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RUNNERS-UP: snugglebuck and SatInUGal

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Dear Black Girl...

Fire of Insight
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Dear Black Girl

Dear Black Girl
Iíve seen you so shy
As you walk past
With tears in your eye
From your love last
Wanting to say
Iím not like him
To treat you that way
I am less dim
I see the strength
In that beautiful form
Iíd go to any length
To keep your heart warm
Your skin the hue
Of deep mahogany
Brings thoughts of you
How you could be loving me
Ebony and ivory, donít you see
Ying and yang, we're meant to be
Dear Black Girl
Let me love thee
And pray that you love me.
Written by Rjm
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Dangerous Mind
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Congratulations to Snuggle and SatIn on runner ups. Thank to those who voted. It was certainly a great comp. Thank you to the host for coming up with this great idea, I'm humbled by this win.

Dangerous Mind
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Thank you. This is the kind of competition that I love- it asks something of you, it inspires you, and it elevates the conversation.

Twisted Dreamer
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Thx Whynotme. Glad you enjoy my scribble.

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