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schizodude (mere shadow)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Poetry Contest

tell me all about your kiss ~ given or received ~ in great detail ~ how it made you/them feel
Not too long
No collabs
NEED A MOD TO MAKE 18+ Thanks!
I want to feel YOUR kiss
2 weeks yall GO!

poet Anonymous

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David Macleod
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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our heads headed for each others
moving to be face to face
a slow motion replay
of previous kisses
her lips are soft and moist
mine tight and pursed
my trembling makes
me tremble more
I make a move on her
delivering butterfly
kisses that flutter
firstly on her eye lids
then her cute little nose
then flitting to her lips
she responds in like
as this kissing she likes
the kisses become a kiss
a long lingering
passionate kiss
eyes wide open
tongues taken and given
spit swapped
heavy breathing
and breathy kisses
raise the ante
we stop mid passion
before kissing leads to fucking
we both wipe off
the spit from
our split screens
windows ten
separated by oceans
yet kisses still felt
those cyber kisses
enough for now, but
a lap top dance
would be a great addition

Dangerous Mind
United States
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(A repost)

Your sweet sexy lips
slices of heaven
custom made
for maximum pleasure

I live each day
to kiss and suck them
lick and tease them
satisfy our every desire

I pull you close
our bodies are one
your lips feel divine
against mine pressed
tongues exploring deep

Your kisses
fill my muscle full
Feel it on your tummy grow
lips form an alluring smile
as your downward journey begins

leaving your pink stamp
on my hot flesh as a path
tasting my sweat as you go
each tender touch
of your succulent lips
electrifying my soul

I feel your soft fingers
encircle my thick throbbing bliss
now on your knees
your lips christen the glistening tip
with a long single kiss

I cannot contain my profound elation
watching your lips on me move up and down
I feel inside your vocal vibration
moaning louder with determination
as you suck my cream right to the top
not leaving behind one last drop

Filled with joy
lifting you into my tight embrace
kissing those lips
that performed such magic
thrilled by the sight of your face
Written by Gahddess_Worship
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Dangerous Mind
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First Kiss

Decadence :

The Taste Of Your Skin Lingers On My Tongue

Tingling With Oral Eroginity And Succulence ,

The Electric Impulse And Magnetic Moment

And Memory Of Flesh Held In Orgasmo-Ecstacy ;

And When You Thrust And Heaved And Rippled ,

I Answered Your Cry With Words Of Abandon

I Carried You And You Transported Me Beyond

Into A Vortex And Maelstrom Of Mad Sensuality

And A Freedom Of Libertarian Liscentuousness

And To Think...This Was Only Our First Kiss...
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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Dangerous Mind
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cut'throat' procedure

this is not 'its' basal abyss
that falls in an unfalling stagnation as before
its this time somewhere much above this dark ceiling
very much under trembling jawline in incision
of a thick painpull, the choking tongue strings

and damn
these blatant eyes
in a dumb effusive gush
that which startdrops a slow flow
in a crashing midway stand, at nasal
and that, this first wave
washes away
by astonishingly successive
express-avalanche anguish streams

the eyes. damn them again

never seem to dry out
like endless wordtrails in hardswallow
unsuccessful though in a burial
pricking as eternal thorns
in the same abyss, perplexing
juncture of a type

swelling facade shrinks in and out, more
of awkward compressions that bulge to sink
to bulge and so on such repeat episodes
peel out chilly patches
of airy deltaic drains
or are they hastily random
evaporative vacuums
joining here and there?

feed on each crystal salt in shine-embeds
on my porous shores from erosive flows
and get hurt bit excessive
over cracking upper-lower softmounds
in need of moisture from your transfer
from almost lifeless stature
needling target bites
on now resident peristaltic clumps
in a dilemma over the same
directionless abyss

self-tracherous straits
of a [hungry]throat
in your [passion]holds
in a clear'cut' panacea

nothing if not heavy
descends down
to coagulate 'enigmatic'
depths of sustenance

Written by summultima (uma)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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your hands trembled as they gently anchored
palms cradling my blushing face
inhaling promise
as the world eddied into a pool of us
blowing us hard into one another
as the maelstrom suddenly overtook
and breath once so desperately sought
was just another trifle we forgot
as we scrabbled anxiously for a better hold
where lips struck ignition within a heartbeat's rocket
thundering wildly in our ears
and yet no sound could reach us
we were lost
where tongues dance passion's waltz
and all was focused
a single life force growing
lightning sparks whispered across indigo skies
setting aflame the wings of a thousand butterflies
and their wingbeats caressed a rhythm in our throats
a pulsing living thing
startling your breath
into me
and I drew you in
bathed sensuously in your essence
and exhaled
trading heavily on the ecstasy
giving myself utterly
into you
with a single kiss

Dangerous Mind
United States
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wow!  thanks for all these awesome and fabulous entries!  What a kick start!  <3  

Twisted Dreamer
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in my chest
I keep two things,
one sweet memory
and one set of hot lips.
I put her there
inside the kist
where my hot lips
touched skins bareness,
between moist rims
I poked tongue to swirl
dance, circular romance
till four lips felt as one
Lipcious merging wet
bliss of kisses
met below the lid...
Written by Periwinkleblue (Inkodyes)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Peri, Another great addition!

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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mysteriouslady said:Peri, Another great addition!
Thanks so much!

Dangerous Mind
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kneaded over inseparably in hungry twists
tied airtight with each other in beady loops
interlocked to intermingled dewy porous buds
secretes sap to be sucked empty, to be fed fully
in random transfers, pickled bite of non sweaty
pliable mounds inserted in between in sudden turns
spreads mouthy flavour of your salt-lotus-y flesh
ingests me gradually in wanted vulnerability
exposed fully to your gasping pangs in action
gloomy blooms I count now in enlarging vacuum
starving me in air of your omnipresence’ absence
dying need is that bitten appetite, eat and let eat
Written by summultima (uma)
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dear host, feel free to ignore this second 'kiss' if not allowed

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Summ, that was great!

Tyrant of Words
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Related submission no longer exists.

Fire of Insight
United States
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First Kiss

I don’t know why that day was special
But you came to school wearing lipstick.
I thought you were pretty before
But that day I was intrigued with your lips.
I don’t know what came over me
But when my name was called on the list,
To go to the carpet to listen at story time
I just could no longer resist.
I kept looking at you at your desk
And you hadn’t ever noticed me before,
But you wouldn’t ever forget me again
After that day I was sure!
When that brown classroom phone rang
And the teacher reading to us was summoned,
I knew I had my chance
And no other opportunity was coming!
So I crawled on the floor to get closer
So the teacher wouldn’t notice,
Then I sprang to my feet and kissed you square on the lips,
And made you lose all focus!
I crawled back to my place while all the kids laughed
But I couldn’t care less,
Because I had kissed the prettiest girl in school
And it felt good I must confess.
Later that day you said I was your boyfriend
And we held hands after class,
I didn’t plan for any of this
I wasn’t ready for the aftermath!
I was only six years old,
I wasn’t ready to be tied down.
The move I made was bold,
And we were the talk of the playground.
Our relationship only lasted a day
But to not mention you, I would be remiss.
So to Keisha Pringle, wherever you are,
Thank you for being my first kiss!
Written by Lyrically_Inclined
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