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Losing your virginity

poet Anonymous

Covers love, lust, innocence, coming of age and does it all with erotic (but NOT pornographic) sizzle!  Great job!

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Little shop of horrors

The treats as you pass  displayed  
the red lights shine music played
as I stood outside the the dirty glass  
the hooker beckoned sex that cost a dollar less    
the fish net tights sat on a stool    
legs so long to make you drool    
:the look: of you can steal my chastity    
its price outweighs domesticity    
the trap was set, the bait was took
the moment my virginity cause forsook     
Madam said are we dealing, nothing here on tab    
a weeks wages, for this hard up lad    
down the grubby corridor damp and wet  
came the rancid smell of sweat    
cries I cant describe, smell of baby oil    
mingled with leather, chains and cracking whip recoil    
discarded condoms Durex packets ripped    
picture of each fetish, point and take your pick    
a business deal of what you'll fuck tonight  
the window model to high a price    
purchase best or worst have to trust pot luck    
she gave me head, do not, do not  erupt  
and slowly ground my cock and teased    
if you come i'll spank to delay for that release   
and squeezed my balls till I climbed the walls    
she said my youth  was her Viagra  pills  
smooth skin  un-corrupted bliss    
her fresh prince she enjoyed my every inch    
a pound of flesh exchanged    
bitten with possessive depth deranged  
the finger chisels the rubber mask    
high heel imprints on my back and ass    
the die was cast, the aces played    
thirst was slated by games depraved    
the beast put to sleep a ritual black mass    
can the woman in you match the whore in the glass    
Written by slipalong
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Tyrant of Words
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poet Anonymous

Tyrant of Words
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sweet cherry

crimsin (Unveiling)
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Fire of Insight
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Related submission no longer exists.

Dangerous Mind
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Truth and Dare

Get the bottle,
   Take a turn,
Take a swig,
   Feel it burn.
The room was waiting, spinning and undulating,
But dares make better gossip next week at the quad,
Amid all the laughter, adolescents are just after
Popularity points and trying to be part of a squad.
It’s a choice,
   Don’t be square,
Keep your poise,
   Choose a dare.
But the pressure was on the nerdy kid from class,
Trying to be daring, uncaring and just plain bold,
Does he have the balls to really go through with it?
Because in the school halls cool kids are just as cold.
She’s tipsy,
   He’s drunk,
She smiling,
   Pure spunk.
“Kiss her” they chant and they rant urging them on,
Peer pressure is a bitch and the beer is sure to enthrall,
But when drunken teen and hormones are raging full on,
Self-control goes out the window with alcohol.
Do it dude!
   A fantasy,
Be a man,
   It’s ecstasy.
First times are supposed to be special and memorable,
It’s supposed to be pleasure yet something didn’t feel right,
But she’s in the zone and they both want to bone,
So fuck it, he thought, it’s sure to be a great night.
Heads spinning,
   Smell of liquor,
A face, a haze,
A cloud, a fog, no exchange of words or any dialogue,
Just the grunts of teens and laughter from the other room,
Fast, swift and easy, now they’re both feeling queasy,
Then he rushes to throw up in the nearby bathroom.
On the floor,
   Feeling strange,
Close the door
   Life’s changed.

Thought Provoker
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Virgin to my touch

Driven into you like a nail onto a long,
like crucifixion deep into the most tender regions of your soul,
I reached you.

Slammed into your vault so delicately it hurts but you let me into you,
inside you it hurts with a desire weak for more pleasure,

Tears as this dam bursts it's banks and you are swept away by our current,
this connection has surpassed all encounters, this thirst like a burning fire, fueled even more as the tides change and you spread for more, like a brain freeze as I hit each spot you never had explored...
Written by Michael_Goodridge (Private)
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Dangerous Mind
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This comp is bringing the out the best of DU. 👍
Keep it up kids. 😳

Strange Creature
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Strange Creature
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Tyrant of Words
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You can go tell it out abroad
In no uncertain terms: "I scored!"
Yes, I now feel I'm "one of us"
Since last night when I "parked my bus".
I have grown up, "become a man",
And showed a woman that I "can".

A night I never shall forget -
Before, I hadn't "done it" yet.
Yes, I know now what it feels like
To "ride" a woman like a bike.
That first time with a girl in bed
Is in my life a watershed.

Yes, my "cherry" has been taken,
As a man did I awaken
With woman sleeping at my side,
Who told me she enjoyed the ride,
Both under and on top of me.
We ended our virginity.

Now that I have got past this "hump'",
To bed will be an easy jump
For I will know now where to go
When girls say "Yes" to me (not "NO")
And how the bits and bobs will fit
Getting together without kit.
Written by Solomon_Song
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NB - Not autobiographical - I have contributed one of my existing DUP posts.

poet Anonymous

Candle in the Dark

I dont remember my first time
It is lost and buried in shade
They say not to count him as ONE
Because it wasn't a choice I made

But even when I chose my "first"
It was a duty to be quickly done
Nothing enjoyable or even close
So I laid there watching him come

The details are fuzzy and unimportant
Because for years I stayed abstinent
For men were all selfish in those eyes
None worthy of entering my love tent

But the song is not at all bad my friends
For this story has a very happy end
He quenches every single thirst
And thats why I count HIM as my first

Fire of Insight
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Hazel eyes in the day
Dreamy grey in the dark
Horny brainstorms gone astray
Lost our bubbles in the park
Whipped strands of chardonnay
Gently rest around my wrist
Horizontally we lay
Face to face, lips to lips
Tiny freckles connect their dots
Sweeping hair across her cheeks
Time and space.... simultaneously stops
Bilingually fluent in love is all she speaks
Buttons and zippers wage their war
But lose their battle quite dramatically
Virgin breasts appear to soar
As her bra is stripped tragically
A mid summer's breeze
Whispers secrets through the trees
Hormones dance and goosebumps tease
We fall gracefully upon our knees
Thoughts and ideas
Ideas and thoughts
Virgin ideas
Virgin thoughts
Blindly mimicking what we've seen
Racing hearts, panting breaths in between
Fumbling fingers search their targets
Massaging members, a hole and shaft
Pleasure zones meet pleasure markets
Virgin bodies intertwine the moonlit draft
Written by Sex_on_the_Joe (Joe-D)
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Harry Nichols
Thought Provoker
United States
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I wanted something profound to say
about the wilderness we walked
crooked as snakes.
something in your vicious fang
and the orchards’ fruit;
some deep truth feeding the garden
like subterranean creeks
nourishing the thicket hiding
our joint fever-dream.

Like all carnage, ours was empty.
Dreams forgotten on waking,
all pumping earth awaiting collapse,
hollow fruit.
We were animals basking in
idiot nature, drunken meanings,
howling at nothing.
Written by hgnichols (Harry Nichols)
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