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Zazzles (Broom)
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RUNNERS-UP: Grace and Jade-Pandora

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Dangerous Mind
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The Awakening The Dup Murders Last Page

After catching everyone up to speed                          
Hades led the DIE team towards the cellar to see if the red key opens the door to the dungeon entrance which hasn’t been open since the day of the murders. Everyone was really excited, ready to help in any way they could They all followed Hades, having once been a Guardian Of Shadows  himself he knows his way around the entire castle. Once on the move Zazzles said we need to visit someone, lucky for them, she’d  been seen on the boards as recently as this afternoon. Dups very own Seer, we need answers and we need them now.  
Profile 21,693 Right before Zazzles could knock on the door it dematerialized. A light angelic voice welcomed everyone inside, come in come in everyone said Spiltsunsets_XVII  waving us all inside with a smile. Sun, was standing by her Oracle, she was already ready. More than happy to assist she said, and asked for silence. Sun released just one tiny drop of clarity essence oil and the Oracle stated to swirl, it started to separate revelaing a message. Sun, saw a woman standing inside a dark room with people all around her, most of them dead, rows and rows of bodies laying on their backs looking up with the look of absolute terror In their eyes and faces. Sun, told everyone, There was no murders, they were petrified. The Mistress of the Underground was trying out new spells, and  curses to rid the Underground of Trolls! Being a Strange Creature herself back then,,, and —POOF! She cast a petrification curse so strong it was unbreakable, not one counter-curse to be found! .... until now...  I was sworn to secrecy by The Mistress, she made me promise never to utter a word to anyone... So why tell anyone now asked Zazzles? Because dear lady, It is  long over do I must reveal the truth about that unfortunate night... Zazzles you have the counter curse, and my dear one, you’ve possessed it along....You see the poets who were petrified didn’t have any original creative talent, not one little bit. The Mistress was overrun by trolls and plagiarism so she  summoned  a spell  to quarantine them, and well, it went all wrong. In need of a counter-curse they just stayed that way. Only an original writer, a purebred., someone with raw untamed unorthodox talent,  a writer such as yourself can conjure up such a charm to break that spell. yup that’s right ... “wow, not sure what to say” Hades said thank you to Sun for all her help but said we needed to get going . “Wait! Before you leave,,,,,, and handed zazzles a vial attached to a silver chain. Use this in the most urgent situation. “What is it asked Crism”? Oh I can’t tell you that. No no no no said Splitsunsets_XVll, only Zazzles can answer that question Crimsin.... They were all about to leave when Crimsin grabbed Zazzles by both hands and — Poof! they both disappeared inside a black puff of smoke...  
 The End
Written by Zazzles (Broom)
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jade tiger
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THE GHOST CLUB: Hemlock Jones & the Mystery of the Purloined Bones (Part Three)

( PART THREE )          
‘Twas after ceremony was tested, tried & true, that brought ol’ Toxin to his normal form.  A moment’s celebration with Hemlock giving out a mighty tiger’s roar!, to gaze upon her recognizable friend.  There would be time in nearer future’s light for sporting raised broad-handed meet in palm-to-palm.  But now ‘twas off upon the path again ‘tween winding forest thick in dappled sun above in apex high.              
And as they trotted, side-by-side, across an open field where vista stretching wide, could be seen the mountains where legend of a different kind awaited where their next stop of hopeful fortune was well met.              
Indeed, ‘twas when they breathless came upon the one of tattooed arms of pagan ink engraving bulging muscles of one known as Kendrake, who held a mallet in one hand and reached with other beefy grip to shake the Warlock Toxin’s hand.  The tiger Hemlock hesitated, eyeing him for strength a bit suspiciously.  The man whose longish locks of waving sandy hair and flowing beard, reminded them of Viking warriors they had seen in younger times. Before their powers had been given once they’d reached the age when Toxin’s Warlock heritage began, as well as his dear friend Hemlock, who then became a Witch of first level status.                
Kendrake, Master Forger of Weaponry              
Not much is known of childhood, origin.              
A very private soul; one might ask why.              
Of secrets of another hidden life,              
or simply no one’s business to begin?              
His eyes of jet sometimes give him away,              
though product of his craft is matched by none.              
The more intoxicated he becomes,              
 the deadlier ability to slay.              
He can be heard pounding metal in half              
In his shop for hours after it’s shut.              
But you could swear you’d seen him at the pub;              
when at his best, the evil drunken laugh.              
The Armor              
The armor created withstands thousands              
of pounds of pressure, and then when it’s reached              
its limit, absorbs what it can’t reflect.              
Turns negative energy magical,              
as it grows, making it glow a bright blue.              
Made from many tusks of woolly mammoths.              
The energy used in a knowing hand              
Is fused into a weapon as it’s known              
by the wearer, or bolts of ice to be thrown.              
The shield and the sword, made literally,              
thousands of sharks teeth pounded together,              
over and over till melded into              
an almost indestructible weapon              
that only has magical properties              
if kept together in the bearer's two hands.              
Also needing a knowledgeable mind              
can unleash a floating school of vicious shark              
that will attack the target and not stop              
till it be dead and filling their bellies.              
Both can be used by anyone, but it              
takes a real mind in the heat to unleash              
the hell of these weapons increased.              
Of course, the ultimate end when wearing              
everything together is the spell:              
“Ice Sharks of Wrath”.              
Toxin's Spell    
And now the time when Toxin stood with pride,    
adorned with body girded with the sheen    
that shone like northern lights across the sky,    
and holding in each hand the sword and shield.    
The Warlock warrior stood to face the dell,    
to utter solemnly his Toxin’s Spell:
“Let rise forgotten spheres in arcane signs,    
The force and grace that’s borne in Ankh, Wadjet.”    
Where Toxin stands his hands begin to twist,    
With bend and fold the air begins to burn.    
“Come Ged and Nut, your joining’s sacred lines,    
Osiris Scarab torn and Isis’ Tjet!”    
The flame and spark bring shapes of gods exist,    
Assume his form and enter him in turn.    
“As Seth brought chaos forth so fill me here,    
Let scepter WAS invoke the Rays of Ra.”    
His armor glows in red and purple shade,    
As arcs of ancient fire strike every joint.    
“Anubis born to bind the dead appear,    
And bind to me your Hell Hound’s fearful maw.”    
A moment’s flash, his mouth in wolf’s remade,    
With geometric hands bends fire’s point.    
“Let powers meld the battle comes ahead,    
Let all that was in Egypt’s heart sustain.”    
The armor now in yellow sulfur flames,    
As Toxin’s eyes in molten lapis boil.    
“As Isis raised Osiris from the dead    
That Horus might regain immortal reign.”    
Great lightning bolts as final power claims,    
His voice like thunder, Earth itself recoils.    
“My body, Nun, to Ra-Atum present    
And bring the hoard before all must relent”    
In dark steams’ wisp, in banks of scarlet light,  
Now Toxin’s guise – the armies of the night."  
The woods around this mountain site that rang with Kendrake's pounding marks, now silent fell while Viking forger stood to watch the Warlock and his tiger sleuth begin to make their way down craggy slope, to start their trek with hard-pressed brows to where they know that life and death awaits.
<><><><><><><><>END OF PART THREE<><><><><><><><>
Hemlock Jones (a Tiger & shape-shifting Witch) = Jade Pandora
Toxin (a Cat & shape-shifting Warlock) = Hepcat6
Kendrake, Master Forger of Weaponry = Ken
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Fire of Insight
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i'm following this; got no patience to write a full story at the moment, likely never will, but am interested

if i was to write one, it would probably be from the perspective of the ghost  ahaha

Dangerous Mind
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(A Ghost Club Story)
Somewhere in Italy we rendezvous
exploring some fresh spectral lore.  
We’ve all traveled far to serve on this crew  
with distinctive why and what for.  
Villagers claim it’s laid deep with the bones.  
Of a haunted nightspot they speak.  
Late,  late at night they hear drum beats and moans.  
Club Amontillado we seek.  
In ancient churchyard the entrance is found  
to the catacombs vast and uncharted  
Sir Crow volunteers to be first underground  
anxious to get the quest started  
Aimlessly walk cobwebbed hall after hall  
when whispers Sophie, “I can hear muted laughter.”  
And a bass palpitates behind this brick wall.  
It seems we’ve found what we’re after.  
Excited we look for the secret club door.  
True to the tale no portal was made.  
In haste the mason left his tools on the floor.  
Trowel blades rusted, wooden handles decayed.  
Slowly succumbing to aggravation.  
Just barely convinced that there must be a way.  
Al spied on the wall an incantation.  
Scrawled in blood or red wine, hard to say.  
Jade, Luna and Zazzles chant the mysterious spell.  
In an instant we’re there in the room  
jarred by the rush of sight, sound, and smell  
A grand “WELCOME!” resounds in the tomb.  
A skeletal dandy takes center stage.  
Propped on a cask filled with sherry.  
Bleached bones of indeterminate age.  
When sober his suffering was scary.    
Edgar Allan and the Poettes  
playing lively yet macabre tunes.  
A popular act at phantasmal fêtes.  
At his Annabel smiles as he croons.  
Katja dances with nary a care.  
Layla waits for open mic hour  
when Angelou, Plath,  and Kerouac share  
their wisdom in one mighty shower  
Frost and Whitman bartending.  
More teaching than dispensing booze.  
Masterclass without ending.  
We bask in their uncluttered views.    
Heroes of verse occupy the seats.  
Over there sits an auspicious trio.  
García Lorca, Oscar Wilde, John Keats  
conversing, guffawing con brio.  
There in that booth,  Sendek and Seuss  
sipping gin with a moose and a goose.  
Animatedly debating rare sightings  
of the ever elusive Sibilicuss-Sleuce.  
On cocktail napkins Shakespeare scribes  
sonnets to Rose Jasmine and Mel.  
Entranced by the bard each with gusto imbibes  
every word that flows from his well.    
Like moth to a flame Li’l Dragonfly glides.  
Her diaphanous wings merrily flit.  
Destined to land where Emily’s soul abides.  
As she on Lord Byron’s waiting lap lit.  
Splitsunsets senses the new day dawning.  
It’s time we ascend to the surface.  
Sad to abandon new friendships spawning  
We promise to live with more purpose.  
Some plead with our host,  “please can we stay?”  
Your membership here must be won.  
You’ve much left to write, dues yet to pay,    
love left to prove ere you’re done.    
Written by Gahddess_Worship
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jade tiger
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THE GHOST CLUB: Hemlock Jones & the Mystery of the Purloined Bones (Part Four)

( PART FOUR )      
The night begins to fall and wraps its arms around the two who lay between a fire.          
That gentle flits and snaps its words aflame, with sparks that lift as faeries float in air. There are no words to speak when Death is near, ‘tis now the ones who wait won’t sleep tonight. Their eyes be closed, their minds alert and watch, for in the wake of battle, ‘morrow’s keep.          
The tiger squints her eyes to slowly stretch, and in the grey of predawn dim she yawns.  The huddled hunch of warrior starts to stir, and rolls upon his knees to look around.  The tumbled pile of wood now cinder black, is colder than a witch’s mammary. There’s nothing here to eat, cold cuppa tea, is all there’s left but no one thinks of food.  The Toxin One walks quickly to a tree to cast a stream of water to its roots.          
“I always thought of night the time of ghosts,          
I never knew how active spirits are.          
When here before the dawn, just gaze above          
For proof they follow with us all along.”          
As tiger curls around and starts to preen, she sudden hears the rustled flap of wings.  Both she and Toxin jump and point at those they see approaching fast: Murder of crows!          
( The Harbinger )          
And separate from the flock is Reggieness, who fans his feathered tail for coasting in.  He shakes his plumage then he starts to hop to where the tiger perks and  gives a smile.          
“ A’llo, mi’luv, I’ve come ta give ye news,          
I understand you’re headed for a fight.          
Just want to let ya know, best be forewarned,          
Your adversary comes before tonight.          
She don’t exactly know you’ve come for ‘er,          
So luck, you got surprise be on your side.          
But make it quick, your plan to do the deed,          
Ye’ll have the edge, I’ll tell the folk she’s died!”
And with the words delivered, understood, the camp was quickly struck, they left the woods. The crows took flight and followed within sight, as Toxin and the tiger headed west.          
As sunlight of midday was straight above, the salt sea air grew stronger as they neared, until they left their tracks on pebbled beach, and good to see their destiny in reach.          
”My Brother, Toxin, I will stay aground,          
And wait to change my form when comes the pale.          
It’s then I’ll fly to join you in the fight,          
for justice is our might, we must not fail!”
“Agreed, my sister Hemlock, tell me though;          
The witch I’m dealing justice for her crime.          
For what she’s done, it’s death and only so,          
There’s never enough years to do her time.”          
”Ah yes!  The name is Zazzles, now you know;          
The shame, a once-admired Witch digressed.          
The sun is passing quickly, time to go,          
May all our ancestors guide your success!
( The Confrontation / Kendrake’s incantation for Toxin )          
There was no way to know exactly when the culprit sorceress would soon be seen. The tiger watching on from far below, was racing back and forth while gazing on, the Warlock rising higher in the sky; his weapons at the ready, sword and shield.          
As minutes turned to hours, all seemed lost, as Toxin started flagging in the heat.  He hardly heard the tiger with her roars, as wildly pounding to and from the surf.            
‘Twas at that moment she began to spin, to shape-shift into human form of Witch.  She felt the time had come he needed her, and soon the tiger sparked from light’s transform.  There was no time to waste, she ran the dunes, and lifted off the beach, her arms outstretched.            
But Toxin couldn’t see as she approached, for he was looking at another speck.  The spot was growing fast with every breath, the pearls of sweat were running down his face.          
He fought to concentrate on what to do. Was something missing, something he should say?  He heard his sister calling as she flew, and then it came to him just what to do.  The voice, the weapon mentor’s strong and deep, was in his head, and what he said, the Warlock shouted out with all his might, what strength was left, into the wind:          
”I summon thee, Ice Sharks of Wrath,          
I summon thee.          
I light the Way, dark frozen path,          
I light the Way.          
Obliterate, death to my foe,          
Cast the remains, send down below,          
Cast the remains.          
“Depth of the sea, deadly and blue,          
Depth of the sea.          
No light of Sol, no sight no view,          
No light of Sol.          
No breath of life, no life sustained,          
No breath of life.          
Obliterate, eat the remains,          
A swirling fog of ghosting mist appeared, in roiling waves as if a storm was borne upon the ocean seen for miles around.  The figure coming fast from out the west, could now be seen the Witch, the sorceress.  The Warlock dropped his shield and his sword, as Hemlock pulled beside him and she cried;          
“My Brother, let us use our fire spell!            
We do it now we might send her to HELL!”
They mouthed their divination silently, their piercing stares as Zazzles nearer came.  In each their right hands held a fireball, and both let go and sent them straight at her.  But just before she on her broom could reach, the double spells, their tails of magic-meet!           
The mightiest explosion blew them back, in topsy-turvy, swallowing the wind. Expanding cloud, a mushroom firestorm, annihilating Zazzles into dust!         
And from the spell of Kendrake, turned the sea, into a churning bedlam scene of sharks, with appetites unfilled for centuries, would now be satisfied with scraps of Witch, as falling from the cloud that billows still, of tiny bits of Zazzles to this day.          
<><><><><><><><>END OF PART FOUR<><><><><><><><>          
Hemlock Jones (a Tiger & shape-shifting Witch) = Jade Pandora
Toxin (a Cat & shape-shifting Warlock) = Hepcat6
Kendrake, Master Forger of Weaponry = Ken
Regginess, a Harbinger Crow = ReggiePoet (Reggie)

Witch Zazzles = Zazzles (Broom) – by raffle ticket drawn from a boot
And following in the Series: “PART FIVE: The Final Spell”
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Guardian of Shadows
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Time is almost up. Get your entries in. There are some damn fine tales featured here and the bar is set high. This will be a difficult one to judge.

Dangerous Mind
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I’ve got a spooky lover
She comes in the night
Tickles my toes
Tugs at my covers
I’m being haunted  
By a sexy spirit
That likes to bite  
And sometimes kiss
She’s a wicked little witch
Who every now and then  
Likes to bite and pinch
Who she is I do not know
Maybe dead poetess from  
Deep Underground below?
Whoever this ghost is
One thing I know
I wish she’d quit teasing
My thingamabob  
And give me a good
Midnight boo-job!
Written by snugglebuck
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Dangerous Mind
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A Vial of Soft a gift from the Seer The Dup Murders Part 9  Epilogue

Zazzles opened the flashlight on her iphone7plus and looked at crimsin,
Where are we? And, Where’s everyone else? Don’t worry about that, just try the key “okay” ......Hey? asked Zazz, How did  you get the key? Layla gave it to me she said... ahh...  Zazzles stepped forward and before she could do anything else ____ Poof! HadesRising, Lady Layla and Snugglebuck appeared ...Hades and his Heeb, dismounted first, then helped Layla down off a huge dragon! A 16th century Razorback with steel and dust of rosetip wings! “Where the fuck did you get that Hades? asked Zazzles? ”shaking her head in amazement .... never mind that Zazzles  said Hades,.... Crimsin wtf?  “I had to bring Zazzles here to open the door,,, I knew without me she would never use the soft to release those petrified souls... "Hades rubbed his chin and said. "I suppose, but forewarn next time.” Of course Sir Hades said Crimsin, “ I’m sorry.”                               
___BANG!  HEY!- watch-it! ! Hey!  Watch_____that’s my- ah-                        
wait-a-minute- let me jus,,, ____damnit ! That’s my #%#!*                        
And one by one the DIE team appeared  
all accounted for...             
"What’s going on? Asked Crowfly" Well it’s a long story bro, said Hades, soon enough all will be revealed... Zazzles looked at everyone and said “I'm not sure how this is going to go!” and hands Hades the key! Inside a room that’s not a room, Hades stepped forward and pushed aside the black iron key cover and put the tiny key into the lock and turned it 2 1/2 times, the black doors swung open automatically,,,,, this way this way said Buck, and everyone went inside without  hesitation  wanting to get this over with Zazzles told everyone to “stand back!” An released the potion from it’s vial, silver vapor engulfed the entire room, every single petrified body now lay awake, cured,,,  just like that?! hmmpf, that was uneventful said Todsky, and laughed under his breath. DiamondDave let out a sigh, everyone else shrugged their shoulders and said, “meh” Mystery Solved. Not impressed with the lot, who were now awake, nor was the rest of the DIE team Zazzles started to leave and said if there ‘s nothing else then, our job here is done. Hades you ready? Yup, everyone ready? Alright then Let's ride and everyone started to mount Hades Dragon,"Crusher!"            
Zazzles, hung back and waved goodbye to everyone, see you all around the boards !                         
Written by Zazzles (Broom)
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jade tiger
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THE GHOST CLUB: Hemlock Jones & the Mystery of the Purloined Bones (Part Five – The Final Spell)

( PART FIVE – The Final Spell )
So now it was, for many miles at sea, the ocean put behind to travel through the eventide and night for just the two. And with a new day spread across their backs, Hemlock and Toxin could already see, the towers, castle’s crowded parapets of people waving flags and banners high. The wind unfurling, skirling in their ears, as Witch and Warlock hurdled through the sky, till came the time to bank and head for land as cannons gave salute, all twenty-five.
While once they settled in to cheers and bands, they were surrounded by their friends and folk, and eager yet to hear what were the plans.  The nearest ones leaned in to catch them up about the Harbinger and clan of crows. ‘Twas how the Reggieness, to fetch the soul who’s head and bones had finally been restored, was guiding one Cleaver, so, that he would load remains and haul them back, by oxen, to the village square before too long, before the trial would start.

Hemlock and Toxin, grateful for the news, now asked to have a rest and also food. The crowd was slowly drifting to their homes, for later on that day, a big event. A few who lingered near would gather where, there was a trough to wash, and wishing well.  A gathering, a trio of old crones; all venerated, wise and known to talk. Their love of knowledge, legend, myth and lore was worthy of a legend all its own.
The three dear gossip-mongers looked about as each of them would try to figure out the reasons what and why and even who, by end of day they even had a clue.  Was Lizbeth, Mary Belle and Anna Lee:
“Can ye believe our sister did the crime,  
‘tis in our bylaws, everybody knows.
What was she thinking after all this time?
No death by magic and no killing crows.”
“Aye, Beth that’s true, ye canna kill for sport;
to take a life it must be sanctified.
And to the one who kills, outside the court  
shall sentence swiftly be the one to die.
“And Anna, have ye heard about the trial;
our High Chief Justice Grace has made a trip.
She knows a solemn thing that’s worth her while;
with even hand, the scales of Justice tip.”
“I do, dear Mary Belle, I know it well,
I hear they’ll ask to try and raise the dead.
It canna be our sister, you can tell,
there’s not enough of her to bind with thread.”
There came a sound of turning wooden wheels from up the cobbled street.  All turned to see a wooden two-wheel cart drawn by two spotted oxen. And lo, the driver with grey flowing beard and small round specs – was Cleaver, the livestock breeder – come to bring remains complete of poor soul deceased.
‘Twas then the sister crones raised eyes and saw a chimney belching smoke from courthouse rooftop – it was a sign, the signal that the trial would soon commence – so citizenry, come one, come all with haste, no time to waste! And so, all the people of every shade and walk of farmer, seamstress, bottle-washer, servant, maid & cook, and conjurer came in hopes to get a seat inside to hear and view historic case by such a famous judge: the Honorable, High Chief Justice Grace.
( The Trial )
From rafters high above to the floor below before the judge’s bench set on high to overlook the audience and those to be heard at trial.  The clock tower outside was heard a-tolling the hour, it was time! With that, there came a rustling of unrest in the rafters; the public was stirring. Then sudden through the ceiling, drifting down, numbering in dozens, appeared diaphanous visions of spirits, ghostly creatures in flowing images as if were angels with wings extending out.  And with them came the very much alive and solid Chief Justice Grace – her lovely face framed by her black hair kept in place by a golden skullcap.  The air was filled with gasps of awe and delight, at the honor of seeing such personage as one did not often get to see in their lifetime.
Everyone settled down once the spirits faded out as High Chief Justice Grace took her place at the mahogany “bench” where many at the front had to lean back in their seats, so high up did the judge sit observing.  She cleared her throat to speak:
"The ones who come today to ask of me
what I may grant once I hear their request,
will kindly please step forward and be heard.”
A little rattled trying to be stout, the Warlock and the Witch approached the bench. They nervous both did try respectfully, to keep clear-headed, free of any doubt. But Toxin leaned to Hemlock, whispered:
“I never knew a judge so beautiful.”
But Hemlock raised her eyes as if to moan  
“we’re lost.”
“I beg your pardon, miss?” said Justice Grace.
The comely Witch with shifting feet began:
”I hope Your Grace will understand my nerves.
I’ll come directly to the point and say
The reason for our presence here today:
To have an expert do a ritual,
to raise a victim, killed, back from the dead.”

The rafters shuddered with a single gasp. Chief Justice Grace rose up an arm to gentle wave for calm. She slowly panned the audience below and up above:
“I’m well aware that justice must be served.
And so it has; now recompense is paid.
The victim in this case will soon be spared.”
Chief Justice Grace reached to consult her Book of Shadows, looking for a spell of assemblage. The courtroom fell dead quiet, a pin drop could be heard, as pages from the thousand-year-old Tome were slowly turned. And all who sat before the judge on that day, watching as the Witch and Warlock mouthed the words to pray, would ne’er forget the verdict that the judge was soon to say.
( The Raising )
As the courthouse emptied out with eager, excited conjuring folk, the day was already dimming into dusk. Hemlock and Toxin ran down to the shore with all the able body folk could join. And at the upper beach they gathered there, between the dunes of sea grass stood to wait. The crowd became a horseshoe round the cove, where some were chanting shanties from the pubs.
There came an otherworldly siren’s call, to cause the rowdy singers to go mute. The sound of rushing breakers were no more, the stars up in the night had disappeared. The crowd began to part just like the sea, to open up a path through shells and sand. And then appeared a woman slim and small, her raven’s hair blew back from off her arms. Her eyes were flashing orbs of darkest gems, reflections of the bonfires on the beach.  
She walked barefoot, a robe of zodiac; her skin was like the light from off the moon. She comes to where a woven rug is spread, where in the center lies the soul’s remains. She pauses for a moment deep in thought, then turns to face the people who await. She speaks:
“Come near. I am the Priestess of the Orb.  
It’s this poor soul who’s summoned for me here.
I want you all to listen and absorb,
For once the spell is cast; is never more, will disappear.”
The Priestess turns once more to face the sea, immersed in total darkness, blessed be. She raises forth her arms imploringly. Her voice, detached, while standing on the quay:  
”O radiant Sol, I humbly ask for your rays  
to bring light to this underworld.
You are the bringer of life on Earth;
from the proud lion, to the delicate pearl.
 Bring forth your golden rays, and rise from the East,
And offer to the grateful flora an abundant feast,
So that they may become food for the hungry herbivores,  
Who in turn became prey for the intelligent carnivores.
Your light is reflected on Earth’s loyal companion,
Sweet Luna, as mysterious and respectable as the legendary dragons.
Thus, as Luna’s child, I humbly ask for her to rise from the West,  
Where even in the darkness, travelers will always feel blessed.  
As a faithful servant of the cosmos, I ask for your healing light  
To bring this unfortunate victim back to life!”

And as the Priestess keeps her arms outspread, the darkness of the night begins to wane. And to the East there comes a brighter light, while to the West, reflection from the Moon. As all the people round the cove look on, the rising of the Sun and Moon appear. All fall upon their knees in thankful prayer, then comes a smaller voice that wasn’t there.
Hemlock runs to the woven rug and halts, for there before her is a man she knows! It is her Uncle Shek who’d disappeared while gone to visit family on their boat. And now he sits upon the rug, alive!
And so the sun and moon greet the new day, as happy villagers dance through the streets. There is a mighty feast there on the beach, with some of Cleaver’s swine for bar-be-que, and jugs of berry wine for everyone!
<><><><><>CAST of DUP Members<><><><><>

Hemlock Jones (a Tiger & shape-shifting Witch) = Jade Pandora (Part 1 thru 5)
(Doctor) Toxin (a Cat & shape-shifting Warlock) = Hepcat61 (Part 1 thru 5)
High Priestess of the Orb, Luna’s Child = LunasChild8 (Part 5)
Honorable High Chief Justice Grace = Shadow Guardian Grace (Part 5)
Kendrake, Master Forger of Weaponry = Ken (Part 3 & 4)
Trouble, The Warlock Summoner = Trouble-Loves-Me (Part 2)
Regginess, a Harbinger Crow = ReggiePoet (Reggie) (Part 2, 4, 5)
Uncle Shek, the headless/boneless soul = Limowreck (Part 1 thru 5)
Witch Zazzles = Zazzles (Broom) (Part 4)
Marybelle, a wise Crone 1 = Allyzone (Part 5)
Annalee, a wise Crone 2 = seekingkate (Part 5)
Lizbeth, a wise Crone 3 = LilDragonFly (Part 5)
Cleaver, livestock breeder, blade artist = composedWITHrazors (Part 5)
This has been a Roll-Playing Fiction of the Black Arts, for the DUP Competition “THE GHOST CLUB”, hosted by the inimitable HadesRising.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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The time is upon us, ghost hunters and goblins. I will review your entries and in a couple day will announce a winner.

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After much deliberation with my inner demons here is my decision.

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Thank you, my fellow poets for your offerings. Great entries all around. Thank you for stories. Until next time.

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HadesRising said:After much deliberation with my inner demons here is my decision.

Well firstly I want to thank Hades for running such an interesting competition it was fun!
And second I want to thank all the interesting Dup members without which their would
Be no story! And to all the readers who believed in me and told me I can do this! Thank you !  

Grace it was great competing with you congrats🍾 on placing second. And to everyone else happy writing !!  

jade tiger
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A production that was created and nurtured with pride, and certainly didn’t do it alone.  There was my partner: collaborator Hepcat61.  And so many others who were happy to join in and helped give additional dimension & magic to our story - including Grace who did her own story here, and we all adored her inclusion.

We thank Hades for the opportunity... wishing all the best!

Jade & Geoffrey

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Congratulations Zazzles abd those runner's up.  Fun comp.  Hades.

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