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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem, or poems, in praise of one of more of these delightful pleasures.
You can write a poem about all three, or write a poem about just one of two.  Write what ever you want.  Write as many poems as you want.  
Most important, don't be afraid to engage in some preliminary research before you write.

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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Thanks John for kicking things off.

Dangerous Mind
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When you say "screwing", do you accept erotic poetry?

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Finding Life In Smoking, Drinking and Screwing

Are you cheating on me? Yes, but I do
Not tell her that the other girls mean
Nothing to me. I wish that I could redo
It from the beginning, but I am seen
As an addict and I cannot change
That. I drink and smoke to escape
The pain. I use them to exchange
Pain for pleasure and every scrape
Is no longer felt because I am numb.
I wanted to forget all about her hazel
And lush green eyes. It is her glum
Mouth and it is her harsh appraisal
Of me that does not mean anything
Anymore. I do not even care if I flat
Line. Everyone thinks they can sting
And hurt me, but nothing has that
Power over me. I have lived the best
Life I could. If I find it in a bottle or
In smoke coming from my chest
I will not push it aside or ignore
The feeling it gives me of being free.
I am finally feeling like I can be me.
Written by eswaller
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Fire of Insight
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I met Jill when her family moved in next door
At eleven years old and already a whore
...and I, only ten, did not stand a chance
Because she wanted more than a childhood romance
She was queen of the wading pool, primed to seduce
The little boy (me) barely past mother goose
Her cigarette smoke mesmerized my young nose
And then, for the first time, my penis arose!  
She bossed me around like some angry school marm
Causing my psyche some serious harm
She made me strip naked, right there, in her pool
And she and her sister made fun of my tool.
She had a bottle of something called “gin”
I didn’t know what it was, but I knew it was sin
She gave me a drink, and it made me feel good
After that, she grabbed hold of this 10-year old's wood
While her sister just giggled, she pushed and she pulled
‘till I came! ...For the first time! Just a little spoonful
She said, “Stupid boy! You just came in my hand
Now you must do everything I demand!”

I didn’t know then, what she said was so true!
To this very day—what she says, I will do
She’s still my Mistress. Now we are adults
...But I was the first boy to join her sex cult!
Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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By all means.  After all this is Deep Underground Poetry, the most visited websites for erotic poems.

Dangerous Mind
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Hit the Shower

After a long and stressful day
I’m really itching to hit the shower
To feel the warm water wash my stress away
I could stay in here for hours.
A shiver passes down my spine
As the shower door swings out
I turn around and see something so divine
My throat goes dry as if suffering from drought.
And a form of drought I am suffering from
The miserable torture of being untouched
Despite your primal stare, I feel calm
And from within spreads a deep flush.
You step inside and close the door
The small space suddenly feels even more confined
Your darkened eyes send shivers down to my very core
I look at your body and admire its design.
You approach me and push me back against the wall
You press your warm lips against my sensitive neck
I gasp in delight, and pressed against you I feel so small
I feel so blessed to have you; I picked the right card from the deck.
You grab my hair and force me to look into your eyes
Those gorgeous blue-green orbs are enough to get me wet
Your member pokes at my abdomen and I’m taken aback by its size
You give me that cocky smile that I adore as if saying: ‘This is as good as you’ll get.’
Your strong hand plays with my breasts and pinches my nipples
It’s exactly the way I love it; you’re driving me wild
The water cascades down and causes ripples
Your touch ignited the sparks and is fueling my fire.
As you bite my neck, your nimble fingers slide south
You gently caress my sacred part, and slowly slide one finger into my heat
You mute my moans by sticking your tongue into my mouth
As nice as your gentle strokes feel, they’re not enough for me to feel complete.
My moans get louder as you play with my clit
My nails dig into your back the way that you like
You guide your member to rest at my entrance, waiting for me to submit
You already know what I want, no need to be a psyche.
You slide into me slowly and I shudder in unrestrained pleasure
Inch by inch your member rubs against my walls
You are my oasis in a merciless desert
Good thing you’re holding me up otherwise I’d fall.
You pick up the pace and begin to thrust
I follow your lead, and rotate my hips
Even in this primal joining you’re still the only one I can trust
The pleasure between my legs increases and I bite my lips.
Each thrust of yours brings you in faster and deeper
Our eyes lock as we continue to grind against each other
You kiss me hard and I respond back eagerly
Your taste intoxicates me, and I know that I can never belong to another.
 Your member hits all the sweet spots inside of me
I tilt my head back and I feel myself getting closer
You pick up the pace and leave kisses that electrify me
I’m simply a passionate melody and you are the composer.
My moment has come, and I let out a cry
Your breathing gets harder as you allow your release
We lean against each other as we recover from our high
After an exhilarating voyage, I’m now at peace.
I sigh in pure bliss as you wrap me in your arms
I can still feel your heartbeat inside of my core
“We have to clean off again, huh?” you say as you kiss my palms
I smile as I feel your hardness once more. “Let’s go for more.”
Written by LunasChild8
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Dangerous Mind
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I Desire

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Dangerous Mind
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Whiskey and Silk

I take a long drag on my cigarette  
Inky smoke wafts toward you
I tap my fingernail on the glass rim,
roll the whiskey around
Sit back in the deep leather chair
and watch you from across the room
You’re pulling your stockings on
slowly, so not to snag them
Oblivious to the sex you elicit  
I could sit here all day,
watching you move
I take a last drag, stamp out my smoke
and swallow the last of the whiskey
You won’t be wearing those stockings
Written by Eerie
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R Byron Johnson
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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The guts of the street--
unwise temptations scream in neon after-imagined blindness:
....."Get Drunk and Fuck," would be too obscene a message for the target herd
of daylight estrangements and rush hour exiles--wedding vagabonds, derelicts and romantic phobias.

(Public vulgarity is illegal. It reminds us of the vulgarity we lack, but desire, in our private lives.
Which makes us envy.  
Which makes us ashamed for feeling envy.  
Which makes us angry at feeling ashamed.
Public displays of anger are illegal.  So we internalize it and become depressed.
Feeling depressed, we seek alleviation.  Alleviation through stimulation.
Stimulation through "Beer" and "Nude Girls."  And the circle of life

Like drugs-
(Tits are illegal outdoors.  Cloth wrapped like brown-bagged booze.)
Safe.  Clean.  Frustrated for dirt, craving exposure--infection beyond the sanitized grave.
(Tits are a responsibility most girls can't handle.)
Your tits make you dangerous.  Your tits put you in danger.
Cover them...but prop them up.  Push them together.  Maximum cleavage swelling (we insist) but
those nipples offend our eyes.  (Cut them off.)

The road driving me by artificial light-
kamikaze Junebugs crashing like hails stones--hypersensitive instincts guiding them to death
by plastic high beams, mistaken paradise.  Blind euphoria.  Innocence is ignorance.
We're accidental predators, absentminded, hunting incidental prey.  Ignorance is bliss and
bliss kills daily.

Love could be-
an unremarkable ex-miracle explained away and measured in a final, dying gasp of numbers.
(And minus me to longing.)
(T)here is only a starvation for intimacy and the steady dripping of prayers
uttered in a language god ignores.  Un-
Un-doubting, I am in triumph of temptation by shorting at near-indulgence to denial of....
and make no mistake, the saddle is wearing the horse.

Senses get the best of chastity.  (Genital gravity collapses modesty.)  And somewhere
a crowd claps to hear itself clapping.  Grinding my knuckles into her back,
the echo interrupts and splits the moment between apathetic participation and detached observation.
Not a fantasy.  Not a reality.  There is no merger upon the attempt (but I moan to show that I still
care enough to pretend), there's only annihilation of personal space that feels like a molestation
more than a relation.  (And I came inside of her.  She's nervous on the toilet.  
And my half-children are falling out of her
like shit.)

You never had to leave to make me feel abandoned.  Isolation was always just a sigh away.
A roll of the eyes to a vacant corner you fill with distant thoughts.
The reduction of a mind full of a lifetime to a bloodstain on plaster, an iron spoil, lingering smell of sulfur.
(Feast for flies.)  The slanted ellipse of life perverts itself willingly.  Sabotage for comfort and
dismember contentment.  The amputated limb, that feels more in absence than ever it did as a whole,
will not fail me as a guide to an away I haven't dared to dream yet, where I will be
the Crown wearing the Queen.

get drunk and fuck.
Written by RByron418 (R Byron Johnson)
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Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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When we've had a shag
You light up a fag;
I pour a whisky
To keep me frisky,

By me on your back,
You give a short hack
At the first inhale.
I see the smoke trail.

Then you roll on me,
Hold fag in one hand,
On other you land.

Between right fingers
Cigarette lingers.
Up you keep its end
With burning reddened.

You smother your bloke
In cigarette smoke
As you talk to me

As you lie astride
My subsiding pride,
You work up a rant
Like aggrieved infant.

"Those killjoys of health
Can play with themself!
Say it's bad for you
To drink, smoke and screw!"

"They tax what I smoke,
And you drink, no joke!
Maybe some bright spark
Might say, Tax this lark!"

"A life short, merry,
Is the one for me!
Enjoy what you crave;
Can't escape the grave!"

"It is my body,
My spirit is free.
Drink, smoke and screwing
I'm happy doing!"

"If I die early
The Bomb I won't see.
My gravestone can say,
'I did life MY WAY'!"

Your philosophy,
Held so trenchantly,
Near subverted me
Bar one disagree.

"I don't smoke", I said;
"Doesn't help in bed.
Makes men impotent -
Not mere sentiment."

You gave me a pout,
And stubbed your light out
Upon the ash tray
Just by where we lay.

You say, "Fair enough -
You give a good stuff!"
Then transfer your lips
To between my hips.

I let my glass stand,
On chest propped by hand,
Poured more whisky in,
Feels cool on my skin.

Your giving of head
Reheats things in bed.
The blood you make surge
Soon revives my urge.

I give out an "Aaah!!"
Straight like a cigar
My manhood goes, long
At your lips and tongue.

I wiggle my ass.
It upsets my glass,
Drink tipped in your hair
And on my chest bare.

At interruption,
You change direction.
You give my skin taste,
No drop would you waste.

I nuzzle the hair
Upon your head fair
While you lick my chest,
My tum rubs your breast.

When we do re-twine,
Your mouth's tasting fine
Of whisky and seed
And nicotine weed.

I say, "I love you -
You're helluva screw!
My favourite sin!"
To your minxy grin.

Note for US readers: By 'fag' I mean cigarette.

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Coffee & Caffeine

In the kitchen,
a tension
that blinds a man, grinding
coffee beans;
his pestle to her mortar.

and thinking,
he sits watching,
beads of fear
pronounced on his upper lip

for the abrupt sight
of her
thrown back in a laugh!

Such anxiety kills
over the
anticipated gesture
knowing at that moment,
certain he will lose her.

the crushing weight
of silence
is anything but silent.

Of coffee beans
being pulverized,
she agonizes over the grist
and he the caffeine.

A sweat bead bursts,
drawing his eyes together,
pulling angst
from his pores
while he plots.

At the sink, her thin white slip
contradicts her purity.
He furrows.
What does she think this is,
a goddamn wedding?

He stands his chair back
on two legs
feeling his brain burn as it screams
It's a fucking beheading!

This is bestiality,
so close to the sun,
where a grain of sand
weighs a ton times a ton

...and the coffee
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Cigarettes & Lonesome Drunk

Sailor, where you goin’ this time o’ night?
We were gettin’ along so well back there
Where I’d been sittin’ in that alley bar,
An’ you slogged your way across to my stool,

Leanin’ over my shoulder ‘n’ smellin’ me.
And I smelled you; two days worth of stale booze,
Bourbon, cheap stuff, an’ me sippin’ Rob Roy.
Still, in your rank mind I wanted action.

My crossed legs encased in fishnets did it.
So, you seemed nice, the way you paid for drinks,
Though you kept flippin’ yourself cigarettes
from outta my Marlboro pack ‘n’ all

Us gettin’ tanked on Duck Farts ‘n’ shooters
Talkin’ me into drinkin’ a Quick Fuck, Christ —
Didn’t know you’d give me one right here.
And tonight wasn’t my finest hour.

Sailor, I wish you wouldn’t go just yet.
It’s almost sunrise, an’ I’m so lonesome.
I know, it’s a one night stand for us both,
And, no, put that back in your wallet.

I feel resentful an’ sentimental.
I mean it, you’re not gonna make me cry!
Well, yeah.  I’ll be back there tomorrow night.
You?  Sure. If you can’t make it, I’ll be fine.

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