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The Road Less Traveled

Dangerous Mind
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Ahavati said:

Eggsalent! So happy you're doing these. xo

My pleasures. ❤🎨


Tyrant of Words
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Stars ( after Robert Frost )

I saw them once, at first light
glistening upon water --  
drifting aimlessly, shooting ducks
 ignorant of slaughter --  
Their light-force dwindling rapidly;  
  I wanted to warn them, Run! --
Sunrise will assimilate you!
  But, my heart held back words
They appeared content, trusting fate;
  I could do no more than watch --
suddenly realizing Death  
  is full payment for Life  

What was it I wished for
( while ignorant of sorrow )
as they plummeted earthward;  
Wisdom, wasn't it . . .
Written by Ahavati
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Dangerous Mind
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Winter In a Room

thin curtains adorned with leaves hang from tall windows, slightly folding against the chill.    
trees now bare remain still, there is no more rustling of leaves in the wind, just a crackling of boughs adjusting to the falling temperatures
sun splinters through bare branches casting yellow light that remains cold to the touch, outer limbs stretch steeley fingers grappling for warmth    
heat in the room rises, billowing the golden curtains to rustling the leaves against framed glass where trees can only look on and see what they once had is now locked inside  

"Made the great tree seem as a little bird
Before the mystery of glass!"

Written by jemac
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Dangerous Mind
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Collateral Damage?

seeking solace within the bar      
thinking money's now their test      
and gazing at the bare tip jar      
sans the beating on their breasts      
gone their jobs, their livelihood      
how long they've missed that factory whistle      
remembering of where it stood      
for the making of iron pipes and nipples      
"another round", they call to Doug      
as creaks the stool upon they sit      
watch the flow from tap to mug      
killing time by smaller sips    
yet, cross an ocean or maybe sea    
distant brothers now have a chance    
new hopes that lives will better be    
for it's different from where we glance      
some wish to blame those greedy men      
chasing profits, the bottom line      
but if one thinks far deeper in      
truer reasons may come to mind      
money, like water, ebbs and flows      
'til stilled by a level field      
supply and demand is how it goes      
and some will be forced to yield      
an entwined world is being reached      
global commerce is what's been chose      
so pray some day it will lead to peace      
for what country cuts off it's nose      
#Robert Frost      
Dedicated to Josh for his never ending prompts for world peace
Written by Amorous_tryst
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Fire of Insight
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Just random moves
The heart taken out
My love
My eyes
My passion
My respect

All gone
We moan.


Seeds of love
The alone tree
a lot yet to happen
our love
was divine
was pure
Where are you ?
are you listening ?
My words
My ideals
My love

...................Come soon.........................
Written by mcjay
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Dangerous Mind
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The Longcut


Favoring a shortcut  
the road less travelled  
I dismissed too quickly;  
hastily judged, banged  
and gavelled  
Now existing in my path  
as if a thick tree felled -  
unbudged, an obstacle  
obdurate, foiling me  
Fudged that up royally  
I hath  


Written by JohnnyBlaze
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Non-entry entry

Dangerous Mind
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Related submission no longer exists.

Dangerous Mind
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The Road Not Taken (Autumn Woods: A Poet’s Road)

Deep in the woods I saw a clearing ever winding into its depths.
Pulled, I was to walk untoward, leveling each untrodden dirt mound.
I wondered what secrets could it hold, for what could I resist it without regret.  
I had not seen all I desired to see and would by evening yet,  
My resistance to my own curiosity fell in haste to the ground.  
I felt a chill come over me, a crisp Autumn pang I imbibed,  
I knew if I did not go forth the snow would bury truths undiscovered, unfound.  
I wondered what was under each leaf, what had I yet not greeted alive.    
To acknowledge this place, only I could, only in this way would I so arrive:  
To greet the magic before a snow would cloak the blanket of leaves so brown.  
I knew a road lie beneath it all for the way was open and still,  
As I took each careful step into a world where no one had recently been,  
I saw a way to go ahead, branches were parted, unbroken of will.  
I had ventured forth well beyond my comforting homesteaders mill.  
A tranquility donned, I heard the leaves speaking all in refrain,  
Their language uncoded by a swift and lofty breeze;  
My feet gave them voices to amplify theirs, so lowly and spent,
Intuitions the trees had shed became mine in surpassing their color peak.
I chose a path on which to tread, into my own heart not quite out of reach,  
where no soul had yet opened eyes with full vision to plumb its depths.  
Written by PoetsRevenge
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Fire of Insight
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Promises to Keep

I.  December
The clouds came over the valley,
  Bringing the much needed winter rain,
And though we needed it so badly,
I didn’t realize the conditions sadly,
  Would also bring me a bit of pain.

The path between the mountains
  Had been closed due to snow,
And so I found myself surrounded,
By weary travelers also grounded,
  Who had to wait until tomorrow.

But I had made a promise to my son,
  That I would there in the morning,
Some of them turned back one by one,
But I could not sit still or wait for the sun
  The pass was under a weather warning

II.      Under the Stars
As I waited there by the road it seemed
  The hours were so slow,
I could not wait for the first morning light,
  But still the path was under snow.

It felt as if all this I had previously dreamed,
  Waiting there by the road
That this long night held me still,
  My heart carried a heavy load.

And for hours my soul cried and screamed,
  I needed to go see my son,
I had a promise to keep but still,
  Mother Nature’s fury had won.

III.      The Road Not Taken
When the night finally became clear,
It revealed a sky full of bright stars,
All weary travelers began to cheer,
After the weather had been severe,
We could soon start driving our cars.

But still the mountain was dangerous,
Under that heavy blanket of snow,
It was going to be very treacherous,
Even if I wasn’t being adventurous,
But I had a promise, so I drove very slow.

At first I thought I was mistaken,
When halfway through the pass I got lost,
Then I remembered and became shaken,
There was a safer road I could have taken,
Now I’m in the path of a serious Frost.

Written by wallyroo92
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Twisted Dreamer
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If I Followed You Home

A cute little look    
A cute little stare  
I hope to make your heart go aflare  
Would you say you love me    
Would you say you care    
Wouldn't you say we make a cute little pair    
Although you may have such a handsome tone    
I do prefer more than the phone    
Would you, could you keep me  
If followed you home
Written by Selosa67
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Thought Provoker
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The Road Begins Here And There

I was the road he'd never taken    
except for fantasy here and there;    
his hopes and dreams had been forsaken -    
his inner light was slowly dying    
and the Gods seemingly didn't care    

I then awakened to my own heart
independent of his choices
Our balancing act became an art;
each personality playing its part:
one body with two distinct voices
Twins, so to speak - with similar taste      
I with freedom, coming and going;      
pursuing butterflies he once chased -      
renewed with vigor, in no great haste;      
neither's wild oats in need of sowing  
Excited to see where both paths lead!      
Certainly we both were meant to be?      
O! how I long for day I am freed!      
To hit this road running with great speed:      
high heeled, black dressed, proclaiming,      
This is me        
Written by MaryWalker
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Non-entry entry.

Dangerous Mind
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Participants, you have about 24 hours to double-check your entries for grammar, spelling, hashtags, cut and paste typos, etc.  It would be a shame to be knocked out of contention for the trophy because of a simple oversight.  

Thanks to everyone so far for entering.  

Daniel Long
Twisted Dreamer
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The Tears Not Raining

Two tear-rivers diverged in a dark wood,
And sorry I could not dam it both    
And be it I’ve longed to change; I should,      
And with parting eyelids, as far as I could      
To where I tear in the rain;    
Then locked both the eyelids, as just as teary,      
And quench perhaps their better cry,      
Because it was thundery, and wanted misery;    
Though as for that within the passing the rain I was sly    
Had falling tear-showers really be from the sinking sky,      
And both his eyes on the world equally keen    
In rain no tears had trodden seen.      
Oh, sorrowed storms hid his bursting poetic-stream!    
Yet knowing how sobbing leads onto wandering,      
If ever should come back the sun, he’d be gone.    
I shall be telling this with a hesitance    
But somewhere ages and ages ago he died:    
Two tear-rivers diverged in his poetic, blizzardy-mind,    
Succumbing to the one less sufferance    
And that has solaced all the difference.      
Written by gothicsurrealism (Daniel Long)
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Dangerous Mind
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Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening (Endless Winter: A Poet's Heart)

Whereby each flake of downy transience  
Aloof, finds not earthly sense,  
But to land, it is recieved:  
Conforms to its ground on a patchworked fence.  

A farmhouse afar is a block enshrouded  
Never moving to find us of it clouded,  
Housing each protected hay-bale and beast to serve us  
It waits so unmoved and ever so grounded.  

As my steps sink ever lower to reach  
A half-frozen sod to soak my feet  
I think of how well the barn keeps dry,  
I wonder how much like us, its woodwork is incomplete.  
A crystalline scene, I blink back the cold  
Eyelashes frosted, of the shelter be told:  
Let me be out here instead,  
I need not anywhere yet to lay my head.  
(A second entry/non-entry)
Written by PoetsRevenge
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Tyrant of Words
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PoetsRevenge, which would you like judged? It's your choice.  

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