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IcarusVStheSun (Gypsy Witch)
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Tumultuous Darkness

Fire of Insight
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disintegrating time

sitting at the table...with not a word in her head.  
annoyed by whats come to her..  
she feels as if there is not much left to do or say..  
her tears fall from the thoughts of her broken heart.  
everything has torn her apart.  
though the years she has not picked up a pen  
and paper.  
putting the pain into beautiful words.  
waves of waters come from her shattered self  
her image no longer her..  
she..who might she be??  
she holds herself as this toutering  
gain has rising over her.  
this blanket of madness..blanket of fears  
black rose red the color of tears.  
still beside this window alone  
she will stay  
without a pen or paper to to express what to say.  
the song will continue mightnight to noon  
and she wil be drowning in motionless dismay.  
she will pray.. again today  
still this feeling has not .disappeared..  
only it began to take a tole.  
she feel herself changing  
what once was her couplet rhyme is know  
her verse of disintegrating time..  
sitting at the table...with not a word in her head.  
letting mindless behavor swollow her dead  

-kumiko yamamoto
Written by AlexnEmoLand (RevolutionOfAlex)
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Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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Hey _Me_ if I wanted to delete and resubmit a poem is it too late to do so, I feel like i submitted too quickly and yet that had a lot to do with the fact that this comp was started during the 30 poem challenge so I"m not sure if what I submitted does justice what I can do with it. If not I understand.

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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On second thought 2 days prior to the deadline is probably too impractical.

Strange Creature
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Maze of Ambivalences

I was gone with the wind of life
lost to the world
a drop of wine in a sea
never to be salvaged
and tasteless I became

You, one like the rains that fall on a sunny day
I got soaked because of the illusive beauty of the rainbow
dancing to the soft spatter of the droplets
but come tomorrow, I was cradled in my sickbed
beauty of the rainbow vanished with my health

As the petals fall from a once beautiful rose
remember my demise
like the rain soaks the earth
I soaked my pillow with muffled cries and woes
while you dined in my agony

When the fires burns savagely
remember I was pained
like the wood, I waned
warming your bed of lies
afraid to let go of the illusion

Amidst the storm
remember my poor heart
that tried to turn to stone
every time I laid in your bed
cuddled by the lies you wove
scented by the sweet nothings of your empty promises

As you experience day and night
remember what we used to be
with beauty and glory
the beauty of atmospheric phenomenon
forgotten with dread of emerging harsh gales

And as day and night comes
while the fire smolders
storms come
I relate to the broken pieces within
and broken I remain
Written by _certified_ (Sapphire_certified)
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Strange Creature
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Let's dance in black and white

Shattered like glass,
There goes my make-belief wall!
Trampled on like grass,
There goes my faux perfect!

I tried keeping the grass greener on my side
But I still keep having nightmares of the beauty outside this yard
Every time I feel like I moved a mile
I hear the click of the gun, my cue to go back home

Home, the pathetic place I created right in the center of my mind
Greeted by its cold dark haunted walls
Shoving its claws at me to settle in
Chilling me right straight to my bones

The will of choice I gave up a while ago
When I had become my own arch enemy
One that shatters and tramples
The one right behind the cold gun I feel pressed.
Written by _certified_ (Sapphire_certified)
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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† † †
1. †No Recall † †  
† †  
I didn't see or feel or hear it coming. † †  
And then I came to after the † †  
Annihilation of all I thought I knew † †  
Once I tumbled down the rabbit hole. † †  
† †  
2. †Morning Glories † †  
† †  
The whispers of clean linen † †  
Float across narrow beds of † †
† †  
Brutality, and reflections † †  
Of a summer's early morning, † †  
† †  
As melodic rapid chatter † †  
Of Tagalog plays through the halls † †
† †  
While pairs of girls in their scrubs † †  
Disappear into recessed rooms, † †
† †
To the sound of greetings weaving † †  
Between a woman's cries of pain. † †  
† †  
† †  
3. †Under the Snow † †  
† †  
Triple digits of the season † †  
Pass week after week outside, † †  
Unnoticed by those doing time; † †  
This asylum with arctic air. † †  
† †  
Who are they kidding? † †  
I've been here long enough to know. † †  
I actually died that day, † †  
And this, this is my hell! † †  
† †  
Hell is not fire & brimstone. † †  
It's a parallel world from which † †  
No locks exist, yet no escape † †  
To return to where you came from. † †
† †  
Patients, whose eyes you look into, † †  
And no one is there! † †  
It's where all fear goes at night, † †  
Their voices are heard through the walls. † †  
† †  
But those with their vacant stares † †  
That I can't penetrate have their truths † †  
Forever frozen in time † †
In cages where they walk in place. † †
† †  
The cold numbs hands & feet & thoughts, † †  
But I feel alive because of it. † †  
Like a mouse foraging under the † †  
Snow while an owl listens above. † †  
† †  
I know the pounce will come † †  
Through the snow at any moment, † †  
Bathing me with morning light † †  
As owl talons sever my breath. † †  
† †  
† †  
4. †Night Terrors by Day † †  
† †  
Sooner or later it would come. † †  
A wide-spread power outage hit † †  
Just before dusk with its heat, † †  
Just as dinner was being served. † †  
† †  
I had learned to live on scant fare, † †  
Being a diabetic † †  
And having only one kidney: † †  
My weight loss, lost in my blue gowns. † †  
† †  
I was restless and felt cold air † †  
As I walked with my cane to the hall, † †  
Aqua socks with tread on my feet, † †  
Toward the nurses' station. † †  
† †  
Thick orange extensions snaked † †  
Everywhere, and the "regulars" † †  
Emerged to sit in their wheelchairs † †  
To watch while I sat with ice water. † †  
† †  
But all the hustle & bustle † †  
Would agitate some patients, † †  
Making them unpredictable † †  
While staff was racing all about. † †  
† †  
There was an old man known for being † †  
Loud, and most disagreeable. † †  
He wanted out of his wheelchair, † † †
To go where he wanted, right? † †  
† †  
Nurses would stop to secure him † †  
As he protested and cursed. † †  
The regs who knew him rolled their eyes. † †  
I continued to sip my ice water. † †  
† †  
Then I noticed the white-haired lady † †  
I was chatting with was looking up † † †
And said softly, "He's behind you." † †  
I stiffened and hunched my shoulders. † †  
† †  
I tilted my head just enough † †  
To see the old man, his gnarly hands † †  
Gripping the backrest of my chair, † †  
Glaring down at me with eyes bulging. † †  
† †  
"Get out of my way!" came the frost. † †  
I bent lower against the chill. † †  
"I'm sorry, I'm not in my wheelchair." †
(Being stranded in a stiff wooden one) †

I felt the spray of his spittle † †  
On the back of my hand holding the cup. † †  
"I don't give a God damn," came the blast, † †  
"Get on the floor and crawl out of the way!" † †
† †  
† †  
5. †No One Will Know † †  
† †  
Every evening, the asylum † †  
Gives up its creatures of the night: † †
The stalkers who haunt the halls, † †
Who try all the doors to get in, or out. † †
† †
And homeless creatures on two legs † †
Who I would often walk in on, † †
Using the toilet meant for me, † †
And watch the TV while I slept. † †
† †
But no, in that place I could never sleep,† †  
I used to be nocturnal years ago. † †
But all I could do now was listen † †
To the jungle cries and siren calls. † †
† †
I'd stagger out to the empty lobby, † †
Hearing a man far off in his room † †
Calling out for someone to please, † †  
"Dear God, TAKE ME HOME!" † †  
† †
The man in the next room in bed A † †
Hollered out from the open door, † †
And I screamed, "YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!" † †
† †
Once I was back in bed, that same voice † †
As all slept while I laid awake, plotting, said † †
"Hey, give me some more Demerol. † †
Don't worry... no one will know." † † † † † † † †  
† † † † † † † † †
† † † † † † † † †
† † † † † † † † †
For those who knew that I was gone (which was due to a terrible accident), here's some of what my time away was like - just a taste of it. † † † † † †
† † † † † †  
Image: An original drawing: one of my oldest "mouseworks", by me.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Thought Provoker
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In here

mellow light filters
through the stained glass
shadows twist-two-tango
on emerald fields
muted dance of tangled tangibles
on display
I imagine the soft breeze
soothing with nurturing caress
nature and humanity
somehow, always
redeem themselves
(to sin again)
a struggle to keep straight
I hear the birds cheep, airplanes fly
one mocking, the other mimicking
listening with eyes wide open

In here

a cat naps and a dog gnaws at a bone
(without meat)
oblivious of all worries
I lay anxieties
to the length of memories
through the maze
running with fluttering heart
and a crown of thorns
on my head
illuminated by two suns
and a moon on the path
watching trickling blood
mark my past
prayers from faithless
crawl the walls
leaders rise and fall
with godís of gold
fools of dreams
fools of hope
hopelessly wandering
in this world

In here

windows are windows
doors are doors
nothing flows
in or out
through the four holes
everything stands still
Written by Layla
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Quite pleased by the submissions, and I have opened this up to public vote. I am swallowing my pride here, and revoking my own supreme authority, on my creation, and allowing the people to speak. I'm bowing out, and allowing you to instill your judgement upon the works that have been found herein.

Don't let me down; it is up to you now. Pick a good one.

The Only,

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Thank you all, whomever submitted and viewed, for your participation.

Keep on keeping on.

Twisted Dreamer
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Congratulations, IcarusVStheSun (Gypsy Witch)

Thank you, everyone for joining in on this competition. I apologize again for being absent the last few weeks.
I do appreciate everyone's participation though.

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