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Dangerous Mind
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Very very nice poem LBV
Good luck!

Guardian of Shadows
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The Ghosts of Herak Part 7

Orcus began to change. He became taller and his robe seemed to flap like wings. His handsome face turned into something else, more regal but more horrific. Two horns appeared on the sides of his head, but despite this, he had this terrible beauty;  his face was like a smooth-faced minotaur. He was even taller than before. His robe flapped around him as if they were alive.
Desire stood by all this while let out a cackling laugh and we turned our attention at her. She was still as terribly beautiful as before but she looked almost reptilian.
“Come let us face your ghosts and demons!” Orcus cried, and gestured in the air. The cave was gone immediately and we were caught in a whirlwind that seemed to grip us as it moved. The fiery Guardian held all three of us together in his mighty arms to make sure that we were not thrown hither and tither.
There was a big boom after a moment and we fell to the ground. We scrambled up immediately, grabbing the guardian’s mighty arms and looking in terrified wonder around us.  
We were in Herak…but it was not as it was.
Pandora let out a wail and I heard Ameria, my tall statuesque cousin gasped in horror.  
For before us was the village Herak, but the inhabitants, all casually seated on verandahs’ and porticos, and on benches in gazebos looked slightly green. They seemed frozen in awkward postures as if they were not used to doing it.
They all cringed and staggered back when they saw Orcus appear before them. For the man god and high priest was awful in his majesty. He exuded arrogance and menace that only he could achieve.
I saw Julius the elder, standing still at the door of our common hall and met his eyes. Despite the green aura around him, he looked desperate and fearful. I knew that the minions of Remus had possessed the body of the people of Herak, but some had stronger spirits than others.
The villagers in their new spirit converged and moved in a mass towards Orcus. I knew they were ready to mow him down with their pitchforks and scythes. The three of us and the guardian drew our swords. Desire laughed gleefully, she must be anticipating the flow of blood, I thought. The enchantress was also a shape changer and a vampire who loves blood.  
The clangs and clashes of iron distracted me and I saw Orcus being swarmed by the hordes in the body of the villagers of Herak. He was totally covered with the mass of possessed bodies. We stood there rooted in shock at his seemingly meek demeanour.
Suddenly bright green light sprung from within the squirming wriggling mass. There was a clap of thunder and the people fell on their back. Orcus emerged, with wriggling green forms clutched in his hands.  
He shouted ‘Vade Retro…exorcizamus te…’ and words we could not really catch, but there were screams of anger and despair from the green forms in his hands. And then we heard the thunder of hooves and dark hooded riders appeared from everywhere.  
They thundered towards Orcus and for a moment we lost sight of him and then the horsemen disappeared. The green things in Orcus hands were gone. The people were still on the ground, women, men and children lying down dazed.
“Your ghosts are gone, women, and now for the price…” Orcus said, smiling at us. He was again a normal good looking man, rather tall and pale but still normal looking. Desire stood by him, smiling too.  
“What do you want?” I asked.
“Her…for she is young and beautiful. She will serve us for her years are yet plenty. You see, we add up the years of our price to ours, allowing us youth eternal…” Orcus said, touching Pandora on her shoulder and tipping her chin up.  
“No!” I shouted and Ameria stepped up and unsheathed her sword. And that was all we were able to do. For we became rooted to the ground…Desire had put a spell on us.
Desire and Orcus held my beautiful sister to their bosoms, like a group embrace. Pandora looked dazed as the two non-human sucked in her youth. I cried silently as I saw the veins stood out in her porcelain-like white skin.
To be continued…
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Guardian of Shadows
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The Ghosts of Herak Part 8

Suddenly white light encompassed the whole compound; the light seemed to be made of little stars twinkling. Strange musical sounds came from everywhere; tinkling bells and summer rain. The twinkling light suffused the whole village and the people stood up, spritely and fresh. They looked around in wonder.
Ameria and I stood there in astonishment;  the Guardian had taken off his helmet showing his long golden hair. He spread out his arms and the whole world seemed to glow with a warm pleasant light.  
Orcus and Desire stood shocked as wonder upon wonder unfold. Flowers of every kind grew around our feet and theirs. The fruit plants around put forth fruits and the tree leaves sparkled. They gasped and stood back from Pandora who fell in a heap of the ground.  
“Go back to where you belong…the new gods compel you,” the fiery Guardian said.
Orcus who looked bewildered made as if to speak but stopped. Desire tried to laugh but choked instead. The ground underneath them opened up and they were gone, their shrieks of resentment and fury diminishing as the ground closed up again.  
The Guardian tenderly held up Pandora, who was very weak. I ran to her and held her, but she could not respond as she was so weak. I saw tears in her eyes and knew that she was on the verge of dying.
“I will take her with me for she is very weak. Her life essence has been sucked almost to the finish by the two evil ones. I will heal her and infuse in her my spirit, so she can live. But she will be an immortal as I,” the Guardian said.
“Will we see her again?” I asked, clinging on to Pandora’s limp hand.
“No. Unless she wishes to be seen…she will be my Gaea. As her name is Grecian so will her immortal name be. She will be one of the new immortals…gods if you will. She will be with us forever.”
I cried while Ameria stood by me, her arms around my waist. I looked around and realized that the people had all gone back to their respective homes.  
“It grows late,” the fiery Guardian said and in a twinkling of an eye they were gone. The sounds of bells and falling rain vanished. Only the flowers and fruits were proof of what had transpired.
I sat down among the strange flowers and bawled.  
I never saw Pandora or the Fiery Guardian again. Ameria and I spoke about them sometimes, but mostly we kept our secret to ourselves. None of the villagers remembered anything, even the hauntings of Herak. They went about their daily life as if nothing had happened. Nobody remembered the black beans ritual and I didn’t pursue it either. Our village was peaceful and thrived well. In future, our village would be called Ameria. But that’s another story.
Ameria- AEMelia564
Pandora- Jade-Pandora
Grace- Grace
The Fiery Guardian-Daniel Christensen
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Dangerous Mind
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Excellent story you have here Tv
Good luck!  Thanks entering :)

Dangerous Mind
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Keep going grace it’s so so good !

Fire of Insight
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Witches and Spells

A young man is weeping, sitting under a tree in the forest.
An old ragged woman approaches him and asks “Why are you crying?”
“My girlfriend left me” he says with tears flowing down his cheeks. “She just broke up with me, she left me for someone else”.
“Don’t cry my dear” the old woman tells him. “I may have the solution for you.”
Curious the young man looks into the old woman’s pale colored eyes.
“I’m a witch you see and I can conjure up a spell to get her back to you”.
With disbelief the young man gives the tiniest of scoffs.
“It’s true” she says. “Don’t you want her back?”
“I do” he replies. “I’ll do anything but…”
“Then listen to my advice” the witch says. “If you do as I say, by morning she’ll be back in your arms.”
“How much will it cost me?”
“Your time and all your physical abilities” she responded.
“My what?”
“Yes, your time and your strength and stamina, if you’re willing to get her back.”
“Ok, tell me”.
“First, I have to prepare a special potion, then we must bathe in it so that the essence will transcend and reach out to her, then we must make love so that the aromas and thoughts will enter her mind and she will look for you.”
“Wait, make love? You’re cra…”
“I’m serious! It’s a potent spell! You’ll see.”
Desperate the young man agrees even though he is repulsed by the sight of her.

They arrive at her house in the middle of the forest. It’s an old shack surrounded by brush and trees. Inside there are small animal skins, trinkets and other items hanging from the ceiling. The place smells of old wood and herbs.
She proceeds to place a mixture of herbs, spices and other things into a cauldron over the fire, stirring and chanting softly in an unknown language.
“What are you saying?” he asks.
“Shush” she says. “It’s a spell” she adds as she continues to stir the pot.

“Remove you clothes” she says a few minutes later. She gives him an elixir from the shelf and then bathes him with an old rag that she dips it into the mixture. He can smell the rue, the herbs and earth on his skin. Unbeknownst to him he becomes fully erect.
“What is in this?” he asked.
“It’s a mix of ancient remedies. It will make you strong and virile”.
After she bathes him with the warm sticky goo, she undresses revealing her old and wrinkled body (warts and all), then bathes herself with the same concoction.
“Now, make love to me, but you have to make me feel it as if I were her. Look into my eyes and kiss me, tell me you love me. Don’t hold back, do anything and everything you’ve always wanted to do to her. Make me believe. Do all this and the spell will work.”

For three hours straight (and thanks to the potion) the young man made love to the old witch on her bed. He made the most passionate, erotic and beautiful love. And even though he was still physically repelled by the old witch, he couldn’t understand why he couldn’t stop, all the while she mumbled another language as she delighted in total ecstasy.

Finally when the potion for the strong erection wore off, they stopped. She was satiated and he was spent.

As he gets dressed (feeling nauseous), he notices she watches him curiously, naked from the bed.
“What are you staring at?” he asks.
“Oh nothing, just wondering how old you are.”
“Twenty five” he responds. “Why?”
To which the witch replies: “Aren’t you a little too old to be believing in witches and spells?”

Dangerous Mind
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Witching Hour

Beware the chiming of the Grandfather clock
For the witching hour has come
Yet there is one dark figure that comes out and walks
Underneath the dim light of the midnight sun.

Mothers hide their children indoors
And even drunkards know to clear the streets
This peaceful village isn’t quite the same as before
On this chilly All Hallow’s Eve.

The hooded lithe figure continues undisturbed
Her haunting voice echoes in the still air
All around her, the dead start to emerge
Her features are hidden, aside from her auburn hair.

Only the foolish or the brave would seek her out
Eager to satisfy their greed with a spell
Yet even their courageous hearts are filled with doubt
As to why the witch smiles, no one can tell.

She offers a vast selection of herbs and potions
Or perhaps you’d fancy a reading into your future
Yet the ones that seek her out are fewer and fewer
Don’t eat the apples bubbling in the black cauldron.

Such an angelic face hiding the evil inside
Her blackened soul is rotten to the core
Yet her many victims were all blinded by pride
Where angels desire peace, the witch thrives in war.

Her golden eyes pierce through the soul
Her medallion clings to her bosom
Through a simple kiss, she’ll have you under her control
At her feet, only black roses blossom.

At last, the sun begins to rise
In the darkness, you can see a splash of red
The auburn witch has left with her earned prize
And will return to celebrate the Day of the dead.
Written by LunasChild8
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Guardian of Shadows
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Zazzles said:Keep going grace it’s so so good !

I am done my dear...notice the credits.

Thought Provoker
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Apple Pie Part 1

"Come on dude we gotta go,"
I_IS_ME screams up the stairwell,
getting my attention in an inpatient voice.

"ok, ok, I know.
I'm just waiting for LilDragonFly to finish putting on her face."

I yell back in an even more irritable tone.
For some reason she always takes forever to do anything.

"SweetKittyCat5 and I will be outside with everyone else,
pouting and complaining about your slow asses,"

I_IS_ME hissed back.
My brother,
always bitching,
moaning and complaining about something;
in his high pitched sarcastic squabble.

"Okay, we'll be down in a sec,"
I shouted back.

We trot downstairs,
decorated in our Halloween attire.
I am tricked out as a roadkill zombie,
I love zombies.

My girlfriend LilDragonFly,
looking sexy as all hell;
shimmers and shines portraying a slutty housemaid.
Her skirt is very short with long white knee high socks;
a strap that goes from the top of her sock to the bottom of her thong.
They are red by the way.
Her shirt is cropped with a V-neck,
displaying her lacey bra with mountains of cleavage.
Her bra is also red.

My girlfriend's tummy is smooth and flat,
her pierced navel ring glistens in the pearly moon light.
Her shoes are black and shiny at least four inches high.
Her face is littered with pounds of makeup,
red lipstick,
and a bull ring in her nose with a piercing in her left nostril.
A piercing over her right eye,
and an exotic tongue ring.
Her ears are pierced with big round earrings,
with a bar of words bridged in the center reading,
You Love Me.

"Are you happy now,"
I antagonize I_IS_ME.

He simply shrugs his shoulders blowing me off,
as if he was the one who was driving us to our annual,
Halloween costume party.

"Are we ready to go?
Let me hear a head count."

I shout to the rest of the party.

says Donnie Roberts.
says Michelle Watters,
his girlfriend.
says Marcus White.
says Veronica Mills,
Marcus' girlfriend.

"Okay everyone is ready to go.
I'm so excited this year.
It's  gonna be even better than last year."

I proclaimed.

If you're wondering why the roll call for just eight people,
it's as simple as this.
Last year we had a bigger crowd,
and some of our friends were left behind at our dormitory,
Cappa Gamma Betta Thetta.

Donnie along with his crew,
hopped in his custom made 2015 Jeep Wrangler.

It was black with silver chrome,
extractable doors,
and a chain hook barricaded into the front of his grill.
The tires were monstrous,
ready to devour any conditions,
of whatever terrain we were about to drive on.

LilDragonFly and I slipped into my convertible.
Along with my brother I_IS_ME,
and his girl,

A 2015 high powered all black,
250 horses Mustang Cobra.
I checked my mirrors and sped out the graveled driveway.
Donnie and his crew trailing right behind,
as we floored through the night;
on our way to the best Halloween party we have been to yet.
Or so we thought....

The moon looked pregnant,
with all her nocturnal roaming creatures.

We've been driving for centuries,
or so it seemed.
The chill of the air sawed through our bones like a buzz saw.
When we left the University,
it was only half past six,
the clock read seven o'clock.
How is that possible?
How can it feel like we've been driving for hours,
when it's only been half an hour since we left?

My thoughts were interrupted by SweetKittyCat5's complaining.

"Are we there yet?
It doesn't take this long to get to the party.
Are we lost?"

She murmured.

"No, we are not lost."
I snorted firmly.
"I have always taken this path ever since the first party,
it's only been thirty minutes.
It's at least an hour drive."

I don't know why I snapped at SweetKittyCat5 the way I did,
but I knew she was right.

There was something odd and eerie about this night.
I just couldn't put my finger on it.
Last year and every other year before that,
the party was always on Halloween.
This year it fell on All Hallows Eve.

The night where hauntings and evil creatures came out to play.
Suffering from the spirit world;
mingling and blending ever so nonchalantly.
Into our realm.
The realm of the living.

The trees twisted and conjoined into disfigured fingernails.
Seeking to drill their tips straight through our eye sockets.
Just as I was trying to wipe that image from my mind,
I heard a shrill shriek from just behind me.

"Dude look the fuck out."
Shouted I_IS_ME.
His resonating voice piercing my eardrum,
forcing me to swerve in hard lefts and rights,
to keep the car on the road.

We were going at least seventy on this dark narrow road.

No matter how hard I braked,
how tight I swerved.
I still plummeted off the road;
smacking head on into a gigantic Oak tree.

Somehow while all of this was going on,
I could see in slow motion;
Donnie crashing head first into the giant Buck,
I somehow managed to dodge.
Still wrecking my car.

The antlers fully destroyed the windshield,
only inches away from Donnie and Michelle's vulnerable temples.

The Buck thrashed its legs ferociously,
in a vain attempt to free itself;
before bleeding to death from its lacerated juggler.
With its dying breath and final kick,
it awkwardly freed itself.
Its body clumsily hammered the ground.
Its head remained in the windshield,
splattering and gushing blood everywhere.

Michelle and Veronica screamed uncontrollably.
Marcus grabbed them both by the waist,
steering them free from the road.
Protecting them from spraying blood bullets.

Donnie still in shock,
could only gaze at the decapitated head,
that laid sprawled out on the hood,
of his custom made 2015 Jeep Wrangler.

Unsure of what to do or even what to think,
he slowly climbed out the driver's seat.
Confused and disoriented.
All he could think of was,
what the fuck just happened.

"Is everyone ok,"
I wearily and guilt fully ask;
Whipping my head back and forth,
checking for any signs of whiplash.

"I'm ok,"
hissed I_IS_ME.
"We're ok too,"
LilDragonFly and SweetKittyCat5 state in unison.

Miraculously no one was hurt or seriously injured.
Not even Donnie and his crew.

We all headed back up to the road,
to regroup and check up on Donnie.
LilDragonFly and SweetKittyCat5 also began to cry,
at the sight of the disfigured Buck.
Marcus called out to them,
from where he and the other girls were waiting.

LilDragonFly and SweetKittyCat5,
quickly scurried over to the others.
Leaving Donnie,
and myself,
all alone in the dead of night,
with the burden of what to do with the severed head.


Written by Sex_on_the_Joe (Joe-D)
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Dangerous Mind
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I have to say ‘Joe! This is my favorite story thus far! Very very entertaining. Write on!!!
I love how you used a few Dup members too!
Hey,  please do that more of that, give us, the readers, more familiarity using more Dup caricatures, we all love it!

Good luck

Thought Provoker
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Apple Pie Part 2

"WHAT THE FUCK!!! dude?

Why were you going so fuckin' fast?"
Donnie screamed at me.
So much anger in his voice.
He shoves me into I_IS_ME.
I shove him back in retaliation.
He slammed upon the hood of his Jeep;
with so much force,
he knocked the decapitated head off his hood.
It shaked and rolled with a thud,
on a collision course with Donnie's face.
He quickly dodged the impact,
simultaneously throwing a blow,  
catching me square in the face,
knocking me on my ass.
"Look at my fucking car."
He sneers in a tone even more sinister than the last.
We were best friends in high school,
until he tried to swindle LilDragonFly from out my arms.
He had a major temper even then.
I only invited him in the first place,
because I needed another driver for the others.  
Plus his girlfriend begged me to bring him,
she used to be friends with my girlfriend.
I rubbed my jaw,
suffering from the glacial wind.
Silently hoping my tattered jaw makeup was still in place.
He's never hit that hard before,
he's always hit like a bitch.
It must've been from the costume he was wearing.

He was perpetrating a werewolf.
His claws retracted when he clenched his fists.
Five feet nine inches of dark brown hair forested his body.
His mask was made of rubber and nylon.
The slits of the eyes were narrow and yellow.
The nose was long and wide and the mouth grimaced,
with sharpened teeth,
aligned with stained blood.  
His mask lie alone in the driver's seat.
"Your car,
look at mine you fuckin' prick;
it's totally ruined.
You're only missing a windshield."

I exploded with envy and hatred.
"Guy's quit your bitching."
I_IS_ME grumbled,
helping me to my feet.

"It isn't helping anything.
We need to pull our heads out our asses;
and start paying attention to what's really happened.
We are lost and stranded.
One vehicle is totally destroyed.
We need to see if your Jeep still works,
so we can call the cops and get the fuck outta here."

I_IS_ME screamed.
We have been best friends for as long as I can remember.
His cape dances with the wind,
as it slaps me in the face.
He is obviously a vampire and has been obsessed;
with the dark ever since we were little kids.
His outfit is handmade and tight upon his slender body.
All black to keep him unseen in the thick blanket of night.
His face is painted a pale complexion,
as he gnaws on his plastic vampire teeth,
with blood drooling from his lip.
Donnie grunts and turns his back on me,
quickly jumping back in his custom made 2015 Jeep Wrangler.
He tries to turn the engine over.
the engine rehearses.

Donnie exclaimed.

"The engine is flooded.
That fuckin' Buck bled out all in my fuckin' engine.
It's useless.
Now we're really stranded."

Donnie boiled in frustration.
LilDragonFly and SweetKittyCat5 now more calmer,
walk toward us with their expressions of fear,
sewn into their beautiful faces.
Marcus and the other girls finding their courage,
follow closely in their stead.  
"What do we do now?"
Asks SweetKittyCat5.

She must be freezing in her cheerleader outfit.
She wore white mid calf boots,
with a skirt that fell halfway to her knees.
Her shirt was snug and tight,
barely covering her belly button.
The V of her collar was losing its containment,
among the prisoners it once arrested.
Her hair was multi-colored with tasseled pig tails;
matching the colors of her uniform.
Blue, red and black.
She held her pompoms in a grip tighter than death itself,
also the same color.
"We check our phones for a signal to call for help."
I mutter quietly.

"We're in the middle of fuckin nowhere,
we have no signal you dumbass."

Marcus challenges me tauntingly.

He's not wearing a costume.
Just a scary little bitch who follows his older brother,
Donnie everywhere he goes.
He thinks costumes are too scary,
but wants to be brave when he's under his brother's ass.
He's not even worthy of a description.
"You shut the fuck up."
Donnie says,
chastising his brother.

"If it weren't for me your scary little ass,
would be hiding in your room under the covers."
"Do we have any flashlights and perhaps jackets?"
LilDragonFly asks,
shivering through her teeth.

"I have some blankets in the storage compartment;
of my Jeep I use for emergencies."

Donnie says.
Changing his whole perception on the situation at hand,
trying to sound more helpful.

"I should have flashlights too."
I added.  
Donnie and his girlfriend searched the trenches,
of his compartment to find the blankets.
LilDragonFly and I headed back to my car in search of the flashlights.
We all met up in the center of the road.
Donnie handed the girls a blanket and I handed out my flashlights.
I only had four to spare,
so I gave one to Donnie,
one to Marcus,
one to I_IS_ME,
and one for myself.  
Armed with our flashlights and blankets,
we boldly walk through the cemetery,
of naked trees and whistling leaves.
Breakin' our necks at every sound we hear.  

"What exactly are we doing walking through these woods."
Marcus squeals.  

"We're looking for a house or shack with a possible phone we could...."
And just like that,
before I could get the words out my mouth,
a little cottage with four tents appeared out of thin air,
right before our eyes.
Nice and warm.
Toasty and cozy.
Creepy and yet inviting,
smelling quite delicious of fresh apple pies.  
The time is now seven thirty.

Written by Sex_on_the_Joe (Joe-D)
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Dangerous Mind
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Write on Joe!!!

Thought Provoker
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Apple Pie Part 3

"Is somebody there?"

"Is somebody outside my house?"

A soft voice calls from inside the cottage.

We all look at eachother,
with confusion and terror in our eyes.
How could this cottage have just materialized out of thin air?

What do we do?
What do we say?
Do we go inside?
Do we run?

So many questions flooded my zombie cranium.

"Who is out there?"
"Who is outside my house?"
"I can hear you."
"Either speak up or fuck off with you."

Thundered the voice.
No longer sounding soft and inviting.
This time it sounded vicious and annoyed.

"W-w-we a-a-are l-l-lost."

Stammered the bitch of the crew,
Marcus White.

His face flushed with so much fear,
you could see the shattering of his brittle skeleton.

In all the years I have known him,
I've never heard him stammer like that in front of his brother.

Donnie clobbers the back of his head.

"You fuckin' pussy."

Donnie says softly.

"When will you grow some balls and...."


"We don't have time for your macho man bullshit."

Michelle referees.
Cutting off Donnie in mid sentence,
breaking up the two brother's quarrel.

"I apologize for these two idiots."

Michelle says speaking up.

"It is true.
We are lost and in serious aid of hospitality."

Her voice chimes in the purest of courage.
As if she didn't just see the same shit we just saw.
It must've been the dumbness between her personality,
and the costume she threw on.
Only she could wear such a cliche.
Sometimes I wondered if she had any imagination,
or creativity at all in her short skinny bones.

She wore a tacky homemade,
cardboard box version of Mrs. Pac man.
All dolled up in a foolish attempt to make it look feminine.
She wore these big ass red and white,
polka dot berets in her hair.
A big ass smile was plastered all on her chest.
With a red and white polka dot dress,
blindly pasted as her body.
She even had the nerve to wear some big ass combat boots.
Like she could ever become militant.

"Please ma'am,
we wish you no harm.
We just need to use your phone,
so we can call for help.
We were just involved in a terrible accident,
and we need to report it."

Michelle testifies to the vicious voice inside the cottage.

"And just who says that I have a phone,
for you hooligans to use and play pranks;
on a poor helpless blind woman,
on this dreadful nite of All Hallows Eve."

The voice in the cottage boomed in a commanding demeanor.

"Please ma'am,
we are all just some friendly college students,
who were on our way to the most amazing and awesome,
Halloween costume party of the year.
We were just horribly victimized in the most facetious way imaginable.
My car is totally wrecked and there's a dead Buck,
lying in the road with his head decapitated.
We need help.
So please ma'am,
if you have a phone could you kindly let us use it for just a minute.
And if not than can you please point us in the direction,
of anyone else who can possibly help us?"

I frantically ask.
Speedily forming my sentences as fast as my undead brain can process.
My heart pounding with both excitement and horror.
My nerdy intelligence must've kicked into high gear.
I peel over to catch my breath,
momentarily eyeing my costume.

I admit it.
I am a huge "The Walking Dead" fan.
I've seen every episode and shopped Wal-Mart for my costume.
What did you expect?
I'm having financial issues.
I also added my own twists and turns.
If I spent any more time describing my costume,
you'd be reading forever.
Use your imagination people.

"Well why didn't you just say that in the first place?"

The voice in the cottage asked.
The soft tone returned to its feature with a hint of hidden cheer.

"Come on in."

She says.

The door to the entrance of the small cottage opened by itself.
Creaking with the sound of a hundred hungry alligators,
and hissing like a giant cesspool of horny vipers in an orgy.

I was the first one to take a step forward.
LilDragonFly extends her hand on my shoulder,
in a very cautious gesture.
I run my hand over hers relaying a reassuring gaze.

"Are you sure about this dude?"

I_IS_ME asks in a frenzied voice.

"I'm just as terrified as everyone else here is.
It's worth a try if you ask me.
Besides what's the worst that can happen?"

I bravely ask.

It was at that very moment I wished I hadn't said those words.
The most horrifying and insidious events were about to unfold.
So maniacal....
So hideous....
So demonic....

Our deepest and darkest dreams,
couldn't fathom what was to become of us.

We ignorantly and blindly walk into the bowels of hell.
Disguised as a small decrepit cottage,
and the soft voice of a blind woman.

Our stomachs rumbled with synchronized vibrations.
As that motherfucking aroma continued to blossom.

The door slams shut behind us.
Our lungs now inflammed with that infinite incense of warm,
apple pie.
It is now eight o'clock.


Written by Sex_on_the_Joe (Joe-D)
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Dangerous Mind
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Blood Lust

Allow me to introduce this young maiden
A dark-haired prime example of beauty
All bewitched by her have no idea of the nightmare that has just begun
Sit down and enjoy a cup of tea.

There’s more than meets the eye to this quiet maiden
Yet most men don’t mind joining her in bed
She drinks the blood of unsuspecting virgins
Permanently staining her lips red.

A line of copper trails down her chin
As she teasingly licks it off while staring at you
Adding some color to her bone-white skin
There’s no escape from her, no matter what you do.

Behold this vampire: a daughter of hell
With the face of an angel, yet with no soul
It ran away from her cold-hard shell
Drinking the blood of the living to have some sense of control.

She enjoys making love to ladies and gentlemen
Just before their deaths, their final moments are spent in pleasure
She teases them with kisses, and then…
She sinks her fangs into their flesh; the warm, red blood is her ultimate treasure.

Her stunning green eyes will lure you in
And you can’t help but fall for her
She may look innocent, but she’s the personification of sin
The devil sends you a gift in the form of his daughter.

Her love bite brings both pleasure and pain
Yet your heart weakens until it stops beating
Immortality is now what you’ve gained
Her red-stained grin greets you while you’re still bleeding.

Behold this vampire: a daughter of hell
With the face of an angel, yet with no soul
She nearly entered heaven before she fell
Vainly trying to make herself feel whole.
Written by LunasChild8
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