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Tumultuous Darkness

Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 30th July 2017
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walking their haunted mind

Chorus six part:
Oh such brilliant contradiction the antiquarian rewound
The verse of ideas shows a world of people the same
Mistletoe carried tree to tree but never reaching ground
The scope of people shows a world of ideas the same...

Ol' Jim atomic crow bombing of the minds in the streets
Squaring the circle headed with some smoke and blow
A pack of pyrias ten deep with minds of women in leech
As the enlightenment brought darkness so we pimp and ho...

Ten sec drum solo with bass...

An old master ringing a sounded delight
With a dash of evil in the societal soup
Twisted song of a hopeless center might
Their savory bowl of a forgotten truth...

The winter stained us grey with sorrow
Full moon and new when tides are high
As remembering rain of hurt to follow
A murder's moon because of the light...

Out chorus:
Slow dream before the nightmare in squared recourse
Info slavin' shackles are now clamping minds down
Intellectual property was never the natural resource
Their syntactical parallel worlds are now in bound...

Bass harmonic:
Step on logical and empirical foundations
Skip irregular scheming mindless imitations...

Repeat and fade...
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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Fire of Insight
United States
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jive turkey sandwich

Our old blind Milton and deaf Beethoven
Would not have believed their eyes & ears
Give congratulations on failing upwards
While falling down on the totem tiers...
These relative truths become inescapable
A modern rouge through the wasted years
Everything trends toward nonfunctional
Producing a sham of their soul's premier...
Loose drum heads beat the funeral march
The communal mind was now laid to rest
Shining second sight on their Gothic arch
The self defined seen as a fool's quest...
Since we always have a bigger boat design
Endless nonsense wrote of positive thinking
All sunshine thoughts make a desert mind
As larger ships make for a better sinking...
So we see a world of wackiness ensue
Must pay the piper for the temporal dance
The string held taut for the fates review
We walk the tight rope in our life of chance...
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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Fire of Insight
United States
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shadow dorcha

Through    worn mark            tattered         skin  
       Lost night     shaking     blurred    eyed light  
Of wall         slashed       new pain          begins  
Slinging sun         off black          white  on   night...  
         Operation       exchange       raw sensations  
Lamenting time               flicker        touch nerves  
Clever guise          relentless         engagements  
Plateau  underneath        howling              heard...  
Crumble a stone               into earthy      center  
Seeded lies  rot  hope      false shining potency  
        Heart  toll   rock           now an inner cinder  
       Washes     away         soul's       sovereignty...  
Tall building falls     cards couldn't cut    deck  
        Triton forked on                    road then split  
Sideways     holy chain  wore around       neck  
Drove countless phantoms       raging         fits...  
Will    clocks stop          fire    sensation recede?  
Down further mashing          hammer   did fall  
          Twisting truth judged forever         deed  
    Tumbling        masses     spirit broken       all...  
Forgot their name       no chosen     profession  
Blow away        sky       commit all             trees  
     Gaps         mind       nerve slant intermission  
Now         natural form has lost               empty...  
She sold her bag of soul for a song and a jester  
But then forgot her heart in hasted sequester...  
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Need to say John Brady's "Medusa" is worthy of a re-read (or 4, maybe 5).
Hopefully you have a key to the halls that are between those lines.

Ryan R Morgan
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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The Monster (within us)

Steadily upon the sterile hallway
A crooked grin beseeches upon the castaways
The neglected, the abused, the traumatized
His thoughts spiraling into corporeal slaughter
A mind consumed with ethereal voices
The void in his stomach as hollow as his soul

A knife coddled in one hand,
a virulent disposition jammed in the other
embarking on a sanctimonious expedition
With archaic parchment in tow
chained to its wretched doctrine
a voluntary prisoner bound in blood.
and a tidy haircut freshly trimmed.

Swaddling a briefcase decayed as Cleopatra
sheltered by a man's prodigious facade.
An inviting proclamation he declared
was a generous offering bestowed to an institution
persecuted by Alcotts and Mcarthys alike.

Nervously ticking like an antique clock
Within its licentious 6x10 confines
lays a menagerie of snarled, mangled wires
like an orgy of hissing rattlesnakes entwined.
Mounds of concrete shield the faux samaratin's eardrums
A bulwark against shrieks of the damned belting in cacophony.

As the scaffolding plunges into smoke
And the silenced victims number in dozens
The man adorned by exquisitely combed scalp
And sinister sneer of a leopard
Scoffs and giggles at the completion of his work
A masterpiece of carnage, a circus of agony.

A singular scream, a shriek of indignation
pierces his auditory fortress of wax
A crack in its grandiose engineering
breaths a meager sigh of regret in his lungs
A crack with the potential to multiply
but sealed with ducktape post-haste.

The monster preaches good faith.
The monster is unbroken
The monster shattered all of his mirrors
The monster is within us
Desperate to emerge.

Written by Madbuttonhatter (Ryan R Morgan)
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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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the veil

to stand upon the earths flat edge
and step upon the comets tail
believe in success if you fail
the chrysalis of wannabe
the stars astrology for free
to break the veil of mystery  
disbelieve predictability
life forces hidden alchemy
instincts follows Merlins shoes
now the age the grail to seek
the quest not to be left behind
the new age magik now to find
facilitate on your new page
the potion in the facebook look
profile photo took  
to sail in life and not to fail
the canyons come of dark despair
the spell must come within ourselves
Written by slipalong
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 11th July 2015
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 11th July 2015
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Pushing Buttons

Hey o'l blue eyes
is this better way
over here  
is my silence worth  
more than  
it's weight in gold  
Knowing damn  
well after twenty  
eight year's of  
my gold is  
naught but fools  
gold in your  
eyes alone it's  
"Could you just  
shut your fucking  
mouth for once  
in this  
finally I snap  
Disdain glaring  
dislike from
raging sea's of
blue violent
drowning me in ocean's of truth

Panic surging  
gut roiling  
fear racing  
tears stinging  
suffocating hurt
kiss of chaos  
Swirls of grey  
freeze numbing of  
all senses since  
before our  
exhausted I
again allow
the ease  
Suddenly energized  
powerful strength
ready to battle as  
well as
rock calm

A soft turn of heel  
eye's locking
mine unwavering
yours widening barest of shift
body bracing
of Ice flowing
our eye's
clipping the  
flow of word's

"How dare you
treat me like  
the maniac you
truly are  
finally you've  
stepped across  
the wrong line  
my line  
If up to me I'd  
saw that viper  
tongue of  
venom carefully,  
popping out the  
bloody bit of  
poisonous delicacy  
placing it upon  
my own tongue  
chewing ever so  
slowly, eye's of  
stormy blue while  
watching you wince  
and whimper  
purring as slippage  
your blood's bitter  
drips a drop along  
my bottom lip  
you are naught
but spineless,
weak and inept
definitely not
a strong,
soldier of survival
as claimed

more like a
mangy stray
listen real close I  
will not repeat it  
start backing
the fuck off
no more cruel,  
snip snap of  
vileness maybe
it's time for  
regulated reminders

I'll never see the  
inside of  
a filthy, disease  
ridden cage of  
steel or have you  
forgotten the
doc's stern

"private sanitarium"  
endless supplies of  
mind numbing  
drifting while  
attended by  
kind and gentle  

best be
keeping that in  
mind my little  
Turn of heel in a  
stride casually  
over shoulder
be staying out
of our private  
quarters tonight
or all the god's    
above won't be  
able to help  
either one of us  
love you most  
said it first  
I beat you  
Night Shoney"  
She's pure  
sweetness like  
honey dripping  
from a warm biscuit        
Written by SURVIVOR
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Thought Provoker
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The Great Hall

Pitch black down the hallway passage cold dark and wet a damp fungal odour lingers in the air .
I can not stand to hear screaming sounds anymore Which come from unseen places then Silence comes every now and then but there is a worst sound that comes from the dark the sound of grinding teeth then the screaming starts again.
I run my hand against the wall accidentally i was tripped up on an unseen thing on the floor the wall felt cold has a chill ran through my bones how did I get to this place .
I was lay in bed reading that accursed book then my eyes deepened as if I was falling a sleep then i was here in this place i did not believe in it's dark power .
Then at the end of that long hallway a bright light appeared has i approached  the great door i entered the room with the smell of ancient incense .
The floor was a beautiful black onyx and the walls were covered in  gold as fantastic horrors dance in the great hall as he sits in the middle of it all waiting for me in his  grand throne the King in yellow.
Written by Darksun82
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Thought Provoker
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The Shadow people

I tell you no lie i see them from the corner of my eye .
They Pier around corners they look at me quicky then there gone .
At my work.
At my home.
I see them do you?
Written by Darksun82
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Thought Provoker
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Again & Again

The faceless things are back again scratches down my back again.

Pick me up in my dreams again and toss me in the pit again.

I wake again.
Written by Darksun82
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Dangerous Mind
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Let it go
You’re only hurting yourself more
When you hold onto
The things that hurt you before.
The warm sunlight shines on me
Yet I still feel cold        
Sometimes I question my worth
Is there some purpose for which I serve?
I’m always told to just believe
Yet I have no hope.    
Don’t fear the night
It’s only ignorance giving you that fear
I’ll make your days feel bright
Don’t you worry, I’m here
Just open your eyes
And see the pure beauty all around
It’s really quite a sight
Then comes along the sound.
I take a deep breath
And I listen to the sounds around me
As I open my senses
I realize there’s more than I see.
Whether it’s day or night
There’s never a solid answer
How can there be a wrong or right?
When we’re rotten through with cancer.
You see the world as black or white
I see the world in shades of grey
For you there’s only wrong or right
But I think that it’s naive to say
That evil only comes out at night.

Written by LunasChild8
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Nameless Corpse
Strange Creature
United States
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Voices in my Head

“Obey us girl,”
Snarls the creature in the mirror.

“Feed your beast.” he says,
The whispers come nearer.

“Give in my dear, your fate is inevitable,
We’ve put up with you long enough,
And have been nothing but charitable.”

You lied to me my whole life,
Let me think I was in control,
A snake playing with his prey,
Then swallowing me whole.

At on point I thought you cared about me,
But it was all a game to you
“Love and Fear are of the same coin,
So it’s all the same to you.”

So you knew I was cracking, and you broke me anyway?
“We thought you would be happy Mistress, but we worked to our dismay.”

Mistress? What? Why have I been given this title?
“You’ve created us my Queen,
And to us you are vital..”

Then why do you chain me up and lock me away?
If I am truly your master,
I order you to cut me loose!

“We can’t my Queen,
We tried but it’s no use.”

You lied again you hold the keys in your hand!
Why are you doing this?
I don’t understand!

It is not that simple my Queen,
Our hands have been tied,
Because your body wants to live,
But your spirit wants to die.
Written by corpselily2185 (Nameless Corpse)
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Thought Provoker
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Final Destination.

Backseat laying dormant waiting and contemplating the time it's taking for you to get back.

The front door open as you sit in the seat with the keys ready and steady to hit the ignition .

Driving out car park after dark I home my senses like a shark i can see her pulse in her veins for her blood I'm about to drain.

She stopped the car at the destination finally time to end to my frustration .

A ready made snack i ready my ambush and start to attack.

Written by Darksun82
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Thought Provoker
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Dark Flyer

Dark black rubber skin no face were face may lay wings stretched out black as the night sky.
Hunched lanky body ticklish fingers wicked devilish horns on its head if this devil comes in the night you certainly received a fright.
Written by Darksun82
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