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Poetry Contest

Write a poem about, or with, acronyms.

Acronyms; you either love them, or like me, you hate them.  Regardless, we need to recognize that the English language is being acronymized.  Soon we'll all be speaking with an abbreviated tongue.

So, for this challenge write a poem about, or with, acronyms.

Poem will be chosen by a vote.

Dangerous Mind
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D.A.Y.S. (daily and youthful struggles)

Iím caught up with the D.A.Y.S.
Even though Iím young, I donít belong with my generation
I donít know what people are saying when they send me a message
Deciphering the contents take up most of my concentration.
I start off my D.A.Y.S. with bed hair
No matter how much I comb it, it still looks like a lionís mane
Iím also paranoid about getting fat; why canít we just survive off air?
Iím often admired for my beauty instead of my brain.
Omg, lol, brb; what is this mysterious code?
I know people are lazy, but this is just ridiculous
Whenever I use common grammar, people look like theyíre about to explode
Iím stressed about performing well academically while other women want to look fabulous.
People call me ďodiosaĒ just because Iím comfortable to stay by myself
I donít feel the need to constantly talk just to hear my own voice
Many people donít like me because I ďbreak the spellĒ
That keeps people in la-la land; on the contrary, they should rejoice!
ďPeople often appear bright until they speakĒ
That saying is so damn true and Iíll point it out
My quiet personality deludes people into believing that Iím weak
On the contrary, Iíll ignore your provocations and leave you to pout.
I donít know why I must suffer the D.A.Y.S
Men often boast about their dicks and how much theyíve grown
Iím socially awkward enough as it is
But even Iíd try to make a conversation instead of looking at my phone.  
Ttly, Shar; wtf is that?
Oh crap, Iíve just typed like the droning bees do
So many of my generation act like spoiled brats
They donít say my full name; they donít even spell out ďyouĒ.
Thank God Iíve passed through puberty
The physical changes were awkward enough, but I couldnít stand the girls my age
Hormonal teenagers would often use the empty space by my locker as an opportunityÖ
To have an intense make-out session; our ideals are not on page.
Bullies are vicious, and the competition is tough
I mind my own business, yet people want to stick their nose in mine
People commented that the reason why I donít have a boyfriend is because Iím rough
This is what I have to deal with my D.A.Y.S, though I donít like to whine.  
Itís hypocritical of me to use an acronym to describe how I canít stand them and other things
Though I suppose eventually Iíd get caught up with some norms from my generation
Women my age may only care about the bling
Maybe the younger people can set up a better foundation.  
Written by LunasChild8
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Dangerous Mind
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Great use of ink.  Thanks for kicking things off!😁

Dangerous Mind
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A∴A∴ / Silver Star / Argentum Astrum / Siriusly

Acronyms And Notariqon

Data Codes Computer On ?

Got A Secret Communication

Transmission And Reception Stations

C.R.O.M.A.A.T. Or The A∴A∴

Just More Codes In The Game We Play

Or Shall We Talk About C.I.A. Or F.B.I.

And Those Who Know The All Seeing Eye ?

Or I.S.L.A.M. And I , Self , Lord And Master ,

Or Shall I Just Run This Program Faster ?

How About Hugh Ashmead C.I.A. Cover

Whose Name Became Ku Code Name Mother

 James Jesus Angleton's Cryptography Con

And Why O Why Does : Black Brothers = 89 = F.B.I.

Or More In The Game They Play : Power = 28 = C.I.A ?

Get A Grip , Sign And Seal , Not New Just Unrevealed ,

As Codes Filtered Into Everyday Common Language

Program Matrices All Devised To Ultimate Advantage ,

A Phrase Abbreviated Easier To Embed Code Digitalized ,

Just Take This As A Prescient Warning From Your All Seeing Eye !


Acronyms Is An Eight Letter Word

As Is Notariqon When Spelt In Gematria

Which Is The Word For Acronyms

Before There Even Was That Word ;

This Is Because The Words Were Code

For Two Columns Of Eight Symbols

With Many Levels Of Meaning Each

And A Code Within Code Of Base Three ,

Then Base Five , Then Base Eight Code ,

And All Used By Secret Society Members

For Communications Since Ancient Time ;

Those Two Columns Of Eight Symbols Each

Can Have A Ninth Level Each Which Then

The Whole Code Arrangement Equals 1008

And That Number 1008 Equals The Values For :

Solomon = 1008

Knights Templar Cypher Code = 1008

New Order Of Ages = 1008

Looking At Data Encryption + Decryption = 1008

Looking At Pillars Of Masonic Temple = 1008

If Want To Know More Just Ask Me
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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Dangerous Mind
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snugglebuck said:Great use of ink.  Thanks for kicking things off!😁

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

Thought Provoker
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Sexting with Strangers

'Tell me more...' Hit Send.
Out to distant zip code, †
fine line walking.   †
First words flow swift between screens. † †
Then 2Ds, an MP3. † †
Carbon exchanges soak, stretch cotton: † †
LH6, version 4G. † †
Hands moving south, † †
Bodies arching, releasing. † †
From across state lines †
fine line crossing.

Written by Rachelleundrgrd
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Twisted Dreamer
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[ Politics & Religion ] A Medley Of Deadly Consequences


Liquid gold buried under coveted burning sand †  
Imperialism and Christianity †
Journeying hand in hand †
bound together in pure hypocrisy; †
thinning veil between Church and State †
Perpetuate democracy  
Subjugate †
And on and on goes the debate while †

God hates these fucking wars †
Body count rising; †
not keeping score †
He hates Osama †
George Bush even more †
for the violence we should all abhor †

Kill or be killed, seasonal pastime †  
Peace through violence never failing; †
works every single time †
Unpoetic rhymes of the insecure mind †
Dissected map for a new enemy to find †
for oil pipes to cap over which to salivate †
And on and on goes the debate while †

God hates these fucking wars †
Nevermind those ten commandments †
you profess to adore †
Thou Shalt Not Kill
What else is this for? †
You know God hates these fucking wars †

Yeah, motherfucker †
He fucking hates them †
This isn't how Peace is sought †
Try to debate that †
And still Osama is yet to be caught †
It doesn't take a genius †
or even George Bush to see: †
combined, you assholes †
are both the enemy! †

The path to Peace †
this most definately is †
NOT †  

Panic button pushed †
firing up war machine †
Air raid sirens of hysteria  
blare what politicians never really mean †
Through smoke and mirrors, your capitalized fears †
Is The War Against Terrorism that remains to be seen  

T.W.A.T. †

Grand was the experiment in arrogance †
Incompetence at the helm of national defense †
Budget cuts, under orders, neglect of the borders †
Missing boards, gaping holes in the security fence †

long after enemy was allowed to slip in  
came the rapid one-hundred eighty degree spin †
Global shift in policy, rift in attitude †
Eyes on the prize;  
always kept on the crude    

T.W.A.T. †is NOT  
a valid excuse to occupy a foreign country  
The shocking and aweful reality?  

Imperialists hijacked our military  

HOT on heels of Osama's newfound accomplice †
Search and seizure of bombs  
Saddam's regime supposedly possessed †
while scapegoats rocked the boat, confessed †
to the faulty data Stated when Union was Addressed †

You're NOT a Patriot  
Questioning war makes you Pacifist †
inviting into our home the All Purpose Terrorist †
while emergence of violence  
from reciprocated insurgence  
is blamed on boogeyman Islamic Fascist †

T.W.A.T. is NOT  
a valid excuse to occupy a foreign country  
The shocking and aweful reality?  

Imperialists hijacked our military  

This war was NOT what it was perpetuated to be  

Not in the least  

Bring back the men  
and women serving in Iraq †
sent overseas in premeditated attack †
as you evoke the name of God  
in your American Jihad; †
body count rises as you turn your back †
on families of ally, fellow countrymen †
on newfound friend, the Iraqi civilain †
now caught in the crossfire of hegemonistic desire †
your T.W.A.T. reeks of prolongued impossibility to win  
They're dropping by the hour in abuse of power;  
unsuspecting flies in a woven web of lies  
Suicide roaches, camoflauged wasps and locusts  
aiming for our soldiers, allies  
under smoke and hate filled skies  

Written between the lies  
the shocking and aweful truth of it  
Just another bullshit excuse to occupy a foreign country  
Furthest thing from legitimate  
Your T.W.A.T most definately is

Written by Anarchitect
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Fire of Insight
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T.H.O.T. 's

I'm not a player, I just use big puns a lot
I'm not a rapper, I just abhor these THOTS
Sharing my thoughts with those who care to see
All of the T.H.O.T.'s that really make me angry

The Hate Of Today that is always on full display
The Hungriness Of Those told to just kneel & pray
The Heartlessness Of Trump towards immigrants
The Hopelessness Of Those struggling to pay the rent

We weren't meant to live life in such a hateful way
Christians need to read & heed what their bible say
To convey one thing but practice another is hypocritical
The affluent telling the struggling to work harder is just comical

Typical Hypocritical, Outlandish Talk of the deceivers
That Help Out The pockets of all of the bankers
The Hidden Opposition That actually pull the strings
That Hinder Our Triumph in our pursuit of prospering
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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LIT (Lost in Translation)

She was a PYT, looking for some TLC,
But the chickadee was straight up DTF,
She texted BYOB, and he thought OMG,
This meet was going to be totally lit AF.

Her pic looked legit like the FBO POTD,
IRL, he thought, she's so hot AFAIK,
But IDGAF, IDC, Iím gonna smash BAE,
Iím KISS KWIM cus she going to learn today.

When? he asked, RN ASAP, she replied,
But she lied and ended with an XOXOX,
GR8, he added, he was totally ecstatic,
CW2MU, but then there was no text.
Hey U there? DU get my text? ICYMI
RU Ignoring me or will you BRT?
Was I 2F4U, did U think this thru?
TTM Plz,

Dangerous Mind
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Thank you, snugglebuck, for hosting these unique and fun competition! I thank everyone who voted for me, and congratulations to David for his runner-up position.

Kudos to everyone else who participated. I enjoyed reading all of your work, c:

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