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OF Monsters And Men

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Fire of Insight
South Africa
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I already had one written for their song lion heart but let me get inking I'll be back soon

Fire of Insight
South Africa
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Circling in silence

Circling in silence.
Looking for words to break the silence.
All my feelings I harbor for you, I'm looking for a way to express them.
Caught between my thoughts and words that I wish to believe are powerful enough to show you I truly care.
But '''When the words,
Weigh heavy on the heart.
I am lost
And lead only by the stars'''.
I shall find my way to you.
I'll move mountains to find my way to you.
And if I should lose my self in my quest of finding my way to your heart.
Cage me like an animal by your throne.
Cause I believe in my madness of my love for you.
words will Weigh heavy on the heart.
I'll be lost
And lead only by the stars.
I shall find my way to you.
I just want to be near by you to tell you how much I love you.

Written by poetOftragedy
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poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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Black Rain

(Inspired by Monsters and Men's song 'Black Water' and the phenomenon of radioactive 'black rain' that is a result of a nuclear bomb)
From the sea  
All creatures  
Came to be  
Including you  
And me  

If someday  
A doomsday  
Wipes away  
The disease  
Of humanity
Black rain will wash away  
Of what we became  
And once again  
From the depths  
Of the great sea  
Will emerge new beauty  
A better life that is  
Far more deserving  
Than we  
Written by snugglebuck
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Nathaniel Peter
Thought Provoker
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Dangerous Mind
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When We Sink

We almost always keep sinking and drowning, but like the captain of this
Ship, we are steering ourselves back to the shoreline. The waves that fizz
Like the leftover bubbled of popped champagne at midnight and your face
That emerges from endless bodies of salty water are what we always trace
With the hands that start steady fires with just that one small, single spark.
When I close my eyes things becomes hazy, but I see colors and your dark
Shadows. Keep your eyes on me as we fight to keep ourselves from the sea
Like the enemy and the monster that tries to capsize and sink us down. We
Are like the dreamers who are hearing the hum. We are the quiet sleepers
As we hold and bite our tongues until we are bleeding. We are the keepers
Of dreams and hopes while chasing hopelessly in the dark. Nobody said it
Had to be the end of it all. So come on, come on and follow me until we fit
Under my skin where we both are feeling warm while we make a home so
The gaps between us are filled up. We are in a world that is telling us to go
And go so we need to be slowing down. I know that whatever happens you
Will keep me in your sheltered mind. We know the sky is never always blue.
Written by eswaller
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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My Calling

I heard my calling and I found it thrilling,
An invitation to express myself feeling free,
In search of something beautiful and fulfilling,
Past the fields and through a sea of trees.
And at the foothills I felt the breeze,
Like a soothing summons to reach the top,
Leaving it all behind I began to seize,
Because my will would never let me stop.
I scaled the mountain with a new elation,
Inspired by the hum it made in my heart,
And the higher I got in the elevation,
Life it seemed was just about to start.
And when I finally reached the peak,
The sensation was blissful and profound,
For there I discovered that I am unique,
Motivated by that joyful mountain sound.

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