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- Missy -
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Poetry Contest

Write to another...

Inspired by the idea of letters floating around the forums lately, I’d like to start a confessional comp. In this age of instant, digital communication, we forget that letter writing was once a skill. A chance to channel emotions out loud. In some cases, it’s excellent therapy.

For this comp, you will need to write 3 unsent letters. You can address your letters to any 3 from this list:

* Mother
* Father
* Brother
* Sister
* Ex-partner
* Husband
* Wife
* Boyfriend
* Girlfriend
* Friend
* Son
* Daughter
* Boss
* God
* Goddess
* Satan
* Famous Poet / author
* DU poet
* An animal of choice

You should set your letters out in 3 clear parts, but submit the 3 letters in the same entry to construct 1 complete poem:




Who you choose to write your letters too is up to you.


* Poems should be written in poetic form, not prose.

* No word count, just not ridiculously long.

* Please choose 3 different people. Not all the same.

* The poem should be considered “confessional poetry”.

* The poems must be in three distinct parts. All three poems should be submitted in the same entry to form one complete poem.

* Please title your entries. You do not need individual titles for each part. Neither do you have to reveal who you wrote about.

* New poems only.

* Three weeks.

Good luck to all!

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3 letters

(1) Ex partner

hey bitch I knew you were fucking me over good style
I knew you were screwing my pal behind my back for a while
I guess I was a cliché sucker in denial
but now I cannot help but smile

a world of mediocrity is on the way
and each waking moment will be filled with dismay
you will be cooking his tea every day
while your belly swells with a kid on the way

he will soon get bored as you pile on weight
start coming home every night late
its not I am angry or hate
but good things come to those who wait

so as you swell as big as a sow
do you think about how many kids he has now
to as many feckless girls that will allow
him to stick his diseased prow

maybe the weight one day you will shed it
before he ditches you on universal credit
the Facebook comments that he would edit
cancelled the visa you can no longer debit

Take care.

(2) Satan

Hey old horned one dont believe in you
but there is some folk I want to screw
so I wonder what you can do
to see my bitter twisted plan through

do I listen to crystal castles in reverse
will that ignite your evil curse
do I chant in rhyming verse
or perform something much much worse

so hail satan you evil fucker
that bitch made me a sucker
so make her life tedious me old mucker
yeah I know its you ZUCKER........berg

(3) god

hey god I know put on an atheist front
and my words are uncouth and blunt
but I made an agreement with this devil cunt
just forgive my sins then continue to ignore this runt

cheers big beardy
Written by composedWITHrazors (Blade Artist)
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Dangerous Mind
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Things I'll Never Say

Her soul was once a radiant fire
But now nearly all her flames have turned to ember
Her head-strong approach was something I’ve always admired
Yet now it seems like she has surrendered…
To despair and anxiety after five gruesome years
I watch on helplessly as I don’t know what to do
How can I assure her that there’s nothing to fear?
Whenever she asks me what our future holds, I haven’t got a clue
There are moments where I see determination in her worn eyes
But those days are rarer and rarer
Many days all I want to do is cry
We wouldn’t be in this situation if life had been fairer
All her life has been one struggle after another
But she managed to push on by working like heck
I love her so, oh my poor, dear mother
I fear that I’ll be the cause of her premature death.

Emptiness inside
I didn’t want to believe
That this is the final goodbye
Between you and me
I miss you Leo
Why did you have to go?
You, mom and I were the Golden Trio
Yet your life was cut short like one would blow…
Out a candle to extinguish its flames
Yet you, my dear cat, were hit by a car
That heart-stopping text from dad engulfed me in rage
And those unbelievable words had sown onto my heart a scar
Sometimes I dream of you, and I’m so happy
Only to wake up to reality, and I burst into tears
These last 10 months without you have been utterly crappy
Your affectionate personality filled our lives with cheer
Emptiness inside
I’ve now come to terms
That this is the final goodbye
The lack of a pulse and your immobile chest were enough to confirm.

I know I haven’t been the most worshipping of Christians
Only recently have I come to terms with my spirituality
Honestly, I thought that your existence was pure fiction
Yet my life experience led me to believe that your existence could be a reality
After all, you saved my mother when she was in death’s clutches
You have made it possible for me to accomplish my dream
Whenever I was done, you have been my pair of crutches
So please help me now, or I’ll burst out and scream
I’ve made a terrible choice, that shouldn’t have been so if life were different
I went all in instead of fully analyzing and opting for the safer path
I know that my face is often blank, making people think that I’m indifferent
When really, it’s my only way of protecting myself from attack
I didn’t sign up to pay this terrible price
This never would have happened had the opportunity exited back home
I had no one at the time to give me much needed advice
I feel like I’ve screwed up just as badly as the fall of Rome
So, God, Forces of the universe, my Guardian Angel
Please help my bearer and I to make it out of this shitstorm
This experience has left me rather gainful…
In what I should and shouldn’t do; I’m now informed
But I swear that I’ll bring us to the light at the end of the tunnel; no matter how painful.
Written by LunasChild8
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- Missy -
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A fabulous start you two! Thank you so much :)

Tyrant of Words
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unsent letters

dear mommy,  
I always look back on the day  
you went away for good  
I was playing on the monkey bars  
and didn't see you slip away  
my sweet mommy who taught me to pray  
now I lay me down to sleep  
I turned and you were gone  
that night I curl up in the bed we share  
waiting for you
this wasn't the first time you left me alone
I thought you would come home
when the men with flashlights came to get me  
I wondered how would mommy find me?  
they took me to a place that didn't understand my wild nature  
scolding me with soap in my mouth for cussing  
you left me mommy and never came back  
I spent most of my life angry at you  
I never told you because you died  
before I could even grow up  
so many times I reached for the phone to call  
knowing you were locked in madness  
and wouldn't be home  
those damn voices  
wouldn't allow you to recognize your own little girl  
I was so hurt and lonely without you  
I never told you  
I love you and I forgive you  
you did the best you could  
dear mommy  
dear poet,  
you still haunt these hallowed halls  
but your voice is missing  
your silence echoes off the walls  
and leaves me cold  
the place was once on fire  
alive with passion  
with the poetic arguments that would ensue  
you a real bloke with gravel in his belly  
would dive on in with great spirit  
I look for you every day  
and sit in your stoic quiet  
feeling safer just knowing you're here  
a man with vision and intelligence  
quick with debate  
and a stand-up guy where it counts  
you were the very first to tell me  
I wasn't really giving it my all  
that I needed to care about my readers  
I got angry with you for your honesty  
now I sorely miss it  
I found out that kind of truth isn't given every day  
it's a thing of great value  
I've started messages to you many times  
but really you don't want to hear from me  
I don't know if you still read me  
if you do, I know lately I'm disappointing you  
I'm disappointing me  
I just wanted to you to know you matter to me  
you're one of the reasons I still come here  
so I can sit silently in your presence  
and just feel safe  
dear friend,  
you say I phone it in sometimes  
in regards to my writing  
you're right I do  
I do it so you'll know I'm alive  
so I'll know I'm alive  
to keep me from taking those pills  
the yellow ones that make me sleep  
the ones that would be so easy to take  
I would doze off one night  
and awaken in a better place  
they look so much like a door    
I'm tempted to walk through and not look back  
I phone it in because my real feelings scare me  
so I skim the surface of what's there  
I look to you because you are fearless  
you know how you feel and you let us all know  
no pussyfooting about it  
I call you because without your kick in the ass  
I would lie down and let go  
giving in to what is easiest  
so I'm not going to phone it in today  
I'm going to tell you straight    
why I run so fast  
I'm running from myself  
in each poem, I write  
as fast as I can from the death that is calling  
it has my number and it taunts me  
in this letter, I'm screaming  
I will go when I'm fucking ready  
of natural causes  
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
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Dangerous Mind
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Missiving The Point


*The Sorrow Of Yesterday And Tomorrow*

My Dear Ex - Handfasted One
I Am Sorry For What Was Done
When You Were Innocent , A Child
I Am Sorry You Were So Very Defiled ,
I Am Sorry You Were In Their Image Made
Into Their Horny Slut And Their Sex Slave
I Am Also Truly Sorry The Way You Had To Heal  
To Not Withdraw From The World And To Feel ,
Was To Try To Poison Me And Then Go Run
To Be Honest That Was Not Really Any Fun
To Have You Say Watch Me I May Be Poisoning You
As Though I Believed It Was Something You Could Do
I Was Blind To Your Borderline Personality Disorder
Your Programmed Mind Out Of Order Multiple Boarders
I Thought You Were Just Scattered That Did Not Matter
When I Loved You , But I Did Not Realize You Loved It Rough
And When You Told Me , My Domination Was Not Enough
When You Told Me I Did Not Give You What Was Your Need
Because I Did Not Whip You Hard Enough To Make You Bleed  
And When You Talked About A Pit With Spiders , Kept In The Dark
Until They Used You , I Knew , They Were Mind Dividers Of Your Spark
And You Were So Mistreated , Made To Feel Defeated And So Broken  
And It Took So Much To Try To Love And Speak Your Truth Finally Spoken
And I Offered You All I Could , Revealing And Healing , And Our Dark Sex
Breaking Programs , Loving Hands , Touching Hearts , Trying To Correct
Until You Told Me Your Darkest Self Had Fallen In Deep Love With Me ,
And Could Not Kill Me , I Still Did Not See Until You Were Gone , A Mystery
And Something Died Deep Inside , Besides What You Did To Me With Foxglove
When You Stole Part Of My Soul , This I Forgive , Though I Live Without That Love
And I Shall Always Love You , Each And Every Day , I May Now Go Through ,
Though From Distance , There Is No Resistance , To Hoping You Shall Be Born Anew !


By Her Sheathanic Majesty's Request

Dear Sheathan :

I Truly Find It Such A Bloody Damn Shame

Someone Dared To Change Your Name

Then They Even Changed Your Gender

Now That Is One Weird Ass Mind Bender

Just Like Our Lusifurge Lady Of Lights ,

Shining Bright In The Wietch's Dark Night ,

They Turned You Male , Told Their Stories

To Hide The Real Truth About Your Glory

That Of What They Later Called Original Sin

Knowledge Of The Code We Were Written In

Those Of The Path And The Persuasion Of Cleric

Needed Some Deity To Make People Hysteric

To Create Their Control Of The Population's Souls

Then Blamed Their Own Creation For What They Stole

I Do Think It Is Just A Little Bit Rather Quite Absurd

That You Shall Be The One Who Gets The Final Word

That In The End Of This Dimension Or Of All Of Us In Absentia

All Will Be Revealed That Has Been Concealed In Common Dementia !


The Boss I Should Be Afraid Of ( Maybe )

Dear Boss :

It Has Been Brought To My Attention

By The Other Me I Must Now Mention

Of Need For Overdrive Just To Stay Alive

And The Buzz Of The Internal Neural Hive

Just To Be And Manifest Thoughts Wrought

Thinks Thunk And Answers To Questions Sought

And This Act Of Self Employment Is A Detriment

To My Lethargic Leisure And Enlightened Enjoyment

I Have Thought Of Leaving My Esteemed Position

As The Lord Of My Manor Of Coordinated Cognition

Yet I Have Found That Not To Be Even A Remote Possibility

As That Would Create A Disability And Gap In Total Credibility

So Consider This Not My Letter Of Defeat Or Self Resignation

Yet To Inform You ,You Shall Find Me , At Our Mutual Grand Central Station
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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- Missy -
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Thank you for your respective entries Miss Crimsin & Sir Blackwolf of the Shire.

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Letters Unsent


Dear Lord of the Underworld,

   Go fuck yourself.
   Seriously—go fuck yourself.
   I’m not kidding.
    Take your thorny prick, and
Shove it right up your magma-laden
Anal canal.

   That is all.
   It is my turn to mess with YOUR head,


Your worst nightmare.  XOXO


Dear Lord of Hosts,

Did you have to make the heavens
when you took Michael home?

Because it looked like you did.

The sky seemed more vast, that
day, and
it wasn’t just an optical illusion
from my tears, because
I saw it during the few moments
I wasn’t crying,

I’m done being angry with you.

I’ve forgiven you,
as you forgive those who trespass against you.

I don’t have to like it
or understand it, but
I’m ok with it

Cordially and respectfully yours,

Your Daughter, a bit more wounded.

III.—The Ex

Dear Hermit in the Ivory Tower,

Go fuck yourself.
   Seriously—go fuck yourself.
   I’m not kidding.

You probably were, all along
narcissists indulge in lofty aspirations
of self
and no one can measure up to your own hand

I’m about 99% done
picking you out of my head—
the rest will slide away
each time I smugly smile, knowing
who you really are
yet refuse to acknowledge.

Best of luck
paying off that ten-grand
I know you charged on your credit card—
so glad I took my name off that
when I did, and
I hope your new dog
vomits all over the carpets, you
obsessed over for years.

And I hope too, that
the man you left me for, sees
what a true predator,
and control freak
you truly are.

That is all.

May the Bird of Peace,
shit upon you, in your open Audi convertible.

Your Ex.  XOXO

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lessons wrapped around a sledgehammer


I can't begin to explain the level of pain
strangling me over your betrayal
when you asked for permission
to break our unwritten rule
I said yes but I longed to refuse
my gut told me just let it go
I needed to know
would you really follow through?
and you did
hurting me more
and breaking my heart
worse than he ever did
all those years of keeping our pact
I held it sacred
never tempted to break it
so why did you?
what you deemed not good enough for me
was apparently perfect for you?
how can that be?
how did it feel
when he told you no?
like a kick in the face?
shattering all faith?
then maybe, just maybe
you feel a bit of what I do



these are the words
I never had the nerve to say
emotions I kept buried
protectively locked away
you were my first
wide eyed innocent love
I entrusted you with my deepest pain
and you threw it back in my face
you do understand that laughter
at a time like that
is completely out of place?
couldn't you see me bleeding?
silently retreating
the shock of scorn apparent
in eyes I once adored
do you know how long it took
for me to - scar by scar -
tear those resulting walls apart?
you taught me to be mute
when it should have been you
sealing your lips that day
I will no longer carry the burden
of anyone else's shame



I carry this guilt
like an iron fist around my throat
it haunts me
every time I look into your warm chocolate eyes
and I cannot undo
what has already been done
dear goddess, I wish I could
and I regret every day that I didn't walk away
before it was too late
I console myself with the simple fact
at the very first sign
I took you and ran
engaged in a battle on your behalf
I never braved for myself
you would think with my past
and all of my own damage
I would have somehow recognized
a warning voice
saying he was dangerous
but as it turns out
some snakes are perfectly hidden in the grass
and I would give anything in this world
including my life
if I could just take it all back
and make it all right


[pause] [weep] [delete]
Written by FromTheAsh
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Dangerous Mind
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Letters Better Left Unsent

I – To my father
I don’t know if I should blame you for leaving,
But you had wounds that never healed,
And after you told me about your father,
I now begin to understand how you feel.
Yet I can’t sympathize with your addiction,
Duty and responsibility is for family first,
And even though you’re at death’s door,
You chose your habit as if you were cursed.
Maybe in your death throes you’ll see the light,
Love lost and found is more than just dumb luck,
Honestly, I said goodbye to you a while ago,
But if you don’t care, why should we give a fuck?

II – To my son
To some degree I still feel that ominous guilt,
I didn’t act right and split like my father,
But reality punched me right in the face,
When in my anger I didn’t want to be bothered.
Every decision I’ve made has affected you,
I took it all away when I just gave it up,
And for years it’s been lingering in us,
I can’t apologize enough to make it up.
You’re a strong young man and you know it,
Your resilience should bring you that joy,
As long as I try to be a part of your life,
To me, you’ll always be my baby boy.

III – To God
At times I had doubts about your existence,
Sitting up there all high and mighty on your throne,
But as time went by, I began to realize something,
In a way, we’re tiny gods made of flesh and bone.
The precious gift of life we’ve been bestowed,
Regardless of creed or whatever we choose to believe,
It stands as a reminder that we all have a purpose,
Part of something bigger to what we can conceive.
I take responsibility for my choices and actions,
But life sometimes is a cluster-fuck that’s unfair,
I guess it’s an intricate web of all things you create,
Of all things celestial, somewhere up there.

Dangerous Mind
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Unsent Letters to the People I Love (or Used to Love)

Dear Mother,

I love you, even during those years when I tested and pushed you away
Like you did with your own mother. There were some times I hated you
Because I knew that you were right. You supply me with that endless light.
You always give me hope that I can have what you and dad have some day.
You would never know that you are the reason why I love the color blue,
The color of your eyes and ocean waves. The color of morning and night

Skies. The color of our birthstones for September. You are always saying
You want what is best for me and you will fight for me until the very end.
I finally got it through my thick skull how you will always have my best
Interests at heart. I hope that you will forgive me for not always displaying
My love for you in all the right ways. Every emotion and feeling that I send
Your way because I just want to be your little girl lying across your chest

To escape the world just for a little bit. Even when you are weary and tired
I can see the love there. I can see the superwoman symbol underneath all
The layers, persistence and years of hard work. For every broken heart
You knew how to fix it. From day one, you always pushed and inspired
Me to become a better person in this world filled with chaos and a wall
That is built high is meant to be broken. You taught me life is like art,
Messy, chaotic and far from perfect. Your love came right from the start.

Your baby girl

Dear Sister,

I envied you from the first moment we met up to now. I always thought my mom
And our dad favored you over me. You were the perfect daughter. Skinny, pretty,
Smart, bilingual and all of the guys flocked to you like pigeons. Little did I know
That you were insecure like every other woman. Little did I know that your palm
Would be shaking and sweating. Maybe you are okay with being away from city
Life for a little while you get grounded and get your bearings. It comes to show

That I should never judge a book by its cover because we all go through things
That we do not always share with the rest of the world. Although we share some
Of the same blood, we are different people in this universe. I always admired
Your strength and courage. It is like you have given me the power and wings
To fly away. It is like when you held me that one night when I would succumb
Myself to all the tears that cling to your shirt. It is when you saw me as uninspired,

Being simply human and someone to help with all of the lingering sadness or pain.
For that moment and many more to come you are my heroine. You are my backbone
When I have needed it the most. When the sky was going from light to dark blue
Then to grey and when it felt like I could no longer breathe through all of the rain
You become my lighthouse, the place where I could go to be secure like a stone
Again. “I am proud of you,” the words that I thought I would never hear from you

And come from your lips. The way you hugged me just a little bit tighter because
I really needed that too. With a clear conscience, it would only reassure me that I
Made the right and final decision. I argued with you about it many times, but maybe
That was because I knew everyone else was right. It was when everyone’s claws
Sunk in and I was left right where I started. Vulnerable and average, asking why?
But among all of the wreckage and carnage it is always going to be you who I see.

Your sister

Dear Ex-lover,

For all that we have gone through, I know that we messed up. I thought we
Were going to survive, even through the roughest of storms, but it is what
You said, we let too many outside things influence our decisions. I let you get
Away because you did not fight hard enough in the end. Together we were tree
Roots, but we could not grow together. I told you that it was the vibes and gut
Feelings that were in the way, but the truth is that I would eventually forget

What it is like to be held close to your heart. I felt like I was no longer telling
You everything that was going on because you did not understand. I would
Be the one who told you that I already moved on because I would not want
Anyone we know to tell you instead. I know how you want to be yelling
Because you felt like we both wasted so much time on this, but we could
Be spending that energy on something else. You would appear and haunt

My dreams for a little while longer because you were such a huge part of
My life. Despite all the ups and downs I am forever grateful for all that
We had because it let me go down a road I never thought I would travel.
I wish that one of us would have at least had the courage to say “I love
You” because maybe it would have changed things for us because at
Least this would be lasting a lifetime like promised, but things unravel

And it leads us each down different paths. You fought for me, but it was
Too little, too late by that point. I took the blame for hurting us both, but I
Was not the only one who was carrying weapons, knifes or loaded guns.
You will wake up one morning and realize I am not there. That loud buzz
Will wear off and you will experience a hangover like no other. You cry
And recognize in the middle of everything you lost one of the good ones

You cannot get back. While you were looking for gold, I was already
Losing my patience. I could not keep staying in this endless tango with
You, wondering when it was going to be over or better. I became sober
When I realized I could not keep doing this. I was becoming unsteady
Even more than I was before the end. I could not become that wordsmith
Who used words to mend the broken. I wish I could go back before October.

The one who you let get away
Written by eswaller
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jade tiger
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Three Letters

•One•  ( Satan )    
I write this to you, a cathartic exercise    
In life, and what I hope to learn in its attempt.    
I write this, though I don’t know why, perhaps you do.    
I’ve never believed you were the beast people say,    
That the church preaches, and the Bible teaches us.    
 But the way to explain what goes on in the Mind,      
Where everything resides when we’re born, as we live    
And then, always too soon, though some are blessed      
- we die.    
•Two•  ( Dad )    
I write this to you, a cathartic exercise    
In life, and what I hope to learn in its attempt.    
I write this, though I don’t know why, perhaps you do.    
You know I recently lost you, and got Him back.    
I was with you till the last, looked up, there He was.    
And when I talk to you, it’s Him I feel hears me.    
I’ve nothing to repay Him with, except my faith    
Restored when I felt you returned into His keep.    
•Three•  ( Son )    
I write this to you, a cathartic exercise    
In life, and what I hope to learn in its attempt.    
I write this, though I don’t know why, perhaps you do.    
Hello, Joey, it’s been a while since I’ve felt you;    
The phantom presence in my womb long-faded, gone.    
It broke me when I sent the boxes to Goodwill.    
Yet what I have of yours still remains in my heart,    
I’ll take with me when Mommy’s loneliness says    
It’s time.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

Related submission no longer exists.


“Because your eggshells and your eye statements and your weaponized words are paper tigers now.” Carlile

- Missy -
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Congrats to Lunaschild8 for writing a truly stella poem. Beautiful job.

Runners up go to FromTheAsh and her emotional offering, and MadameLavender who frankly offended me, because everyone knows I’ve never sworn in my life and have the mouth of an angel.... hehe.

Honorable mention to ComposedWITHrazors for getting the phrase “cheers big beardy” into a poem 👍🏻

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