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Alyxes K Mcmanus
Lost Thinker
United States
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Poetry Contest

any leangth. No pics.... this is for erotica or suggestive material....this is not normally my style but ya know,,,

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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( a Quatern )  

The deepness of your thoughts that follow me,  
So is the need for you to fill my crave.  
To constant milk from passion’s agony,  
That sprang from every spasm that you gave.  

I breathe the depths and take you in each lung,  
The deepness of your thoughts that follow me.  
The only thought where all my hopes are hung;  
On every inch your cock & tongue will be.  
To open every part to look and see,  
To swallow all the knowledge that awaits.  
The deepness of your thoughts that follow me,  
Renew each time you double penetrate.  
The journey that enlightens you to bliss,  
We’ve only scratched the surface with the key.  
Discovering a new way with each kiss,  
The deepness of your thoughts that follow me.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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free fall

the night draws moon-kissed fingers
across my aching need
as you whisper notes of smooth seduction
into my hungry ears
stealing breath from heaving chest
while tongue lashes blushing tips
fists grip to anchor lifting hips
as velvet glide achieves its deepest reach
and a groan from two heard as one
a precious second fixed in silence
an obeisance to sublime connection
motion stalled for but a moment
before the ravishment begins
head thrown back in supplication
baring flesh of tender neck
sweet submission to your beast
begging more without a word
you take your cue from me
setting a drumbeat tempo
staccato plunges
followed by rapid retreats
the cadence scorches
blazing a trail of delicate weave
heady tones of growls and moans
as teeth seek tender flesh
and the rising trill of approaching crest
as throats release their greed
limbs lock tight around desperate lunging
when our crescendo marks tangled sheets
the only sound heard now
gasping sighs on the receding tide
as we cling too hard to tear apart
and the resonating rhythm
of our synchronized thundering hearts

Copyright © 2017 FromTheAsh. All Rights Reserved
Written by FromTheAsh
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Her depths

Intimately interlaced as our
Meet over the length of your fluttering
Gazing across the taut valley of your
Those hungry, intelligent
As I run my
Over your intimate
Parting the sea of your
Tingling the most precious of
Before plunging into your
Devouring your decadent
Basking in the radiance of your spreading
Revelling in the rapturous light from those
Written by Rjm
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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When there is no more fuel
And the dynamo crank is cracked
And the solar panels are on the fritz
And the wind isn't blowing
And the creeks are dry
And the power is out
I can still turn you on
Written by SatInUGal (Kumar)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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I smile
contented, yearning
excitement growing
droplets of joy glistening
pondering my favorite things

The first glimpse of breasts
bursting from their fabric prison
cradled in my hands
ruby nipples poised for suckling

Naked embrace
sharing passion’s heat
fingers woven in herbal scented tresses
hot breath whispers in my ear
moist lips voraciously pressed

Reaching from behind
swaying to the beat
hands cupping alabaster globes
manhood riding between soft cheeks
kissing smooth, creamy shoulders
nape of the neck its silky down tickling

Bent over pink petals await
tongue taking sensual temperature
nostrils filled with heady, feminine fragrance
succulent lips travel up and down
urgent moans of ecstasy
handfuls of sheet hold back the flow

Delicious orbs dangle, within reach overhead
the divas seductive aria crescendo
planting deeper ever deeper
wet lips , tense muscles beg me never leave
pressure released in sweet convulsions

Written by Gahddess_Worship
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Alyxes K Mcmanus
Lost Thinker
United States
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Forum Posts: 6 all are talented...

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Ye boasters of endowment
You braggarts of prowessness

All is meaningless
Without Eros’ Eucharist

So forego your genitalia
Concentrate on your lips

Because all that is ‘Sex’
Begins and ends
With a kiss
Written by snugglebuck
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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damn it here I am  
and I want you to feel me
thug hard rider
yes I see you
feeling you pink deep
my inner workings thrumming
in darkness greed
you got me wetted
with your exotic poetry
bringing the streets
and all your intellectuality to me
touching my inner zones
must reach the stars just to greet you
take me to church
and do the damned deed
let me caress your alto
with my body's delicate instrument
baptized in sin
I twist for you
but you don't see me
other mistresses on the horizon
got you witnessing
so I put on my Sunday best
sexy outline stuntin
projection a vision
for your eyes only
splayed on the altar
so you can read my intentions
sacrificing my pride
open for you come get me
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
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Fire of Insight
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Standing in front of the tall mirror  
her eyes absorbed by her reflection  
as if it were her, herself.  
A covert admiration sneaked out in her stare
soon outdone by a surreptitious doubt  
spreading between her and the reflection.  

She had no time to unravel her cluster of thoughts.  
It was his breath she felt  
it was his head leaning on her shoulder  
it was his lips almost caressing her ear.  
"At last", escaped her a whisper, "You are here..."  
"I'm not quite certain", she heard his voice,  
"but tomorrow, or, many years ago, perhaps now, once, anyway...  
I brushed my teeth to make you feel my biting sweeter  
I shaved to make you feel my face softer between your thighs  
I showered to make your tongue's journey unforgettable  
I buttoned my shirt to bring  ecstasy trembling on your fingers  
I scented to send your nostrils up in heaven..."  
She felt
illusion and reality
melting within each other
- and both within her fluttering stomach -
as, slowly, she walked away from the mirror...
Written by takis1917
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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She’s pretty hypnotic,
The way she stares and then turns away,
It’s very erotic,
The way she moves and grooves and sways.

Yet under that commanding confident exterior,
Lies a sensual sexual being with a great appetite,
Willing to be captivated, wanting to be dominated,
Surrendering unconditionally without a fight.

There’s an ache, a want, a profound enticing need,
A soft and silent plead begging to be taken,
Stirring so intensely, lusting so immensely,
That a dire yearning is sure to be awaken.

Yet I, like an animal, smell it in the air,
My senses developing and more aware,
Her desire is brewing I can almost taste it,
She exudes discreetly with a certain flair,
The longing becomes too much to bear,
I don’t know how much longer I can face it.

And then she looks into my eyes,
Feeling the deep seeded need she hides,
Lingering in a breathless sigh of deprivation,
Pulsing through an innocent disguise,
In her fleeting glimpses she confides,
She’s losing all reasoning aching for penetration.

Fire of Insight
United States
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In Too Deep

You thought you could escape
Trying to negotiate
Surrender to my splendor, no time to wait
To debate, you the one who let things escalate,
That wanted to participate, so don’t let courage disintegrate

Oh you’re surprised by my rise
By my innocent disguise
That led to your demise
How I beat that pussy up, till your lids hid your eyes

If you run I will chase, sit down and I’ll taste
Show up at midnight in heels and lace
Relinquish your body for my tongue to trace

Drink my cum till your gums go numb,
Gag and choke till your face is plum

I take pleasure in tearing you apart, and have no problem finishing what you start.
Written by FreeLove87 (SamuraiEde)
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poet Anonymous

Dangerous Mind
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Honey-glazed skin shines under the sunlight
Eyes forever burned by the sunset stare back at me
His scent invokes within me such a delight
As fresh and cool as the Mediterranean Sea.

Gentle waves greet our naked feet
As we tread along the diamond-like sand
My love for you runs just as deep
As the rain sinks far into the land.

Temptation possesses me with a strong grip
I’m as powerless as a puppet held by its strings
I’m as helpless as Eve when she committed her sin
I wonder what sensation your touch would bring.

Plump lips curve into a smile
As your wise eyes look at me knowingly
Your presence alone drives me wild
And I’m left standing behind you longingly.

I crave to touch your sand-colored hair
I desire to press my lips against yours
I’m quite possessive of you and I refuse to share
Make me scream your name until my voice goes hoarse.

Temptation has possessed my very being
You have claimed my heart and threw away the key
The poor organ increases its beating
At the thought of you ravaging me.

I can’t take it anymore, you tease
Throw me onto the sand and give me what I want
I’m afflicted with a sickness and I need your expertise
My dripping flower awaits your response.

I need to feel your body pressed against mine
You’re the very air I breathe to survive
Drink my nectar as you would a glass of wine
Even a small drop is enough for your soul to revive.

Temptation flows rapidly through my veins
I’m cold and dark and only you can ignite my flame
By tracing patterns on my skin, you’ll never lose your way
My body is waiting for your rightful claim.

My dark hair clashes against the white sand
I shiver in anticipation as you hover over me
My eager body is yours to command
As I confidently whisper: “make love to me”.

Your impressive length fills me up completely
I sigh in contentment as we become one
Every thrust of yours makes me scream in ecstasy
How wonderful it is to be young!

I belong to you as you belong to me
We’re each other’s missing half
I feel safe in your arms as we lay by the calm sea
I tell you so, and you reply with a pleased laugh.

Soon enough, I feel evidence of your desire
I understand exactly what’s your intent
Even you have been stricken by temptation’s fire
And I fondly think ‘I can do this again.’

Fire of Insight
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Passion's Drum

a story, in verse

Her tan complete, and feeling good,
She stood and stretched herself
She likes sunbathing fully nude
Displaying beauty’s wealth

She then retreated to the shade
And watched the men stroll by
There she sipped on lemonade,
to choose one for tonight

Although this section of the beach
Is clothing optional
Nude sunbathers will be In Breach
Of Law for acts more carnal!

He was tan and muscular
He felt her hungry stare
Her beauty made his manhood stir
And rise up in the air!

As he stood before her gaze
His rod erect and throbbing
Its rhythm set her lust ablaze
Her heartbeat matched its bobbing

Beset by Passion’s Drum of war
Succumbing to the beat
Entranced, and like a common whore,
She kneeled before his feet

Her eyes met his and, in her need,
All modesty unlocked
The public’s eyes, she did not heed,
And kissed his cadent cock!

They collapsed there in the sand
Both lost to passion’s beat
Their carnal concert was unplanned
No thought to be discreet!

They did not notice as a crowd
Of voyeurs, filth, and slime
Gathered ‘round to clap their hands
And started marking time!

The tempo of coition grew
Encouraged by the crowd
Chanting as they watched her screw
This man, so well-endowed!

She took him in her velvet mound
And clenched his ample girth
While voicing blissful, carnal sounds
As voyeurs cheered with mirth!

He thrust his manhood, with some strength,
Within her treasured place
She failed to harbor all his length
While humping, most unchaste!

The rhythm of her moans of lust
Enraptured all the crowd!
By sand, and sticky spunk, nonplussed
She fucked him, lewd and loud!

Climaxing once, then three times more,
Then lost in his embrace
Her sated mind first hears the roaring
crowd, to her disgrace!

As reason makes its slow return
Her public shame grows clear
The voyeurs’ cheer now turns to spurn
With ugly taunts and jeers

Some call out “whore!” and “show us more!”
She hides her face in shame
Recognized by folk she knows
They call her out by name!

Her partner is not fazed by this
attention, ‘till he sees
Her shame has overtaken bliss!
He picks her up with ease!

Walking quickly through the crowd
He carries her away
Past horny men who taunt too loud
By jealousy betrayed

Before they reach the dressing rooms
beyond the sand dune’s crest
Her disgrace becomes her doom!
They are placed under arrest!

Crowds watch as she is led away
Debased, in handcuffs’ lock
Because her lust led her astray
To fuck a throbbing cock!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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