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Hepcat61 (geoff cat)
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All Hallow’s Eve Poetry

poet Anonymous

poet Anonymous

jade tiger
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SatansSperm said:
Darksun82 said:

There be Final Destinations,
A Great Hall, and then Death!
What further abominations
Shall ye poets meet next?

The latest of the Brotherhood
Have traveled far, each one.
Thy spells offered here to make good:
SatansSperm & DarkSun!

Dangerous Mind
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Archaeologists find ‘vampire burial’ site of a child feared capable of rising from the dead

geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
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Deepest Grotto’s Cavern

(a quatern)
From deepest grotto’s cavern wails emit,  
Infernal shores that quake with hell fires’ gape,  
It’s here, in heat and drive, hard tunnels’ fit,  
That devil’s wanton brew fills human shape.  
In wares’ entice of She that beckon on,  
From deepest grotto’s cavern wails emit,  
That gathers every lust in wanton song,  
That gathers me in She, full soul’s commit.  
Like pitchfork thrust, three gates’ assault submit,  
As angel-witch, She anguish torment play,  
From deepest grotto’s cavern wails emit,  
That pull the gates hard closed that I should stay.  
In swelter’s heat, how slow She draws me out,  
With every fiber bend, full well submit,  
In every note that blends our coming shout,  
From deepest grotto’s cavern, wails’ emit.
Written by Hepcat61 (geoff cat)
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jade tiger
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Hepcat61 said:

There comes a time a member of the ‘hood
Performs his sworn commitment with the Dark.
The Queen, who takes a liking as She would;
Comes Geoff the Cat, who’s branded with Her mark!

poet Anonymous

Jade! That's fantastic!! What a wonderful mind you have!!
You're just the supreme hostess!!
I bow before your vicious beauty!!
Love it!


Dangerous Mind
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Witching Hour

Beware the chiming of the Grandfather clock
For the witching hour has come
Yet there is one dark figure that comes out and walks
Underneath the dim light of the midnight sun.

Mothers hide their children indoors
And even drunkards know to clear the streets
This peaceful village isn’t quite the same as before
On this chilly All Hallow’s Eve.

The hooded lithe figure continues undisturbed
Her haunting voice echoes in the still air
All around her, the dead start to emerge
Her features are hidden, aside from her auburn hair.

Only the foolish or the brave would seek her out
Eager to satisfy their greed with a spell
Yet even their courageous hearts are filled with doubt
As to why the witch smiles, no one can tell.

She offers a vast selection of herbs and potions
Or perhaps you’d fancy a reading into your future
Yet the ones that seek her out are fewer and fewer
Don’t eat the apples bubbling in the black cauldron.

Such an angelic face hiding the evil inside
Her blackened soul is rotten to the core
Yet her many victims were all blinded by pride
Where angels desire peace, the witch thrives in war.

Her golden eyes pierce through the soul
Her medallion clings to her bosom
Through a simple kiss, she’ll have you under her control
At her feet, only black roses blossom.

At last, the sun begins to rise
In the darkness, you can see a splash of red
The auburn witch has left with her earned prize
And will return to celebrate the Day of the dead.
Written by LunasChild8
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jade tiger
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LunasChild8 said:

We have LunasChild with us, good members,
Who weaves her words of light by Moon’s power.
She knows as tributes glow in fire’s embers,
To cast a spell that brings the Witching Hour!

poet Anonymous

Hi, can I just say, you're both fantastic! Starrs and Jade! Two of my favorite people.
Love you guys!


Lost Thinker
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Love it Matthew!

poet Anonymous

Thank you Starr!!
I'm hoping for 32nd place, in the field of 11, but I'll be thrilled if there's a Last Place ribbon!


jade tiger
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ElusiveSleepfall said:


A junior member’s come and brings his dog,
With offering excitable the plot.
So let us welcome them with mead & grog,
To read the words his warlock ink hath wrought!

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States 154awards
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To be most anywhere
The afternoon is warm
Swirling clouds of bees swarm

With balm of breezes' care
Before a summer storm
The trees lean into harm

Yet as for this my fate
The hush of breeze is naught
And I shall soon be caught

And stillness cold's berate
The strobe of gasping stark
From time of day grown dark

A darkness of myself
Within a crevice deep
Where heaven cannot reach

To wear the scent of you  
Embedded in my sleep
And never lets me weep

Forbidden in this need
Exacting to a fault
Despite the rub of salt

In planting of the seed
To undo slumber's halt
To break free of its vault

And sounds of tidal breath
In mind the ebb and flow
To make me let it go

While hovered over death
The tapered ghosted psalm
That travels to my soul

Without the bless of grace
To pool in open palm
The blood from lover's kiss

That makes a heart to race
Awaits for your return
For nothing more than this.

April 1  (NaPoWriMo 2017)
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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