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king of the hill

Fire of Insight
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@juvenalis, am not sure quite what ur on about if im honest.
@slipalong, rough subject matter to be sure but pain alone does not poetry make, trust me on that

brady reigns another day

Tyrant of Words
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Magdalena (AnitaMagdalena)
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My third and last entry.

Nathaniel Peter
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Venom Transfusion

Faking perfection in an isolated penthouse suite
Overlooking paradise but the scenery is still gray to me
Illuminated on the outside, a torrential pour buries me within
My inner storm clouds make war with beauty
And I don't know which is better to let win
Seduced by these temporal indulgences
Materialism to market my life back to me
Consumerism like inanimate affections
To weigh ones worth against all that finds us objectified
Rigid sheets and a charming vibe for the modern man
With open windows yet still closed off
Gauged after the appearance of clean living
Who knew housekeepers were the guardians of my secrets?
As every night I sleep with another devil
With first world cinema's to expose bodies to harlot eyes
Who's the slut?
The picture in the magazine or the penny worth playboy?
Gambling with my open window soul
Like demons are voyeurs preying on the over exposures of my heart
Scorched passions of abused lovers staged
Such is the feast of a footstool
Famished for fetching fetish fanatics floundering
Oh foul firmaments of pseudo heavens of carnality and flesh
I never left the ground but I'm no less in free fall
For the gravity of it all, that drags me under the weight of this
Desire is an undertow
And I wrestle the currents between the sheets and the media
If it's a penny for your thoughts, how much is a fantasy?
But a cost that transcends transaction
And there's no tax return on what takes from the soul
As ratings go to finance corruption in a bankruptcy immune market
When porn is as an STD that slips beneath the radar of a diagnosis
And heartache is perpetuated for the loss of a pulse
As serpents tunnel through apertures and nest inside the rib-cage...
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
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Strange Creature
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A cup of tea

Care for a cup of tea
Maybe just a smile for me
Nowhere else to rather be
Not one place I am free

For the longest time you locked were in
Just a tear just a missing piece
A puzzle as puzzled it can be
Hourglass is only one step behind me

Free from me, my eternity
A wave of fire rides the streets
Fill in don't you dare darling
Carefree swim, swim to ceiling

Simple kiss on my pillow sleeps
Windy summer knocking with its heels
A sleepless night let's me deep
Sinking in a forest sheep

The champagne pops for a New Year
Inside the heart a hole won't heal
Oh rose, how daring of all you be
Small happy moments with you and me

Care for a cup of tea
Maybe just a smile for me
Nowhere else to rather be
Not one place I am free
Written by R0berat
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Fire of Insight
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Stages of spiritual alchemy- calcification dissolution separation  
-conjunction fermentation distillation coagulation  
Plexus- pharyngeal laryngeal cavernous  
-cardiac epi-gastric pro-static sacral  
Senses- five awakened two latent  
Periods into which life is divided  
Notes across the diatonic scale  
Major divisions of the embryo  
'Organs' at the base of brain  
'Organs' around the heart  
Layers of the auric egg  
Sides to the heptagon  
Seals of revelation  
Classical planets  
Levels of heaven  
Levels of hell  
Primary colors  
Ductless glands  
Sacred breaths  
Body systems  
Deadly sins  
Brain disks  

Geometric path through life forming the septenary creature model
A heptad of colors singing the harmony that spreads into planetary
Vibrations as the solar musical dimensions with the keys across our
Consciousness of kingdoms and intuitions into the 7th Sabbath day
7th year a Sabbatic year, 7th Sabbatic year followed by a Jubilee year
7 weeks between Passover and Pentecost
7 days for the temple feast
7 times for our souls to meet
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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Twisted Dreamer
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"Afraid You Are"


Afraid you are not to say
A thing at all, just shy away.
Why so timid, mild and obedient,
Iím telling you not to be lenient.

Is our voice long lost, and taken,
something gone and now forsaken?
Rise up, say something, subjectively
at least to me, speak out objectively.

Rated R, or more as I fall, and reel;
I canít believe all the people that donít feel.
What is it that tells you to look away?
I only wish I could fix it here today.

This is why we all are dying;
you turn your back to leave me crying
in these exhausting and murderous days;
please, just stand up only to say:

A meek and lonely phrase,
is powerful enough to praise.
Others likely feel the same;
to say nothing is just a shame.
Written by _Me_
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Tyrant of Words
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winters bane
fogs on
my breath
I detest the taste
of mint
at six
in the morning
it fucks
with my coffee
and my toilet
canít bear
another stench of you  
you are
and evil
and disturbing
like the petals
on a broken rose
butchered by thorns;
you have no concept
of pretty
youíve broken
my poetry
into a cardiac dismal
and there is no love
here † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †for you
in the forest
of my dark
for I am
a creature
youíve mentally raped
by the cannabis
of your psychosis
and self-prophesized
excuse me
while I rip out
your pages of poetic pity
lodged in your fucking
for not even worth
you are
of a histories
we could have been
and now  
youíre nothing
and I think
I actually like it
this way
Written by DevlinDLC
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Alexander Case
Dangerous Mind
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The beating of two hearts in an elevator [on the axis of heaven and hell]

case28 (Alexander Case)
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Fire of Insight
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Youíre a masochist,
For going back for more,
I guess you didnít learn your lesson,
Youíve confused lust for love.

Iím not sure if thatís the way you want to be treated,
When in the long run everything will take a toll,
But Iím sure you already know that,
You just donít want to be told.

Youíre a glutton for punishment,
If you want your heart to be broken
Over and over again,
But thenÖ
You might see something else everyone doesnít,
Maybe youíre blind,
Maybe youíre just innocent.

Youíve confused lust for love,
Passion for obsession
Or whatever your definition of it is,
Somewhere in there
You donít consider the value of your worth,
But when you go back for more,
It seems to me youíre a masochist.

Fire of Insight
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well... sorry for slacking on the updates ive been busy .  the best poem won, imo.  although had it been up against case's first entry i do not know

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
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As if I came runner up... !!

Case, I almost feel bad.


Congrats to the Brady guy. That was quite the poem. And to all the entrants. I mean, what a comp. Oof.

Fire of Insight
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Miss_Sub said:As if I came runner up... !!

Case, I almost feel bad.


Congrats to the Brady guy. That was quite the poem. And to all the entrants. I mean, what a comp. Oof.

it's not fair to me as a judge to keep coming at me with such class and style . next competition will be more specific cos you're all winners here

John Brady
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The King is dead. Long live the King.

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