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Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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your shipment of male approval is on its way

Dangerous Mind
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Further Adventures Of My Book : A Musing

She bought his bullshit , lock , stock , and barrel ,

like an investment in a future she did not think  
would bear fruit , yet some part of her liked the  
risky business and intercoursal exchange , though  
as more than some commodity , few if any could  
afford her ;  
She localized her heartache into a little box she kept  
on her altar to the dark goddess of relationships past  
some wraith half hidden as she did not want to fully  
remember how she had to nix some nitwits out of her  
nookie before she became a granny with a couch potato  
for a boyfiend , or had to practice animal husbandry with  
kids like little goats running around and butting heads  
with her when she told them to cease and desist  
She could not resist dismantling the emotional architecture  
of those who lived in glass skyscrapers , heads in the clouds ,  
with no real foundation , totally see through , and skeletons  
in their basement ;  
She led those who tried a drive by romance , down free ways  
into off the road cul de sacs like some deadly damsel , then  
showed them what a girl from the hood could do , when you  
backed her into a corner , her coroner friend disposing of the  
bodies , before they went to some next booty call , to reap some  
corporate pirates treasure ;  
She was not to be fucked with , until she initiated the action , then  
she was some cotton candy queen in just give me a platform heels ,  
ready to rap some politician around her little finger with her words ,  
like a pinky ring , with her forefinger in a come hither curl , like her  
long hair after her beautician got done with her , and filed her nails  
razor sharp so she could walk any straight edged street with pride ,  
a sista of mistas , but nobody's bitch ;

I Can Take You To Any Heaven Or Lead You To Any Hell

All In How You Treat Me And How And What I Spell

I Am Woman
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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Dangerous Mind
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Listen To Me Boy Toy

I Am The Sacred I Am The Crazed

We The I Are Woman Don't Be Amazed

I Am The Bitch And I Am The Bad Ass

Men Follow Me Just To Hear My Sass

I Know Men Watch Me Just To See Me Walk

I Watch Them To See If They Walk Their Talk

We Can Trade Dominant Positions Just For Fun

But Every Time We Do That They All Begin To Run

What's The Matter , Can't You Take It , Even Make It

To The Door Lying There As If I Care Curled Up On The Floor

Fetal Position , In Admission , You Can't Take Any More ,

But This Is Just The Beginning Of Who And What I Really Am ,

Stand Up And Take It Bitch , Did You Not Say , Play You Are A Man

I Got A Lot More To Lay Down You Gonna Stay There On The Ground

You Don't Like The Rhythm , You Don't Like The Tone , Or Is It The Sound

Of My Reality , In The Key Of Me , That Makes You Feel Mind Bound

Too Fucking Bad , I Am Glad You Suffer , Feel Like Some Outsider Or Other

I Am An Under Cover Earth Mother Throat Cutter Shudder Lover

And You Shall Listen As You Are Bidden Until You Hear Me Have My Voice

Whether You Like It Or Not This Time In Chains Insane You Have No Choice

You Like It Boy ?

I May Annoy But You Will Know In My Box I Keep All My Toys

Hot Rocks
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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As Real As They Come

She is more than just a warm body to come
Back to every night at home. She is that hook
And melody you simply cannot forget. You
Are the pigeon that goes after every crumb
She leaves behind. She gives you that one look,
Knowing she has you like the sun has the blue
And clear sky. You always give in and succumb
To the power she has over you. Some mistook
Her sassiness for street smarts. She may be too
Shy too some, but that is an understatement as
She is talkative with the right people and they
Adjust to her personality, but you are in tune
With her. To some she is too much but she has
Mastered the sweet and spice which you say
Is just the perfect amount. She is the moon
Whose glow you crave. Her eyes, green topaz
Globes of light that will make you want to stay
Right where you are and someone with a plan.
She desires passion, freedom and wants things
That this world has to offer. She goes slower
And to some she is a devil, but to you she is an
Angel because she saved you with clipped wings.
She reaches out with a helping hand on lower
Grounds. She does not want or need any man
To tell her she is ugly because she has strings
Of darkness within her. She is a glassblower
As she bends and creates her own light. She is
Someone’s dream girl or fantasy, but she
Is your reality and step towards the future. Fizz
And fade-outs are not her thing, but she is me.
Written by eswaller
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Guardian of Shadows
United States
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Action heroes never die, they
just become feline names
with no baggage
or worries
of anything other than love.

I, both master and servant,
can do no wrong.

I exist in worlds
where only basic needs matter—

“kissanpentu suukkoja”

and hurts from deaths
and failures, slip away
with patience
and hope
for a human touch.

“kissanpentu suukkoja”

I am worthy, to
some lives
as we shut out the world
in exchange for

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Gangster Diva

I don’t give a shit
  if you think I’m a bitch!
I don’t give a fuck
    if you think I’m stuck-up!
I don’t give a damn,
    Yes, I’m stealin’ your man!
So, what up BITCH?

This is my hood
    so let’s get it understood,
I’m the Duchess of Earl,
    so don’t you go playin’ big girl
in a gangster diva’s world!
    If you try to start some shit
I’ll be blastin’ more than just your pretty clit!

It’s bad enough I got homies tryin’ to hit on my ass
    cheap talkin’ all that juicy ghetto trash!
Homie says he likes my “Kit Kat”
    and that he should hit that!
He calls me “sexy little mama”
    that I’m stacked in the front to the back,
and if homie ain’t enough to get my flow on
    he says he’s got a dick I can blow on!

I got homies tellin’ me that they love me too,
    that they need me too, that they’ll be good to me too.
Shit, I don’t need their ghetto-drama crap!
    I’m a gold-diggin’ cold-killin’ bitch
lookin’ to strike it rich
    in Gucci, Pradas and blood.
Ah, baby, don’t be so mean,
    just show me some bling
and I’ll be your ghetto dancin’ Queen!
    I’m talkin’ straight-up-ghetto-monogamy here,
nothin’ to fear, just don’t mistake me for Beyonce
    and try to put a ring on my finger
‘cause homie you’ll be wastin’ your time,
    but goddamn are you fine!

Hey, don’t hate me
    ‘cause you know I’m gangster crazy.
Don’t hate me
    ‘cause I’m rappin’ what’s what.
It should be no surprise
    ‘cause I’m speakin’ the truth,
tellin’ it like it is,
    this here homie ain’t suburbia
you in a suit,
    and me in a house dress.
This here is real life,
    I ain’t your woman, I ain’t your wife!
So homie please, stop playin’ the fool,
    I got a party to bounce to!

I’m not just a ghetto hoochie mama
    in a skin tight dress,
I’m the real fuckin’ deal
    so don’t mess with this bitch!
So as I roll through these streets
    you bitches better step the fuck on back
‘cause this here gangster diva
    is representin’ her hood, ghetto-fiably strapped!

Written by DevlinDLC
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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What Men Really Want

Always give him what he is really wanting…
A smile and body that are reserved for him.
A laugh and a smile that will be haunting
Him in his dreams. Eyes that he will swim
In for eternity and will never feel like he is
Downing. Be someone who will stimulate
His mind and always wants be a part of his
Growth. There are plenty who can create
And keep physical attraction, but there are
Very few who have mental attraction too.
Just one look and you will be a shining star
In his eyes, but realize that you are the blue
Sky too. You are not only that one in a million
Type of woman, but a once in a lifetime type
Of woman. Someone worth chasing trillion
Of miles for. Someone who will let him wipe
Away tears you think he does not see once he
Gets to know the real you instead of the one
You pretend to be for the rest of the world. Be
Her, that one single person he wanted to run
Towards from day one and with the bright sun
Not too far behind him. Be the woman he loves
Who is not afraid to take off the mask and gloves.
Written by eswaller
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Fire of Insight
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good work my guys :  this time, i'll only give the no filter feedback if you ask for it.  i'm either growing up or i just can't be arsed take your pick

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Air Sex

You saw a gray mouse today  
in the form of a girl  
pickin' her way, skittering through  
the trail of alley apples.  

On her mannequin’s body  
wracked by a smoker's cough,  
wrappings of newspaper headlines  
held fast with twine.  

Ticker tape judders from  
the fortune cookie  
between her thighs,  
but don't stare too long  
cause you might see the  
ink blot of two profiles.  
That is,  
if she still gets her period.  
And if she holds still  
long enough, her eyes will  
show you the mania. But she's  
studying you right back.  
And the scab-engers of her arms  
are more chaos than you can handle,  
so don’t be square just standin' there  
playin' air sex...  
The "sound" of this piece is like the cadence of a "beat" poem (Ginsberg, Kerouac, etc).
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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poet Anonymous

Related submission no longer exists.

Everything that drove a former Love crazy!
(Sorry...not sorry!)

Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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Mothers words still ringing in my ears
you want to find yourself a keeper dear
you'll be left on the shelf like auntie FLO
shes going on again, ouch my aching soul

did she know how hard i tried
that cool look in bitches coven times
a fine line with a touch of class
to hook with the flash of tits and ass

domesticity a stamp that holds on fast
wrapped to rip like the Christmas parcel pass
a sex slave thats not been neutered
the package comes is this my future

of sweets and treats
and pills for pain relief
tears and babies cries
nothing ventured lonely sighs

its strings future sublime
knots of your mind intertwined
the sealing wax a man supplies
the first impressions that never lied

tracking right to your front door
dont leave on the step or in the porch
Wells Fargo sun tanned testosterone
signed the pad with the number of my phone
Written by slipalong
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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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I did put on a dress and high heels

Thought Provoker
Trinidad and Tobago
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"Just fuck me!!!"

I beg you baby just fuck me
Your hard cock fills my tight pussy just force it in i'm tiny

Fuck me harder baby please, make it hurt I like it
I know you came, I feel the same, and still your hard inside me
Hold my tiny body, baby
Pin me down and ride me
Make it hurt baby please,
just do till I'm shaking

My pussy aches for this feeling baby,
fuck me day and nightly
around the clock, I beg you stop, It hurt so deep inside me
Grab my hips and slam me baby,
fuck me till I'm hazy

I want to feel you cum again, fuck!!! my pussy's aching
Resurrect and fill my mouth, deep down my throat i'm choking
Make me cum
I wanna scream, this lovely pain excites me
Just tonight I'll be your wife your whore your bitch or baby
Fuck me now from dusk till dawn until you ease this craving.
Written by Michael_Goodridge (M_Goodridge)
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Thought Provoker
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The Trash Talker

             The Wager            
(HE OFFERS)            
      Are you willing to wager your goods against mine?            
      Take this challenge and I’ll lay my cock on the line!            
      Will you wrestle me nude? …flaunt your body to bait me?            
      It ends when I fuck you or when you castrate me!            
(SHE ACCEPTS)            
                  I’ll eagerly wager my goods against yours,            
                  I can’t wait to strip nude and get down on all fours!            
                  I’ll deny you relief and provoke such frustration            
                  you’ll beg for my leash and submit to castration!            
                  The Strategy            
(HE, ASIDE)            
      My cock will foil castratrix’ hunt            
      by ravishing her luscious cunt!            
      With heavy stones, safe from her grasp,            
      I’ll violate her shapely ass!            
(SHE, ASIDE)            
                  It’s going to be so fun to watch            
                  him clutching at his bloody crotch!            
                  He’ll lose his manhood fair and square            
                  caught lusting for my derriere.            
                  Talking Trash            
      I'll drag you, nude, into the street            
      and flaunt you there where all will see            
      you fucked in public subjugation,            
      sexual humiliation!            
      On your back is how you’ll pay!            
      Crowds leer as you get fucked all day!            
      Subdued castratrix, stripped of pride,            
      with sweaty cum-soaked thighs spread wide!            
                  I'll giggle --you won’t understand--            
                  Your nuts are helpless in my hand!            
                 I'll laugh aloud --you’ll comprehend--            
                  You’re gonna’ lose your balls, “boyfriend!”            
                  With glee I’ll squeeze and wrench and twist            
                  your nuts off! Crushed! Raised in my fist!            
                  I’ll cure your horny, macho pride!            
                  Your ‘sack ripped off! Balls burst inside!            
                  Yet still your cock is hard as rock,            
                  so, mockingly, I’ll jack you off!            
                  In agony, you’ll writhe and scream            
                  while shooting “blanks” of bloody cream!            
                  Talking More Trash            
      With spirit broken, tattooed “whore”            
      your battered ass will beg for more!            
      Face in the dirt, on hands and knees,            
      your ass spread open, hot, in need!            
      That’s when I’ll tease it with a feather!            
      Thrash it with a strap of leather!            
      Then, to quench its burning bliss,            
      I’ll drench it in a stream of piss!            
      At last, I’ll fill your anal urge            
      and mount you with a mighty surge            
      of what you, Whore! most sorely need:            
      Ass bursting with my hot man-seed!            
                  Your drooling little one-eyed wiener            
                  will mount no ass, but feel my cleaver!            
                  “Mighty” man-meat shrinks with fear,            
                  my knife in hand, your butcher’s here!            
                  Reluctantly, your debt is paid  
                  in sweet submission to my blade.  
                  That’s when I’ll cut your piddling dick,  
                  and ponder what to do with it!  
                  Perhaps fulfill your depraved wish            
                  to cook it as my entree dish?            
                  I’ll win our bet, it’s mine by right,            
                  but too much work for one small bite!            
                  Adorn a necklace, show my friends            
                  how your witless wager ends?            
                  Your penis hanging from my chain            
                  will make them laugh and mock your pain!            
                  They’ll coo and wink and call you “genius,”            
                  mocking that you’ve lost your penis!            
                  Unlike Spock, sore with Pon Farr,            
                  Your cock will end up in my jar!            
                  Your dick is just a flaccid runt,            
                  unfit to bang my ass and cunt!            
                  It’s fucking useless! …all the same,            
                  you’ll lose your cock and earn your shame!            
                  Emasculation! Male disgrace!            
                  I’ll laugh and wave it in your face!            
                  Then stuff it in your gaping maw,            
                  a picture for my Facebook wall!            
                  AFTER HER VICTORY            
                  Hey, “Big Boy,” not having fun?            
                  Why clutch at where your manhood hung?            
                  Stop grasping for your missing meat,            
                  Your sex lies slaughtered at my feet!            
                  Forced to trade your lust for shame?            
                  …and humbled by castration’s pain?            
                  I maimed what hung between your thighs!            
                  You’re neutered and penectomized!            
                  Writhe in anguish on the ground            
                  as gossip races through our town!            
                  You bet your cock, a foolish gamble,            
                  bared your ass to bawdy scandal!            
                  All my friends are here to see            
                  your post-castration mockery.            
                  Now, cower down before me, Bitch!            
                  I kicked your ass and cut your dick!            
                  “Now that you’ve lost a ‘thing or two,’ ”            
                  my girlfriends tease, “What good are you?”            
                  “No good for sex, no good for sports,            
                  no baby-makers in your shorts!”            
                  “No lump if we dance in your lap!            
                  No bulge against your jockey strap!            
                  No spoils for nude mixed-wrestling night,            
                  no balls to bust, no cock to bite!”
                  As payback for your base lip-service:            
                  Center Ring, Castration Circus!            
                  Freshly-cut, you’re on display,            
                  a naked eunuch! Judgement Day!            
                  You forfeit everything to me,            
                  not just your masculinity!            
                  No longer male, no longer free,            
                  a life of dickless slavery!            
                  Now it’s me you’re going to serve,            
                  and henceforth, mute, you pot-mouthed perv!            
                  My pussy craves your bondage won,            
                  I cut your cock off! Use your tongue!            
Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Thought Provoker
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Her Plan

His arrogance I find to be a bore,
in silence, and with shame, I find I crave  
his manhood—and hard body—I adore!  
I vow, unto myself, he’ll be my slave!  
The first step, I must catch this wild young stallion.    
That is easier than you might think,  
I know what motivates well-hung rapscallions,  
I’ll turn him on with one seductive wink!  
When he believes that he is stalking me,  
I coyly activate step number two:  
I’ll look him in the eyes, and raise my knee,  
feign anger, mildly bust his balls of blue!  

   His confused arousal is my weapon,
   He can’t cope with feminine aggression!

Step three, I harshly seize his ample package,    
challenging his masculinity!  
“Give me what I want, or I’ll do damage!”    
Confronted by strong femininity!
He’ll have but one response that he can give me,  
step four, he’ll plead! but insults I will hurl
as I strip him nude with full authority    
and ride his cock, a dominating girl!  
That fucking will debase, and leave him broken,
I’ll cure his arrogance forevermore!
Step five, my ownership, while still unspoken,    
is sealed when he starts sleeping on my floor!    

   Ladies, I have shared my foolproof plan,
   You may use it for enslaving any man!


Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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