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Campfire Stories Halloween Competition!  

Dangerous Mind
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Very very nice poem LBV
Good luck!

Guardian of Shadows
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The Ghosts of Herak Part 7

Orcus began to change. He became taller and his robe seemed to flap like wings. His handsome face turned into something else, more regal but more horrific. Two horns appeared on the sides of his head, but despite this, he had this terrible beauty;  his face was like a smooth-faced minotaur. He was even taller than before. His robe flapped around him as if they were alive.
Desire stood by all this while let out a cackling laugh and we turned our attention at her. She was still as terribly beautiful as before but she looked almost reptilian.
“Come let us face your ghosts and demons!” Orcus cried, and gestured in the air. The cave was gone immediately and we were caught in a whirlwind that seemed to grip us as it moved. The fiery Guardian held all three of us together in his mighty arms to make sure that we were not thrown hither and tither.
There was a big boom after a moment and we fell to the ground. We scrambled up immediately, grabbing the guardian’s mighty arms and looking in terrified wonder around us.  
We were in Herak…but it was not as it was.
Pandora let out a wail and I heard Ameria, my tall statuesque cousin gasped in horror.  
For before us was the village Herak, but the inhabitants, all casually seated on verandahs’ and porticos, and on benches in gazebos looked slightly green. They seemed frozen in awkward postures as if they were not used to doing it.
They all cringed and staggered back when they saw Orcus appear before them. For the man god and high priest was awful in his majesty. He exuded arrogance and menace that only he could achieve.
I saw Julius the elder, standing still at the door of our common hall and met his eyes. Despite the green aura around him, he looked desperate and fearful. I knew that the minions of Remus had possessed the body of the people of Herak, but some had stronger spirits than others.
The villagers in their new spirit converged and moved in a mass towards Orcus. I knew they were ready to mow him down with their pitchforks and scythes. The three of us and the guardian drew our swords. Desire laughed gleefully, she must be anticipating the flow of blood, I thought. The enchantress was also a shape changer and a vampire who loves blood.  
The clangs and clashes of iron distracted me and I saw Orcus being swarmed by the hordes in the body of the villagers of Herak. He was totally covered with the mass of possessed bodies. We stood there rooted in shock at his seemingly meek demeanour.
Suddenly bright green light sprung from within the squirming wriggling mass. There was a clap of thunder and the people fell on their back. Orcus emerged, with wriggling green forms clutched in his hands.  
He shouted ‘Vade Retro…exorcizamus te…’ and words we could not really catch, but there were screams of anger and despair from the green forms in his hands. And then we heard the thunder of hooves and dark hooded riders appeared from everywhere.  
They thundered towards Orcus and for a moment we lost sight of him and then the horsemen disappeared. The green things in Orcus hands were gone. The people were still on the ground, women, men and children lying down dazed.
“Your ghosts are gone, women, and now for the price…” Orcus said, smiling at us. He was again a normal good looking man, rather tall and pale but still normal looking. Desire stood by him, smiling too.  
“What do you want?” I asked.
“Her…for she is young and beautiful. She will serve us for her years are yet plenty. You see, we add up the years of our price to ours, allowing us youth eternal…” Orcus said, touching Pandora on her shoulder and tipping her chin up.  
“No!” I shouted and Ameria stepped up and unsheathed her sword. And that was all we were able to do. For we became rooted to the ground…Desire had put a spell on us.
Desire and Orcus held my beautiful sister to their bosoms, like a group embrace. Pandora looked dazed as the two non-human sucked in her youth. I cried silently as I saw the veins stood out in her porcelain-like white skin.
To be continued…
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Guardian of Shadows
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The Ghosts of Herak Part 8

Suddenly white light encompassed the whole compound; the light seemed to be made of little stars twinkling. Strange musical sounds came from everywhere; tinkling bells and summer rain. The twinkling light suffused the whole village and the people stood up, spritely and fresh. They looked around in wonder.
Ameria and I stood there in astonishment;  the Guardian had taken off his helmet showing his long golden hair. He spread out his arms and the whole world seemed to glow with a warm pleasant light.  
Orcus and Desire stood shocked as wonder upon wonder unfold. Flowers of every kind grew around our feet and theirs. The fruit plants around put forth fruits and the tree leaves sparkled. They gasped and stood back from Pandora who fell in a heap of the ground.  
“Go back to where you belong…the new gods compel you,” the fiery Guardian said.
Orcus who looked bewildered made as if to speak but stopped. Desire tried to laugh but choked instead. The ground underneath them opened up and they were gone, their shrieks of resentment and fury diminishing as the ground closed up again.  
The Guardian tenderly held up Pandora, who was very weak. I ran to her and held her, but she could not respond as she was so weak. I saw tears in her eyes and knew that she was on the verge of dying.
“I will take her with me for she is very weak. Her life essence has been sucked almost to the finish by the two evil ones. I will heal her and infuse in her my spirit, so she can live. But she will be an immortal as I,” the Guardian said.
“Will we see her again?” I asked, clinging on to Pandora’s limp hand.
“No. Unless she wishes to be seen…she will be my Gaea. As her name is Grecian so will her immortal name be. She will be one of the new immortals…gods if you will. She will be with us forever.”
I cried while Ameria stood by me, her arms around my waist. I looked around and realized that the people had all gone back to their respective homes.  
“It grows late,” the fiery Guardian said and in a twinkling of an eye they were gone. The sounds of bells and falling rain vanished. Only the flowers and fruits were proof of what had transpired.
I sat down among the strange flowers and bawled.  
I never saw Pandora or the Fiery Guardian again. Ameria and I spoke about them sometimes, but mostly we kept our secret to ourselves. None of the villagers remembered anything, even the hauntings of Herak. They went about their daily life as if nothing had happened. Nobody remembered the black beans ritual and I didn’t pursue it either. Our village was peaceful and thrived well. In future, our village would be called Ameria. But that’s another story.
Ameria- AEMelia564
Pandora- Jade-Pandora
Grace- Grace
The Fiery Guardian-Daniel Christensen
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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