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What the door mouse said

Fire of Insight
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Poetry Contest

Imagine a lucid dream beyond the looking glass.
Should you choose to venture
Down into the rabbit hole.
Curious just to find
Where does that tunnel go.
Peering into the abyss, nothing
Blackness,  smell of earth decay
Sweet, damp, aphrodisiac
There's no red pill, no blue
No going back now
Dirty rabbit hole gravity
Got you sucked in somehow
Falling, sloppy, slurpy sucking sounds
Kaleidoscope carousel spinning around
Falling,  where is the ground

Then you arrive,  still alive
Not sure anymore
What's beyond that tiny door..

Welcome and please accept an invitation to walk through the door of your imagination.

Word limit should be kept reasonable,  so if it's super long, let's hope it's quite magical.

Any style,  be free, show us what you see.

I think an open vote is best because I'm no one's judge.

And forgive me in advance if I stumble through this. Its my first time hosting.

Thought Provoker
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Venus in Glass

*flash of light*
*electric current whine*

Your falling flowers greet me
in soft dappled light
as the shadows
bend sharply to you

The sight of you
stepping out from your
sea borne rose bulb
wearing the ocean
and a gentle smile
like Botticelli saw the future

Lift your decorative lashes high
Brighten your eyes
A sheen of brilliance shines
across your emerald windows
Not knowing,
you peer into my soul
Never knowing
the warmth and the glow
freely given

Yes, you...

Flowers woven softly
through your maple hair
Soft and fair
Firm and gentle,
the sight of you hits me
like a ton of feathers

Through the glass I peer...

With eyes like Alice,
I peek
beyond the primary color veil
soft singing
and honey in the air
Your words are an Elvis Presley beach
frosted black and white
and warm as a flushed memory

An hourglass frames you
something fierce
You're warm to the thought
something pierces
the background noise
when you speak
Your soft lips
shatter the static

I saw you before
where lightning flashed
on a crimson path
A glance over your shoulder
A soft gaze narrowed, curious
and curiouser
is a chain of clouds between us
linking us in cotton tethers

Somewhere past the rabbit ears,
and down the rabbit hole
you winked at me
from a winking screen
Flicker flicker

With eyes like Alice,
I peek
beyond the pixels
and digital brushes
that fog my way
Take me back to you
to the dream you dance
and laugh
and render for me
in glass

I saw you before
where lightning flashed
on a crimson path
and edited
to manicured perfection
let me past the screens
to you
let me live the dream
with you

High on illusion
Drunk on effects
Lost in your eyes...
Lost in your eyes...

You dance in the glass,

*echoing static*
I can't see love without...
I can't see love -
I can't see -
I can't -
I -

*tune in next time for more divinity*
*static echoes...*
Written by Taurus385
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Tyrant of Words
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To look beneath this layer,
† Is to discover myself deep within,†
For in this kind of prayer,†
† † Truth is no more a mortal sin.†
I went missing for thirteen years,†
† † Thirteen hours and thirteen days,†
My mind had no concept of time,†
† † The potion had set my soul ablaze.†
As I slid down deeper into the recess,†
† † My mindís eye finally recognized,†
The fluorescent colors vomited,†
† † Were my demons being exorcised.†
So in the pit of sight and sound,†
† † I found the center of my universe,†
As my subconscious came to light,†
† † I found myself completely immersed.†
And I delved further into that swirl,†
† † Into the core of my absolute being,†
Searching for true enlightenment,†
† † With a sense that was really freeing.†
Voices rose up from the bottom,†
† † Memories going up to the surface,†
Phantoms forgotten now evoked,†
† † Reminding me of my purpose.†
Written by wallyroo92
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Tyrant of Words
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I Am A Smug Cheshire Twat

For the"What the door mouse said" Comp

Alice said "David; Eat this when you get there  
I think I ran all the way there arrived breathless  
I approached nervously, Alice hadn't been informative  
About what could lay in wait for me in the beyond  
I ate, swallowed, shrank and entered - Blackness  
I couldn't see my face in front of my hand, 'that's dark.'  
Falling into the light and falling in love with my catcher  
A tall leggy bunny girl, white costume black tail, 'Odd!  
Still carried in her arms I looked and smiled "What's your name?"  
"Buggsy, Fudd, Foghorn, Mutley, Pudddytat, Tweety Pie The Third."  
"Wow! That's such a long name, do you mind if a call you Jock?"  
"No, but can you call me a taxi I'm late."  
"Ok Jock! You're a taxi." Not funny but I just had to  

She laughed like a lesser spotted purple hippo, it really grated  
It could grate the pink cheese made from Venusian hamster milk  
She impatiently looked at her moon dial "Shit! It's stopped working!"  
"So how do you know your late?" she looked bewildered then cried  
"But I don't want to be dead!" she said and my penny dropped the ball  
"I didn't mean that kind of late" seems bald bunny girls are worse than blondes  
"I called her a yellow cab." She slapped me hard "stop calling me names!"  
"I didn't, I called you a taxi!" she raised a clenched paw then her penny dropped  
"Thank you sweetie." She kissed me on the forehead leaving a green lipstick mark  
"So where are you going?" I asked nosely nasely natterly, chatterly, flaterly.  
"I am going to Hugh Heffner's bed sit in the poor quarter of town he's slumming it."  
"Why are you going to see that old scroat? Are you his latest victim bride?"  

With a flash and an Allakazam she produced a pink spade covered in gems  
"I have heard there is gold to dig there and I am an over qualified Miner;  
I know you will be surprised by that, it's unusual to have a miner with a vagina."  
Thank Lard Dog Allbitey her taxi arrived the driver stuck his head through the window  
I bet he wishes he'd opened it first but then he just laughed like a red spotty gallah  
He tipped his hat "Hi I'm the mad Cabbie, but at the weekend I am Za Za Gabor."  
"You must be Buggsy, Fudd, Foghorn, Mutley, Pudddytat, Tweety Pie The Third?"  
"Ermmm, No but she is." I retorted. "That's a long strange name for a woman"  
Jock looked him up and down, then round and round "Who said I was a woman?"  
I thought 'well that's my future plans dashed. Having said that he's got great legs.'  
The mad cabbie got into his taxi and yelled "Fatang, Fatang bleeble vobble."  
I said "What does that mean you lunatic? Did you just call me a motherfucker?"  
" No!" he chortled "We can't go yet I am on a tea break you mother fucker!"  
I let that slide after all my mother was quite hot! But not as hot as grandma  

He drank forty two and a half cups of tea "You drink tea like an Apache Chief."  
I said with a smug grin One day, the danger is that you will drown in your own TeaPea."  
 Out of the cab, he peed for half an hour non stop, it strangely smelled like coffee  
He went back to the cab opened the trunk and kicked the elephant out in the gutter  
The elephant was gutted, he had to walk miles to reach the field of currant buns  
Jock took me by the hand and lead me to the cab, 'where there's hope, there's sex'  
"You are both very kind, I don't know how to thank you both." I had several ideas  
But they all made me throw up in my mouth a wee bit, then as quick as silver  
She produced a paint bush and painted our noses red, 'Man what a twat!'  
Suddenly with all the force of a kick from a dead kangaroo called Skippy  
The door opened, Out jumped a dormouse in a blue Mankini and clear heals  
"Paint my nose red and twinkle, twinkle I make you dead." 'Not so polite!'  
The dormouse bid us both enter and we got into the back sea, he shut the dore  
And got in the seat next to the mad cabbie who's stomach was making gurgling  

Without warning the cab started to fill up with coffee smelling tea pee  
The dormouse frantically gave everyone cups and shouted "Drink or drown!"  
Reluctantly we drank, and drank, strangely it tasted like Starbucks Latte'  
An hour later the cab was empty though somewhat damp and smelly  

"Tinkle, tinkle, full of piss  
There's no way I want a kiss  
Tasting of tea pea  
Not even from the sexy she, Who's actually a he."  

With a flash bang wallop thud they turned into brightly coloured zebras  
Or maybe they were just horses in pyjamas. "Oh fuck!" the darkness snapped back on  
I couldn't see my ass in front of my kneecap, but I could still hear the dormouse  

"Tinkle, tinkle I need a piss  
It's vital that I tell you this  
As sure as foghorn leghorn is not a hen  
You should never buy drugs from Alice again!"  
That was the last thing the dormouse said  
Right before I woke up dead
Written by David_Macleod (14397816)
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Tea ?

The Doormouse And The Mad Hatter

Illuminati Code What Does It Matter ?

MK Ultra And A Rabbit Hole Program

Wham Bam Slam No Thank You Ma'am

Alter Human Bio Computer Awareness

A Descent Into Mind Control Madness

Tea Equals Awareness But That Is Code

That By Feedback Is The Secret Download

To Sacrifice Self Then Computer Reboot

One More Robot To Transmute And Recruit

Nursery Rhymes And Old Children's Stories

Are Maps To The Human Brain's Territories

And Those Both Illuminated And Initiated

Understand Consciousness Can Be Manipulated

And Know White Rabbit Is Human Bio Computer

And Looking Glass And As An Illuminati Recruiter

Split A Person's Looking Glass Into A Million Pieces

And Then Reform The Psyche In It's Deepest Reaches

And The Red Queen Is Used For Information Transmission

During The Person's Trance Journey For The Sleeper's New Mission
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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I Do Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast !

Dangerous Mind
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love evol

I wanted nothing from this world but to find my love
While she was always close... I was always so far
Only ever needing as to reflect my soul lamp
Made I so worlds falling in love with her
Soul spun our time of all that meant
First to find my heart then last
Last then heart my find to first
Meant that all of time our spun soul
Her with love in falling worlds so I made
Lamp soul my reflect to as needing ever only
Far so always was I... close always was she while
Love my find to but world this from nothing wanted I
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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Fire of Insight
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Congratulations on your win!

Dangerous Mind
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Thank you so much for hosting....most of my writing does not fit in many competitions


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