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Twisted Dreamer
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Poetry Contest

Submit a poem about your experience of heartbreak
Please share your poems about heartbreak. Poems can be about lost lovers, unrequited love, or the loss of a loved one.

You can submit up to 2 poems.

Fire of Insight
United States
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      THIS JAGGED EDGE      

i lie down

on a wooden pier

gray and cloudy day

warmth of obscured

sun above

radiates back up

through my clothes

so wonderfully into me  

from off these

weathered boards

out on this old  

wooden pier

now gazing

off its side

down into calm  

dark waters below

my reflection stares

back up at me

gently swaying

my heart pounds in my ears


i am a study in gray

ready to implode

ive walked this jagged edge

for you  ever since

you chose so coldly

and cruelly  to make

our love no more    

now already over

two weeks ago

and i am still

this ruined mess

now literally dying

to just let go

but my broken heart

wont let me yet

until i can find

some effective way  

to kill my fuckin

love for you

Written by OyateInyanNajin
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Fire of Insight
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all light has lapsed    
     from my life    
since you last left    
     all dreams  all joy    
all hopes have died    
     since you last spoke    
your painful lies    
     now it seems  
and feels  
     my sufferings    
without end    
     so too the pain    
youve claimed to feel    
     in your heart    
for me  
     i pray will never    
heal  nor end    
     surprised myself      
to find and hear    
     this vengeful heart    
youve borne in me    
     yet of all the cold    
cruel lies you told    
     the one that    
hurt me most    
     was the greatest      
lie of all    
     (you told    
i bought  
     hook  line  
and sinker)  
     the painful  
grievous lie  
     of your    
so called    
     a love  
so clear to me  
that never  
     truly was  
at all  

Written by OyateInyanNajin
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Chris Pleasures
Twisted Dreamer
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No Longer Home

The place in your heart I once called my home is no longer home because you gave it away.Left me alone, so I guess it's time for me to walk and move on.  
Don't worry about me. I'll be fine with just my heart and pride. We had a good ride but now I must go and where I'm going I have no means of returning.
Written by Chris_Pleasures (Chris Pleasures)
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Chris Pleasures
Twisted Dreamer
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Love don't exists,  Forever don't last

Love dont exist and forever don't last

My heart is numb because of my past. Correcting the wrongs will be a long task.
A dead end streak setting me up for misfortune. Yea a relationship sounds good but is it really worth it?

Love is said to be something special but it seems to be only given to the undeserving. Why must I care?. Why must I be the only person hurting? "Nice guys finish last"
Isn't that the truth? Its sad you'll love me better if I disrespected you. Oh that's not what it is? I just call it how I see it. Arguments and miscommunication, the two main ingredients.
She gets a thrill repeating it.

Obviously born in the wrong generation because love these days is more like lets meet up at this location. Have sex and play with our bodies. I mean that's cool but where's the connection? Where's the bond?  Why are these things now frowned upon.
Thought she wanted something different , they all say they want something different. Kind of hard to notice any difference messing with the same kind of ni**as.

Love don't exist and Forever don't last.
At least for me that is. Want to know why? It's funny you asked. Look around and tell me what you see. "If it's meant to be then it will be." Sounds like a lot of bullshit to me.
Written by Chris_Pleasures (Chris Pleasures)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Bombshells of Lucidness

   Six years ago ended your yearly visits, now in your mid seventies I got it or so I thought. Increasing my call from every few months or so to nearly monthly. Not long, much too quick actually, you'd call leaving random msgs even calling me random names. Caring for my beloved Aunt, her Alzheimer's a slow, agonizing kiss of death. Suspecting the same however yours was venom's quick bite of destruction. Only one month, one Frickin month. Upon calling your 4th and final wife informs, in monotone might I add, your loss of balance causing not only a severely broken nose but a deep fracture of your eye socket she also informed me doc and her placed you in a facility unable to care for you alone, living within walking distance, she has 4 daughter's you raised since toddler's. Still in contact, depressed and highly confused after all didn't your daddy at 98yrs old take care of your mother, also Alzheimer's, with not a single soul in sight not even mentioning a solid retirement from Tampa Bay Elevators, all your hard work supposed to enjoy this fine State. What I couldn't tell you then I am now, before her, 1st, 2nd and 3rd wife, I watched in horror as you unleashed hell's fury, breaking bones yet again while still unhealed. Your 4th wife, believing you a saint, can you imagine her shock at the depths your anger goes. You and I the last of our family and soon I'll stand alone other than a half brother I don't even know anymore. Finally daddy, finally i made the long drive home, over 800 miles of fear, panic and an overwhelming overload of confusion. So much unspeakable violence's, hurt and betrayal. Only you, my very own father, thief of innocence even quicker your massive fist of justice, mostly for imaginary crimes, just to vent your frustrations, my thoughts. The same father silently leaving for Florida while your 9yr old waits in the wintery freeze on concrete steps an entire two whole days as not only hope fades but leaving her alone with two monsters, mother  and sister who makes even Jeffrey Dahmer look angelic, no worries, new 3rd wife and a wee son to boot. Finally bringing me home, 2yrs late, having enough at 15yrs old I scoot myself back to the familiar grandeur of rolling corn fields to bury my incestous Grandfather. Much needed space, time far apart, year's of doggedly working on self, improving learning softening and yes, with your snides disdain vocalized, submitting myself as an official full time lab rat, simply to unbend, straighten what you, my lovely family, succeeded only in curving never fully breaking, knowing me, your daughter had your stubborn streak of iron will, tsk tsk... Seeing you finally after six long year's left me reeling in shock and stunned disbelief. Standing barefoot spine ram-rod straight you topped at 6'7, brawny in strength from installing elevators since your H.S. graduation. Good Gawd daddy at barely 5'0, Alzheimer's deadly destructiveness, no I haven't forgotten your spinal degeneration, same as I, leaving the top of your head no higher than my shoulder. I'm sorry daddy, so very very fu**ing deeply sorry it took me so long to come home. After 6 mo of round the clock care, lucidness armed with bombshells paid it's last visit. Husky baritone resonating clarity you apologized explaining how things got so twisted, not excuses, how ashamed you were while accepting full responsibility. Without pause you dropped the next bombshell. The whopping knowledge of my demented sister your deranged daughter, remaining silent and fully aware, was the incestous love child parented between brother and sister, my uncle my mother, no longer a lone burden, yet again with no pause your final bombshell. Your personal account and feelings of me shooting my own mother, acknowledgement of being done in pure survival mode. Lucidity vanishing as quickly as it's appeared. Stunned, I rexamine, questioning  every and all aspects of me. A befuddling shift, deeper depths, curiously curious??? While reading you your newest WatchTower, two days after Thanksgiving, at exactly 9:18 p.m. the heaviest of sighs had me peeking up, crushing the Bones in my hand as a solitary tear made it's final escape, you left me alone in this detestable world. For the first time in many many years gobs of wet saw the light of day deep into the dark and lonely night, once again left behind. I wish I too had come clean now heavy with regrets burden, this I now write and place among your ashes. No longer hiding behind God, finally worshipping another other than yourself, yes daddy I noticed. I truly hope God has Granted Heaven's Redemption, a tiger never changes it's stripe yet in all honesty I believe you are indeed a changed man, a better man. In death's wake, acceptance in every way possible I am truly your only daughter, an exact replica of you, mirrored images. I love you Daddy beyond scope beyond measure. I miss you so much fu**ing much, thank you for wet tears return, I sorta missed their salty tang. Safe travels daddy, safe travels.  Love forevermore,
                                 The Squad👣
Written by SURVIVOR
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Dangerous Mind
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As winter breaks the untold fall
They stand with backs against it all
A shooting rock of ice foretold
The union placed in centuries old...

A family tree of royal stain
Their son would later come to claim
The dowry left from ancient truth
The bride would blind from future youth...

In season new, the ship to sea
To sail for land of ancestry
The light at far to shine the way
Is set in rock, a tower display...

The eyes of few, to see the clue
Of lies astrude and pain induced
The child of man, to step in place
A blood drenched kind, a star to chase....

Ship sails on,
But never seas the sun...
Time rolls on,
But never sees the son...
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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Dangerous Mind
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When There is A World Without You

All I ever wanted was to hear your voice on the phone  
That would tell me that everything was going to be okay,  
But I know I had to get back to reality and the fact that  
You would never come crawling back to me. I am all alone  
In the place I used to call home and the dark, cloudy gray  
Sky is just a reminder that I would better without a flat  
Smile. I know I am better without the empty promises and  
The fact that you want to keep talking now that I am moving  
Onto someone new. It is like you want to keep messing with  
Me, but you have to know that it is too late to understand  
Everything from your point of view. I am safely removing  
Myself from this. I hoped you would do the same. The myth  
That keeps surrounding you will follow you until there is dirt  
Over your grave and your heart has finally given up for good.  
It is only then that you will realize that there was someone  
Who truly cared about you. I hope you understand the hurt  
And pain you caused me, enough to last a lifetime. I could  
Have gone back to refill your empty cup, but I do not run  
Back to someone who has not changed their repeating  
Patterns and bad habits. My words that are the carriers  
Of the truth and my sky has finally gone from gray to blue.  
There is no way that I could keep walking and meeting  
You halfway when you cannot even respect my barriers  
Because I am finally in a better place. I am finally over you.
Written by eswaller
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poet Anonymous

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Thought Provoker
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Sinead. Your name alone begs to be spoken in the whispers of angels. Calls us to sacred silence, while we dream of raging at the sky.      
Much like those voices murmuring--ever so softly---from behind closed doors.      
Your grief-stricken parents mustn't overhear your name.      
God, how will they ever hear anything else?!...      
How quickly. How quietly. You came and you went.        
In fewer than a hundred sleeps, you softly stole our hearts.        
God, how the silence you've left behind is deafening.

Written by Rachelleundrgrd
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Nathaniel Peter
Thought Provoker
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Nathaniel Peter
Thought Provoker
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poet Anonymous

poet Anonymous

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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(my first heartbreak/break-up)  

It was during that night, after dinner,
And tight on bottles of wine, your words  
Hung sublime like crystalline birds.  
And I, dazed from the sound as they passed,  
Could only look at you through my glass  
Held up to my gaze, and filled with wine,  
And saw, with the passing of time how the  
Candle's light imbued everything in a  
red hue as I stared at you, intoxicated,  
Till through my fingers, slipped, its descent  
Lingered, the beat of my heart, hindered,  
Shattered its perfection across the floor,  
Just as my heart tore and came apart in a  
Flood of wine: red as blood, painful to see,  
As if my eyes had burst, but which would I  
Notice first: the innocuous stench of sick,  
Or the shards of glass' trick of the light.  
Still, I bleed in your presence, my tears  
 Are bleeding; don't staunch the flow.
You've tipped the waiter, now  
I beg you, please, just go.

Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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