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Dangerous Mind
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I'm sorry Dragon but stories don't qualify

Twisted Dreamer
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wallyroo92, I really enjoyed your poem, good work.

Twisted Dreamer
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MsRockyJackson - By 'story', I didn't mean to imply it was prose, just that it was long (and has a plot). It is a poem, though. Sorry for any confusion.  (I posted it just before your comment.)

Gypsy Witch
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He and I are the wild lovers,
with untamed hearts,
both craving for that
cazy lust in each
other's ravenous eyes.

Our clothes fall to the floor,
disappearing beneath the
waves of darkness in the chilling room.

My lover pins me to our bed,
smiling at me with those wicked fangs,
he knows what he is doing,
he has me trap beneath him.

His teeth dig into my neck,
a seductive pain hits me as
I moan out his sweet-bitter name,
my hands clawing down his back.

He doesn't stop until blood
drips down my sun-kissed skin
and smiles to himself-
yes, he has marked me with his love.

I could feel the rise and fall
of my chest as I start to breathe,
this was only the start of what was to come.
Written by IcarusVStheSun (Gypsy Witch)
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Tyrant of Words
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YONI---sound of Her Goddess(1)

She is a velocity of depth
Beyond each mystery
of her skin

He worships her aroma
Hidden within

unfolding labia flower
Tender tembre
viral nectar

He knows
she has bled life
Healing wounds
of his yearning

He is ready
to transform

Written by AEMelia564 (Y)
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Lost Thinker
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JANUARY 23rd, 2016

Another brittle nite.
My angel whispers please.
The spice of your kiss warms my lips,
as we tease this lonely breeze.
I soothe your moans,
but we don't stop.
We measure love in precious drops.
In our desire soaked, little bed,
As we bleed this love we need.
You're the thief inside my mind.
You've come to steal all my time.
Nothing can hold us down.
My four letter words love your five dollar sounds.

A daydream delusion.
You are my all nite conclusion.
Baby I need your touch.
Come thief all my time.
When I close my eyes is when you taunt my mind.
As you thief through my dark.
You write upon my soul.
You're my thief in The Dark.
The one that stole my heart -soul.

Where is that brittle breeze?
Did it feel your whispered please?
Our fire rises and it can never fall.
I feel my heat seep through your walls.
We're a measured love.
Too precious drops.
I feel your moans,
your command 'don't stop'.
There's a thief inside your mind.
And I am here all your time.

That lonely breeze,
it watched, it stared.
Then told the world how much we care.
There's no shadows in our dark.
Just precious drops to fill our heart.
This brittle night?
That voyeur breeze?
They both held their breath, so we can breathe.
They feel the love that we've conceived.
This is The Love they can believe.
Written by jakyla
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Thought Provoker
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-Deep in the Forest-

I try to picture myself,  
in this position but remain silent  
How Do I Stop Accusing My Boyfriend Of Cheating  
It's a complicated world  
i know in my broken heart it's another girl  
i need real picture evidence  
So many crazy things so little sense  
Secret Drawers Hides my Most Embarrassing Collectibles  
Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model  
feeling so nice i just finished the whole whiskey bottle  
I promise that I'll change in time  
whenever the day he's all mine  
feeling so drunk of tragic endings
 visualizing  leaning uncomfortable
 remembering the good times
Written by Trome
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Fire of Insight
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Gazing upon perfection

Looking at the perfection I have  
in front of me makes the blood  
boil in my veins. My desire grows
and with it the throbbing cavern
of flesh that has no bone but could  
break your sweat fruit cage at every  
Thrust of my back.  
I look,  and every inch of your clothed body  
becomes transparent to my site: the hard cherry nipples made to delight the lips, the fine  
ark of your lustful hips, leading to the roundness of your thighs, that are so visible in those blue jeans to make me shiver as they delineate every inch of your perfect love holes. The meaty, tender lips of your vagina, seem like a sweat plum to be devoured,  and I imagine the strawberry sweetness of your clit. And your eyes that gaze into mine, pouring fire on fire in my veins,  are a perfect match for your juicy red lips made for passion.  And I can only imagine you sucking the life out of me with my warm semen that rages in my testicles  to pour inside your mouth and onto your tongue, food to feed your Lust, as I am font to inebriate your femininity. You, made to please, as I am made to pleasure. I am lost in you and you in me, my unknown and unspoken lover.
Written by Juvenalis66
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Fire of Insight
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Brick, by brick,
taste this kick of dick

A bulge to indulge;
 its lewd needs

That feeling of heat,
fulfilling greedy needs- to eat

 Does that make one a nymphomaniac?

Simply enjoying its worth,
feeding hungry stomachs

Does this filthy one's self-worth?

Never thought possible of this addiction-
on a dick,
Caught in a bad case of a-DICKtion!
Written by SourMelon0313 (H)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Can't Wait Till dessert

Gazing across the table
As you slice your steak
I think of only when we finally finish our course
Classical music
Got me in the mood
Roses and fireplace
Dimmed light to go with
Biting my lips
I take the last bite
Then I look, your smirk
You know what I desire
Still calmly you eat
I Get up
Take the plates
In my bare skin, a single apron to cover up
Put away the dishes
I imagine my favorite treat
The rod that always excites
My buds and stomach
To Cover with cream
Smother in hot fudge
It shall melt, I shall savor
In my mouth so sweetly
Its succulent juice, with strawberries on top
Suck, twist, bite, lick
In each and everyway
I shall enjoy
Your dessert, my favorite
There'll be no mercy when I'm done
Written by NightReverie
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Dangerous Mind
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Wanting Me Like That

I want you and whispering sweet temptation
Within my ear. You take me to paradise, your
Tongue and mouth taking me to another world.
Wetness pooling between my thighs, a sensation
That numbs me from head to toe. You are a cure
To the craving I desire. The way you are curled

All around me like a blanket that keeps me warm,
Surviving the high and the adrenaline rush that
Threaten to capsize me, taking me underneath.
Lust and all of the other feelings that will swarm
Or will hit me right in the heart. You take a bat
To smash all of the ice. You want what is beneath

My delicate skin and between my lips. Your eyes
Capturing every moment of breathlessness and
Hot urges. You know every single inch like you
Explored the crevices and all of my loud cries
Of pleasure over pain, the tempo in your hand
While having everything from the top view.
Written by eswaller
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Dangerous Mind
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Beyond Kinky

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Dangerous Mind
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Trome you're disqualified your poem is supposed to be about sensuality not necessarily pain you didn't really give thought or lead up whatsoever that there was a sexual act involved

Dangerous Mind
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DragonInTheSky said:MsRockyJackson - By 'story', I didn't mean to imply it was prose, just that it was long (and has a plot). It is a poem, though. Sorry for any confusion.  (I posted it just before your comment.) sorry Dragon I didn't notice that

Alexander Case
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