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Poem of the Month - July 2018

Twisted Dreamer
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Knuckle[d] Down

lips once again had opened &
I smiled at the familiar taste
when fist as opposed to loving palm
was felt against my face
left staring at the shattered mirror
lying in shards before my feet
confronted by the reflection seen;
I was only there
because of

regardless of the lessons learned
always hopeful to see a change
knowing the only chance of that
requires the other to take a stand;
with head remaining fixed & poised,
bowing gracefully while backing out —
licking tears I softly whimper

“no longer will this be

Written by Taryn
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Words Are Worth More

As swans cut lines through sheets of dying sun,
As evening sails cast waves of shimmered light,
I raise the canvassed frame so you might see.
I know your eyes will not behold this place.  
Just as the seen becomes its life,  I fail.      
My heart's impasse - for you are there not here.  
My hands do not describe your shoulder's curve.          
I cannot find the sunset in your hair.          
My lips can't taste the last green ray of you.          
The swans have fled to find their nightly roost.          
My graven image glows false purple light.          
If only sails were lovers' sheets tonight.
Written by Hepcat61 (geoff cat)
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photo credit: Hepcat61

geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Respectfully removed...

geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 27th Nov 2015
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Respectfully removed

Thought Provoker
United States
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Dance With Me

Peering through the veil of darkness,
to softly taste your light.
I float away on astral winds,
to be with you at night.

Painting pictures in my mind,
as my aura calls to you.
A vision of bodies intertwined,
like so many lovers do.

Its so beyond the physical,
that's not enough for me.
I long for all the parts of you,
that only I can see.

So reach for me outside yourself,
and meet me in the stars.
As we dance upon the milky way,
we no longer see our scars.
Written by John_Galt
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Guardian of Shadows
Sierra Leone
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case28 (Alexander Case)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Last Ink To Bleed

If these words were the last
ink I were about to bleed    
they'd surround you and caress you    
succumbing to your ever loving need    
they'd dance in your fullness    
flutter aloud in your grace    
graze upon the cherished crimson    
accentuating your precious face    
the type, bold with cursive mixed in    
would capitalize where all that beauty begins    
each curve christened and every form traced    
slowly oh so so slowly elegant words we'd embrace    
beheld in the contextual lingering of your eyes    
hearing accents accentuated with flowery reprise    
sentences will serve with orgasmic exchange    
as the pens erect position is neatly rearranged    
endearing a climatic exclamation wound before hitting send    
dipping into the well oiled well again and again    
Written by JusTim_
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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The Perfect Place To Die

( Rensaku: linked Tanka )
1) Aokigahara Dream
this belov’ed sight
I’ve grown up with a lifetime,
even out at sea
helping Father mend his nets —
he and brother haul a catch
lurching from the waves,
thoughts of late spring pilgrimage
family outing days —
tossing back the smaller fish
before we set sail for home
early next morning,
Mother’s honored sisters come,
cherished reunion —
helping prepare the lunches
when we honor Fuji-San
Father’s ‘Buddha’ truck
loading for the trip, and us
packed just like sardines —
off we go with happy shouts,
Yamanashi Prefecture!
2) In Mount Fuji’s Shadow
honored sisters sing
old tradition travel songs —
men on bicycles
smile and wave as we pass by
watching glancing scenery
Father nodding head
in time with sisters’ singing,
brother Yoshi grins
as Mother leans, turns around
focusing through camera lens
and when we arrive,
the forest, black, forbidding
where no sun enters,
of bones dangling from branches
and no life leaves after dark
we walk the thin trail,
it fades where thick roots tangle
when time and rain caught,
o’er layers of eruption
the humid breath and strangle
I haven’t seen them,
anyone, since darkness fell,
and only silence
what I hear and cannot tell
if I died or everyone
3) The Black Sea Of Trees
costs of being old
the elderly forgotten —
abandon a soul
having done what love dictates
for the chance to die in bed
and the lovers flock
like two birds of a feather,
for they too are mocked
as the end, their tragedy,
never knows eternity
hoops of braided hemp
as if trees make offerings —
the death po’ms of monks,
scratched out kanji on tree bark
of sentinels’ no longer
a single bird call,
rustlings of its floundering —
in which direction
did it make its last mistake,
‘fore once again a calming
4) The Suicide Forest
as the forest stands,
forever firm in lava
a millennium ago —
storing its own in the caves
trespassers no more
and the volcano is stilled,
snow cap is unchanged,
with the belly of the beast
bulging till more come again
to honor dark spawn,
to consecrate the mother,
the roots with their blood —
and even they are all gone
In the fires of Fuji-San
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Fire of Insight
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Black Hole

I will not walk in that black hole
I told my best friend looking at all the dirt
Which was nothing scary but real dirt like earth brown dust
It was the black hole of fear

I walked along the path and crawled on to the bridge that
would revamp my fear of extreme survival
This bridge was a wooden plank and had ropes holding it up so high
So so high, about 200metres high, a rugged old bridge, the wooden planks were screaky

That rope looked so old
As i focus in to the eyes of the uknown, I walk
I walk and stop whilst the wind surrenders and is sways side to side
This bridge had something to a offer, it was a view

A metal balcony right in the middle of the bridge
Looking all the way down this creek with a little water rippling
The creek was what I saw after, I sway and stop to hear.
What all that creaking was about.

No one will ever see that dream
I was always scared of heights
My eyes met the unnknown therefore I didn't know fear
AT all times I gathered the Holy Spirit that I share with you

but fear I did not know because the unknown was
Not revised by anyone, truth at igniting thresholds
Bringers and keepers have remorse to see this view
Someday we will all share the unknown we walked

That bridge I never think of but when I do
it sings to me as to you only a wolves cry
I walked the bridge and saved my soul from
That big black hole.

Written by Angeliki
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Fire of Insight
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Air Earth Fire and Water

My soul had reached the end of its journey
my best friend passed away and my heart reached the Disciple
to who he belonged. The tears my heart latched on where
beggin for his soul to go to heaven and not the boiler
where he would have to work so hard to begin forgiveness for his sins.
Darkness took complete control of my soul my heart in pain felt empty and I rememebered everything that little boy lived for.
His soul joined heaven in the celestial light and me I was certain he had just gotten baptised. I his best friend saw nothing heard no evil in real life. His celestial bed awaits for him to greet the children of God.
I went to the house of Jesus and an Apostle told me he was yelling out my name. I have been practising Grace. And the deliverance was fate.
When you let go of your soul to the higher grounds of order,
your spirit travels to the one most open for acceptance and most gracefull.
That day of unity, me and my best friend where one and she will never be put in a tunnel with no air, I will give him Air every
day by blessing his soul with Earth and her friends Fire, Water, AIr.
Earth Fire Water Air
Thomas I bless you for the sun and pray for you every day. God Bless you.
Greetings to the apostles who carry my star, Rock n Roll Razor ACT 2013
Written by Angeliki
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