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Poem of the Month - July 2018

Poetry Worm
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Poetry Contest

Choose the best of the best
Greetings, Fellow Poets!  It's time for our "Poem of the Month" to be featured in the DUP 'Poem of the Month Hall of Fame' and on the official facebook page for July 2018.

You have three weeks to nominate no more than two of you favorite poems from another DUP poet!

Please note the following when making nominations:

1. Self nominations are not accepted. The great majority of the competitions here are about spotlighting one's own work on a particular topic or theme.  This is a chance to nominate that poem that you wish you had written but some other great talent here beat you to it.

2. Please limit your nominations to TWO poems. You can nominate a single poem for two different poets; but the nomination maximum remains at TWO (no matter how many pseudonyms they have).  The majority of competitions on DUP cap nominations at one or two poems so there's no need to go beyond that.

No DUPLICATES. If someone nominates the same poem the entry will be deleted. If you like it that much wait and vote for it!

Any genre except erotica or pornography. This is a Facebook feature and we must adhere to their guidelines.  


Previous Poem of the Month Hall of Fame members CAN BE NOMINATED ... but a poet may only win once in the time period from November 2017 - December 2018.  

Simply put: We want to see a cross section of writers acknowledged.

Any member who is banned or disables their account PRIOR to the win will be automatically disqualified.

Any nominated member who wishes to opt out of the competition may do so by messaging me ( Poem-Worm ). I will contact the person who nominated you and request an alternate nomination.

Nomination Duration is three weeks followed by a week of site voting!

Running list of winners:

November 2017 ... NAAJIR
December 2017 ... POETSPEAK
January 2018 ...      LADY_OF_THE_QUILL
February 2018 ...    LEPPEROCHAN Craic in a Box
March 2018 ...        TINABUBUYA (Tee Mali)
April 2018 ...           CROWFLY
May 2018 ...            ATOMIKBOMB
June 2018 ...            MISS_SUB (Missy)
July 2018 ...
August 2018
September 2018
October 2018
November 2018
December 2018

... So, what have you read that's incredible!?

Guardian of Shadows
Sierra Leone
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there's not a line in the sand, there's an ocean

‍‍‍‍‍‍We created a lifetime
in our own time
and I was free
within our delusions
that raised us up in passion
and bled us dry with contempt

We could have lived there forever
if it hadn't been our fate
to destroy the things we love
yet we somehow found some middle ground
I thought was indelibly etched into our veins

I held you up against the currents
that ached to drown you
in their self-destructive rage
and you told me you loved me
more than I could ever know
as you held yourself in limbo
on this precipice of life

Perhaps it would be too cliche
to say that once upon a time
I would have died for you

You were the breath that gave me life
when I didn't realise I wasn't breathing

I never considered
that the tides might turn
and I would find myself staring
down my demons
and losing myself to their siren songs

I've never been so close to that edge
never had to fight so hard
to keep my own breath
and save myself from going under

And I never thought I'd have to ask myself
"where were you?"
when I couldn't fight the dark alone

I never thought you'd let me down
after I spent so much time lifting you up

We don't talk anymore
but I still wonder where you were
when I was falling apart

© Indie Adams 2018
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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You have always been poetry to me


I can't stand it.
This nothing.

This eclipsed empty thing
that exists where you
used to weave ancient magics
into my aching chest
like an untamed beast
who prowled
through my black witch forest
and growling
and challenging my soul
to make sense of the contradictions
in my head
and the fraility of my hope
as something more than a tomb
for the future me
to weave flowers against in wait.

And fuck me
how you howled so malformed
and warped
like tiny,
gasping innocent dreams
I'd left behind in the moonlight
as if the language
we raged against
couldn't be restrained enough
within the mere vestige
of common tounge.

Only now
in this god forsaken (almost) silence
do I admit that you've spoiled me
in response to a feeling
that leaves me lurched over;
bent in the fetal position,
begging for the severity in honesty.

Nothing else is ever enough,
and I know,
somewhere deep inside of you,
you understand me
and that this need;
this integral yearning
to rip anything meaningful
from what we are,
is mutual.

God is dying.
God is dying right at this moment
in some angry,
insistent death,
but neither of us can grieve
for who we were at 23
long enough to believe in it,
or him,
or who the goddess
nude in our longings
could have conceived
in a hopefully,
maybe one day
I'll wish upon a star
far, far away
for so much more
than what is in

I don't believe you.
I can't comprehend that your passion;
your insatiable thirst for wonder
in a world full of maddness,
and tragedy,
and longing for the dragonflies
to spontaneously enchant us
lonley bleeding martyrs
if only for a second
within our desperate beating hearts-
has quelled
in complacency of circumstance.

I won't accept
that your fire has snuffed away
between the dreay ashes of a morning fag
and the embers of a twice puffed procrastination
before class
has become winter and glass eyed
when I know damn well
I gave you every piece
of the most savage flames
that drive's my own existence
years ago
in a tangible manifestation
still alive in a destitute corner
of your bedroom.

Perhaps it's true
that I'm quite literally beating a dead horse
when I say I believe in your success,
but I'll keep trying.
I'll keep maiming my ego
in faith that one day you'll remember
who you really are,
and that you are
a force of fucking god damn nature
you silly,
gorgeous thing.
Written by kourtnissixxx
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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I don't recall the names of trees and flowers.
I recall their beauty.
Perhaps if they don't need a name to be what they are,
I don't either.
Written by meadowsweet
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Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
South Africa
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An Imperfect Stone

He has secrets    
that he hides in the pockets of soil  
he plants sweet peas in    
where rain and sun and spade bed them in      
and allow their roots to grow out long.      
His heart, hazardous and sharp      
plods from sunflower      
to honesty      
with a decade or more of sombre,      
with a watering can that cannot be filled      
with a pair of secateurs that would rather snip heads of budding flowers      
than face them.      
Yes, a heart so hazardous, a narration of tiredness and hurt  
that he won't address    
nor allow bandages to the weeping wounds.      
Yes, the sweet peas are growing, growing roots long and thin      
while his suffer die back,      
possibly beyond repair.
Written by ImperfectedStone (P M Banks)
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Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
South Africa
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Walking Down an Unfamiliar Street

"Am here. Where ought I to be?"
"Home." - telegram sent by G. K. Chesterton to his wife, followed by her response
My path is trod without patience,
a map consulted time again.
Whatever be my penitence, I cannot see
where ought I am inclined to be.
The light is trifling and fierce
in its gruesome summer's way,
yet in its fading brings, to pierce,
a beauty giant and painful.
Crouched between a churchyard and
a house like many more
is the place where ought I am to be, at last.
Send a thankful text. Here is the library door.
Written by The_Silly_Sibyl
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Dangerous Mind
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Find Me On The Battlefield

I have seen what the darkness does.
I have run through the madness, trying not to feel the cold, with my hands covering my eyes.
I have traversed the hollow coves of my soul, where the echoes of the shots fired from my past, ring out.
I have unsuccessfully navigated my carnival of rust.
I have been under the definitive night sky where light and hope was camouflaged and the colors were disguised.
I have lost debates to my philosophical demons.
I have been through the darkest parts of my self and have the bruises, scars as reminders.
I have watched dreams that were smashed to pieces slip through the tightest of grips.
I have often felt that I cannot escape my fate.
I have been highly suspect and bare while living with the theories of a deadman.
I believed I was always wrong and had no answers.
I have known times where my only legacy would have been that was someday, I would be sleeping at last.
But, because I am me, I also knew more then my pain.
Even though it terrified me, I knew deep down that I had to say goodbye to who I once was.
I had to look back at the carnage of my life and see that there was good.
I had to remind myself about the days that were filled with good and remember that I smiled.
I had to take everything that I and so many others used to define me and throw it all over the cliff of doubt and judgement and watch it shatter on the rocks below.
I had to be brave enough to stand firm in my faith and know that through all the years of war within myself, I am still here.  
I know that my battles are not yet over and the war still rages on but I also know that the battle does eventually turn and that is why I bleed.
So, for my internal demons and to all that doubt my fortitude and resilience, understand this clearly, this is a war that you can never win.  
Know that until the world goes cold and because the sun truly never sets, you will find me on the battlefield.
Even if I stand alone, I am always ready to fight for what I believe in.
I am prepared to die for the man I am and for the man I have yet to be.
Written by Ragnar
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Dangerous Mind
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Seize The Opportunity

There may come a time a golden opportunity will come around
And you'll have to shut off the voices that surround
Heed not to the fears that whisper in your ear
That golden opportunity may be the one to wipe away your tear.
You may have to bend and break some rules,
Hear the scorns of those who will say you're a fool.
You may have to break out of your circle and forget all that you were taught
To obtain that which you so badly sought.
You may have to endure the rising wars within and around you
But letting go of the gold you'll regret if you do.
Not every opportunity that presents itself is authentic gold
But when you know it's authentic, change will unfold
There may come a time you will sell-out
All your possessions, family, and friends to reach about
And seize the opportunity that comes waltzing around.
You may face fierce judgment, guilt, scorns, and blame
From the mediocrity of those who've never tasted luck or fame
Round and round...in a spider's web they spin and spin
Stuck in a rut...in a bondage cycle...they never win.
Programmed robots is what they are...
But you be you....and shine like a star...
Get out of the cycle...and be free
Seize the opportunity and let the world see
How you rise above your means  
To aim for your dreams.
Seize the opportunity to become a better YOU,
To be happy and satisfied in all that you do,
To break free from bondage and oppression,
To cut the chains of mere depression,
To aim for your wildest dream,
To reach success and shine like a beam.

"Like a man who found hidden treasure in a field
And went home and sold all he had
To buy that field."  Matthew 13:44
Written by Cyndi_Moone
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Idyllic life lead in the main
Save lack of love could not complain
A scientist, sage seer
By feminine charms oft smitten
Wooing tried, given the mitten
Alone till death his fear
Spied he was on French holiday
Strolling on the Champs-Élysées
Square rigged, right proper swell
On arm best bib and tucker dressed
A lady with great beauty blessed
Where found he one so belle?
It seems he desperate for a mate
Weary of leaving life to fate
Companionship devoid
He set to task his fertile brain
Inventing love he’s sure to gain
A steam drive humanoid
Each morn they leave their lover’s bed
He pours cold water in her head
One nose press primes the pump
Behind left breast deposits coal
Strikes match to light the heart and soul
wakes she then with a jump
Bang-up job he’s done on his wife
Made to last at least his whole life
For making love designed
Comfort he feels in her embrace
A smile always graces her face
His kiss never declined
Written by Gahddess_Worship
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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her name was melancholy        
and she weighed heavy on my heart  
her quiet little song      
played in the background      
while the world was noisy      
and I felt I would fall apart      
when things settled      
I would feel her presence      
while she took tea alone      
she was not one for complaints      
no, no not ever      
her sorrow known within      
the notes she would leave      
woven inside my poetry      
otherwise nothing      
a soft spoken lady      
propriety in all things      
keeping things tidy was her passion  
no messy emotions allowed      
they are forbidden      
she kept watch like a proper nanny
ushering the tears back      
that threatened the skies inside      
shades of blue and depths of feeling  
her native tongue    
she speaks them most eloquently      
a resident here since I first began      
on a journey of discovery      
yes melancholy is her name      
grief without crying      
a heavy burden      
and we walk on silently     
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
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jade tiger
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*respectfully removed*

Fire of Insight
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love your Goddess

climb into my pleasure zone  
the temperature is rising  
I felt you slip inside me  
my dearest soul's rider  
creaming on the celestial wavelengths  
I feel the vibe your sending    
I'm broadcasting right back to you privately  
picture me your favorite porno Queen  
little slut just begging for it  
then with your third eye perceive your Goddess  
I want to be dominated  
are you the man to give it to me?  
lay it down hard  
show me how you really feel  
this is history we're making  
as you enter feel me shudder  
when you at last you take what's yours  
all the lights in the heavens flicker  
it's time that we fucked  
getting down to business  
I've been playing with you  
to see just how far we've come  
my finger on the Earth's pulse  
internally pulsating in your orbit  
I need my warrior now  
in the body of my lover  
down for anything  
when things start popping off  
you speak with the grace of all the universes  
I want you to know i'm not your imagination  
i'm a real woman  
who speaks in pain and truths  
because believe me my King  
I've lived it  
i'm the first woman to ever be  
the rest bear some of my flavor  
but they're just shades of me  
this woman Raven is my portal  
an open channel  
always willing to transmit  
any of my messages  
if I close communications  
there's a reason for it  
for now let's feed our need  
the waters are clear  
and I am willing  
within our love making  
a new dawn is born  
get down inside this woman  
as we yawn, stretch and evolve
Written by smackdownraven
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Fire of Insight
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Knuckle[d] Down

lips once again had opened &
I smiled at the familiar taste
when fist as opposed to loving palm
was felt against my face
left staring at the shattered mirror
lying in shards before my feet
confronted by the reflection seen;
I was only there
because of

regardless of the lessons learned
always hopeful to see a change
knowing the only chance of that
requires the other to take a stand;
with head remaining fixed & poised,
bowing gracefully while backing out —
licking tears I softly whimper

“no longer will this be

Written by Taryn
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Words Are Worth More

As swans cut lines through sheets of dying sun,
As evening sails cast waves of shimmered light,
I raise the canvassed frame so you might see.
I know your eyes will not behold this place.  
Just as the seen becomes its life,  I fail.      
My heart's impasse - for you are there not here.  
My hands do not describe your shoulder's curve.          
I cannot find the sunset in your hair.          
My lips can't taste the last green ray of you.          
The swans have fled to find their nightly roost.          
My graven image glows false purple light.          
If only sails were lovers' sheets tonight.
Written by Hepcat61 (geoff cat)
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photo credit: Hepcat61

Thought Provoker
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