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darkness is my name

Bradley J
Fire of Insight
United States
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Rise From the Dirt † inst. by Mors

gazellemon (Bradley J)
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Guardian of Shadows
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Darkness Speaks

Darkness speaks
Sinuous tendrils tentacles
Reaching out, tips probing
Touching feeling out
The screams in dreams
Flashing out, Fleshing
Fears horrors misery
Brushing slowly
Like discordant violins
Screeches on surface
Slimes slides
She screams
Looking into the abyss.
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Lost Thinker
United States
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She used to love me!
At least I thought so.
I mean, I told on her.
I wasnít tryna get her in trouble!
I was a kid!
How was I supposed to know you donít
Kiss and tell?
Besides, I just wanted to brag
To my friends!
Of course she denied it.
And whoís gonna believe the orphan kid?
My parents didnít want me,
Why would a married,
26 year old teacher?
I was moved to another school
Iíve been looking for the love
Of older women ever since!
I wonder
What ever happened to Mrs.
Who gives a fuck!
Written by Incognegro
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Bradley J
Fire of Insight
United States
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Ashes in the Wind (instrumental by Mors)

gazellemon (Bradley J)
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Another Day...

Another day at school,
Another day put to rest.
Another day at home,
Another day to forget.
Another day of happiness,
That is so long overdue.
Another day to cry and weep,
Right in front of you.
Another day to recover,
Another day to resume.
Another day to fight,
Another day to lose.
Another day to fall apart,
And scream at all the pain.
Another day to slit my wrist,
Then hang from a rope and sway.
Another day has passed,
Another day wont come.
Another day has slipped away,
Another day is... Well... gone.
Sorry for not being active. I will try to post more often.
Written by Ahrima
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Courtney emm
Lost Thinker
United States
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Empathetic bullet

Can you hear my cries for help?
You probably wouldn't understand.
But I'm at war with myself,
and I'm reaching for a hand.

These days it's not as often
that I'm at the mercy of my mind.
But it's like I'm locked inside a coffin
and no one knows that I'm alive.

That's how depression feels,
to those who aren't aware.
And if you don't think it's real,
it means that you've been spared.

And you're lucky if you don't,
for you may have dodged a bullet
that many often won't.
They'll find the trigger and pull it.

Is it weird that I feel anger?
That I envy their demise?
Their courage to fill the chamber
and point it right between their eyes?

But please don't get upset,
for I would never pull the trigger.
It's just hard to catch my breath
when my problems all seem bigger.

And to those who might yearn to,
please know I feel your pain.
How every thought will haunt you,
you're betrayed by your own brain.

But hold on to the hope,
that someone needs your smile.
For that is why I wrote,
these words to me are vital.
Written by Rubiksmind91 (Courtney emm)
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Dangerous Mind
Sri Lanka
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Song of the Rain


thickend red drips dried on the cement,
rusty cuffs will wake my wounds after a night sleep

with every tear drop I sow a seed filled with hope
unlike soil, nothing grow on my pillow
some sleepless night ends with,
me hugging my knees
I do what the cuffs do.
peeling off the dry skin from my ankle, †

and I listen to the rain on my metal roof
wind control the volume and vapour in my cote
fill in of thunder screening shady shows to the wall

I crawled inside my wings to cover my naked body, shivering
sitting on the black feathers

It's my vip pass to the show
my breathe keep it a little warm inside
I look at dancing shadows through the feathers
listening to the rain

then comes the verse
played by the drops at the edge of the roof
wind will blow a background harmony
conducting music to trees
leaves and branches play their solos
then the crickets join in, then the frogs,
special features by wolves and owls

it is my window of satisfaction
I feel refreshed, I feel calm, I feel empty...

then the alarms of crows
the rooster, final act of my show
I don't want the sun to rise
I cant bear the torrid air
comes from the iron grill above

I love the night
I love the rain

I await your visit
bring me a
new song

Written by dejure (vick)
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Lost Thinker
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a list of things that didnt kill me

a bottle of pills
chased down with bleach
a high dive
unto a rocky beach
a high jump
with a short rope
reading this
you've proabably lost hope
sorry but the list ain't done
lets get to the real fun
a shot of air in a vein
but it was all in vain
waiting on the tracks
for the midnight train
walking into
the left lane
its kinda hard to explain
why i go through all this pain
maybe i'll try for toxic shock
i mean what could go wrong?
though i'm not one to talk
but it'll draw out long
slashed my wrists
boy,what a mess
this isn't a test
didnt know water
was so cold in your lungs
but as you see
this is a list
of things
that didnt kill me
now it's the end of the day
i guess i'll try again
Written by yourdarkboi
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you to our host, yourdarkboi, for honoring me with the runner-up position. Congratulations to my fellow Canadian, Heart_Symphony, for winning the competition.

Kudos to everyone else who participated.

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