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Losing your virginity

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Poetry Contest

Losing you're virginity. Describe your experience.
Losing your virginity.
Was your experience good or bad?
Maybe erotic or sad?
It's a one of our life's greatest milestones. Open your heart and soul and reflect what this moment meant for you.

Fire of Insight
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First Time

Being pushed back
And elevated
My first time
In an airplane
Written by Medinda
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Don’t Ever Think I’ll Ever Forget

All tits aren't the same
There is an ideal, I think
I’ve seen tits that were
A total turnoff
If you can believe it
The best pair I think I’ve seen
Were Jackie’s
c-cups with perfect quarter areolas
mole above the left nipple,
near the chest plate
when I was sucking on them,
I felt like a young calf
or the cover of a Red Hot Chili Peppers album
she would get so turned on,
she would shudder
and let out little moans
then I would slather her cleavage
with lotion I found in the console
of my mom's minivan
and start sliding my dick
between her tits
as she squeezed them together
just like I saw in the movies
and she always swallowed,
never spit

she ran off with some dude
who nicknamed himself "Rebel"
and I remember he was a few years
younger, too
and it's like twenty years on
and you'd think I would've seen another pair
that would compare

but life's so cruel

I remember that summer
a famous director came to town
and filmed parts of a movie
at the local mall
the movie had the same name
as this girl
and the lead actress
had a nice pair,

As well
Written by Taurek
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Related submission no longer exists.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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February Deflowering

He emerged from the fog, becoming
A grown man and different from that
Boy I once knew in high school. Talks
And conversations that become more
Meaningful. It felt like a homecoming
Because as we merged something at
The back of my mind clicked. Clocks
Stilled and my insides became sore.
Nobody warned me it was going to
Hurt so much. No one said it was all
Sunshine and rainbows. No romance
Or rose petals. No way to take back
My innocence and be the girl I knew
Before. All those delicate China doll
Days, tarnished and this is my chance.
A mess that would evolve into black
And blue because we were caught in
Something unfixable. This is my sin.
Written by eswaller
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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In the back of the bus
She lost it.

We stopped what We were doing
helping her find it.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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I'd never really believed in
"First love."

First like,
Second like,
...Third like,
Maybe even forty-seventh like,
-- And then there would be

Now I believe in
First love,
Second love,
...Third love,
Maybe even forty-seventh love.

A tragedy has occurred.
Written by SatInUGal (Kumar)
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poet Anonymous

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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First time

Rays of sun settled on her
Giving her skin angelic hues
Her golden locks of hair
Spread across my pillow
Drawing my eyes to her face
Those deep brown eyes
Full of trepidation and excitement

I took in all of her
Seeing everything
And nothing all at once
Rose bud nipples perked to the sun
Danced on her breasts
Whilst her delicate heart
Fluttered like the wings of a dove

Her legs, so mildly parted
Tightened slightly at my gaze
Before relaxing, spreading
The opening of a flower
Greeting the sun’s warmth
And the heat of my ardour
A bedewed tulip at her centre

She trembled ever so softly
My hands shook, leaves in a breeze
A nervous lick of her full lips
Both of us new to this
Neither of us before tested
A swarm of butterflies in my stomach
Taking flight with fear and arousal

I stared forever and for seconds
Then my hand touched her
A smooth shoulder in my grasp
Innocent, the most simplest touch
And we both shuddered
It was the opening of the floodgates
Full of nerves, so full of lust

I lay atop her, as carefully as possible
Skin touching the length of our forms
Electricity firing in every nerve
Her arms engulfed me so warmly
So as to make the sun’s rays seem cool
Our breaths mingled as we faced each other
I took the plunge

We joined
Soft pain in her eyes
But overpowered by love
We moved
Slowly, in unison
Then suddenly

It was short, it was sweet
I rested upon her
Her hands ran through my hair
‘I love you' I breathed to her ear
‘I love you more’ she uttered
As we dozed in each others arms.
Written by Rjm
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Fire of Insight
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Related submission no longer exists.

Fire of Insight
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My First Time (A begrudging thank you)

Star Wars marathon,
release date order,
pressed up behind me.

No wandering hands,
our favorite films,
unwilling to turn away.

Hours slip by
in happy silence,
enraptured until the moment.

“Turmoil has engulfed
the Galactic Republic;”
minds start to stray.

Then his hands,
my pleased smile,
still, loyalty holds us.

And it comes;
“Oh no! Hey!
Help me! Help me!”

Like final permission,
sweet breaking point,
youthful bodies clash together.

Jar Jar Binks,
how I despise
that I owe you this memory.
Written by NimmieAmee
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Fire of Insight
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Little Dick

a story, in verse

I was named for my father, and grandpa before,
Richard Little was never a name you would want.
A lifetime of merciless teasing in store
All the children were mean, “Little Dick” they would taunt!

My torment was worse than my forebears endured
They passed me their name, but none of their might.
When the showers in gym class showed I’d not matured
Then it brought the small size of my penis to light!

All the boys in the shower then pushed me about
And mockingly measured their cocks next to mine
With every young man’s cock erect, standing out
While my penis shrank up like a limp little vine!

Soon the news of my stigma had spread through the school.
In the hall, after gym, someone yanked down my pants!
So the girls in my grade saw my minuscule tool
And the hallway erupted in cat-calls and laughs!

For the rest of the day, after every bell ring
In the hall, boys would pull down my pants just to show
All the girls, who would taunt, “What a cute little thing!
Little Dick, can you jack off? How big does it grow?”

After school, walking home, it was more of the same
But this time I got stripped fully nude and held down
By those boys, and with everyone calling my name
A girl covered my face with her skirt, and sat down!

Her panties were hot, and soaked wet with her sex
As she pressed herself down on my face with her hips.
Then her hand seized my dick, and I felt the effect,
As two inches of hard-on were sucked by her lips!

As some of the boys held me down with crude shouts
And giggling girls watched her sucking my prick.
She stopped, and my penis shot off small amounts
Provoking more laughs at my tiny joystick!

The crowd soon dispersed, and now nude, I ran home!
I hid in the backyard, so no one would see
As I shook and I cried, soon the whole town would know
The humiliation that happened to me!

But I didn’t know that she had followed me there
In silence she slipped up behind, and stripped bare
She sat down beside me and, while I still bawled
She gently reached out and took hold of my balls!

Startled, I jerked, but she maintained her grip
And said, “I’m not finished with fucking you yet!”
She played with my sac and teased with her lips
My erection returned and I started to sweat.

Soon we were writhing with lust, in the dirt
Two horny young teens having sex on the sly
And soon it was over with one little squirt
And my shame was forgotten, as I looked in her eyes!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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What great ink, everyone. Keep them coming.

Fire of Insight
United States
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First time

I was 15  
it was my first "big" summer party.    
I was alone, sanding by the wall.    
You, older, 20?    
You, strawberry blond hair,    
tanned legs, and a not so shy smile.    
From across the room,    
you walked up to me and said,    
"Follow me."    
I did.    
Behind the closed door, you undid one button after another,    
pushed my shirt off my shoulders;    
it hung down from the waist of my jeans.    
 You said,    
"Unbutton me."    
I did.    
Your blouse hung undone from your cut off jeans;    
you weren't wearing a bra;    
your breasts were small;    
your nipples were perfect.    
You knelt before me,    
removed my sandals,    
undid the three buttons of my jeans;    
and slid them to my ankles.    
As you stood, you said,    
"Remove mine."    
I did.    
Your flip-flops were tossed aside,    
and I slid your tight cut offs down to your feet.    
You smiled, stepped out of your cut offs, and said,    
"Step out of yours."    
I did.    
You hooked your thumb in the waist of my boxers,    
pulled them out from my waist,    
hooked your big toe in the waist,    
and pushed them down to my feet.    
You said,    
"Step out of them."    
I did.    
You said,    
"Your turn, remove mine."    
I did but not the way you removed mine.    
I used both hands, running them down your legs.    
Your bikinis slid to your feet.    
and you stepped out of them.    
The tan of your legs went all the way up    
showing that you were a natural strawberry blond.    
Using your hands, you pull me back to standing,    
stopping me from staring.    
You moved your mouth to mine,    
kissed me,    
and pressed your tongue in to my mouth.    
You said    
"Kiss me back."    
I did    
and our tongues caressed each other.    
Your hand wrapped around me    
and led me to the bed.    
You said    
"Follow me."    
I did, considering what your hand was gripping,    
how could I not?    
And sat next to you.    
You laid back on the bed, separated your legs,    
and said, "Touch me."    
I did,    
laying next to you,    
my fingers massaged you.    
Your other hand went around my waist    
gripped my butt cheek, hard.    
You said    
"Hold me closer to you."    
I did    
my hand gripped your butt cheek,    
we pulled together,    
I felt your nipples touch my chest,    
while your hand stroked me,    
and my finger rubbed you.    
You said,    
"Move you finger."    
I did    
and you guided me in.    
You said.    
"Fuck me."    
I did.
Written by J_J_Jay_Jr
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Fire of Insight
United States
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her first time

you invited me in
in through the door
into your room
into your arms
into your bed
into you . . .

wait, wait, let's go back bit

you invited me in

   met at Starbucks
     shared a love for coffee --black, unsweet
     split a brownie
     talked of this and that
     liked what we saw and the little that we shared

     it was raining

           offered you a ride
           bench seat
           you sat close
           hand on my knee --higher
           hand on your thigh --higher
           quick kiss as I pulled in your driveway
           turned into a longer kiss
           a fondling feel of your breast
           a groping squeeze of my crouch
in through the door

     jacket unzipped, tossed on the chair with yours
     wet shoes untied, left next to yours on the welcome mat
     hands pulled your mouth to mine
     tongues found each other
into your room

     trail of clothes on the floor down the hall
     hand slap on ass
     quick head turn, hand grabbed, held to breast
     mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue
     hand fondled breast
     hand fondled dick
     into room, laughing

into your arms

     long, deep kiss
     hands caressing backs
     hand hugging bodies tightly together
           hand gripping ass cheek --lower, deeper
     hand hugging bodies tightly together
           hand stoking ass valley --lower, deeper
     front to front --nipple to nipple, navel to navel, thigh to thigh
     leg raised, ridden, wetness rubbed against thigh

into your bed

     on your back
     hands reaching to embrace
     knees raised, apart

     on my knees, between your feet
     hands supporting weight moving downward, forward
     leaning into your arms

into you

     closed, tight
     crying, do it
     begging, please, now
     demanding, now, yes
     membrane breached
     all the way in
     tightness stimulating
     wonderfully lubricated
     forceful strokes
     maximum arousal
     immediate orgasm
     didn't know it was your first time
     should have had much more foreplay

     wanted it this way
     wanted to really feel its loss
     thank you

     you didn't cum
     your first time isn't done
     spread your legs

           fingers and mouth
           lips to lips
           tongue to clit
           licking, lapping
           teasing, stimulating
           finger caressing, petting, parting, probing, deeper
           curling, stoking
           wetness increasing
           pelvis squirming, wriggling
           hands gripping head forcing mouth and tongue deeper
           convulsion, contracting

     now your first time is complete
     thank you for the honor of being your first

     I want to thank you for being my first
     on your back, spread your legs

           mouth and hand
           lips to tip
           taking fully
           surrounding, sucking, licking
           teasing, stimulating
           hand caressing, petting, patting, squeezing                  
           hardness increasing, throbbing
           hands gripping head forcing deeper into mouth
           spasming, erupting

     want you to be my second


     no, next Friday, Starbucks, after work, 6?

Written by J_J_Jay_Jr
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