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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Moon Child

Each night of overcast protection  
When the air is filled with coastal haze,  
Light of fair orb’s rising reflection  
Is seeking while hidden from my gaze.  
She graces each day, ev’ry ev’ning,  
Hoping notes of my love she will find.  
Sending tears of stars while believing,  
Praying for my words the sweet’st kind.  
I peer in the mist for my ember,  
As my thoughts tell her listen be still.  
On nights you think I won’t remember,  
But of course, dear child, I always will.  
My love, Moon’s affection, I’ve missed you  
As the tides in me still ebb & flow.  
How can I cease doing what’s nat’ural  
While your Mother’s embrace tells me so?  
For until there’s nothing left to scribe,  
Till the restless tides give in, and die.

The preview image is original art entitled “Nocturnal”, by Jade Pandora.  
NaPo Prompt Comp 2018
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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Follow the Moon

Sweet child of Alya you're never alone
Her light guides the way as you’re free to roam
Riding across the lands or sailing the White Ocean
Ayla protects her children with endless devotion.
Her radiance outshines every star
With Ayla guiding the way, you’re bound to go far
She’s a beauty among the heavens
Just the sight of her fills anyone with a pure essence.
From dusk to dawn, you’ll always have your sight
Whether it be from the sun or the midnight light
As a child of Ayla, you’ll always be immune
From the suffocating darkness; you must follow the moon
Comfort and serenity are Ayla’s traits
Written among the stars are everyone’s fates
Have no dread and feel no fear when Nova sets
Let Ayla’s light remove all your regrets.
Come dance under the moon, children of Ayla
And be warmed as if you stood under Nova
No matter what the future holds, always be reassured
That every hurt of yours can be cured.
From dusk to dawn, you’ll always have your sight
Whether it be from the sun or the midnight light
As a child of Ayla, you’ll never be forced to face the doom
Of a world embedded in darkness, as long as you follow the moon.
Written by LunasChild8
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Tyrant of Words
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Hecate's Moon

I am the moon
I spell an otherworldly chant for you
words heard by but a few
I shine on you
children of the night
worshippers of Hecate
I am the moon
I see the footsteps  
you will leave
upon the sands of time
some will allow roses
to grow, and others, thorns
I am the moon
I weld power beyond your ken
beyond the knowledge
and understanding of man
for nearer to ingenuity
Is the path to insanity
I am the moon
I walk in the darkness
path illuminated by visions
I travel in the twilight  
sky, knowing no one like me
for I am the Moon,  
I am magic, I am mystery,
Written by Grace (IDryad)
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Fire of Insight
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You turn the tide to ebb and flow
A pockmarked face of craters wide
Yet some of us still want to know
What's concealed on your other side
Groovy gray satellite in the sky
Who placed you there and why?
It is said at night you're cold as hell
And burning sunlight makes you glow
We hit you hard you rang like a bell
So we calculated you must be hollow
Groovy gray satellite in the sky
Who placed you there and why?
The lunatics they worshiped you
They fell into obscurity long ago
But maybe it was they who knew
And more respect to them we owe
Groovy gray satellite in the sky
Who placed you there and why?
Written by Northern1
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Tyrant of Words
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I am the Moon  

Today when I opened
My Tarot Card
It says the moon
Represents you
So high in the silver sky
Surrounded by the stars

The Moon is numbered eighteen
Always it shows night scene
As moon is of the night
The moon is associated with nature
Mystery and Magic
It affects oceans and all tides

The Moon depicts
A journey into self
A discovery within deep inside
By attaining peace
we will be able to control
our basic bestial nature

It is renewal and immortality
Ingenuity and insanity
My Tarot reading.
Born with nature
with its spirits, mysteries
and mysticism
I take the Tarot,
with a grain of salt.
Written by Grace (IDryad)
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poet Anonymous

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Guardian of Shadows
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Moon Pie

Alfalfa fields sway
in hot breezes
cowbells tink-clink
on horizons.

Grandmother’s kitchen drips
in torrid July days
we blend the sugars
and melt the chocolate anyway.

Shortbread rounds rise
in the oven—
time’s up!

Press in the marshmallow, bathe
them in chocolate
and we place them on parchment.

I open the Frigidaire
and in go the moon pies
to cool.

“Hurry now,” Grandmother says
“it’s nearly time!

And we watch through static
and hums of cathode tubes
as Neil Armstrong’s boot
touches the moon.

I just want to eat the moon pies
when someday comes
and I must clean out a lifetime
in Grandmother’s house,
I will find traces of today, and
see the accomplishments, I
saw not, in my
childish eyes.

Footprints still set in dust, and
the moon still watches
and rises.

poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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The Cutting Moon

The cutting moon rose pale and yellow
it brought a look towards the west
the sharp edge of its crescent
laying down as if in rest
the witches fly in the evening gloom
and cast a spell on the cutting moon
the cost, a hair from his lovers head
and the caldron boiled in the flames so red
a fickle heart that cannot decide
and bringing amour to a roving eye
to let the light shine through the mist
the edge of passions catalyst

take its strands that fall to earth
weave a spell with a cackled laugh
potions the cutting moon dissects
mirrored in the sacred lake

fake emotions reflected gleam
of greener grass where not it be
cutting moon to light the path
entrance her with its crescents half
Written by slipalong
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poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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The Lake Sturgeon surface
The blueberry fruit ripens
When the August full moon
Is at its perigee

Beneath the Green Corn Moon
On one warm summer’s night
In my young childhood life
My father awoke me

Softly saying as he carried me
Before the tall crisp prairie
“Come hear the corn grow
Under the full moon’s glow”

Like a bowl of cereal
Covered in cold milk
Topped with sweet sugar
The growing young corn spoke

Choirs of crickets and frogs
Joined growing pains’ song
Of expanding cobs and stalks

Under the Verde Maize Luna
Upon my dad’s shoulder
My head fell back asleep
And dreamed dreams sweet

August full moon is often referred to as the Sturgeon Moon. During this time restless Lake Sturgeon arise from the murky depths to prowl the surface at night.  But Augusts’ full moon is more often called the Green Corn Moon.  During this period of warm humid nights, corn grows at such an accelerated rate you can actually hear it.
Yet another popular folk name for the August full moon is the Blue Berry Moon, because either by design or by coincidence, this is when blue berry’s and many other fruit ripen.
 Astronomers fondly call Augusts’ full moon the Super Moon, because it looms big in the horizon as it is at its perigee (closest to the earth).
Whatever you want to call it, if you happen to be in farm country during a full August moon, wake your children to listen to the corn grow.  Like me, they’ll never forget the experience.
Written by snugglebuck
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poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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Crescent Moon

I'm reminded of you when I gaze upon a crescent moon
The sun and the bright stars have the same effects too
Beautiful representations of GOD's creations up in the sky
The mere sight of a picture of you brings tears to my eyes
Sometimes they are tears of joy but other times tears of pain
Since you've moved on to the astral realm nothing is the same
I've had to cut ties and realize who was being toxic to my soul
Then I started becoming jaded and almost let my heart turn cold
Now I've let go of my bitterness and reminisce about better days
Wishing you were still here to wipe away my tears and tell me it'll be ok
But I'm driving on like a Soldier still wishing I could hug you once again
This grief is everlasting and my desire to be with you will never ever end
At times it's depressing only being able to talk to you through this pen
You exposed me to the epitome of unconditional love in this land full of sin
I'll forever be grateful for that and know that you were my 1st best friend
I love you, I miss you, and now this poem must come to its conclusion
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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