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Poetry competition CLOSED 29th July 2018 11:46pm
Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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your shipment of male approval is on its way

Fire of Insight
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Poetry Contest

this competition will be gendered, but try not to cry about it
writing as a woman: show me why all the boys love you, or why they don't

as suggested in the title this is a bit of a trick question

men, you're welcome to try this

Dangerous Mind
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Question , Anna ;

Can I pull excerpts from my novel I am writing ,

in the personage of a woman , to be woven

together into my entry ?

( you can find the first part of my book , as my first post here )

I think this will be a great comp !

Thought Provoker
United States
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Girl's Got Game


So, you want to go  
one on one with me?  
Better bring your game  
or can't you see?  
I'm the only girl    
who can take the rock  
only one on court  
who can handle your nasty  
trash talking  
Do it in my ear  
Do it in my face  
Do it back there  
Do it anyplace  
It just makes me more eager  
to go for the money shot  
'Cause when I'm in the zone  
I'm hotter than hot  
I just might take it deep  
Go for the throat  
Up and down with the pump fake  
Ball gripped in my palm  
You won't be able to take it  
be able to keep up  
with my ball tossing  
my slam dunking  
I tear up the hardwood  
and unlike those skanky hoes  
that you usually play with  
who think they got game  
think they are good ...  
I do it with barely any dribbling at all

Written by MaryWalker
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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I was on his route that day when he
walked up to my door to deliver more
than my mail order lingerie, Special D'.
Cash up front he said with his boodwah
eyes, inviting himself in, following me
to the kitchen as I grabbed for my tote.
He straddled a table chair, leaning back
while I tried to hide the way I studied him
from under my bangs, unzipped my wallet.
He opened his pants bold as brass, and
twice as hard, with sunlight casting a
crotch shadow my way from the window.
I tossed the greenbacks and he tossed my
parcel telling me to open it quick, so I
sat on the table's edge and pried the flaps,
throwing some of the Styrofoam peanuts at
him, so we laughed when I pulled out fuchsia
bra' and panties guaranteed not to break.
Or are they, by his eyebrows dancing, so I
asked "What's up your sleeve?" and he said
"More like down those panties, put 'em on!"
Rising from the chair that fell with a bang,
and him moving like a tom cat who smells a
she in heat, pouncing before I could finish,
and beefsteak hands showing how to turn
new lingerie into damaged goods, then
pullin' plow like nobody's business, his spigot
spillin' in, drillin' and fillin', flippin' burgers
on the side, gawd I hollered like he's
double humpin' me both ways from Sunday!
Fuck, I love that delivery man, don't care
how he plays me, get on the phone, maxin'
cards, ordering ev'rything, 'cause he's a keeper!
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Fire of Insight
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Blackwolf said:Question , Anna ;

Can I pull excerpts from my novel I am writing ,

in the personage of a woman , to be woven

together into my entry ?

( you can find the first part of my book , as my first post here )

I think this will be a great comp !

it wouldn't be a trick question if I gave u all the answers

Dangerous Mind
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Nevaahhh Mind !


Fire of Insight
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Blackwolf said:Nevaahhh Mind !


no hard feelings - any which way
slick promo

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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A Lesson In Flirting

When I was a child
I blew small kisses  
at the traffic lights
hoping they'd change
their halting red glares
to progressive greens
the thing is
thirty-odd years later
I'm six foot tall in heels
and confidently aware  
that men and bulbs
are no different.
Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Tyrant of Words
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the evacuated chest of a fairy

Magdalena (AnitaMagdalena)
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Fire of Insight
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some great entries so far, you've all interpreted it your own way which is what i was looking for...

reminder that men can indeed enter this competition but i can't promise i wont laugh at u

Dangerous Mind
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The Check Is In The Male

Since I've Been Sayin' I Was Born In The Wrong Body    
I Should Have Been A Woman Long Before It Was A Meme    
Then A Movement Then A Gender Bender , I'm Going To Tell    
You Bitches To Move Out Of My Way As The Queen Has Arrived    
And when her mask dropped , as her veil of existence ,    
she was her sphinx and her Salome , seducing her inner    
male in an incestuous riddle , a kundalini feedback loop
I Don't Just Walk I Strut And I Don't Make Love I Rut    
She spun in place , a waveform rhythmic of phase    
shifted light , a portal shakti , in human shell    
She seemed normal to most    
yet she was much more than that    
She was an equation unto herself , unsolved until    
she turned her key
Who was she , self claimed , and saying no , not to other's perception ,    
yet her own multiple choice creation , and dice rolled , angular momentum    
creating her potential    
snake eyes
She Was So Hot The Ground Hissed Under Her Feet Like A Serpent    
And Every Word She Spoke Was In The Tongue Of A Cunning Linguist    
She was who she was , and all she was , was the present mistress    
of yesterday's ghost , the future dominatrix of her today's dream ,    
none other , for who could dream herself better than she ?
She Burned Through Her Bullshit And Had A Shotgun For Others'    
She was a creature of her desires , her needs , her sustaining    
matrices , seeking without seeking that which would set her free    
Opposites attract , herself to herself , like some holy guardian angel    
to the body and blood , sword to grail , water trough to some special    
intelligence , drink me , eat me , I am divine    
Spirituality made her horny    
It is incestuous , when I get embed with myself , she thought    
When I penetrate my subconscious , I get wet    
Sex and death , are tied in the self referred möbius strip of my subconscious
I Am A Lissome Legend Of Lustful Proportions In Lace And Leather    
She was perfect , as physical the beauty    
It was in her mind's chaos , nymphs and neural sprites    
stirred the depths of her subconscious desires and    
fears , evoking and invoking body judgements , ego    
appraisals , and am I good enough iterative mantras    
Her inquiring mind was on a need to know basis , and    
her introspection was an amateur detective inspecting    
files long buried
She Loved It Up Down Right Left Back And Forth    
Spinning Her Web In Every Direction    
She Still Felt Like A Woman On The Edge Again Of Her Own Puberty    
Crouched On Her Pedestal Of Potential    
Half in half out , like some cat goddess , and worshiping    
at her own altar , like any teenager , and girl in heat    
Only here while it suited her , an outfit of personality ,    
and nubile persnicketiness , or submissive seductiveness    
whatever she chose , as any teenage girl's unwritten rite    
And she danced her primal rhythm    
She was the goddess of her temple
She Was Her Mother Of Stars And The Nacht Mahr    
She Was Her Sea Horse Riding Her Waves    
She looked into her waveform , her song and her dance ,    
Her movement and her sonic , her calm and her storm ,    
her planned event , yet circumstance , her control , yet    
her respect , and ever is that which some call wrong ,    
and many others call correct
She Did Not Give A Flying Fuck What Others Submitted To  
She Was Her Own Juxtaposition And Geometry When She Moved  
Yet I Know  
Only love , ultimately , can set me free  
Yet what now is love , other than a cost far too great ?  
Shall I give up myself , again , for you ?  
Shall I become as you are , or want me to be ?  
Shall I break the bonds of togetherness , to find myself  
at the brink of the lonely ?  
Just for what , is this thing , called love ?  
Halfway through the experience , I pause ,  
if only to catch my breath...  
I tackle it like a dilemma , and hold it , until  
it yields  
And then in the release , the ecstacy  
In olofactory feedback loops , I smell teen spirit ,  
if only in retrograde memory
I'm A Bitch With An Itch For Hoodoo Voodoo  
Sexuality It Can Rebirth Or Be Your Fatality  
I am the avatar of one thousand footsteps into life ,  
and the dance of oblivion , simultaneously
This Is My Merry Go Round Bitches  
You Are Just Along For The Ride
 Yes , I am cyclical...and you are the constant
    Sometimes you are a constant pain in the ass
    And not due to anal sex
    Why I endure , I do not know...some say love
    holds the answers , yet why does love hold them ,
    rather than reveal ?
    What is this magnetism , and why this charge ?
    Some say it is nature , I say nature is a beast
    One that watches you , then devours you
    Just because it can...and thus , is love

I Feast Like Kali On The Flesh And Blood Of Innocents
And Wear Their Skulls As A Belt Around My Waist
   Rage , Rage , do not give up the fight !
    Quiet rage is deadlier than blatant might
    Though in any battle to save my shadow and light ,
    I shall use the all , then what is left , beyond all wrong or right
    You seek to defeat me , twist my truth , entreat me to your way ?
    Beware your words , beware your lies , in your power play

Look At Me What Do You See Now Look Deeper
Every time she thought of tit for tat , she thought
of her tattooist's chair
And though some saw it as interspatial fair trade ,
she thought of it as political blackmail , and sexual
force , pricked by a needle

Games Were Her Specialty Board Of Relationships
She was just so perfect unto herself , she orgasmed with the
thought of her immanence and imagination

Queendom Cumming
Manifestation rules
Yet am I physical enough to recieve it ?
As I have said...just a yinniny , yanging around
    And just because I said that , am I obligated to think it ?
    Who invented that , who made that rule ?
    And just because the moment , is it my fixed position ?
    I am my realization , as I am my fool
    I saw a child on a beach , and a grandmother in her bed
    Both raw , and naked , in their embrace of life and death
    One , the same as the other , just an issue of time
    And space is relative , as far as geomantic placement
    If I think , therefore I am , by reflection , and introspection ,
    becomes if I think not , therefore I am not
    Then who feeds the cat ?
    She needs her cream , just because she wants it
    Just feline programming , or human cattiness , asserting
    it's way , by fang and claw , word , and verbal blade
    She is / was / will be a girl , born anew each day

And This Is Why The Boys Love Me None Above Me
My Anima Loves My Animus , My Animus Loves My Anima
Better Than A Sharp Stick Or An Enema Such A Dilemma  
And Though I Can Have A Red Light On To Tell You To Stop
Or Does It Mean In The End Go , Don't You Dare Try To Pay Me  
With Anything But Love
Or You Shall Find You Are Being Blind And You Shall Eat Money Honey
And The Check Shall Be In The Male !
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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John Brady
Thought Provoker
United States
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I can say with conviction  
that I never owned a bra    
slipped myself into a skirt    
called myself Josephine    
or some shit that woulda    
got me killed by bible-belters    
but I often wonder    
if decorating my ass crack    
in diamonds and pearls    
might make me learn    
to twist my balls in knots,    
tributing the boy scouts    
with my origami junk.    
I guess I see the appeal    
of a chicken fillet chest    
covered in lacy highlights    
to replace the sad nipples I got    
with guns, because them gals    
rock that second amendment
shooting out glittery bullets    
in their fierce firing lines
and the more I think of it    
the more I secretly wonder    
if I could perfect a strut    
in them toothpick heels    
that make asses forget    
to grow old    
shave off my beard    
call myself Josephine    
wave my fake lashes    
at the bible-belters    
pouting my lips    
in fabulous baptisms    
of not giving a fuck.
Written by 24601 (John Brady)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Sheer Red Panty Delight

My sheer red panties
soft and delicate as rose petal
upscale department store silk
luxuriously smooth
a second skin
Thighs escaping the lace frills
delight I take in flaunting
Precisely manicured stripe of pubic hair
thrill I get in hinting
Fabric grazing my heated labia
pleasure I receive while strutting
getting myself off on the pole
in damn near every stride
And your wandering hands
reveal their blatant intent
fingers eager to penetrate
the elastic boundaries
slip underneath
is the idea of grasping
the flesh of this hind end
to draw apart my buttocks wide
causing a sudden draft of air
to rush in like a feather
tickling my butthole
for the explicit purpose
of hoisting me up a few inches further
and bringing me down gentle
with a measure of forcefulness
upon the aching tip of your throbbing
Intentions, of which
will ultimately
and miserably
I whisper in your ear,
"Keep your hands at your side."
Access Denied
No matter how horny you are
Doesn't matter how hard you try
You'll never get inside
Access Denied
Nothing is going to come
between these panties
and my quivering lips
except for me
Don't care if you're feeling frisky
Forget about living out that fantasy

Denied, denied, denied
I said you were in for a treat
and at no time have I lied
However, you won't be fucking me tonight
through my sheer red panty delight


Written by MaryWalker
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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My balls    
Bouncing balls    
Up and down the halls    
my lovely lady balls  
To know me is to love me    
I recommend worshipping every ounce    
So what if I'm not female    
based on where you think it counts    
Just because I have balls    
Lovely lady balls    
These meager breasts of mine?    
One hundred percent REAL    
Partial to girly clothes    
frilly dresses make me feel    
like striking a Monroe pose    
sans the pantyhose    
And because I have a pair    
I'm not find of underwear    
Just a little something extra down there    
Just for -    
You may ask    
Do you like girls?    
Yes, I do like girls    
Do you like boys?    
Umm-mmmm, I do like boys    
My favorite are construction workers    
who make lots of noise;    
whistling, hooting catcalls      
from building scaffolds looking down    
fixated on my caboose and cleavage    
as I high heel it through the town    
giving each stud    
his very own little high rise    
If our positions were reversed    
they'd be in for a big surprise    
Ask all the gals and guys    
who've spent the night at my place;    
experienced for it themselves    
witnessed with their eyes    
How I'm blessed, far from cursed;    
the expression on your face    
when this skirt came off .....    
Admit it    
You're tempted to cup them in your hand    
tell me to turn my head    
and cough!    
You can't resist    
fondling my balls    
and grasping this fanny    
Try not to think about it      
as getting it on with a tranny;     
we're two consenting adults    
Labels? So unnecessary    
And while I'm going down on you    
you can go down on me    
Work it    
Pump and pull    
Get my juices flowing    
Brace yourself for a mouthful    
Here we go now          
Here I come    
Bouncing my lovely lady balls  
in your face  

Written by JohnnyBlaze
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Dangerous Mind
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For She Who Is My Muse

Feminist Womanfest Don't Tell Me What I Can Be

Don't Tell Me What I Can Do Should Do Or My Voodoo

Gonna Get You Lewd Me Rude You , I Be Free Too

And My Attitude , Is Gratitude , Though My Delivery

May Scare You , Bare You , To The Core , Beg Me For More ,

You May Regret Me , Set Me Aside , But You'll Be Bleedin' Inside ,

I Am The Tides , Of Emotion , I Am Woman , I Can Be A Blessing

Or A Curse , But Without Me , You Would Be So Much Worse ,

So Thank Me Spank Me Love Me For It All For Each And Every Tear

And Every Moment Of This Joy , And For Being Your Damnation

Your Salvation , Your Birth , Rebirth , Your Reminder Never Bind Her

She Is Your Heaven And Your Earth , Your Hell And Your Mirth ,

Your Laughter Ever After , Your Catharsis , And Still Your Isis ,

Your Mother Of This World , And The Daughter Yet To Come ,

She I Am , See It If You Can , Are You Capable , Or Just Rape Able ,

Yet If You Rape Me You Shall Not Own Me , I Shall Own Your Soul

For You Shall Feel Empty And I Shall Still Be Whole , I Am Telling

I Shall Be Spelling Long After You Are Dead , So Don't Think With

Your Dick Use Your Head , I Will Lead While You Be Led , And You

Just May Remember All These Burning Words I've Said , Honor Me :

For I Am Woman !
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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