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The sound of happiness

poet Anonymous

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Guardian of Shadows
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Happy in my Happiness

the yellow sun rays
shining on green hills
tall grasses waving
caressed by the wind

the subtle colours
of a rainbow against the sky
when the day drizzles
like angels shedding tears

the sounds of birds
busy as the evening falls
shades of grey on the ground
as the sun sets

the cacophony of sounds
mating frogs and cicadas
gentle breeze on bamboo leaves
hum a haunting lullaby

happily in happiness
of familiarity
like a mother's hug
love's embrace.
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Dangerous Mind
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Dawn of Tomorrow

I hear your calling in the wind
And my soul leaps in joy
I feel so warm deep within
When you set the sails and shout ďahoy.Ē
The ocean waves are at peace
And the sun lights up my world
The stars guide my voyage across the sea
Your soul is far more precious than any pearl.
Like the seagulls I cry out loud
As Iím freed from all my sorrow
I stand upon my ship, tall and proud
My hope lies with the dawn of tomorrow.
After many years we meet at last
Upon the golden sands of a tropical island
Looking into your eyes, a spell has been cast
Those blue orbs outshine any diamond.
My pain fades with your smile
As my soul sparks to life once more
Iíd like to stay here for a while
And walk with you along the Maldivian shore.
Like the seagulls I cry out loud
As Iím freed from all my sorrow
I stand upon my ship, tall and proud
My hope lies with the dawn of tomorrow.
Written by LunasChild8
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Dangerous Mind
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Sound of Happiness

Lifeís a constant struggle, but there are moments worth remembering
My first accomplishment that made me proud of myself
I had climbed a figurative mountain and made it to the top
Iíve never seen such a beautiful sight, and itís brought me new perspective
The sound of happiness is my joyous laughter once I made it
The sound of happiness is glancing down at the beautiful blue waves gently crashing on the shore
The sound of happiness is seeing my parents smile that light up my world more so than the sun
But most importantly, the sound of happiness is the complete peace I now feel within my heart and my soul
I had struggled through the darkest times, and finally reached the light
I had made it.
Written by LunasChild8
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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When You Hear Your Happiness

When you are standing on top of a mountain and you are closing
Your eyes to be hearing the wind blowing all around you. When
You are feeling the sunshine shining strongly on your face. You
Are remembering it took everything in you to get right here.

Everything that has once dissolved and you are now exposing
Yourself to all of the wide-open spaces. When you have been
Standing on the rocky shore, but you have known the true
Taste of ocean water because you have drowned in that tier

Time and time again. It is the same taste as the salt in your
Tears, but instead of having tears of that sadness you are
Happy because you have everything you could ever want.
People around you who have the same kind of laughter

As you do. Those same people who ask if your front door
Is open wide enough to let in that positivity and that star
That shines brightly. You are no longer having to flaunt
Your happiness because everyone you know can see it after

You smile and can hear it in your voice when you are talking.
The way you get excited about the littlest of things instead
Of getting boggled down by everything you have no control
Over. When you recognize that you have gotten over that last

You are truly noticing the way you are climbing and walking
Up hills, viewing the scenery. Whatever you have in your head
Like happiness is when you feel your broken heart become whole
And it is when you stop trying to tune your hearing into the past.
Written by eswaller
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Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell
Thought Provoker
United States
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The Day I Met You

The day I met you,    
It was like gazing into a moonglade's purlieu,  
And seeing the fireflies,  
That are your eyes, †  
And hearing the peaceful and beautiful chirps of the cicadas and of the crickets, †  
Raising my spirits, †  
And feeling the wind through my hair, and on my skin. †  
Upon my face, your voice put a grin, †  
Hearing you say my name, †  
Was too much, and I blushed and felt shame, †  
For not being able to say †  
What I wished I could say. †  
The sounds of all others, I couldn't bear, †  
Your voice was all that my ears wanted to hear. †  
It felt as if no one else was there, †  
Your face, demeanor, and voice, so pure.
You sounded so sweet, like the buzzing of bees making honey, †  
So cute, like a little rat's squee of glee, †  
So calm and reassuring, like gentle rain falling by the sea, †  
So strong, secure, and safe, like waves crashing against the shore, †  
And so wise, like an older hermit, who knows every cure. †  
I am the luckiest woman in the world to have met you, †  
I am the happiest woman in the world to have, up close, seen and heard you. †  
The second time you saw me that night, †  
You looked so heavenly within that light,  
You said "It's the girl with the magic hat!"  
You seemed as elegant as a Regency era crovat. †  
Your words so sweet, like the buzzing of dragonflies, †  
Brought tears of happiness to my eyes, †  
And made my heart beat like a brontide,
And to this day, of meeting you, I have the utmost happiness and pride.
Written by Orc_Pirate_68 (Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell)
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Dangerous Mind
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brother wolf

the river giggled  
as it wound its way downstream
its belly tickled  
by pebbles, while it was on its way
the sun smiled at the delightful scene
letting out a sigh
the Earth was singing to the human race
some were in tune with her music some were not
mother Moon chatted to the sun
they had lots to talk about they were in love
brother wolf howls his hello
his pack members join in
soon it's a melodic chorus
their Native family dance to
howling back at the wolves
for they are sacred clan members
the grass under their feet rejoices
to be part of the ceremony
all mother nature is in unison
it's a great celebration of the senses
Written by smackdownraven
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Tyrant of Words
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The Sweetest Sound

The Sound Of My Happiness Is Just One Hand Slapping

Myself Or Another Idiot When Consciousness Is Napping

Or A Brook Babbling Rather Than A Loose Lipped Human

In Their All Assuming , Consuming , Illusion Confusion ;

Whispers In The Wind , I'll Let Those Enter My Within

Rather Than Voices Of People Blatherin' And Blitherin'

Or Kick Back And Listen To The The Sound Of The Katydid

Rather Than The Madness Most Choose To Live Amid ;

Yet The Greatest Happiness Of Sound I Have Felt On This Ground

Was Taking Psilocybin Mushrooms With Friends Hanging Round

Watching A Guitar And Seeing Colors , And Hearing Sunlight Sing

As Sweet A Sound As I Ever Heard In The Center Of A Faery Ring
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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poet Anonymous

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Guardian of Shadows
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Autumn Symphony

the golden hues of leaves in fall
sparkles of dying on the trees
the beauty crowned with fluttery brown
clinging on to the toughest branch

rays of rosy hue the sun catches
flung on boughs that they may stay
to smile at dancing of the sprites
among the leaves, in its last glory

hamadryads in languid repose
wake to mourn the dying leafy tresses
yet knowing they will dance again
among the blossoms within the groves

faeries in glades continue to dance
to memories of sunny days and blooms passed
but darker shadows are arrived
mantles to the spirit of Fall

the sighs of breeze through the trees
shedding their beauty to the ground
standing stark among evergreens
with branches like anguished claws

warmth of the hearth embrace
call the beloved to their home
watching the last leaf of autumn
makes it way to the ground below

as the leaves cascade to the ground
burying all signs of spring
wishes for beyond the cold
made with the last leaf- fall

Fall is arriving in full glory
not far the winter will enter
in its majestic indifference
to what it covers, what it smothers

for the moment the dryads sit
under the shadows of the grooves
until the last day of fall
then they too shall repose.
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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poet Anonymous

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Heads, you win
-----      ------      ------

it's the moment silence
between waking up
and the morning squak  
of a beast
perched upon the rooftop

then happiness
is the sound of its footsteps
while it runs to take off
tap      tap


the smaller birds
can venture in
and sing

it's the pop of a kettle
the sizzle of sausages in a pan
a knock on the window
fizz-crack open of a cold can

flip the coin somewhat
and you got all the above
and more
wrought with a ring
of happiness

easily wrung  
to fit
other connotations

'cause feelings dictate
what state of mind
ears tune into  

Dangerous Mind
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The forest children

Music of the forest
Sweet nature song
Trees are swaying in the breeze
rubbing limbs with the each other
Many shades of green
Canopy creating patterns on leafy floor
as sunlight tries to reach the ground
A clear stream runs through
Water, like liquid crystal
jumping over rounded rocks
throwing little diamonds
caught by blades of grass
Ancient stone circles
covered with lichens and moss
solemnly concealing their mystery
If you sit quietly and listen
you can hear faint laughter
It is the laughter of the forest children
an echo from a time gone by
soon not to be remembered
soon forever lost
Written by Angelast1
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Tyrant of Words
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the sound of joy

the sound of joy
though inaudible  
is clear and visible
carried by waves
that behave like sound
that leave an effect
deep and profound
the vibrations emanated
are in fact generated
not at the source but
at the receiver separated
regardless of the distance
and length propagated
the laughter the giggle
is a gift that's divine
is infectious beyond control
of both heart and the mind
the beaming face emits  
no audible sound
yet the eyes see and tell
shaking heart's ground
was it a transmission
of light not of sound?
the answer is simple
yet would leave you spellbound
the communication of
the heart to the mind
is done via messages
in an inaudible line
the heart only listens
what the eyes have to say
the sound of happiness
is what they convey

Written by cold_fusion
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poet Anonymous

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