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schizodude (mere shadow)
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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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Romancing the stone

The affection shared between two nudes
He dominant in his attitude
she submissive to his lips
the voyeurs blush and eyes downshift

locked together in a never end
forever love in polished form
the bloom of youth on a pedestal sits
posed in the act of hard relationship

it transcends any form of words
to a place where only dreams are heard
their bliss goes on undisturbed
moving minds to other worlds

Rodins statue carved and honed
but its passions could be skin and bones
the sculptors art cannot be cloned
the eternal Kiss within that form

think laterally and use your wits
for I am the moment that stone depicts
Written by slipalong
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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I have to say after the fact, I felt it could be too cheesy, however with all these  kick ass entries, I beg to differ!  Thanks yall!  Keep em coming! <3

Fire of Insight
United States
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breath across her lips

I had only focused on worshiping her clit for 30 minutes † † † † † †
And she fell back into another world † † † † † † †
I leaned my head to the side on her creamy thigh † † † † † † †
Her lips vibrated and whispered in high tonal moans † † † † † † †  
Her legs quivered fierce and jerked for several minutes † † † † † † †
My breath across her blood swollen member † † † † † † †
Throbbing with tension...her lips at attention † † † † † † †
Begging to be sucked again † † † † † † †
I attended to the lovely rows of delicious womanly nerves † † † † † † †
The purest sight...the holiest of holies † † † † † † †
She breathed deep and hard 5 or 6 times † † † † † † †
I must have triggered more to cum through the veil † † † † † † †
I gently pinched with both thumb and index her pussy whole † † † † † † †
The swollen now hard...shaking as I swabbed my lips and tongue † †  
Back and forth sideways across the temple doors...tickling her bottom † † †  
A jerk of her pelvic she squirts into the air † † † † † † †  
And I catch the rest as it flows from her erect clitoris †† † † † † †
She falls spent... back with a yell...she collapses and recovers † † † † † † †
For a few... as I lick the remaining juice from her spot † † † † † † †
She dresses and kisses me bye † † † † † † †
Heading back after her lunch break stress therapy session† † † † † † †
I love my noontime job...
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Another great entry, wow!  I may need help on the judging!   Shall I invite a mystery judge? yay or nay??  Thanks yall!

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Dangerous Mind
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Love Within the Kiss

Flashing city lights, but all I can focus on
Is the feel of your tongue and mouth. All
Of the nerves and the past are long gone

As you are reminding me why this wall
Around my heart is coming down. You
Brand me. I no longer feeling like a doll,

But a brand new woman. The light blue
Sky turns dark with the world around
Us and millions of people, but you blew

The kiss out of the water. With no sound
You heal all the broken pieces. You make
Life livable again. It is like I have drowned,

But with every one of the kisses you take
From me has me floating and flying in
A new dimension. You make me ache

For a place I have never been. Your skin
Makes me feel like I have finally found
A home. It is where our love will begin.
Written by eswaller
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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A poetic kiss...

I wish I could kiss you,
with the same lips that  
spit fire and caress souls.
A taste so limitless.
Iíd like the touch of your lips  
to plead with mine.
Lungs full with lust  
leaving me breathless.
A touch that knows no boundaries.
You leave poems in my mouth
and my lips raw.
Drops of honey forming
perfectly in the slit.  
Does your mouth water for me too...?
Written by sophie_ericson
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Fire of Insight
United States
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That kiss you blew me?

That kiss you blew me?

I just,
Want you to know;
I caught it.

In my hand.

Raised it to my lips.

Breathed softly on it,
Until it was hot and moist.

Cupped it gently,
In my hand.

Put it down the,
Front of my pants.
Written by J_J_Jay_Jr
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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The Hunger Grows

A slight touch on my lips,
Dry but soft and warm
As we seek our rhythm,
I grow too eager  
And start fumbling.
He slows me,
Leading the way.  
My mouth melts with his
As I feed on the  
Craving kiss that I need.
The hunger grows
And we sink deeper.
God, the fire.
I start spinning
Round and round,
Faster and faster,
Breaking into pieces
Until I disintegrate.
Written by CharlotteMae
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Awesome entries yall!  I have my work cut out for me

Dangerous Mind
United States
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She stopped me quickly, grabbing my hand desperately
beneath the oak tree, growing in fantasy shade over the
edge of the sidewalk where no one else could see
She told me she had something special and secret to ask me
I took her other hand and asked her what she wanted to say
She asked me if i had ever kissed a girl before
I told her that I hadn't
She asked me if I would be her first kiss
I told her yes
We closed our eyes and pressed our innocent lips together
We stared each other in the eyes
She asked me if we could do it like the grownups do
rubbing our tongues together
I told her I would try
and we did
She asked me how that felt
and I told her it felt like a squid
She told me that my tongue felt like a squid too,
but that squids are pretty cool
I smiled and agreed
So we held each other's hands
our feet crunching the acorns on the sidewalk along the way
as we walked along content on our first-kiss day
Written by archetype23
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Dem Lips

I bet most people
compliment your eyes
Your voluptuous ass
and honey dipped thighs
And girl believe me
Youíre definitely not lacking in beauty

But what I see
When I lay my eyes on you
Is the most delicious set of lips Iíve ever seen
Girl, not to be rude
(But the shiver that shot down my dick
When you puckered up for a kiss...)

I mean...
What I meant to say was,
Your lips are like a back rub
after a hard day at work
When all you wanna do is relax
Listening to slow jams
Sipping Courvoisier
And reminiscing about
Falling in Love

I dream of kissing you softly
and forgetting my troubles
Just being lost in the caress
Of your lips
I would kiss you so passionately
Everyday that you would feel my Love
You wouldnít need
Any other reassurance
I would bite your lips ever so gently
Just enough to send an erotic sensation
Through your beautiful body

Fuck it...
I imagine your fellatio is like heaven
I can see you kissing my shaft
Down to my sack
And individually telling each one of my future kids that you love them
With dem lips
I bet you donít even need to give head
You can speak an orgasm into fruition

Girl you got some sexy ass lips!

Written by Lyrically_Inclined
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Claim to be surprised,
act like this shit is all surprise.
Give me that look ,when Iím not surprised,
It must have worked, had otherís surprised
not for me lies wonít surprise.
I saw right through you, and your lies,
incoherent, (I) must be deaf, such a lie.
Tell an ass he is half horse in lies;
ďDown the canyon, it wonít be far.Ē Truthful lies:
As you said, ďTrust in me, I donít lie.Ē
Caught your lies, to your surprise;
excused to my surprise; caught again in more lies.
How corrosive your lies, prove me wrong in surprise;
no longer surprise, more lies:
No more lies, caught again, no surprise.
Written by _Me_
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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these are great yall!  Keep em coming! <3

Strange Creature
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Real love

Me you and pandora while you drinking some wine
I pull you close to me now yo body against mine
Iím holding you tight while Iím kissing on yo neck
The faces you making is telling me that pussy wet
You put yo hand in my pants and grabbed on this dick
You gripped it tight and told me you bet not nut quick
I picked you up while kissing you and laid you in the bed
I took yo clothes offf now you kno where Iím about to my head
You said you feel sick and i told you i got the potion
Now jus relax while i put my tongue deep in yo ocean
You gripping my head and bitting yo lip while you moan
Iím workin tf out my tongue to the beat of the song
You bust not once or twice the third time is the best
You pull me up my mouth dripping now Iím kissing on yo breast
Yo legs on my shoulders while Iím goin slowly inside
You put the pillow on yo head those love faces you tryin to hide
I move the pillow and choke you then you dig yo nails in my skin
Yo legs start to tremble all because you bussing again
You bussed 4 times and i ainít even got me one
Turn that ass around so i can have me some fun
You bend over and that pussy juice flowing real heavy
You soaked the whole bed i mustíve broke a levee
That pussy look good af from the back got me wanting another taste
Matter a fact come here and sit that pussy on my face
You squat over my face while Iím sucking on yo clit
You jumped off my face then jumped on my dick
Yo hands on my chest while you bouncing all that ass
This shit feel amazing idk how much longer imma last
You spin around on the dick now all i see is butt
I told you to slow down cause now Iím about to nut
You speed up and look back and say daddy i got you
Then you begin to shake and said shit i nutted too
Written by ZekTheFreak
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