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Walls of Regrets

Guardian of Shadows
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Poetry Contest

Regrets for the past mirrored in the future
Your regrets about what happened in the past makes you more careful for the future. You put a wall around you, are you able to put your guard down and trust again?
Poems of any length
two entries per poet max
no collaborations
please title your poem.

Dangerous Mind
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Things I'll Never Say

Her soul was once a radiant fire
But now nearly all her flames have turned to ember
Her head-strong approach was something Iíve always admired
Yet now it seems like she has surrenderedÖ
To despair and anxiety after five gruesome years
I watch on helplessly as I donít know what to do
How can I assure her that thereís nothing to fear?
Whenever she asks me what our future holds, I havenít got a clue
There are moments where I see determination in her worn eyes
But those days are rarer and rarer
Many days all I want to do is cry
We wouldnít be in this situation if life had been fairer
All her life has been one struggle after another
But she managed to push on by working like heck
I love her so, oh my poor, dear mother
I fear that Iíll be the cause of her premature death.

Emptiness inside
I didnít want to believe
That this is the final goodbye
Between you and me
I miss you Leo
Why did you have to go?
You, mom and I were the Golden Trio
Yet your life was cut short like one would blowÖ
Out a candle to extinguish its flames
Yet you, my dear cat, were hit by a car
That heart-stopping text from dad engulfed me in rage
And those unbelievable words had sown onto my heart a scar
Sometimes I dream of you, and Iím so happy
Only to wake up to reality, and I burst into tears
These last 10 months without you have been utterly crappy
Your affectionate personality filled our lives with cheer
Emptiness inside
Iíve now come to terms
That this is the final goodbye
The lack of a pulse and your immobile chest were enough to confirm.

I know I havenít been the most worshipping of Christians
Only recently have I come to terms with my spirituality
Honestly, I thought that your existence was pure fiction
Yet my life experience led me to believe that your existence could be a reality
After all, you saved my mother when she was in deathís clutches
You have made it possible for me to accomplish my dream
Whenever I was done, you have been my pair of crutches
So please help me now, or Iíll burst out and scream
Iíve made a terrible choice, that shouldnít have been so if life were different
I went all in instead of fully analyzing and opting for the safer path
I know that my face is often blank, making people think that Iím indifferent
When really, itís my only way of protecting myself from attack
I didnít sign up to pay this terrible price
This never would have happened had the opportunity exited back home
I had no one at the time to give me much needed advice
I feel like Iíve screwed up just as badly as the fall of Rome
So, God, Forces of the universe, my Guardian Angel
Please help my bearer and I to make it out of this shitstorm
This experience has left me rather gainfulÖ
In what I should and shouldnít do; Iím now informed
But I swear that Iíll bring us to the light at the end of the tunnel; no matter how painful.
Written by LunasChild8
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Thought Provoker
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What if all you were ever taught was a lie?
What if not?
What if life is only a long dream
Where everyone sleepwalks with their eyes open
And feet in motion?

What if all that stands for good and kindness
Grants you no credit or points
In the end?
But what if it does?
What if all what you thought was good and right in you
Was to be proven wrong and cruel?

What if you thought you were leaving a good legacy in someoneís life
And turns out that someone never appreciated?

What if the world were to know all your hidden secrets
The ones that hurt you the most
The kind you long to forget and regret
And with everyone you thought of as good and evil
Came together like a unison army
Raging war and accusations against you
Angels and demons acting like devils?

Child, you be you!
Dare to be you!
Donít feel sorry for being you!
They will say all kinds of blasphemies against you
But just be you

If no one else ever appreciated your goodness to them
Only because they heard about your errors and regrets
Be proud of you and for yourself
Knowing you did what you thought was the right thing to do
At the time!

If you earn no brownie-points or credit
For what you did do right
If your kindness does not produce for you any karma
And kindness is never returned to you
Dare to be you!
Donít ever apologize for being you!

In the end, things will be as they were meant to be...
As it was pre-destined before you were even born!
When the world rages against you
Dare to stand....for who you are not for what they want or say for you to be....

What if the world is wrong
And you are right?
But, what if you are right
And the world is wrong?
And what if there is no wrong or right
What if you are just beautiful you
Special in your own way,
Different in a world that will never understand you
And a world you will never understand it?

Leave your imprint in whatever path you travel....
Leave your impression in whatever life you touch positively
If your legacy was not a good one from the start
Make it count for you, even if for you alone...

In the end you donít have to prove yourself worthy or unworthy
Live your life and your dream
Not anyone elseís life or dream!
If the world is right and you are wrong, the choice will be yours to change your course
But, consider what If the rest of the world is wrong and you are the only one right?
Would you change your course,
Abandon your path, quit being who you really are
To step into THEIR world and live THEIR legacy?
Written by Cyndi_Moone
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Dangerous Mind
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Walls Around Me

The solid walls keep building themselves higher and higher,
Obscuring the light from coming through the cracks. It is not
Your fault if the walls become more difficult to climb because
It just means that everyone who has claimed to love me prior
To you give me every reason to keep building. The direct shot
Is what I protect myself from. I am never looking for applause
Or to be swept off my feet, but to be with someone who lets
Me take my wall down, one brick at a time until they see me
And do not want to hurt what I have to offer. Someone who
Tells me to let it go and I will believe them. So many regrets
Within the walls. I loved all the wrong people or chose to be
In situations that brought me down so if I choose to let you
Love me, it comes with this warning: I want you, but I never
Need you
and just maybe I will let go of my grip on the lever.
Written by eswaller
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Guardian of Shadows
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LunasChild8, eswaller and Cyndi_Moone thank you for participating in the comp.

Strange Creature
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Iíve changed

Iíve made mistakes  
One or a few
I regret them all
But theyíve only led me up to you  
Iíve hurt you unforgivably  
But you managed to stay
I promise to change
In the best of ways
Your my best friend  
If I lose you
I donít know what would happen
But it wouldnít  be good  
Hang around a little longer  
Youíll see the changes
I promise you will
Written by A_livia_16
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Guardian of Shadows
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A_livia_16, thank you for your entry.

Dangerous Mind
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I wish I had experienced you
Inside and out
When I had the chance

You wanted me
I wanted you
We were naked and wet
From the hot tub

And then we were interrupted
And that was that

No taste, no feel, no smell
To savor in memorium

Only the memory of you
Going out of your way to apologize
For something that never happened

Let me ask:
How do you
Remember that night?
Written by SatInUGal (Kumar)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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I wish we had finished
The conversation
We were having
With our bodies
Written by SatInUGal (Kumar)
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Related submission no longer exists.

Guardian of Shadows
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SatInUGal and Miss_Sub thank you for participating.

Dangerous Mind
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The Truth of the Matter

Trust is a doorway.
The wall is not of regret;
my key is hidden.
Written by Eerie
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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The scale

The castles of desire and not to scale
images distorted by the oil lamp
the moat to cross to damp
but still persue our fairy tale

Rupunzel hair fall down fall down
a prince so handsome kiss your feet
the butterflys that romance feeds
a tiara or a shining crown

a tinsle town where sparkle lives
the red carpet left untrod
your ego like a cattle prod
tenderness †in time forgives

mistreatment breeds a harder skin
a barbed wire fence keeps hurt away
to steel your will the attornys †said
separtation advanced the broken link

the premier with empty seats
a hollow of illusion you try to delete
the call of chastity religon needs
the monastry walls that cant be breached

Written by slipalong
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Guardian of Shadows
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Eerie and slipalong, thank you for participating in the comp.

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