her soul was once a radiant fire
But now nearly all her flames have turned to ember
Her head-strong approach was something I’ve always admired
Yet now it seems like she has surrendered…
To despair and anxiety after five gruesome years
I watch on helplessly as I don’t know what to do
How can I assure her that there’s nothing to fear?
Whenever she asks me what our future holds, I haven’t got a clue
There are moments where I see determination in her worn eyes
But those days are rarer and rarer
Many days all I want to do is cry
We wouldn’t be in this situation if life had been fairer
All her life has been one struggle after another
But she managed to push on by working like heck
I love her so, oh my poor, dear mother
I fear that I’ll be the cause of her premature death.

Emptiness inside
I didn’t want to believe
That this is the final goodbye
Between you and me
I miss you Leo
Why did you have to go?
You, mom and I were the Golden Trio
Yet your life was cut short like one would blow…
Out a candle to extinguish its flames
Yet you, my dear cat, were hit by a car
That heart-stopping text from dad engulfed me in rage
And those unbelievable words had sown onto my heart a scar
Sometimes I dream of you, and I’m so happy
Only to wake up to reality, and I burst into tears
These last 10 months without you have been utterly crappy
Your affectionate personality filled our lives with cheer
Emptiness inside
I’ve now come to terms
That this is the final goodbye
The lack of a pulse and your immobile chest were enough to confirm.

I know I haven’t been the most worshipping of Christians
Only recently have I come to terms with my spirituality
Honestly, I thought that your existence was pure fiction
Yet my life experience led me to believe that your existence could be a reality
After all, you saved my mother when she was in death’s clutches
You have made it possible for me to accomplish my dream
Whenever I was done, you have been my pair of crutches
So please help me now, or I’ll burst out and scream
I’ve made a terrible choice, that shouldn’t have been so if life were different
I went all in instead of fully analyzing and opting for the safer path
I know that my face is often blank, making people think that I’m indifferent
When really, it’s my only way of protecting myself from attack
I didn’t sign up to pay this terrible price
This never would have happened had the opportunity exited back home
I had no one at the time to give me much needed advice
I feel like I’ve screwed up just as badly as the fall of Rome
So, God, Forces of the universe, my Guardian Angel
Please help my bearer and I to make it out of this shitstorm
This experience has left me rather gainful…
In what I should and shouldn’t do; I’m now informed
But I swear that I’ll bring us to the light at the end of the tunnel; no matter how painful.
Written by LunasChild8
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(Please focus only on part III)

Dangerous Mind
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Hello. How many poems are we allowed to submit?

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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A little clarification - is this a spoken word competition? Not sure from the description.

Dangerous Mind
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I have faith in two things only
Love and words never disown me
Religion’s creeds have some appeal
Their actions though undo the deal

Money has nothing to show me
I have faith in two things only
Both can tie us all together
Family and friends all tethered

It’s hard to trust our government
When you look at the fools we sent
I have faith in two things only
All others crumble below me

Sports teams one day will let me down
Technology runs me aground
My heart whispers when I’m lonely
I have faith in two things only
Written by SatInUGal (Kumar)
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Insanitys fuse
Twisted Dreamer
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Gods of the experimental vision

So many to choose from. Variety given so we can have fun. I'm a Christian, I'm a Buddhist, I'm a Jew. I'm a morman, I'm a witness of jehova, Yet I used to practice Hindu. I was taught to believe in the truth, I was told that having faith was a virtue. I was baptized by the Catholic priest. I was expected to believe. The word was crammed down my throat but never wanted a feast. Yet it wasn't up to me. For manipulation begins at age three. A steady diet of fear and It had done the trick. For I was terrified of making God upset and him getting pissed. All I could see were the gates of hell. A fiery miserable place where I'd forever dwell. I thought to myself and realized quick. I knew God was real because I was a dreamer. So in my head I pictured this almighty loving creature. Willing to sacrifice his only son. From his heart he sacrificed one for some. And Im supposed to believe that he'd spare me. For nothing  sold came with a guarantee.  Nothing told was ever proved to be real. Yet I'm the one that is expected to not express how I feel. Why do a have to explain to the big man upstairs. As if hes listening, and really cares. You can call me a traitor and you can call me a sinner. You could see how fucking worthless you are if you looked in the mirror. You can get the fuck up and step the fuck back. You got me heated and I'm calling you out. Your a fucking fake, truly a fraudulently coward. Your control freak antics, and head gone to power. Your fucking book sucks, your scummish, as fuck. You play with life and walk with no pride. You persuade, manipulate and threaten to destroy. You demand, expect and  send more pain then joy. Your a bald face lieing piece of shit. I could really care less if you don't like being called a bitch. Cause listen up one more time. I'm telling you why you can't be mine. Your a God that abandons and took us for granted. Your a God that lies and you act surprised. That's what I'm talking about you hypocrisy teaching slug. I hope you know who shot you ,its the heavenhood thugs. Hear to rob your punk ass. Gonna take your last bit of dignity and shove it up your ass. Stuff your biggest bible in sideways and you can bank on that. What's you gonna do when You cry like a snitch. That's for traders like you who never gave a shit. So promise me the misery of that fiery hell. I'd rather walk with demons and cast witch spells. You are the reason belief is deceiving. A traitor, a scam and molester of women and man. Your a descrption of dead god and home. Rot in hell and don't forget your game is now known. Call me a heathen and cast me to the dark side. You selfish motherfucker, your nothing right. Protect your sheep, multiply the flock. You talk all that shit, but can't manage the walk. A Fool and a selfish, ignorant God. Holy spirit my ass your a worthless fraud. Defiance of your being,denouncing all your love. Denying all your demands and resisting all your nothing of.

Written by Sweetry (Insanitys fuse)
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Alexander Case
Dangerous Mind
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space storms and microwave ovens

case28 (Alexander Case)
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Matthias Lambert
Lost Thinker
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To blindly fall

If i were to fall,
i would have no trust in someone to catch me.
I take this leap off the edge not into darkness
but into a light.
A light like I have never seen before.
It seeps its way into my very being.
It knows how to guide me back onto the edge after I have jumped.
Even with my eyes sewn shut,
no binds or stitches will blind me
for this light is bright enough to shine through.
I follow it without knowing its intent only to be lead into harm,
into the reach of danger,
into tragedy.
Yet I still follow because it also leads me to love,
to a side of me that I didnt know existed,
to friends who I may have never met on my own.

I blindly follow this light.
I have complete faith in this unknown.
I would not call it god but it is a being of greater power than I will ever know.

It is hope.
This light is the true form of hope.
Written by Matthias_Crossed (Matthias Lambert)
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Tyrant of Words
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God please touch the world and heal it with your love
If I was you it's what I would do
Touch every child sick with a cold
Touch every young one born with defects
A nasty word to say they are less than the rest
Touch children born without love in their lives
Born without food and without hope
Touch them because I can't heal them
To lay your hands on all that is broken
All that is not pure in those too young to be impure
If I was you it's what I would do
Touch little Ro-Ro and make Autism vanish from the world
Touch all the boys and girls who cannot hear your voice
Who cannot see your light or understand your words
And even those who can, simply because they are innocent
Because they are simple and because they are yours
Heal every broken bone and every broken heart
Because someday they will be like me
Someday they will have given up
Given up hope, if they ever had any
Given up on love, knowing it will never come
If I could heal them I would give up my life
If I was you it's what I would do


Dangerous Mind
United States
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Faith's Many Colors

Faith comes in many colors
Faith in humanity
With its virtues of tolerance and charity
Faith in another
That they will be a faithful lover
Faith in our children
That they will make the world a better place to live in
Faith in a higher power
That is a cosmic benevolent creator
Most important:
Faith in one's self
That they can overcome any challenge
That presents itself
Yet, despite Faith's many hues
Faiths of all colors share one attribute
Though you cannot see or hold it
You can feel it
So, you know that Faith is true
Written by snugglebuck
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Strange Creature
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Last versus really wrap it up well. Theres a mystery to Faith. Faith is not seen but we know it's real. It's thought-provoking. Grande poem.

Strange Creature
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Grand poem. This is the first time I've heard spoken word poetry. I can see by your poem it's definitely a beautiful art form. Thanks for sharing

Thought Provoker
United States
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Stupor in a Prayer

Curtains drawn over eyes
Ears closed wide,
You're not listening to me...
Not being cross or sore not trying to boss or bore..
Care for you,is beyond reproach
No doubt
You should know yet
I'm afraid how far it's allowed to go...
Will it cloak you...in the Underworld with Hades?
Ignore it like gum on your shoes
from walking down the street
Will you think of it a burden...
Dragging 'round a Valentine Achilles?...
Bastard thought cast in an Orphanage of Dreams.
Written by SeaEntity1
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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My Resignation Letter to Heaven (Faxing this shit before judgment day)

 “Fuck going to heaven because I rather go to hell
Because I like the sweet brimstone smell,
 “Sounds of the suffering is the everyday norm
And with the constant heat everybody stays warm,

 “Then when it’s my time for eternal judgment
I really can’t say motherfuckin shit,
 “You are the Alpha and Omega, so ain’t any sense lying
And to be honest, this is too much bullshit to deal with after dying,

“Fuck the pearly gates and the singing, because it makes me sick
The only sound I wanna hear is moans as girls ride my sinful dick,
 “Then pushing deep in their ass, causing intense pain
As the full effect of my attention getter goes straight to her brain,

 “Eternity is a long time for not having some angelic beef
That will lead to blood decorating the golden street,
 “But like Mexicans if you fight one you fight the whole click
And if Jesus arrive- I’m getting that holy act right real quick,

“Breaking the commandment ‘thou shall not kill’
Now I’m wrong. What the fuck is the deal?
 “Sodom and Gomorra, Noah and the world flood
And I’m gonna be punished for shedding blood,

 “Or a married woman giving me the pussy
I’m not the one married so why I gotta burn for her adultery,
 “Homosexuality, I’m not with it so I won’t go there
Because I don’t believe in shit stains being on the front of my underwear,

 “I know my mama wish she didn’t let my daddy’s dick penetrate
But for a weak minded motherfucka the thought would devastate,
 “I was created, because of their good time
So here’s my middle finger and the soundtrack of my nine,

  “Just letting you know I have fire in my hand, eyes and heart
So let hell nourish and ignite my spark,
 “I know this letter of resignation is blasphemous to the core
That will send me to my eternal torment forever more”.

Signed: Your creation with love
Written by CasketSharpe
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Tyrant of Words
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Religion Visitation

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