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OH... Tainted Love!

Ryan R Morgan
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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The Witches Kiss

tender labium
velvety and exquisite
illusory purity breeds enticement
borrowed sensations are ripe
the shallow pools of her pupils so mesmerizing
Trapped my heart within her wretched curse
Her sorcerers black magic
Lips taste like ash and dirt
Now I'm caged in her embrace
I crave that juicy box in my mind
Yet not within my corporeal nerves
She strips my soul, it violates my core

She vanishes like a ghoul in the dust
burglarizing literal and metaphysical property
my trust, communication device, my heart, my bank account
forsaking nothing but my fruitless desire

My agonizing futility
to gaze upon her silky face once more

One or two years drift by
Like an Eagle soaring high
The backdraft in my gut has petered
My passion, my anger defused
Trees into sticks, dirt into mud

Like the Wizard of Oz
She is nothing but a witch doused in water
Albeit, H20 is substituted with an element far more potent
A weapon more powerful than Excalibur

Lifting the enchantment placed upon my conscious
Dismantling the curse of the witches kiss.
One and for all
Forever and ever
Written by Madbuttonhatter (Ryan R Morgan)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Angry Sex

You pissed me off this morning
But now you wanna makeup
Now you wanna say you’re sorry
Because now you wanna fuck

Well I’m still mad
But I know you know that
I’m not over it yet
But you’re ass is looking Phat

I think you do this shit on purpose
Because you know I can’t resist
To get my revenge on you
Beating you without my fists

I try to play hard to get
But your mouth keeps getting me hard
I refuse to let you win
But I’m letting down my guard

So I grab and throw you face down
And smack you hard on the ass
Thrust my dick deep inside your stomach
To take out all my frustration from the past

Standing on the floor
I’ve got you bent over pulling your hair
One leg on the bed one off
Looking at you with an evil stare

Tonight I wanna hurt you
But in such a pleasurable way
I wanna fuck you like I don’t care about you
Trying to take my pain away

The more you seem to like it
The harder I try to pound
I wanna make the pussy tap out
I know it has when you make that sound

I stick my dick in your ass
Because I wanna hear you yelp
I want you to understand that
Nobody’s coming to help

After I take out my frustration
My anger I want you to taste
So I pull my dick out your ass
And ejaculate on your face

Now you think you’ve made amends
You thought we’d makeup next
But I still don’t like your ass
That was just some angry sex!
Written by Lyrically_Inclined
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Held Hostage

I refuse to be held hostage by the pussy!
I’ve never been a cheater
But don’t push me!
I don’t like to play games so I’m telling you upfront
If me stepping out on you
Is not what you want!
I’m not a child so why do you think you can punish me?
I wasn’t born yesterday
I was established in ‘73
This ain’t news to you
I told you this before you married me.
And right now is when you wanna pull this shit out on me?
I think you forgot, your not the only one who possesses...
And I’ve fantasized about others, I have to confess this...
Don’t leave an opening that will make me address this...
Because you might learn the hard way one of life’s biggest lessons!
Written by Lyrically_Inclined
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Fire of Insight
United States
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You’re Why Men Cheat


See this shit right here is the reason!
I’m trying to be your heaven sent!
But when I satisfy all your desires,
For too long, you are content.
You have what all women want,
But you’re resting on your laurels!
While I’m over here being nice,
What I’m wanting, is immoral!
I know I’m getting older
But I have a high sexual metabolism!
And it’s your lack of fuckin’ me
That’s the source of your jealous cynicism!
Yes we’re getting along right now,
That’s because I’ve been trying to be nice.
Arguing is redundant
My mental health is paying the price!

(I know what you’re thinking reader,
You say, “Why don’t you just masterbate?
Why would you mess up your relationship for some meaningless sex?
Well let me explain masterbation to you.
It’s like going to a restaurant that serves all your favorite foods, titties, ass, pussy and fellatio! You’re starving! You paid for the meal, but you are not allowed to eat it! You can look at it, you can hold it, but you can’t taste it and you definitely can’t take it! So what do you do? You go to the bathroom and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Just so you don’t starve to death! FUCK THAT!!!)

I’m trying my damndest not to cheat!
But you’re getting stuck in your old ways,
You try to control the narrative,
And to our sex life, I become the slave.
You said it’s only been two days,
No bitch! Today is number 3!
You act like you can’t count!
You better quit fuckin’ wit’ me!
You’re ass is playing with fire!
This shit here,
Is gonna cease!
Cause you bout to fuck around
And make me go out and get a side piece!
Written by Lyrically_Inclined
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Gypsy Witch
Thought Provoker
United States
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The Poet Who Killed His Muse

Let me tell you a story of how my first love came to be…
I remember like it was yesterday of how it all began.  
It was on the warmest of long summer days,  
When the temperature outside was just right,  
And the towns people ventured outside of their homes,  
Headed towards the local park for a fine family picnic.  
Of course, I had had no intentions of leaving my home  
But it was so nice outside, and how could I refuse,  
Not to take in the warm sunshine that was today?  
So, I journey to the park – alone – with a book in my arms.  
I kept my eyes locked on the graveled path,  
-      Avoiding awkward stares and mischievous smiles –    
With each memorized step I took, I was getting closer and closer,  
To the same bench I normally sat at every day,  
Reading (escaping) and observing the sunset from the canyons.  
When I lifted my head from the ground to the bench, my heart stop.  
You sat there calm and collected, eyes focused and pen in hand,  
Contemplating what you should write next – of course to this,  
You took no notice of my presence when I sat down next to you.  
I opened my book, to where I last left off, and began to read;  
It was a challenge to focus on the words and not on you,  
With all my strength, I tried to calm my racing heart with another thought,  
Possibly reviewing the story, I had just read, instead I stared at the pages blankly.  
It took you long enough to realize that you were not alone here anymore,  
You looked at me with those sky-blue eyes and gave me a Hollywood smile,  
“Hello there, I didn’t see you there.” You gave me a small chuckle.  
Even in the cooling shade, nature was kind to your complexion,  
You were waiting for me to speak but I had no words for such a God like you.  
I returned my eyes back to my book (how I was acting like a child) but  
For some odd reason you didn’t seem to mind my embarrassment,  
Instead you returned to writing in your journal.  
Only this time was different, you were smiling at each word you wrote,  
Each swift and subtle movement your pen made to form the words  
To a poem I was oblivious of – had you been writing about me that day?  
Love comes forth between good and evil but who is to say what love truly is?  
You and I had kindled our love over a blossoming rose in the early Spring,  
Together we spent walking in the parks hand in hand with you carrying our books,  
We ate peaches, mangos, cheese, red meat, and bread on the edge of the canyons,  
Laughed at and talked about how silly Fate could be; always warning each other  
Of how easily the three Fates could change their mind in an instant  
-       I wished there was sign to warn me about you (or maybe it was there and  
-      I had been too blinded by Apollo’s eyes to truly see - the monster you played to be).  
Overtime, I became your poetic muse, someone you thought you sway with  
Your poetic words of passion and lust, every time you have dared to hit me over  
The smallest of tiniest things – from the ink being spilt to slipping on the floor,  
I was in danger and nowhere to go to for help because who would listen to a wild girl like me?  
I remember the first time you had hit me with your blistering fist and your mad eyes,  
You returned home late at night, smelling of whisky and smoke, and expensive perfume.  
You confessed to me, “I would never cheat on my beautiful muse…” Your words were slurred,  
Meaningless and untrue, but I took step back away from you (my gravest mistake).  
It all happened in an instant, the loud sound of shattering glass, my body shot with firing pain,  
And your screams as you pinned me down, punching me until I begged for mercy.  
Somehow, a small humane part of you knew, if you continued  
There would have been blood stained on those once-beautiful hands of yours.  
After that day, the brief love we had once shared had vanished,  
You gave me false me promises that we knew you couldn’t keep,  
But we went about showing the town we were a perfect couple.  
It was a foolish act to play (I, your slave, and you, my master),  
A sick joke to fool the eyes of a town that never cared for me.  
One night, when I had had enough of all this pain and misery,  
I packed my bags, with what little of what I used to own, purchased a bus ticket  
Away from this hells canyon – away towards a better paradise than just this.  
I felt a fear kicking in me, when I knew you had awoken from your sleep,  
You stood in the doorway of our bedroom, blood-shot eyes and still in your dirty clothes.  
“Muse, where do you think you’re going?” You asked, forcing me to stare into your eyes.  
I gulped the lump in my through and shook, “To a friend’s house.” My voice weak and scared.  
You let out a roar of laughter, “Friends? You are an outcast! A nobody!” You laugh.  
I grip my fist and shove him away from me, flipping him off, but before I reach the front door,  
I am stopped by his gripping hand, pulling me away, with a gun aiming at me.  
“You aren’t going anywhere. You are going to stay here – with me.”  
Your words full of power and fear; your eyes filled with fear and loss,  
As the gun was still aimed towards me. I needed to find a way to distract him but what?  
I looked towards the whisky bottle and grab it. “Come let us have a drink together.”  
I say trying to keep my voice as calm as possible, because one small move it’s over.  
You had no clue, I was hiding a secret from you, for there was a child growing in my womb.  
I go over to the old worn couch and sit down, patting the seat next to me, “Sit.”  
You walk over, tucking the gun in your belt, as you sat next to me, taking a long swig.  
I waited for you to speak but instead, you rested your head against my shoulder,  
A small hope that you had fallen asleep, but I was quick to escape without looking back,  
I crept silently to the front door and my hand inches away from the doorknob…  
When I felt it… the sharp and burning pain spreading throughout my body,  
Like the sun taking revenge on me for betraying his words and wishes,  
I looked back into my lover’s mad eyes and fell to the ground. He had shot me in the back.  
Our child dead and soon, I shall be dead. While, he tries to escape through the back window.  
How I loved in the summer and thought to be wed in the Fall.  
If only, my lover had not gone mad with the sins of man,  
That he and my child and I would still alive today.  
But oh, how things have ended so cruelly by the hands of a mad man.  
If only I could have escape this toxic chaos sooner;  
If it had not been by my troubled heart and fearful mind's action...
Written by IcarusVStheSun (Gypsy Witch)
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poet Anonymous

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Strange Creature
United States
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I am still that moth.
Clinging to your screen door.
On a summer night.
The flame is forgotten.
It's gone away now.
Not dim.
Not weak.
But, I am weak.
So I wander through the night.
Still calling your name.
Written by poemsense333
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Thought Provoker
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the brew

Am I deaf or am I blind
For happiness so hard to find,
I’ve been looking everywhere
Turning stones or in the air,
In the end i had to settle
To brew coffee in my kettle,
Just sit tight and wait a while
For the smell to form its style,
 I just love the morning brew
While I write something to you,
A rhyme so funny a rhyme for friends
On the mood it all depends,
Maybe you’ll put on a smile
To see my mind got so fertile,
Soon after that I woke up
With hot coffee in my cup.
Written by joeborg
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Bad and Tainted Love

It is like catching fragments of starlight
With your bare palm, but it hurts too
Much to keep hanging on. Tainted love
Is like a disease that you are afraid will
Spread and infest everything you touch.
It is like you are wanting to fight and fight
For something, knowing it is bad for you.
You think it will set you free like a dove
That flies back home, but it loses its thrill
And fluffy edges. It is like when you clutch
Something that is sharp like the pain and thorns
Of a cactus. It is like you purposely find the buzz
And finding yourself hit rock bottom. Your eyes
That finally realize when you are playing with fire
And does not feel safe to be that close anymore.
The angel who wears a halo also wears horns
And suddenly everything you thought was
The devil was actually an angel in its disguise.
Love when it was really the lust and desire
That played its hand. It is really heavy and sore.
Written by eswaller
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Counting the Rings

103.2°F/ 39.55°C  
near my sick bed  
he murmurs of how he crumbles  
but I'm still here  
I've fought so long  
I'm here for a while I trust  
I believe this, I must  
even when it's bad, because  
his faith alone is not enough  
my random thoughts of how long  
I have, and his thoughts of  
"will she be able to outlive me"—  
even at moments like this  
it happens that  
we hold on and speak of a future  
99.8°F/ 37.66°C  
rolling restless this early morn'  
you exhausted and I  
drying up from a virus  
spying through the shredding  
of 250-thread count bedding,  
between the hillocks of shoulders  
we never can sleep  
in anticipation for what's to come  
to plant the seed & watch it grow  
though we will never see it bloom  
for all the other things we know  
and live beyond that fertile past  
of what we did and what we'll do  
as sleep will still not come to us  
close apart, we dare not fall  
from the tree that burns in season  
counting the rings of its poetry  
97.9°F/ 36.61°C  
the moon has set —  
I wake in the dark  
to the rush of wind  
I hear him rinsing off  
in the basin —  
we fall asleep before dawn    
Copyright©️Jade Pandora 2013-2018.  All Rights Reserved.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Dangerous Mind
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Beg Me

I Pray For Your Debauchery To Just Corrupt Me ,

Interrupt Me In My Innocence , Just Bless Me

With Your Debasement , Your Besmirchment ,

Your Defilement , Your Putrefaction , Your

Adulteration , Poison Me With Your Impurity ,

Show Me Your Holy Whore And Inner Slut ,

I Worship You , But You're Rotten To The Core ,

Beg Me To Give It To You , Go Ahead Beg For More ,

This Is What I Got Is It Hot Enough For Your Vanity ,

Your Erotic Insanity , Your Oh So Wanton Lascivity

Amore Is Just A Name For Something Quite Stranger ,

Once I Become Your Dark Love's Rearranger

So Just Get On Your Knees Beg Me Please ,Then Tease

Me , Like Some Sex Priestess Of The Temple Erotic ,

Like Some Warped Aphrodite Or My Lilith Psychotic ,

You So Gave Me , And I Gave You All You Could Take ,

Of This Decadent Love , This Perverted Grace From Above ,

So What Can I Give You Now , Some Bondage Or Discipline ,

Or Some Mute Masochism Or Some Non Desistent Sadism ?

Chain You To A Wall , Gag You With A Ball , Watch You As You Fall

Into Some Pit Of Desire And Craven Lust , If You Must , I Trust

You Shall Take Me Higher , On Your Funeral Pyre , Dust To Dust

Ashes To Ashes , This Tainted Love Never Fades , Never Passes !
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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Thought Provoker
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matching gazes

We’re so near and yet far away
Wish we could make it someday,
To look each other in the eye
And never have to say goodbye,
Maybe life will give this prize
To our most biggest surprise,
To cross each other in the street
When our gazes finally meet,
I will know that it is you
cause your face will seem anew,
Just a look into those eyes
From an angel in disguise.
Written by joeborg
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Fire of Insight
United States
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T’was never me just using you.

T’was never me just using you.
Never just to get me off.

Never just because,
I won the “game”,
Or played the “game” well,
Or even,
Just because I wanted it.

That was never,
Why I paid for dinner,
Or the movie,
Or took you dancing.

The holidays,
The trips,
When we spent some of the time,
But most of the time,
I thought,
A couple on Holiday.

I made certain you always,
Came too,
Most often, first,
And usually several times,
To my once or twice,
In our together times.

It was never only about me,
And my “needs”.
Or, at least, I thought not.

It was never when you were only willing,
I thought I was certain,
That always, you were wanting it with me,
As much as I wanted it with you.

You were never just a friend,
With benefits;
You were never just a booty call.

For me it was a step on the path,
We were traveling,
In becoming,
Not two separate,
But two together,

So imagine,
My distress,
When I got your,
Wedding Invitation,
In today’s mail.
Written by J_J_Jay_Jr
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Fire of Insight
United States
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I'll tell you

I'll tell you what you were.    
You were a notch on my bed post,    
locker room bragging rights.    
You were a cunt to receive my dick,    
a receiver of my wet dream's emissions.    
You were a blonde to follow the redhead,    
not as good as the brunet.    
You were way too short, barely up to my chin,    
not fun size at all.    
Your boobs were so small, most boys have more,    
couldn't fill a training bra.    
You were skinny, arms bony and legs gangly,    
all skeletal angles and points.    
You were a slippery mouth with a wet double jointed tongue,    
that swallowed my cum.    
Your mop head's hair, never combed, much less fixed,    
made good handles to hold your mouth around my cock.    
Your eyes were out of a cartoon, shadowed like a raccoon,  
one green and one blue.    
Your fingers were anorexic, without the grip of a noodle,    
barely good to stroke me before I entered you.    
Your ass was something to grip with my hands,    
as I unload my cum inside you.    
That's why I ignored you when I was with my guys.    
So why did it shatter my heart, cause me to sink to my knees,    
and wish I could die?    
When you walked out of my life, with a tear in your eye,    
and whispered over your shoulder,    
"I loved you."
Written by J_J_Jay_Jr
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Ryan R Morgan
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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This is going to be a really fierce competition, I can already tell.  We have some utterly fantastic entries here.  I'm sort of repeating myself here, but I truly mean it.

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