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RUNNERS-UP: Jade-Pandora and Blackwolf

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Not so secret admirer

- Missy -
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The Company Of Absence

you said once
that Europe was your dream
walking the cobbled streets
with a pen in your shirt
in the midday warmth

peace, you said
and I prayed for you

as you paced the walls
of your house, with the rooms
empty as Sunday mornings
and I thought about how strange
it would be to let you go
out into the tumbling world,
cutting your silhouette
from my mind.

It wasn't ever going to be royal †
for I ponder crisp white pages
I have scribed with you,
and think of your skin
perfect and chaotic
in the insomnia hours
when clocks tick slowly †
and I feel your pulse
across spectral voids

vexed with frustrations
of being unable
to whisper my fears
of never finding another †
who lights up space †
quite like you:

I love you as all secrets
deserve to be loved
in the low shiver of time,
your ghost kissing my hair
as I fall asleep
Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Written for America.

Dangerous Mind
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This was the most difficult time I've had in any of my competitions to choose a winner and runner-ups. I adored all of your poems, and pondered all night about who to choose. Congratulations Lyrically_ Inclined for your win, and also to Jade and Blackwolf for their runner-up status.

A big thanks to everyone else for participating in my competition. You're all brilliant poets, and I hope to see you participate in my next competition. Keep on writing!

Dangerous Mind
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I am very honored to be in the runner up category , Luna's Child !

Some great poetry was submitted , from some great poets here ;

Thank you for the competition , your time , and effort !

Best To You !

May your muse be with you , always !

jade tiger
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To our wonderful host Luna, I understand that feeling when it was time to judge the competitions Iíve hosted; the experience is bitter-sweet at best.  Yet itís an honor, both as a host/judge & an entrant, in the submit/receive gestures.  Thatís why I often feel that no one ever looses who creates & enters their poetic persona; the very effort invested is very telling in the dedication.  So, with time spent through the night, you, dear Luna, do us all honor, as we also have done in return.

I congratulate everyone who entered & participated, and pray we all meet again soon, for the opportunity of friendly competition!


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