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RUNNERS-UP: Miss_Sub and case28

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king of the hill

Alexander Case
Dangerous Mind
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Miss_Sub said:Iíll enter another if required. Iím lost right now as to what the actual fuck is going on...

It's quite possible that I've been beheaded and you've taken the title... Kingette of the hill!

I wouldn't enter another poem unless you've been spoken to and properly relinquished.

@grin could we get a slow motion replay on the verdict?

Fire of Insight
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missy is in the lead after a tough decision between her poem and case28's.  

(king is a gender neutral term)

i think both of case's poems are brilliant, but specifically between these 2 poems, I found more on a second read with missy's and so she now wears the crown

missy, no need to do anything until or unless you're dethroned.
case, sorry mate. i feel bad. i really do

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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anna_grin said:and so she now wears the crown

Man, Iím gonna be one tattooed Royal...

(Eg: Case will have me assassinated by questionable paparazzi in a French underpass for threatening his crown)

Fire of Insight
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i hope he's plotting something good

Fire of Insight
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uma i just love your wordplay; i think there's a bit much of it here and it feels too first-draft to knock out missy. it's like several poems rolled into one.  

but please do submit again if you like; 2 more entries of yours to read would be delightful

long live Miss_Sub

Anna Mossity
Dangerous Mind
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adult manicure

A reasonable man may pike
at the distant orders of a leperochaun
Who outlawed the orgasm
and chocolate  
but he's at the enid of a cacaobowgasm
Pufftoonery Junction is a form and function
timeless and spaceless  
to wear as prison bracelets
Nobody smokes me out  
it is just shaved pussy ice
A grease bisquit for a dog
is food for a dog  
don't pick on my dog
I have a personal relationship
with my dog
Nobodies bonus check  
lies under my bed
but I am afraid of monsters
I don't go there
There are a lot of lost shoes
under my bed
Where does dust come from?
Life without dust would be sorry indeed
To see the beam of movie theatre lights
To stir it up choke on it
We come from this
its where we are going but in the meanwhiles
we put up a good fight with Dust
Now I've been meaning to talk to you about
I know I've missed my last several appointments with
Written by rabbitquest (Anna Mossity)
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Fire of Insight
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this becomes difficult
nobody does dry erotica like you do.  I love it. It does turn on its place here though, which i mean, it is of its place and potentially wouldn't work outside of it.

Miss_Sub retains the throne

I'll be off for a bit, i'll catch up on any more entries using the same method of judging against the reigning champion

Anna Mossity
Dangerous Mind
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I could not let missus sub get nocked down anyhwho  cause I said I would be her friend a whiles back.
and P.S .
your compertition is so warm and thoughtful,
EVERyBODY aught to enter, everbody win with A. G.

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
United States
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Dawn at Dusk (Extinguishing The Shadow Sun)

Make meaning of this  
When the darkness boasts  
As if to diminish  
What victory was secured  
Over the illusion of the sting  
That meets us here  
When at the absence of one  
We lost our world  

As we drown in the light  
Of this sun like a shadow cast  
Only night is fitting  
And I can't face another moment  
Here without you  

How do I find my faith against  
A little more than just a feeling  
But a symptom of the infectious sense  
Of loneliness that greets us in our sorrow?  

When condolence and prayers  
Seem pale as a wasted breath  
No sentiment to soothe a heavy heart  
I believe in life  
But itís so hard to contend for hope  
On this side of death  

Losing vision for joys robbery  
I bury my heart at a loss  
Oh grievance of such misery  
Seeking redemption  
Heart fails, catch my fall  
Oh God forgive the darkness  
That resides within us all  

How do I reconcile this?  
Blood stains upon my hands  
As guilt bombards conscience  
When blame seeks to find a place  
I see me through the filter  
My every sin is written on my face  

Memorial tears shed  
And all that whispers  
What have I done?  
When tragedy overshadows  
I seek a second horizon  
A resurrection rising  
At the end of the shadow sun  

Dawn at dusk  
In the hope of a passing day  
When I live in a realm  
A world orbiting a black hole  
Like the center of the universe  
Is a circling drain  
Let all that is the death of me  
Be the end of all my pain  
No suffering on the other side  
Yet of those that remain  
Beating the grave  
Innocence by way of a bloodstain  

When death is a conduit  
To our final healing  
Is there meaning to be made of memory?  
In place of what will never be  
In this life again  
I lay thee to rest and let go  
With expectation  
To a day that will forever be  
On the other side of our last night  
An endless dawning light  

When faith conceives what it hopes for  
With eyes reborn to see  
What in our present darkness  
Is beyond our sight  

My hope verses my despair  
When my reality is my lie  
The world is but a waiting room for heaven  
There's no such thing as good bye...
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
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poet Anonymous


for the fools hunting the backstreets
looking at the bullet that capped a tooth
with falsehood and someone's story
your tongues are laden with black holes

inhaling life from the spineless blind man
you piss on his shoes with a cocky grin
he turns his back for you to climb
and your words are spit and laughter

with a gang of bravado on dirty breath
beware the ghosts that will crawl into your brain
peel your conscious and bleed you slowly
one day it will be too late to take it all back

Tyrant of Words
United States
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I awoke
with my spinal cord
from the stem
of a once  
bitter brae's
have lost
their dimension
of poetry
water writhes
to break free
from the depth
of its
arid ocean
and I'm dying
for a thirst
of your
'cause I have this poem here
but you'd rather I recite
the deficit
of poets
with ingenious titles
I don't have time
to be
what's proper
time is ticking
and the world is running out
of assholes
to shove my poetry in

Written by DevlinDLC
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Fire of Insight
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well, got to say missy, u had a good run. I got stuck on your opening line; "I've always thought" is a bit of a turn off that doesn't leave u expecting all the great that comes after it. .

I'm giving the crown to Devlin... might just be because I have a crush.  some questionable line breaks, theoretically i wouldn't give the lead to a poem about poetry, but this time i will

Guardian of Shadows
United States
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I Could Win

But the thought of it
roils my stomach
and churns my guts.

I'll just applaud everyone
who entered here
because they're all winners, and
I'm the loser
I couldn't save one of my cats
from dying.

Case wins because
he lives in that fabulous place
where everyone is named
Alice or Mathilda.

Missy wins because
I just fucking love her, and
want to dry-hump all her craft projects.

Rabbit and Uma win because
they let me feature them
as poet of the week--well
as soon as Uma sends me
her interview ...

Mags wins because
I can't even lick her shoes
in reverence, she's so far
above my caliber and
I can't reach.

Devlin wins because
she's got the best idea of all --
shove it up my ass, and
maybe it'll make me cry
about something else
other than Mia.

Oh yes--be prepared ...
sad kitty poems galore
on the way
because I couldn't fucking save her.

I'm wallowing in
all the diarrhea stains on the rug
that she left, this past month
but I know they'll come out
when I shampoo them today.

Pancreatitis sucks.
I suck
and so does my poetry
at times.

Mia is rolling her blue
kitty eyes right now
from Heaven
wishing I'd get a grip already.

I will.
But I'm not done dehydrating myself
from daily sobbing, yet.

You win too,
I love you all.

I'll take the scraps
at the bottom of the hill,
and your cake crumbs.

poet Anonymous

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