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All Hallow’s Eve Poetry

Dangerous Mind
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Blood Lust

Allow me to introduce this young maiden
A dark-haired prime example of beauty
All bewitched by her have no idea of the nightmare that has just begun
Sit down and enjoy a cup of tea.

There’s more than meets the eye to this quiet maiden
Yet most men don’t mind joining her in bed
She drinks the blood of unsuspecting virgins
Permanently staining her lips red.

A line of copper trails down her chin
As she teasingly licks it off while staring at you
Adding some color to her bone-white skin
There’s no escape from her, no matter what you do.

Behold this vampire: a daughter of hell
With the face of an angel, yet with no soul
It ran away from her cold-hard shell
Drinking the blood of the living to have some sense of control.

She enjoys making love to ladies and gentlemen
Just before their deaths, their final moments are spent in pleasure
She teases them with kisses, and then…
She sinks her fangs into their flesh; the warm, red blood is her ultimate treasure.

Her stunning green eyes will lure you in
And you can’t help but fall for her
She may look innocent, but she’s the personification of sin
The devil sends you a gift in the form of his daughter.

Her love bite brings both pleasure and pain
Yet your heart weakens until it stops beating
Immortality is now what you’ve gained
Her red-stained grin greets you while you’re still bleeding.

Behold this vampire: a daughter of hell
With the face of an angel, yet with no soul
She nearly entered heaven before she fell
Vainly trying to make herself feel whole.
Written by LunasChild8
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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LunasChild8 said:

There’s more from LunasChild as one might hope,
With her poem’s dark flirt, we might elope:

Beauty of this blooded maid captures those
To hold and suck the life until they’re dead.
The cage whereof she sleeps is where she chose
The pleasured scraps collect off which she’s fed.

Dangerous Mind
Philippines 24awards
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No one knew of Leah.
She was that child, kept hidden and chained  
inside the windowless basement  
of the mansion across the lake -
the secret that her family would kill to keep;
the byproduct of an incestuous coupling  
of a deviant, abusive father  
and of a mad, yet dangerously beautiful daughter.
"Child of the devil!" her mother used to call her,  
as she slaps her senseless, for the sin of existence.  
Oftentimes, she strokes her unruly curls and kept whispering vile words in her ears.  
Leah grew up knowing nothing but the rants filled with hatred, uttered by a mind gone insane.  
And so she believes...  
She's a child of the devil!
She looked at the mirror and all she could see
was an image of a woman that was not her own.  
Those pair of green eyes with flecks of brown,  
hooded by lashes so thick  
that it hids the fury of the soul within.  
Only she knows, only she feels, only she sees,  
the truth swimming under the sea of despair.  
And for what? For whom?  
It's only a matter of time now before everything floats back into the surface.  
By then, it would be too late to be saved.  
A smirk formed in her cherry painted lips before mumbling,  
The morning after that fateful Halloween  
some ten years ago have all been forgotten,  
buried as a cold case and unsolved.
Funny how this town could easily set aside  
the memory of that horrific day,  
of Sarah and her headless body
floating in crimson waters  
on the big fountain in the park.
How could they be smiling  
as they dressed up the children
to play trick or treat, knocking on doors,  
expecting candies in turn?
Should I play threat and trick with them  
and make them remember?
"Hello Chloe, are you alone? Come in...
I prepared treats especially for you."
Oh, yes...
They will remember!
At first, they thought that it's a prop,
the remnant of kids' trash from last nights' prank.
Until the cleaning crew arrived and touched the headless 'doll',
and then they knew that it was not and it all began...
Screams of terror rung from a mother's lungs,
There's no doubt in her heart who could it be.
Even without the blond curls, who else but her Chloe?
That Tinkerbelle costume and pink lacy shoes
and that little hand wearing a ring with a red shiny heart...
taunting as the arm attached drips diluted blood
when it dangles lifelessly on the edge of the fountain in the park...
"It's a ghost! The ghost of Sarah!"
someone said.
And the following silence proves...
that now, now they remember!
The fools!  
A decade had passed, yet it seems they never learn;
committing the same mistake as they did with Sarah -
asking the wrong questions,  
suspecting the wrong person,
Assuming and jumping to conclusions.
...who done it? ...where hid it? Fools!
Will Chloe suffer the same injustice?
Tears of blood filled with rage run down her cheeks, as she...
picked up the frames imprisoning  
the smiling image of two little blond girls.
For they don't belong in that memorial beside the fountain,  
surrounded by melting candles and flowers...
"Who, whose dead body was found defiled,
and headless on the fountain in the park?"
Because she knew for certain that it wasn't Chloe,  
nor was it Sarah ten years ago.
Who would have remembered?
The child that no one knew, born and died
in darkness, not knowing the light of day.
Even in her death, she was kept hidden,
mourned by another mother, while her own
torture another in her place;
her grave
bearing another's name,  
And here she is, unknown.
Alive but, remembered as the headless ghost.
She'll wait another year
till another chance comes for her to reclaim
her self.
Next Halloween, she hopes Chloe  
would be awarded due recognition.
"Hello, Chloe, child of the devil!"
Written by OxyMoronicMe (G.L.)
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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OxyMoronicMe said:


The Sisterhood has offered still,
Another one, with pride and skill.
And ever welcomes Oxy’s write,
To make all who read, pale with fright!

Twisted Dreamer
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Hallows Eve

Fixed upon days fading light your mind engulfed by fear
Trembling uncontrollably as darkness draws in nearer
Your shadowed room a dim lit tomb a lair of demise
For on this night a witches flight evokes the undeads cries
Rising from their shallow graves the corpses of the dead
The children that this night enslaved now leave their earth filled beds
Lost souls in pain search for life again for death they can't conceive
So hold yours dearer as they draw nearer on this Hallows Eve
Written by LBV
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Tyrant of Words
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Night of the Raping Witch

 “She performs her erotic ritual in preparation of the spell
Will it lead me to ultimate ecstasy or torturous hell?
 “My mind becomes twisted by her deep throat consumption
As ninety-nine percent of my brain is focused on fucking,

 “The sudden pinch of my nipples causes pre-cum to slip
While feathers strike my testicles like a demon’s whip,
 “I shake uncontrollably and beg for instant release
As she now slowly slides down my erection like a stalking beast,

 “Each up and down motion is followed by a vaginal clinch
That causes my vision to blur and my pupils to twitch,
 “Tears roll down my cheeks as I begin crying
If this is death’s way to my end, then I welcome the dying,

 “Duty, honor and loyalty with all my heart I shove
While deep inside her I release my liquid love,
 “I truly want to caress her, but realized I was restrained
As she now sits on my face and push cum out like pouring rain,

 “Down my throat it slides, until burning the symbol of hell
Branding me for eternity with ancient words of betrayal,
 “Then the pain of flesh is followed by a pain in my ass
As her barbed tail enters me, shattering my anus like glass,

 “Pieces of my shredded rectum she forced me to eat
My toenails she cracked and sucked directly from my feet,
 “Eyelids ripped away so no closure when attempting sleep
As she invented new painful erotic’s week after week,  

 “Each humiliating torture was her personal wicked fun
Causing her pussy to squirt and pulsate like a blazing sun,
 “My last vision was of her dripping pussy rocking like a ship at sea
While heaven’s light shined angrily down on me,

 “Now I understood this was God’s angelic test-and I failed
As she released a last orgasmic howl with the power of a Banshee’s wail,
  “My flesh begin to dissolve while my soul began to shatter
At that moment asking for forgiveness did not even matter.”
Written by CasketSharpe
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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LBV said:

‘Tis truer now, this time of year,
When children from the deep
Arise, descend and find where near
Their living siblings sleep.

So sayeth brother LBV
Who joins us from the crypt.
In telling, regales of what he
Knows, speaking in encrypt.

Fire of Insight
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Joined 18th Sep 2018
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Apple Pie Part 5

"Are we all full from our meal?"

The blind woman asks.
Grinning from ear to ear.

"I have all your procurements ready to go.
You'll never freeze tonight and that's a promise."

She says reassuringly.
Gathering our dishes and dumping them into the sink.
She moves with such grace and elegance for a blind woman.

How long has she been blind?
How can she know the inns and outs of her place so well,
without having a single accident or even bumping into things?
She doesn't use a white cane or even keep her arms up for guidance.
Does she use some kind of sonar echo location device,
that is pitched at a higher decimal our ears are deaf to?
So many questions that will never be answered.

We rally our gear and shoo ourselves outside.
Pausing for a second as if telepathically thinking.
I wonder if any of the others noticed the pie.
I wonder if they were paying attention,
before meeting the gaze of those eyes.
I let out an exhausting sigh.
There's only one way to find out.

"I was thinking."

I said in a soft doubtful tone.

"Has anyone noticed how that Apple Pie tasted?"

"It was delish.
The best damn Apple Pie I ever had!!!"

I_IS_ME jubilantly exclaimed.

The others nodded in agreeance.
There was no point asking the next question.
They hadn't noticed a thing.

The night was cold,
crisp and dry.
The local habitants were silent and still.
No calls to the night.
No rustling of shadows.
No teeth and fangs with psychotic episodes,
waiting to strip our flesh from our screaming bones.
No nothing.
Just peace and quiet.
Except for that annoying owl,
chanting hoot,
hoot like a retarded broken record.

We walk to the four tents pitched in front,
off the wing of the blind woman's cottage.
We behold the picturesque beauty,
of the brand new tents that were now our quarters.

They were enormously wide and taller than we were.
The lips of the mouths were zippered shut.
The entrance to these giants were small enough to pass,
and narrow enough to close.
They illuminated the darkness with their array of colors.
They dam sure didn't look like this when we passed the first time.
What the fuck is going on!!!!

We shed our supplies piggy backing our shoulders.

"I want the purple one."

Veronica said.

"We'll take the red one."

Donnie commanded.

"And we'll take the orange one."

I_IS_ME said.

"That just leaves the blue one for us."

I say to LilDragonFly.

Blue is my favorite color any way.
We all say goodnight and enter our tents.
Little did I know of the events that were about to conspire.

"Are you tired baby?"

Michelle asked Donnie.
Undressing down to her lingerie.


Donnie says firmly.
Not paying attention to the strip tease his girlfriend was performing.

"Are you horny then?"

She asks.
Flinging her bra at the back of his head.
He turns around to a pair of perky nipples staring him down.
Her areolas perfectly round and hard.
Her breasts huge and natural.
Forty D.

In the purple tent Marcus and Veronica unpack their supplies.
She unfolds the comforter and snaps it to size.
It swells up angrily,
like an octopus riding the waves of the sea.
Marcus takes out the lantern and lights it with his lighter.
It flickers from the wind but doesn't produce any shadows.
He is too tired to notice.
He yawns and stretches,
collapsing on the comforter his girlfriend just laid out.
He curls himself into a ball and falls fast asleep.
Veronica becomes very angry as she stands over his body,
studying him snoring and slobbering on his pillow.

She was hoping he would fuck her.
After all that was the only reason she came along.
She made sure her costume was the sluttiest,
so he would get the picture.
She knew what turned him on,
knew his fantasies and desires.
So she dressed up as a desperate housewife.

She wore a tight fitting black and red leather dress,
that accented her gorgeous legs.
Her back was exposed revealing she wore no bra.
Her breasts were bursting out their seams,
as if they were ready to jump ship.
In fact she wore no panties either.
Her red pumps stood about four inches high.
What can I say,
Marcus was really into Desperate Housewives.

She felt really horny.
She took off her dress and slipped under the covers,
next to the piece of shit she called a man;
she so desperately wanted to fuck.
She thought how it would feel if he felt up her body.
She began to grope herself,
fondling her average sized breasts.
Thirty-six B.
The more she caressed the more excited she became.
She shoved her right hand to her vagina and frantically rubbed.

In the orange tent I_IS_ME and SweetKittyCat5 passionately make love.
No description needed.
Their privacy is censored.

"LilDragonFly I think we need to talk."

I softly say reaching for her hands,
placing them in mine while looking her in her eyes.

"Do you love me for who I am?
Or do you love me for what I've become?"

I nervously ask her unsure of what she'll say.

"Sexy Joe there's no need to question my love for you.
I love you unconditionally no matter what.
I'm nothing like those other bitches you were fuckin with in the past.
I'm a real woman who has a matured mind.
I am not going anywhere,
I'll always be by your side.
Unless you have plans of leaving me.
Do you have plans on leaving me?"

She asks with concern in her voice.

"I have no plans on leaving you either.
I guess I'm a little paranoid with what's been going on lately.
I'm sorry I even brought it up."

I say.
She places her index finger on my lips and kisses me gently.
Before I know it we're undressing and making love.
Again no need for description.
This part is censored.

Back at Donnies tent his face is buried in Michelle's bossom.
His dick is rock hard.
All that's on his mind is how good he's gonna fuck her.
She helps him shed his Werewolf costume.
She tosses it aside.
His face goes back to her boobs while her hands roam free,
in search of his dick.
She throws her head back.
Her eyes glowing green.
A wide and evil smile paints itself on her face.
She removes Donnies head from her chest standing him straight.
She lunges for his dick.
Mouth opened wide.
Wrapping around his head.
She sucks gently at first,
but quickly revs up the speed.
Donnie throws back his head with excitable pleasure.
He grabs the back of her neck,
ramming more of his dick down her throat.
He moans and groans on the doorstep of ecstasy.
His floodgates start to open but are quickly closed.
The feeling of ecstasy is replaced with a sudden sharp pain.
His face is distorted in a disturbing show of agony.
He looks down at Michelle,
her face is covered in blood.
She spits out his dick and chews on his head,
as if it were a pack of now and laters.
His blood continues to stream.
He looks at the gaping hole where his dick used to be.
Panic now sprints up his throat.
He releases the most loudest siren he has ever produced.
Still losing blood at an alarming rate.
Michelle finishes her snack and is now ready for her meal.
She pounces on Donnie.
Biting huge chunks out his face.
He wails louder and louder you would think the others would hear.
But they are busy with their own sexual encounters.
Too busy to notice his screams.
Too possessed to even care.



Written by Sex_on_the_Joe (Joe-D)
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Dangerous Mind
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Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat
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Dangerous Mind
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The Witching Hour

55, 56, 57, 58, 59
Tick tock the seconds knock
From the old grandfather clock

Suddenly, Hell’s bells the clock strikes twelve
Tis now the hour that horrid evil dwells

Graveled voices of incantation rhymes
Sing to the music of Westminster chimes

Now begins the malevolent Witching Hour
Feel a cool breath on your neck of its power

Old bones rattle, graveyards quake
Rats scurry chased by slithering snakes

Pray you all, for the passing of every second
Thank the Virgin for each ticking minute

For it’s more than just your flesh at stake
But your very soul the devil covets to take
Written by snugglebuck
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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CasketSharpe said:

To CasketSharpe, our welcome greets.
And having members read till dawn,
To cringe and howl the black techniques,
Upon her victim, all night long!

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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The weather is foreboding setting in,
With perfect temperatures to store the dead.
The storms are yet at bay, 'tis dry as sin,
'Tis time to cogitate what's to be said.

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Sex_on_the_Joe said:

Sex_on_the_Joe raises a hand, we hail,
A randy bloke with stories from his spies.
But ‘tis a shame, ‘tis only part a tale,
We’d love to see the rest with our own eyes!

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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snugglebuck said:

Now, 'tis good fellow, member snugglebuck
Who brings his ink of spells in both hands.
What say we take a chance and wish him luck,
For when the tower strikes all bets are banned!

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Spirits have begun to drone about the keep.
Ye have less four days left to enter thy spells,
To quell their interfering devilish sweep!

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